Zanu PF chefs named in farm equipment scheme

OVER 100 Zanu PF chefs, some of their companies and MDC-T deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma grossed billions of dollars from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s (RBZ) farm mechanisation programme between 2005 and 2007, NewsDay has learnt.


According to a document seen by NewsDay containing beneficiaries of the programme in Mashonaland East, Mangoma was the only notable MDC-T leader to benefit from the scheme.

Mangoma is currently at the centre of a storm in his opposition party for penning a letter to party leader Morgan Tsvangirai urging him to step down for failing to topple Zanu PF leader President Robert Mugabe and for putting the name of the party into disrepute due to his moral blameworthiness.

Among the Zanu PF bigwigs who benefited from the scheme that was supposed to benefit the poor masses who got land under the land reform programme are the late former Agriculture minister Kumbirai Kangai, Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development minister Olivia Muchena, Zanu PF senior official in Harare province Noah Mangondo and ex-Chitungwiza executive mayor Joseph Macheka.

Chikomba East Zanu PF MP Edgar Mbwembwe and the late Harare governor David Karimanzira are among the beneficiaries.

Last month, the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Accounts ordered the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development to disclose names of people — most of them suspected to be bigwigs — that benefited from government’s Farm Mechanisation Input Scheme and Operation Maguta.

The committee expressed disappointment after the ministry’s finance director Kudakwashe Zata failed to answer questions pertaining to an outstanding $3,7 million that was shown in a 2011 audit report by the Comptroller and Auditor-General under the item of other capital liabilities on parastatals.

Documents showed Karimanzira received ZW$5,9 billion from RBZ for irrigation equipment for his farm in Goromonzi in December 2007 while Justice Paddington Garwe got ZW$3,5 million in June 2006.

Macheka, father of Tsvangirai’s estranged wife, Elizabeth, received $7,8 million for his Goromonzi Farm while Sithembile Makamba got ZW$178 million for her Dakata Estates in Goromonzi.

The Zanu PF government introduced the farm mechanisation programme to benefit the masses, but was marred in controversy as it ended up benefiting those with close links to the system.

In 2013, former RBZ governor Gideon Gono refused to disclose the names of the beneficiaries of the farm implements to parliament when he appeared before the agriculture portfolio committee.

He only gave the total value of the items as $200 million that was allocated between 2006 and 2007.


  1. hoyoo mangoma uya neshamwari dzake nxaaaaa this guy iz a glory hunter

    1. Simplicity Ncube

      It’s not clear how much Mangoma got. However, this does not nullify what Elton Mangoma said about Tsvangirai. Let us be issue-oriented !

  2. mmm I smell a rat…..

    1. Simplicity Ncube

      Me too a very big one for that matter!

  3. In your attempt to compete with the herald, this newsday story is totally hogwash, and incompetent considering that its reporting on the useless Zimdollars. Your sensetionalization of
    a minor case in an attempt to get credit for exposing corruption is only doing this country a disservice, There are big stories of corruption here and don’t confuse the readers about the useless zimdollar where an egg could cost 50 million dollars. If at all it would appear this reporter
    of yours is coming up with this useless story so as to cover up for real cases of corruption involving the us dollars which is still fresh in our minds and there are more credible cases of corruption yet to be revealed and no this rubbish reporting here. Mr. editor it shows how useless and confused your reporters are . its better you close shop and stop wasting our time and money. There are big time corrupt cases than this rubbish you are telling us now.

  4. Cheap politics. No zanu pf big wigs. Piece only meant to tarnish mangoma.

  5. Mangoma wanakirwa neZANU

  6. So Mangoma was on duty. Singing for his supper

  7. Takazvitaura kuti Mangoma mutengesi, Save fire this bastard

  8. eheka i also negotiated in bad faith pa GNU i am a zanu CIO.i made sure tsvangson ws 2 bcme a ceremonial PM with no powers.ICHOO!

  9. Its unfortunate that the Newsday at times allow itself to be reduced to a Harvest House Bulletin, I smell a rat here, is this story meant to inform us about the abuse of farm mechanization equipment or its meant to expose Mangoma. It is imperative that the Editor of this paper encourages his/her journalists to practice ethical journalism, than to reduce this once objective paper into a propaganda outlet that spews MDC-T positions and perpetuate hate language against people seeking open debate about the direction of the MDC. You can do better guys, your reporting against Mangoma indeed leaves a lot to be desired

    1. Ngwena I share your sentiments. This kind of journalism is truly pathetic. The story starts by saying there are over a hundred beneficiaries, all fitting the description of being “chefs”. A handful are named and Mangoma is one of them. Interestingly, the amount that he owes is not even stipulated yet the reporter sees the issue of Mangoma’s call for a change in leadership as relevant.

      Does Trevor Ncube read his papers? Surely if the journalist genuinely sought to inform us about the abuse of the abuse of the farm equipment scheme it should have been more comprehensive. The headline screams, “Zanu p.f. chefs named in farm equipment scheme” and then carries Mangoma’s picture. Was his the highest amount? How much would it have been in US dollars so we can fully understand the extent of the indebtedness?

  10. Karimanzira got 5.9 billion or 5.9million. Mr editor pliz proof read first

  11. Reason, are u telling us that corruption which happened in the ZimDollar era isnt corruption and where a reporter picks a story which happened before 2009 that story should be ignored? By inference, are you also saying company bosses who are paying themselves around US$40 000/month should be left alone because there is someone who is paying himself over US$230 000? Could you also be saying someone who kills a one month baby would have committed a lesser crime compared to someone who kills an adult? I dont get your argument. Whilst this story may be suspicious with regard to its timing vis-a-vis recent developments in the MDC-T party, your line of argument isnt the right one. Corruption is corruption.

    1. WeDande, cant yo read between the lines, the headline is screaming zanu pf chefs and it goes to talk of Mangoma. i thought there were going to be figures and it talks of billions of zim dollars of which almost everyone was a billionaire that time, corruption is corruption and the story is trying to dilute the current events with hogwash so as to confuse little minds. Of course the US$40 000/month is unacceptable like the herald correctly reported it, before even disclosing the $230 000. This is just poor reporting with a desperate attempt to remain relevant on the part of this useless tabloid. We have serious issues here and with that headline one would have thought its a new expose only to see its the poor political and unfounded story of a an mdct internal struggle and also playing with figures of a useless non existent currency. And that plays well into small minds like you believing of such trash as newsworthy.

  12. Amasela lawa

  13. Manggoma? Now everything is beggining to be clear!!!!

  14. I smell a rat. MDC is acting like Zanu PF. When anyone stands up against the status quo they are framed!!!!

    Hahahahaha Chinja iye yashata manje!!!

    Tsvangirai and Bob Same Same 6 na 9

    1. Agreed, this is shameful by Tsvangirai and his lackey Tamborinyika. Tsvangirai is the common denominator in the division in the MDC. The fact that he is failing to produce a united party is his responsibility as leader. That in itself is a failure when you see people challenging you left right and centre. The worst thing is all the allegations that are leading to these challenges are rooted in facts, and he resorts to mud-slinging. Count me as one vote lost. I SHALL NOT vote for Morgan Tsvangirai because I feel to see what he is reforming..

  15. What ever if you smile a rat go and read Herald! Herald actually give the opposite contents of its headings? You can read a heading Saying ” Sanctions hampers growth” then the contents is about looting Zanu PF executives. Mangoma muZanu Tsvagison ngwara-ngwarawo mhani….mukadzi muZanu, Mangoma muZanu, Biti muZanu, Bennet muZanu….wako chete ndimupfana Chamisa naObert Gutu…vamwe vese avo maZanu PF arikuda kupfuma chete…Nxaaaa.


    1. You are lost, Chamisa!!!, Chamisa of all people, haahahaha my foot.

  16. Mangoma neZanu pf zviri kuretu. Please Newsday musamusvibise anodawa kutonga. Ko mdc ndeyatsvangirai here, heya munoda kuti afirepo here. Ko zvamunoti Mugabe must go ko itaiwo kuti Tsvangirai must go.

  17. Ko Mangoma wacho akawana marii? It seems he is the subject of this news, so tell us about him first…then zveZANU.

  18. what is new news here. all i am waiting for is chef x and chef y have been arrested and sentenced for the corruption they were involved in. that will be news to me, but what i know is that will not happen as long as robert mugabe at the top because that will mean arresting himself.

  19. This story could be true but why is it coming out now when Mangoma has just stated Morgan should step aside. No no this is a plot to tarnish Mangoma’s name and have him seen as a bad person in the eyes of the mdc supporters hence bolstering tsvangirai waning fortunes. Why were we not told this when it was time he was not fighting with morgan in the mdc nxaaa!

  20. Ladies and gentlemen i would like to refer to you an article in todays Herald: Makoni can save MDC by non other than MAI jukwa. U will agree with me its not something u would expect from the herald. I found the article to be well thot out and factual. Please read it and contribute to the current debate with its substance in mind. Please read the article and not comment on the heading as most zimbos are used to. Thanks

  21. Sorry just thot i divert you to real articles and issues. not the hogwash we getting from newsday. Am not sure why the herald is now publishing such articles and maybe you learned pipo on this platform can help me understand. Thanks

  22. mazviona ka kuti Mangoma is zanu coz those benefits anopihwa ve
    zanu chete

  23. MDC, MDC, MDC, Haa, you borrow from ZANU tactics, shame on you, just because the man has faced Tvangirai head-on the only easy way is to soil his image. You will not go anywhere with this cheap politicking, concentrate on ur dilapidated image. We are slowly losing hope on you

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  25. Imi Machinja siyanai na cde wedu Mangoma….!Popopopopo…Variko vamwe vakawanda vamuinavo, mashefu shefu.

  26. This Staff Reporter, Moses Matenga is an absolute disgrace – fighting political battles on behalf of his favourite, Tsvangirai. This is gutter journalism. If Elton Mangoma had benefited from this ZanuPF project why did Moses Matenga not expose this long time ago? This happened in 2007. Why now when he knows there are on-going battles between Mangoma and Tsvangirai? This reporter in trying to galvanise Tsvangirai’s blind followers into ostracize Mangoma. This reporter is very biased. Moses Matenga should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. I hold no brief for Mangoma or MDC-T but such reporting is malicious and disgraceful. Let Tsvangirai fight his own battles.

    1. Sorry Mangoma has been exposed by the CIO the Zanu way when you are no longer useful to them they discard you like an old shoe or if the consider you dangerous.Mangoma was stupid and I hope Tsvangirayi will forgive him and let him stay in the Party.

  27. MDC T yakapindwa nema CIO ezanu pf. MaCIO emuno ano shandira zanu pf kwete nyika.
    W ncube, mangoma, nevamwe vavo ma CIO vakaisirwa kuunza nyonganiso mu MDCT. Zvava kutoda tinamate kuti Mwari vapindire.

  28. Mangoma was bribed to disturb the change agenda. he even wanted the presidency of MDC. they wanted to infiltrate like how they ve infiltrated ZIMTA. check

  29. gumbura gone!!!!!!!yipeeeeeee

  30. One sentence in my earlier comment should read, “This reporter in trying to galvanise Tsvangirai’s blind followers into ostracizing Mangoma”.

  31. The moment you condemn corruption you raise the ire of the corrupt hence the outcry over this story. We all know that the RBZ mechanisation scheme was abused and most of these people who abused this are at the helm and will never allow any investigations to be carried oiut, its not all chefs but if nonentities like @reason got some loot hence the defence. It is the same like at AirZIM some guys have failed MetBank and Zimbabwe Cricket and are expected to resucitate Air Zim. They continue from where they left at ZC and MetBank and a mouse bell the cat now they are on its throat. Mahachi is suspended and one of his own reinstate him meaning its business as usual if you are connected. Gumbura disconnected himself from the party now he is going to serve 40 years for conning women into sex ( I don’t call it rape).If he was in the system we would not have this story.

  32. Zimbos u like delving much into trivial issues. @ kiro refered u to an article in the herald. Tsvangirayi shud do the honourable and appoint a sucessor himself cos i can tell u in as much as he has his blind followers but they are not more than half the support he used to enjoy. Those can not win him an election. But mdc with someone else at the helm with Tsvangson blessings stands a greater chance of winning against zpf with/without Mugabe

  33. kiro there is nothng really 2 talk about in tht mai jukwa story in th herald.mai jukw is a zanupf product whatever she says whether gud or bad will never b of any help 2 th mdc.4 yr own information tsvangirai is a brand without whom mdc will just die like other opposition parties before.uyo anonzi reason hameno kuti anozviti reason nokuda kwei

  34. Prosper Chinamhora

    Mr Editor please edit and put the figures in US$ at each stage the money was issued. you know the then price of a newspaper then it was also in Millions. tipeiwo nhau kwadzo

  35. ppl uyu reporter handit ndiyewo akamboita nyaya ye diamond here achinzi aba kwachiyadzwa muna 2011/12 saka mangoma.zanu chefs na matenga the reporter ngawasungwe imbavha wese

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