ZBC to close Bulawayo, Gweru studios


ZIMBABWE Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC)’s new board, which is yet to be appointed, has been tasked to implement a raft of structural changes at the public broadcaster, among them the closure of Gweru-based Voice of Zimbabwe and Montrose studios in Bulawayo and a streamlining of the current management, NewsDay has learnt.

Paidamoyo Muzulu

The insolvent broadcaster, which had for the past seven months failed to pay staff salaries while its executives took home obscene perks, has to implement drastic cost-cutting measures to contain its expenditure which far outstripped its revenues.

Sources close to the corporation at ZBC’s Gweru’s studios said that they had been alerted by management that the station was being relocated to Harare.

“We have been told that we should be on standby to relocate to Harare as the company is looking at ways to restructure its
expenditure,” the source said.

In Bulawayo, the corporation has since stopped the use of Montrose studios as all programming is now done at Pockets Hills Studios in Harare.

Contacted for comment over the issue, Information minister Jonathan Moyo this week could neither deny nor confirm the impending restructuring exercise.

“We are going to appoint a new board which will interact with the forensic auditors and among other things make proposals about the way forward,” Moyo said.

He added that speaking in public about the restructuring would undermine the efforts of the new board which should make its own independent decisions about solving the corporation’s woes.

“The new board is expected to craft a turnaround strategy for the corporation and make sure that the broadcaster produces quality and professional programming,” he added.

Moyo, however, did not specify when the new board would be instituted to replace the fired Cuthbert Dube-led board.

Dube’s board was unceremoniously booted out last November for awarding high salaries that bordered on “illegality” to the ZBC executives while junior staffers went unpaid for half a year.


  1. Relocating VOZ to Harare would not cut costs, except in terms of rentals only. In any case, development cannot be based on the centralisation of everything in Harare. Other parts of the country also need to house national institutions. Zimbabwe is not Harare. In fact, more stations should be opened elsewhere such as in Mount Darwin, Hwange, Beitbridge, Chikombedzi, Chipinge, Nyanga and others. It is the Mbare and Pockets Hill studios, and their CBD office, which contribute most to the overstaffing and the company’s financial squeeze. Shut those down. Who said the national broadcaster can only be run from a capital city? Look for examples out of here where this is not the case, Malawi and Blantyre, South Africa and Johannesburg closer at home.
    If it does happen, rent those premises out to Studio 7 and VOP and get the extra dollar to close off corporate cash gaps.

  2. Shutting down Gweru and Bulawayo Z B C stations would go against and even perhaps defeat the spirit of devolution, a prominent new feature of the new national Constitution.

  3. If my memory serves me right its the same minister J Moyo that spread the operations of ZBC is this a change of heart, acceptance of blunder or wat. Jus askin

  4. Devolution to be shattered b4 iplementation, unemployment tobe created b4 employment, right to information to be made non-right…Jorno makurashika papizve. You spread them now yamhosva amiweeee. Ummm i think this the reinforcement of AIPPA isnt it???? Jus asking Mr Moyo

  5. This Zanu project is way out of touch. If I live in Byo I’d be miffed that all news is concentrated in Harare. Instead ZBC should have been an impartial broadcaster and expand to Vic Falls, Masvingo, Mutare, etc. There should be 30mins or so regional news on TV before national news. This is not the case presently. Why would I pay subscriptions to watch junk. Even Muchechetere himself had DSTV (not ZBC) as part of his package.

  6. All these issues about the Cashbert Dubes ,ZBC scandal etc are meant to divert our attention from real political issues, the same people who are uneathing these scandal have been existance for At least 10 yrs,and the question is where were they when all this was happening. Let talk about growing the economy,resolving political issues.These are the root problems ,we are bust chasing the shadows and not the real image

  7. close the expensive hre office and open the cheap offices in Gweru and byo. Move the headoffice to either if the above cities. this will help the co.to rent out the hre property and manage to use the rent for salaries. Relocation to other cities will reduce the pressure on council s in providing services. Pressure on the roads for transport and also on health..

  8. ukuzonda abantu okunje akukaze kubonakale emhlabeni kanti u Lucifer lo wavela ngaphi sibili Byo is under siege manje the almighty said ….YOUR THOUGHTS ARE NOT MY THOUGHTS NEITHER ARE YOUR WAYS MY WAYS……..Hating people like this Gushungo

  9. ndozviripo vharai kana zbc yacho ko achaona ztv ndiyan yaparara zbc inoda 10 yrs kut isimuke hanya nani handit mese mur kuzbc mune dstvs saka ngaivharwe

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