Zanu PF a proven haven for criminals

Nevanji Madanhire

Vice-President Joice Mujuru is a child of Zanu PF, a party she joined when she was in her teens. She was under 18 years of age when she made the gruesome journey to join the struggle. To put it differently, Comrade Teurai Ropa was, by definition, a child soldier.

From the Editor Nevanji Madanhire

Her story is a remarkable one; from such an obviously traumatic introduction to politics, she is now standing on the verge of ruling a country. Some of her exploits during the armed struggle are well documented, the most amazing being her claim to have shot an enemy helicopter out of the sky. She is truly a hero of our struggle.

Her remarks over the weekend have resulted in an uproar; with people from across the political divide calling, literally, for her head. She must resign, has been the loud call.

In an address to members of the Zanu PF Women’s League in Mashonaland West, she said she smelled a rat in the ongoing sniffing-out by the media of corrupt public figures in parastatals. She accused the media of trying to destroy her dear Zanu PF from within. She said the media should stop this “nefarious” activity. In other words, she wants newspapers gagged so that corruption can proliferate in State enterprises if that means her party survives.

But the world should put into some context the rationale behind her utterances. Zanu PF has often been described as a Trojan horse or personified as Mr Bambazonke; it’s a holdall, accommodating everything and everyone including criminals.

During the war of liberation, Mai Mujuru would have fought alongside criminals who had run away from crimes they had committed in Rhodesia. Some of them had risen in rank to become senior commanders in the liberation army.

The end justifies the means; so it was legit to use criminals to fight the war as long as the result was in favour of the general good. That is the lesson that the struggle must have instilled into her impressionable teenage psyche.

At independence in 1980, Zanu PF did not cleanse itself of the criminal element in its ranks; so some of the criminals went into government and became ministers.

There have been many earth-shaking scandals involving senior politicians since independence, but they have been protected by the system. Now corruption is all pervasive due to this immunity provided by the party.

Meanwhile, other criminals have been watching this development; which gave them hope that they could be protected from the law, and they were. This became a culture in Zimbabwe that anyone wanted by the law for criminal activity would join Zanu PF, first by becoming an avid fundraiser and then standing in the elections to become an MP.

A few examples may suffice.

Obadiah Musindo quickly comes to mind. He on five occasions in 2004 allegedly raped a young woman who worked for him as a maid. When the case began to make waves, he joined Zanu PF. The police began to dilly-dally in their investigations. Had it not been for women’s groups which campaigned for the Musindo to have his day in court, nothing would have happened.

He is full of praise for President Robert Mugabe whom he calls Black Moses. His Destiny for Afrika Network is most visible at important Zanu PF functions. A magistrate has said he has a case to answer, but still there is no movement.

Godfrey Nzira also demonstrated how criminals could benefit from Zanu PF protection. In 2003 he was jailed for 32 years on seven counts of rape and one of indecent assault after raping two women followers of his apostolic sect who had come to seek spiritual guidance.

When the cases against him began to emerge, he quickly become very active in Zanu PF, campaigning for Mugabe in the run-up to the 2002 elections. He was famously quoted as saying Mugabe was “a divinely-appointed king of Zimbabwe and no man should dare challenge him”.

His sentence was reduced first to 20 years and then he was given a presidential pardon.

Another case that quickly comes to mind is that of Nolbert Kunonga, the disgraced former Anglican bishop. He became a staunch Zanu PF functionary when criminal proceedings were being brought against him in the church. He was being accused of such serious crimes as inciting murder, intimidating and improperly firing priests. He was accused of ignoring church law and commandeering bank accounts and foreign exchange. He was said to have brought the diocese into contempt.

Energy Mutodi stood in the Zanu PF primaries in Goromonzi intending to contest in the July 31 harmonised elections. Before his attempt at politics, he had been a musician of some note. He owns a musical outfit and has released a few hits that made some noise on national charts. But then, he has a huge criminal case against him.

He is accused of swindling desperate home-seekers of millions of dollars. Had he won the primaries and later the general elections, the hope was that he would be immune from prosecution.

Recently, convicted RMG Independent End Time Church pastor Robert Martin Gumbura also sought to seek refuge in Zanu PF by contesting in primaries for the Mabvuku-Tafara seat, later won by an MDC-T candidate, James Maridadi. The same can be said of Munyaradzi Kereke, the former Reserve Bank senior manager who successfully contested the Bikita West election; he has an alleged rape case hanging over him, but seems to be protected by political office.

During subsistence of the political crisis that began around 2000, Zanu PF has been accused of committing unimaginable crimes during election periods. These crimes range from murder of political opponents, to arson and systematic rape. All the perpetrators of these crimes, though known, will never be brought to book. They are immune to prosecution by virtue of their party membership.

This is the party in which Joice Mujuru is second in command. She is right; if criminals are sniffed out of Zanu PF, the party will collapse. She wishes to succeed to the highest office in the land and is prepared to achieve that by whatever means necessary, including protecting criminals. She has learnt her lesson well from the days of the liberation struggle: the end justifies the means! If criminals will make her president, so be it!

Her awful acceptance of criminality in Zanu PF must have sent shockwaves across the whole country.


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  1. I still remember there was or there is still a place called “PaMai Mujuru “, in Chiadzwa,a place rich in diamonds,reserved for Mai Mujuru,that is corruption of the highest order. Cupboards are being opened and they are full of skeletons. Gore rino !!!!!

  2. Not everyone who joined the liberation struggle was motivated by the need to free the country from colonial rule. indeed some were criminals and jail breakers who were fleeing from the hand of law. So when you put such a person in a position of power and authority what would you expect? The solution to the current revelations is quite simple; crush the heads of the thieves on the wall.

  3. Once upon a time there was city mayor who was found with a human head in his car. But because he was a high ranking ZPF officer he lived happily ever after.

  4. Hapana helicopter yaaka shooter uyo, the writer of this article relies more on hearsay than facts, and what is the point of referring to convicted criminals in this scandal. How many mdct legislators have been in the courts also facing criminal charges. Kana musina zvekunyora nyararai, rubbish. We want meaningful criticism and the way forward. You talk of Gumbura who is already languishing in prison zvigobatsira ani izvozvo. DULL EDITOR.

    • Elton Mangoma was arrested in 2 seconds for alleged corruption. These ZPF goons (from the president down) have no clue or do not understand what their duties, responsibilities and deliverables are. The only thing they know and understand is to deliver into their pockets. I used to think Mai Mujuru was a reasonable canditate but alas.

      Tsvangirai’s open zip scandals now look like baby stuff as compared to what is going on in this revolutionary party. Full of learned but uneducated people. They have theories upon conspiracy theories of how the whites downtrod on Africa yet they cannot solve a simple management problem.

    • is he dull because his article does not go in line with your beliefs? he never talked about mdc because the issue is about Mai Mujuru”s speech. looks like you are dull yourself!

    • Reason the fact is zpf is a haven for criminals, the facts are plain to see if you are not part of the corrupt system that has prevailed in Zimbabwe since 1980. Obviously you are one of those criminals who continues to benefit from the zpf patronage system, or else if you were not then your comments would reflect the majority of sentiments expressed in the comments left here on this page.

  5. This is an excellent analysis that should be read by all who want to understand why Joyce Mujuru is condoning corruption. Remember she also looted the War Victims Compensation Fund claiming that she was 100% disabled (she claims to have returned the loot)! This is the same Joyce Mujuru who refused to give mobile license to Strive Masiiwa’s Econet and preferred Telecel which had lost the tender. Were it not for Dr. Joshua Nkomo’s intervention we wouldn’t be talking of Econet in Zimbabwe today. I thought she had matured over the years but it seems old habits die hard. Even if Prof. Jonathan Moyo wanted to expose her faction, I think she has successfully exposed herself more than any of her enemies.

  6. Amai,Amai,Amai,Shame,Shame,Shame on you,may you go for some few proper management lessons.And you expect to be at the helm.Taingonzwa kuti musoro hamuna chirimo,tazviona comrade.

  7. @Reason usadaro, may I suggest that where u have no objective comments to make, remain silent, otherwise u make this forum so boring. This editorial tried to out Mujuru’s unfortunate utterances into SOME perspective, and there was no mention of MDC at all. But u seem to bring MDC in every contribution u make (seeing a ghost where there is none). Next time u will tell us sanctions are responsible for Mujuru’s utterances. kkkkkkkk

    The basic principle of debate is: Where u differ with an opinion, provide an alternative, but dont attack the person who has given his opinion.

    • @TAURAI taura hako.this person called reason does not reason at all.surely where does mdc come in pa nyaya ya mujuru?he is sick.nxaaaaaaaaaaa.

  8. A well researched and brave article, Nevanji. Zanu PF is a motley crew of criminals, Rhodesian informers, Chimurenga war deserters, murderers, pseudo-nationalists and plain thugs. They should be psycho-analysed in this context to understand why they behave in this barbaric and kleptocratic manner.

  9. To call criminals,fugitives those who fought for our freedom from the Rhodies is in bad taste writer….How could they be deemed criminal by a law they took no part in making?

  10. This article is well written,indeed Zanu pf is a haven for criminals.Mai Mujuru is also corrupt to the core infact the Mujuru family is corrupt.Remember the late husband Solomon’s estate was said to be in excess of a billion dollars.There has been this rumour that there is a place in chiadzwa called Kwamai Mujuru.So Zimbabwe there you have it. Kuvhunduka chati kwata hunge une katurikwa!!

  11. There is truth to this article but as always my problem is that we happily turn a blind eye to corruption in MDC and generally in society….When a cop demands a bribe at a roadblock it has nothing to do with politics asi we all accept it.



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  13. My major concern is that all these CEOs in parastatals, State Enterprises and Local authorities are linked to Zanu PF. So in a sense, the editor is right in saying the looters will turn to ZPF for safe haven. Join Zanu PF if you want to get rich from nowhere.

  14. Words are spoken often and with great emphasis on personal deeds by liars and cowards and this woman ranks at the top of that despicable pile of pig waste along with her boss. She never came near anything except unarmed citizens including children who she murdered in cold blood and that is closer to the truth than the hogwash she sprouts making herself some brave hero! What a joke!


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  16. Please may the media help by making follow-ups on some pending issues.
    What happened to the OBADIAH MUSINDO rape case?
    We want answers PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

    • Yeah we need to know what happened to the Msindo raper case? And what happened to the CAAZ’s Kaseke’s own rape case? Editor this is by public demand..we need to know the latest on these ugly cases..The Kereke case is still hot..why is there this selective application of Justice?

  17. A mayor who presides on the city
    A mayor who dries all the tapes

    A mayor of mayhem
    A merchant of Death

    A mayor with beastly cargo
    For must a mayor carry bodyless heads in his chariot to his palour?

    Oh Faber Oh Faber this cargo is not light the voices will be calling. Happily ever after? No for the damned eys saw you. Chidarikire!

  18. To be prosecuted for corruption, a Zanu PF member has to harm the personal interests of its leaders rather than the national good. Characters such as Makamba and Mliswa bear testimony to this. You can loot with impunity as long as you shout the right slogans. People who endangered national food security such as Kangai got away with it.

  19. It is time Zimbabweans woke up from there slumber. It is time to make the government answerable to the people once and for all. Lets start by lining up all those corrupt officials against the wall ,Chinese style, and let the firing squad loose. Any volunteers for the firing squad, OOPS , we might have the longest queue this country has ever had.

  20. Nevanji- appear to have breathed new life into the paper..Now here is something that you have missed. Please send one of your guys to the Company registration office and get the names of the directors of all 78 parastatals. You will find some of the names reproducing themselves as much as 30 times in these parastatals. Thus you have folk who dont even bother attending the board meetings since they preside over 30 directorships now if Charamba was making 100 000 per year imagine what one director sitting on 30 boards is making..for ease of calculation he could be making 3 million per year without attending any of the so-called board meetings..he is just minting his money in silence. Now should we not insist that parliament hold confirmation hearings for directors of these parastatals given what we have seen in the past???

  21. To say that zanu pf is the only political party harbouring criminals is a big falsehood. Look and see accusations of money theft within mdct
    What about tsvangirai double dipping when he wanted money to renovate his highlands home. It’s individuals who commit crimes zanu pf has a longer history because it has been in existence for more than 40 years but otherwise there is a small difference if there’s any.

  22. Mai Mujuru, home-girl, ndanyara. Dont use emotions pliz, use your head. Ndanyara peno nomashoko yako yasingavake nyika, kunyarira futi futi.

  23. The reason y corruption is so entrenched in zpf is cos all criminals seek refuge in that party bt on condition that u must out shout others in singing Mugabe praise. Ukada kuzoona they remind u of yo cases that ar on hold saka u become very loyal and do all u can to ensure e party clings to power or else if a new party takes over the way to Chikurubi will be cleared

  24. “Some of her exploits during the armed struggle are well documented, the most amazing being her claim to have shot an enemy helicopter out of the sky” – well documented by who? By ZanuPF to make them look brave. This is a lie: a fairy tale. I was following events in the newspapers, radio and television in Rhodesia and I also listened to Zanu broadcasts from Mozambique in the 1970 at no time did I hear of any reports that any helicopter had been shot down inside Mozambique. It is very easy to prove this is a lie. Can the press ask her to show the press the place where she supposedly shot down this helicopter so that we can have pictures of the remains of the helicopter. What happened to the crew of the helicopter? I do not recall any reports of the remains of the dead helicopter crew being transferred to Rhodesia for burial from Mozambique. We would have known about Rhodesian and Mozambique officials negotiating for the return of these supposedly dead helicopter crew. This would have been a very good propaganda scoop for Zanu at the time. Teurai Ropa shot a dragon fly and mistook it for a helicopter. That is definitely a lie. She does not have any witnesses. If you believe this then you can believe anything. She shot the helicopter in her dreams. I defy the press to prove me wrong.

  25. What happened to the remains of the helicopter which was supposedly shot down by Teurai Ropa? It’s inconceivable the Mozambique authorities would have left the remains on site for the children in rural Mozambique to play with? Where are the remains of this helicopter which was supposedly shot down by Teurai? Surely, Zanu would have had that helicopter on display in some war museum or so-called Heroes Acre if that was the case. They like to show off. Here’s a job for the investigative journalist to make a name for themselves by finding the “helicopter” which was supposedly shot down by Teurai Ropa.

  26. Ah, maZimba hamheno kuti Nyadenga akakugadzirai chirudzii. Kungochema nekutaura sepwere inoziva kuti kana yave nenzara ndikachema momz vachariburitsa chete zamhu ndikayamwa. Iyo zanu yacho yakagadzirwa nesimbi here? Hezvo mumwe wopa basa editor kuti vanotsvaga helicopter yakadonhedzwa muna 1974 naamai vekushaiwa njere kwavo ava, zvichatibetsereyi izvozvo?

    • @cornholio – Ndokunobva ma problems ese enyika kunyepa kwe ZanuPF. Iye Editor ndiye atanga nyaya yacho ye helicopter. I don’t know why the Editor brought the helicopter thing in the issues of state corruption? All facts must be right never mind how trivial they seem. A person who governs must always tell the truth and it is incumbent on the press to report the truth at all times.

    • @cornholio – we might have been born in the same country but we don’t think alike. You want to sound as if you are more intelligent and have a solution but you don’t say what the solution is. Moron.

  27. sorry guys my comment isn’t related to the article but rather, thanking AMH for bringing Mr Nevanji Madanhire to a daily publication. I find this editor is refreshing and just sharp. I would call it developmental journalism by my little knowledge of communication…

  28. Where is corruption within ranks and files within MDC T party affecting the country? We talking of this sinful act within ZANU PF because these are the people leading our parastatals and not even a single member from MDC T is employed by the government to the board of these companies. Let’s put across constructive contributions for the good of the nation. Ndiko kuprotector corruption kwataramba from the VP guyz.

  29. Whatever is being said is true Vice President must appologise to that issue ,because the time for Editors to manipulate news is gone . We need the raw news as they are said , therefore Editors send the clip to ZBC so that she will hear her own words and enchode her lips prounouncing such unethical words.

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