‘Zimbabwe blesses looting with golden handshakes’


RIGHTS activists and analysts have slammed the awarding of “golden handshakes” to heads of parastatals who would have been dismissed or “retired” for failing to turn around the entities, saying the practice fuelled corruption.

By Paidamoyo Muzulu
Senior Reporter

The public outcry comes in the wake of hefty packages extended to fired executives at Zupco, Premier Servive Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) and ZBC despite public statements from the authorities that the actions of the officials bordered on illegality.

Zupco chief executive Brian Chawasarira is said to have left the broke public transporter with $50 000 and a Toyota Prado utility vehicle as rewards. PSMAS is still working out Cuthbert Dube’s exit package while at ZBC suspended CEO Happison Muchechetere is on forced leave with benefits.

Social and economic justice activist Hopewell Gumbo said failure by the State to impose severe punishments on corrupt or failed managers would serve to encourage others in the public service to adopt a business-as-usual approach to work.

“It is unfortunate that the nation is blessing years of looting with golden handshakes when in fact the place for these thieves is jail,” Gumbo said.

“Respective ministers who are allowing this to happen under their nose should be investigated and made to account for such daylight robbery.”

Tshwane University-based public management expert Ricky Mukonza said such actions set a bad precedent.

“It sets a wrong precedent to those still in the organisations who are engaging or intend to engage in corrupt activities. The culprits in the ‘Salarygate’ scandal should be used as an example to demonstrate that corruption in the public service is not acceptable,” Mukonza said.

These developments are taking place at a time President Robert Mugabe called for all parastatals to furnish his office with their executive pay schedules amid revelations that most of them were raking in an average of $50 000 a month in salaries.


  1. Zimbabweans do not be fooled,Zanu PF gurus are content with the status co,they are comfortable with their families.Sanctions are for the ordinary people,so its us to leberate ourselves.Take it or leave it povo.

  2. Wouldn’t it be better then to encourage performance based contracts that also affect the exit packages? If you do a bad job you leave with little to nothing…

  3. @ensignongs. do u really understand the heading of this write up. it is not allowed in zanu to encourage performance , but loyality to the party, praise for the president and boot lickiing is all that matters. we copied that from our friendly countries like china, cuba, korea, lybia etc. its a mafia world out there my brothers and sisters. please understand it. in other words the president is involved in this, dont be decieved by papers like the sunday mail which say the president is surprised, its a lie. if he is, he has to resign, because it means he and his cio have been sleeping for the past 34 years while people have calling this out. this is why people like the dube and rest will escape all this and we the will live to pay for the mess. if they are made to pay back it means the president and his fellow chefs will pay and that does not happen in zanu. we made a big mistake by voting them in again and i know we will make the same mistake in 2018.

  4. Thats the price of peace loving,zimbos always potray south africans as dull when they demostrate but instead zimbos are the ones who are dull+docile

  5. Executive salaries of ZANU PF loyalists in public institutions are known by ZANU PF. It is nonsensical to suggest that Minister Shamu(formerly of Information) had no idea how much his subordinate,Muchechetere,was earning. If Muchechetere was earning $40 000 it would take an imbecile to swallow the lie that Zimbabwe’s government ministers earn $3 000 per month. Just how much are our ministers paid? Does anybody really know? Or is ZANU PF private information? Zvavo maZANU!

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