Zimbabwe re-engages the European Union

Zimbabwe flag

ZIMBABWE will today hold a one-day re-engagement conference with representatives from the European Union (EU), an official has said.

By Business Reporter

Business Council of Zimbabwe president Hlanganiso Matangaidze confirmed the development yesterday.

“We will have a conference tomorrow (today) on Europe-Zimbabwe engagement and we will talk about sanctions. We want business and the media to give their views on the issue,” Matangaidze said.

The conference will bring together civic society, farmer organisations and government officials. The EU delegation is expected to meet President Robert Mugabe in the evening for a briefing.

The meeting comes barely a month after a 15-member delegation from different sectors of the economy visited Europe to scout for foreign direct investment.
The EU imposed targeted sanctions against Mugabe and other government and Zanu PF officials a decade ago, and has been lifting the embargo in tranches over the past five years.

Next week, the EU will make a decision on the sanctions that are affecting Zimbabwe.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries president Charles Msipa in January this year said the situation in the country was very tough due to reduced demand on the domestic market owing to liquidity problems.

Msipa said in the first six months of this year, the situation was unlikely to change as nothing much had changed since the last quarter of 2013 where consumers had low disposable incomes.

Msipa, however, said the continued use of the multicurrency system would build confidence and the resumption of the lender of last resort function by the central bank would enable banks to increase lending to the manufacturing sector.


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  2. Why are we talking to these evil Europeans when we should be looking East. Funny though the East looks to the west. All people still subscribing to ZANU-PF are either eating from corrupt activities and have to protect their source of income or are plain stupid!

  3. What for? Zimbabwe will never be a colony again! After all,we adopted a very beneficial “Look East” policy. It’s obvious we can not do without the West. So much for ZANU PF arrogance. We knew it all along. The bluster did not pay,so…..run back to the West.

  4. we shall wait with hope that they come out with a vision. those that applauded the chief of mockery as he lambasted the EU shall now know that its easier said than done, Always! Look east? since when has the EU been in the East? we told you, they themselves look east too which is our west. ok, i think its a typical copy and paste scenario where someone simply plagiarised a chinese economic blue print ‘Look East’ policy without paraphrasing it. now what they ddnt note was the chinese were really looking east and they were right. but for someone in the south-west of china, they definitely need not ‘Look East’. Lesson learnt!

  5. Ha Cde shef ZANU yakuda kutengesa nyika kuvachena vaya vasina mabvi. Kweteka we will never be a colony again. ThEU can go hang. Paya patakati “Tinokadii kanyika kazere chando, foot and mouth disease everywhere” ha apa Cde Shef ndarwadziwa. Pasi ne mabhunu kkkkk

    Bhora Musango kkkk

  6. No help fro EU b4 some corrupt parastatal bosses r added onto the targeted sunctions list and before ZPF stops their obscene language and playing to the gallery even when
    we the innocent know what really is the truth.Foreign Investment-Yes but Corruption NO!!!!God bless Zimbabwe

  7. Question:Who called for sunctions in Zimbabwe?
    Question no.2:Who said these words on countless times-“Blair,keep your England,I will keep my Zimbabwe.”? The cows r comin back home to roost.God bless Zimbabwe

  8. Question:Who called for sunctions in
    Question no.2:Who said these
    words on countless times-”Blair,keep
    your England,I will keep my
    Zimbabwe.”? The chickens r comin back
    home to roost.God bless Zimbabwe

  9. Ndinoti idama rakanaka chose zvimwe baba Chatunga vangadzidza nyika haitongwi nechigumbu unovuraisa vana nezhara kana usina chipani chakakwana chokurimisa. Zuwai navo mabhunu iwayo nezhira inoita nyika iende mberi kwete zveukasha hwemhungu isu tichifa nezhara . Toda budiriro kuno kuMberngwa maZANU PF kwete zvokutonga unehasha wkabate nduku mumaoko

  10. Dishonest people will try to twist facts.The whole Westerm world is looking east,led by US,which is most heavily indebted to China.Anyone who cares knows Cameron British PM November went to China with a 131 strong delegation begging for business deals to prop their very sick economies.Only manipulated people like our MDC-T idiots and their equally stupor and idiotic supporters cannot see that the Westeen world is now only military and military industrial complex that is holding it together.Having built their economies through genocidal plunder which no longer has any place in the 21st century,it is slowly becoming impossible to sustain their economies because previously easily exploitable countries are now holding onto their resources for national development.And whether we like or not,the Chinese peaceful and equal bilateral trade has been well received by all former colonies,maybe with the exception of half-African-half British Khama’s Botswana.Even those who do not want to think like Africans in Malawi have joined the Chinese led BRICS club (Maybe they are now thinking like Chinese Beijing!The British,Americanse Canadians and all Europeans are selling their economies to China,albeit grudgingly,as the stark reality is that whether we like them or not,we have to do business with them.It’s foolish to pretend to know when you do not know the reality of the world economic situation today,I can see many will die holding on to some non-existent nostalgic memory of a once glorious and genocidal west.Looking East is matter of survival for the discerning!

    • my stupid friend, u must know what they call batta trade. u dnt jus castigate pipo who have an better insight of things than you. your misjudgement of a strong delegation going to beg China needs a disillusion. however, let me do it for you. the US has a policy of taking the best resources for themselves from all-over the country. those that seem as competition are friends and foes in brackets. CHina is competing for these resources through their more ugly policy of using Africa as a dumping ground of their substandard products. thats why there is ISO enforcing trade laws in the EU and the same West. they dont just grab what china throws at them. they dictate what they want. for China to be strong economically, they are milking Africa and leave it bleeding dry. they know where they take and where the give. China acts as an evil middleman, who takes from the poor while exploiting them and then reap-off from the rich whose demand for the product is in dire. work out the theory, u may see how you make money. its a kind of inverse-retailing. take from the poor at cheap price, repackage and sell to the rich who are anxious to have it. wake bimbo!

  11. Nothing is as sure as ZANU-PF policy flip flopping! No rule of law, endemic corruption , a shouting president who is stack in the 1970’s war against the whites and a bunch of master looters. Note that I personally believe that the war was not about liberation but about paving a way for the few privileged individuals to rob the country dry. Freedom, I was much more free under Ian Smith that Mugabe and most ordinary people who lived then are bound to agree. Tell me what I am missing when they say Botswana has a lot to learn from Zimbabwe. Unless its learning the bad and evil I do not see what else they can learn from a country that has been destroyed by the carpenter. Kwanzi madegree, apiacho? Omuprison? They do not count in the real world as evidenced by how Mugabe has performed for three decades. The white man gave Mugabe those pieces of paper in the hope that he would forget about his Marxist ideas. Funny though, look who are the biggest capitalists and richest in Zimbabwe? Funny again, its the very people who talked socialism before they put their hands into the loot!

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