VP Mujuru torches storm

Dr Mai Joice Mujuru is her direct opposite: who is cool, calm, reserved, tolerant, objective and intelligently calculative of what is good or bad for Zimbabwe.

ACTING President Joice Mujuru yesterday torched a storm after she claimed that the ongoing graft exposé in parastatals was politically motivated, exposing serious infighting within Zanu PF as top officials angled to succeed President Robert Mugabe at the party’s December elective congress.


As a result of the discord within the ruling Zanu PF party, its politburo will convene in Harare soon to deliberate on the matter.

Zanu PF is divided on factional lines with one camp aligned to Mujuru and another believed to be aligned to Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa engaged in a fierce battle to succeed Mugabe who turns 90 next week.

Mujuru told the Zanu PF Mashonaland West Provincial Women Conference in Chinhoyi over the weekend that there could be an inside hand meant to destroy the party from within.

“Beware that this issue of parastatals is another way to destroy this country,” she was quoted as saying.

“They know what is holding this country and what is done by parastatals. They will go to talk to some of our people and do what is happening. They say from ZBC, we go to Zesa, then Zinwa. Don’t then say these people are not Zanu PF, no, they say if you can’t beat them join them and fight from within, so beware.”

Political parties and analysts yesterday, however, reacted angrily to Mujuru’s utterances and attempts to muzzle the media over corruption issues.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said the statements attributed to Mujuru were an insult to the people who had suffered from Zanu PF’s corruption for a long time and also exhibited intense fighting within the ruling party.

“It is a fact that these economic saboteurs who have been bleeding the country dry by awarding themselves obscene salaries and benefits are all well-known members of Zanu PF,” Mwonzora said.

“We suspect that most of them are from the Mujuru faction of Zanu
PF. In the past, the same corrupt officials have attended Zanu PF fundraising functions making generous donations to the party.

“Therefore, indirectly she has been a recipient of this corrupt money, hence her attempt to gag the Press.”

Harare Residents’ Trust (HRT) director Precious Shumba said Mujuru had lost the plot on corruption and scandalous salaries and allowances.

“Instead of uprooting the evil that threatens to destroy our Zimbabwe, Mujuru is seeing shadows and ghosts everywhere. Look inside, the problem is there,” Shumba said.

“I always thought she was reasonable, but now I realise that she is also lost, despite sitting in a position of high authority, influence and power.

“The VP must not get excited because soon she will be exposed for being heavily involved in the corruption that has swept across our public service institutions.

“Or maybe some of her people have been fingered and risk being sent to jail? We have a war on our hands comrades.”

MDC99 leader Job Sikhala said: “She doesn’t realise that the population is angry with those extraordinary salaries that these people are getting.”

Political analyst Alexander Rusero said Mujuru’s remarks reflected factional wars in Zanu PF where only ministers aligned to her were being targeted to weaken her grip on the party’s highest position.

“There is a manifestation of factionalism and they see it as one faction fighting another faction,” Rusero claimed.

“If you look at the people exposed so far, it’s only one faction that is covered and obviously it’s a manifestation of factional wars within Zanu PF.

“She is trying to wear a brave face on the matter, but what is clear is people used Zanu PF as a passport to loot.

“It’s a public admission at a public forum that factionalism is there in Zanu PF and people will have to gear up for more fights.”

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said he agreed with Mujuru that there was a “factional hand” in the manner the exposés were being done.

“The party has not taken a position on what we are hearing on ministries, but we are yet to sit down. We can’t say we are for or against such exposé , but no one will accept these scandals and what is happening,” Gumbo said.

“We have to be honest and transparent, but the key is how to handle an issue like this.

“A matter like this will have to be managed and the politburo will have to meet and get a report.”

Asked on his take on Mujuru’s statement hinting that there was a hand in the factional fights in Zanu PF, Gumbo said: “It’s possible, I can’t deny that. She is absolutely right and there are people like that.

“That’s not the issue, but the bottom line is what the facts are and how to handle the issue. You can’t solve this in a piecemeal fashion, we need a systematic strategy to handle this.”


    • To hell cartridge gallery.Titori mabussiness pple embiri more than selling tumacartridge.We can”t do bussiness in Zim because of corruption in the top echelons of the Gvt.This platform is for us to demonstrate anger towards these parasites.Saka iwewe imbomira tu markerting gimmics twako titange tagadzirisa nyika.

      • ana beyond, business ripi ramunaro, and you are highly misinformed. adii munhu ari kuedza kuisa upfu patable yemhuri yake, akauya kumba kwako unopa sadza here? seunaro…. its a clear sign that he is clever to use a selling article platform to adverise his business, imi ndimi vamwe vacho vari kudzvanyirira small business to grow. And who said business and politics are related? you are not in business becoz hauna mari. the other thing is Zimbabwe will not be turned around with your cyber attacks try other means not hudofo henyu uhwu. chii chaunogadzirisa iwe………..

    • I used to respect Mai Mujuru, but EISH…………. when somebody starts reasoning like Tsvangirai, we have to be scared. Very scared.

  1. So in the name of maintaining the party, corruption should not be exposed, is this what VP Mujuru is saying, does it matter who exposes the rot, let us know more let the skeletons come out, we voted for the party based on the manifesto of zero tolerance.

    • Cry the beloved country. Who then is going to lead us to the promised land. Mai Mujuru I had respect for you but now u have blown it. There is no need to find out who is behind the expose as long as what is coming is true. The whole country is aghast. Isnt this the time to show leadership and clear the deck. Zimbabwe actually has a dearth of leadership from the ruling party to the opposition. The current crop is a pathetic lot! Ngwena and Joyce are birds of a feather, lets kick them out. Even the Commander is also embroiled in some scandal in far away Hong Kong.

  2. I listened to VP Mujuru on the news on ZBC on Saturday. I couldnt believe my ears. I used to respect her to a certain degree, but this!!!! With such people in leadership and possible successor to the throne, we are doomed.

    God help us. For someone at this level to have such sentiments on such a sensitive and crucial issue is beyond comprehension to say the least!!!!!

    Senzeni na to deserve this curse?????

    • shibobo u surprise me. U had respct for her over what has she done so far as a woman in leadership position? After all what would expect from someone who does not hve Cambridge kikikikiki zvakaoma

      • Nhai Antonio ko Cambridge yapinda papi apa kuita Cambridge kana degree kuno reva kuti mhunhu ano fanira ku dzi afunda avakutonga Nyika? Misoro yenyu ma Zimbo yakapedzwa na …..?? chokwadi. Ko vane ma Degree acho vakazoiteyi mu Zimbabwe ,Inga Nyika yagwadama haichina kana mari vanhu vari shupika. Vanhu va kunwa mvura yakazara ne tsvina.

  3. There is nothing about factionalism here, its simple corruption and she has shown her weaknesses as a leader, The same manner Tsvangirai has exposed his weaknesses as a leader. Now that she has been exposed the better for ZANU PF, because there are many candidates with better leadership qualities. she has dug her own grave, and the anti-corruption drive must continue. This leaves the leadership issue wide open and Zimbabwe has capable brains. Now its up to Zimbabweans to be careful about their next leader, who of course should not be a half educated and corrupt puppet, nor a blinkered corrupt liberation cadre. The office of the President is a straight jacket, period.

    • Bah! They are all rotten, if you ask me. No one, and I mean absolutely no one, is clean in ZANU PF. This is a long range strategy by one faction, which at one time stole this country blind, hid their tracks and have come out guns blazing against the other faction. Tell me; who in ZPF, which ever faction, is not fantastically wealthy, up to the chief himself? Tsholotsho is back with a vengeance, and this time they don’t plan to fail. They have been planning for years. But if you ask me, it’s really not just the parastatals. Look under the ZPF rock and you will find an astonishing array of creepy crawlies there – all corrupt. The whole head is rotten, I say!

    • Zanu is full of Hyenas. MDC is full of vultures. They all go for someone’s kill, but don’t feed at the same time. Let’s qualify politicians individually before we rush. They now ALL have some governing experience, including thieving experience. Some stole for longer (and wish they had stolen more), whilst others have endured. The voters are the referees overseeing who eats what & for how long. I tell you, there’s a very thin line between the 2 parties!

  4. mai Mujuru has just proven that she is the worst of them all, not only is she cruel, she is also a tribalist, a murderer and reeks corruption to the bone. She should never be president of the country.

  5. kupenga uko ndirikunderera mberi neku exposer am going to ZIMRA now kunobata vese follow me guyz am going to liberate this country from economy oppressers like cashbert dube

  6. mmmm I think as a party we are doomed if we allow JTM to succeed Gushungo..I’m now believing Jonathan Moyo can be a better leader or maybe Ngwena vacho. I wish Bob was stil fit to continue for the next three decades.

    • What happens when u startle a chidembo? Hopefully life continues if u aren’t behind to receive the sulphur dioxide. With these prevalent takeaways, a bit of laughing gas will be emitted as well! Ngwena will need time-off to spend celebrating on his trampoline. Manner from heaven like the ANC had afta the “rent-a-black” disaster for hellen zille! This time her tongue destroyed her character for good!

  7. apa chiri kungorwadza mujuru ndechekungoti zvakatangirwei naJonathan Moyo wekwa Mnangagwa chete. what the nation wl benefit from these exposures doesnt matter to her anymore. politics is so dirty

  8. Mai Mujuru lost my respect, I always thought she was the better one. But coming out to trash anti corruption drive like this?? This can’t be. Who will lead us? Mujuru?? Nah please this woman is the worst after ol. Zanu Pf is not serious about zero tolerance on corruption. I am pro zanu pf but such behaviors are not accepted from people we all believed were going to lead us back to betterment of our country. I’m totally appalled and disgraced. Zimbabwe belongs to the people not top officials who think they can do wat they want. Sad thing too that the law courts won’t do anything.. WE ARE DOOMED! God help us…

  9. You have lost all the respect you had Mai Mujuru!!!!!! We now fear you!!!!!! You are not the material that we thought you were.


  11. Mai Mujuru is the patron of Zimbabwe Institute of Management. In today’s Herald there is an article on the corrupt activities at the institute and I dont think there are politically motivated.

  12. Newsday,newsday I m so disappinted with your uptake of national issues. Just nezuro you headlinedd that Mujuru had blasted looters now you headline the same story with tge factionalism angle. Well the herald got it right 1 st time check their headline ya nezuro.
    Someone said if you want to know what is happening read the herald these days. Welcome Jonathan Moyo part 2

    • @Mtape

      I agree with you completely. Newsday and Daily News have been snoozing when the Herald has been unearthing corruption scandals. In yesterday’s edition Newsday deliberately chose to mask the other side of the VP’s speech. Surely you guys can do better!

  13. Hezvoka ndimwi maichemera mai Mujuru vatonge unoti chii chinobuda ipapa mutungamiriri anosupporter mbavha . Uyu ndiye munhu asingafi atonga nyika nyangwe baba Chatunga vakasiya nekuti iyo ipropaganda yedofo . Vanhu varikufa nezhara zvikoro , migwagwa yaparara isu kuMberengwa tinoti mwedzi woga woga pamari yaipiwa Cashbet Dube mukatipawo just $10000 we can be able to renovate a single school . panozopera gore tenge tapedza zvizhinji . Mai Mujuru nditeurai ropa revana veZimbabwe nezhara munhuwepi anokoshesa vushe achikangamwa kutambura kwevanhu . KANA SAVE vatadza kutongawo 2018 ndinoti muLutheran Mnangagwa ngaatonge .

  14. Bhora mugedhi vakomana. Zvokuti ramwiswa neruoko kana nedumbu hamuneinazvo chero ramwa.

    We are in a fix. There will be no prosecution to anyone. Its now political. And as you know political issues are handled politically. No laws to be applied here.

  15. I have always told people that Mai Mujuru is corrupt and brain dead ….. a dandahead!! She is a toddler mupolitics. She cant match na Prof. Jonathan Moyo. Sando kuna Prof. Chembere yakabira. In politics a silly utterance can cost you support. Apa to be honest vp varasa 60% of what could easily have been her vote. As the saga continues i know she will continue to utter more rubish and the remaining 40% will go!!!! Vanhu vakatsamwa ne corruption iwe ndopowoti heee nyararai …. Chupeti. Not fit to lead even a kindergatten.

  16. Chamupuri chirikuvhuvhuta ichi hapana wachingangosiya saka munhu anofanira kugara avhariridza dzake nyaya.Dzimwe nyaya dzacho kuba neyekukweretawo yese here varume?

  17. This is brainless coming from someone who is supposed to be the next president.I think she is trying to hide something she is not entirely clean.This woman needs an advisor ASAP before she self destructs.Left alone she is prone to career ruining blunders like this one,lets see if she will rise from this mess.Mai Mujuru in case you didnt know Zimbabweans are angry about corruption so those who try to cover up naturally become enemies of the people.

  18. The whole top echelon of ZANU PF have an allusion that Zimbabwe belongs to them just as Smith thought the same and it has taken them long to accept that the generality of people are not fools and gullible to the shallow messages from such Mujurus and Jorams of this world who are singing for their supper. Zimbabwe has people who know what they want in spite of your heavy-handedness in suppressing their wish. People want economic emancipation from your corruptible behaviors madam. Let these corrupt ways be exposed and they will continue until this country is rid of all of them. This confirms that we are our own enemies.

  19. Mujuru has made a mess of herself….she wants Zimbabweans to gag their mouths while the economy is on autocruise….shame Mujuru, you are down and out.


    1987 — Ziscosteel Blast Furnace Scandal
    1987 — Air Zimbabwe Fokker Plane Scandal — $100 million
    1986 — National Railways Housing Scandal
    1988 — Willowgate Scandal
    1989 — ZRP Santana Scandal
    1994 — War Victims Compensation Scandal
    1995 — GMB Grain Scandal
    1996 — VIP Housing Scandal
    1998 — Boka Banking Scandal
    1998 — ZESA YTL Soltran Scandal
    1998 — Telecel Scandal
    1998 — Harare City Council Refuse Tender Scandal
    1999 — Housing Loan Scandal
    1999 — Noczim Scandal
    1999 — DRC timber and diamond UN-reported scandals
    1999 — GMB Scandal
    1999 — Ministry of Water and Rural Development Chinese Tender Scandal
    1999 — VIP Land Grab Scandal
    2001 — Harare Airport Scandal

  20. Haa yaa. everything in Zim is political from the bedroom to the cattle pens. Mai Mujuru ‘Shame, Shame, Shame!’

  21. Mujuru is better saved to shut up after the 100+% claim made to the war victims fund in the 90s. Or the diamonds saga her family was alleged to be involved in. One remembers the expropriation/invasion of the white farmer’s equipment her family engaged in around 2002. This person is used to corruption she sees it as being normal. Shame you woman. What’s wrong with you.

  22. on sunday Munangagwa was adressing ZANUPF………….,provincail men’s conference saying ”no to corrupt leaders, no to corruption,even within ZPF or out of ZPF.i’d like to thank the press for expossing these corrupt elements.I am now looking forward to see how the police’ll react,i hope vachabata vanhu mapurisaa a a batai vanhu mbavhaimbavha bedzi weather ZANU or MDC……………………mbavha ndimbavha anofanira kuenda kujere

  23. vakomana aya ndiwo anonzi mashura padunhu. VP vanoti munyika hamuna corruption asi kuti jonathan arikuda kupaza musangano. If this lady becomes the president one day Zimbabwe will be like amortuary yard where every one will have tears on the chiks. She is trying to cover something very big. Maybe she owns a sallary cartel which hands over the loot to her after she placed them on these post. Even a hailstorm wont wash away the spots on aleopard skin. Nothing will drive ZPF back to the people but to loot and suck them untill death. Mujuru was my best now Im lost better trust jonathan he is hear to serve and save the pple. Well done Jonso may God guide u till the end amen

  24. Jonathan Moyo apasira Mai Mujuru bhora resimbi, sita chaiyo vakati ndogowesa. Joanthan ndirikumuona achiiti Go Bhora!!!! Mai Mujuru vakabata tsoka yatyoka.

    • kkkkkkk wandisetsa but moms iyi idofo mybe she wanted to say something zvikaramba kubuda because a senciable person won”t utter that

  25. if she had said it (the speech) in another language a good guess would be she didn’t know what she was reading. But using vernacular language and without discerning the damaging implications of such comments to her political career especially as an aspiring presidential hopeful, behooves many if not confusing them. I had great regards for the mother then BUT oh my!

    • VP Mujuru has lots it totally. But hey people as a country we are in trouble. Prof J Moyo is trying but the problem is the system and the hierarchy. Hapana anosungwa apa, you will see. Masimirembwa nyaya yake yakasvikepi. The president has a company. Their role is to create an enabling environment. Havasi kuita corruption here mucompany yavo. Zvaida kuma1980s pavaive clean not now. Hapana chonobuda pakatoita mavictims kubata small fish bedzi big fish dzichisara. MDC is corrupt too. We need a new system of ruling in vanhu vari honest and clean and that will need generations to come. Meanwhile ngatinguhukurei hedu tuchipedza shungu. Media is actually the only to vend our frustrations but hapana kwazvinosvika. Meanwhile Thank You Prof J Moyo. I wish you were in the presidium or even the President. Ngwana is not clean still.

  26. I have always had soft spot for Amai but when i read the story from the Herald yesterday (dont know why the newsday is reporting it today) i knew she had made a wrong turn. Amai do you have advisors. Everyone is happy that the herald is now a national paper, exposing these scandals and u now want to gag it. Whatever the reasons behind the exposes we happy as long as the reports are true

  27. The country has suffered a lot and innocent civilians are the recipients. Look at the Police and VID, everyday they are demanding bribes at roadblocks and at their depots in full view of the public. This is so worrying because none is keen to curb that. Its bad precedent that the current leadership is setting, it will catch up with future generations. Corruption must be exposed and heavily dealt with, nothing should be swept under the carpet. Corruption is cancerous, President’s effort to root out corruption must be supported and Well done Jonathan Moyo, Yes though this gentleman is very controversial but this time around we need more of the jona than before. Lets not be threatened God is for us all.

  28. ahh zvanaka izvi wasu pinda zvako vachipopotedzana mu ZANu PF.Madhuku u have now the chance. we need vanhu vakadzidza isu kwete madegree e hounorary atinoona ayo.mai mujuru munoshamisa wena.heya nhai!!

  29. Amai we are disappointed in you.the public has every reason to know what is happening, infact the public should have access of all audit reports of public entities becoz they are the owners.STOP PROTECTING UR SELFISH INTERESTS.We are calling for a progressive ZANUPF

    • VP Mujuru is livid because her people Shamhu, Muchechetere, Chombo etc are on the firing line. This is close to factional politics. But Prof Moyo, we need information on Min Obert Mpofu. How clean is he? What of diamonds, or the $22m he used to but a bank? I he paying taxes for such monies? Or its he is in the correct faction? But vekwa Mujuru why not counter expose vekwa Ngwena or you are more corrupt than them? Prof Moyo, bhora mberi as batai vese.

  30. Chombo and Mai Mujuru kkkkk very proactive. Kufanogadzira ma fire guard!! Manje moto waJonathan hamuudzime imi. Charamba you dont offer to resign… Resign now!! You guys have done a lot of damage to this country. Now we know the sanctions have nothing to do with our ill-performing economy!!. Asi matoti Cuthbert, Muchechetere, Chombo zita ravo vanonzi Sanctions when they are put together.

  31. nhai jonathan wagona wena .kana wapedza kuZIMRA upinde mupensions office uone kuti varimo here ma workers uye vanoshandei?taneta nekutevera pension yedu vachirasa ma form edu.they are being paid vasade mari dzakashanda vamwe.svikako !!!PASI NE CORRUPTION!!!

  32. A leader is someone in whom we see what we wish to see in ourselves…Mai Mujuru matinyadzisa..asi murimowo mungoda?

  33. The problem is neither Mai Mujuru nor Corruption.It’s a problem of Africans with microphones.Soon as they hold a microphone in public they’re out of sorts.The old woman was ecstatic and might not even remember what she said that day.It’s a proven theory.

  34. It’s good that amai Mujuru has exposed herself and her weakness before she is voted/elected president of this country. Taizozhamba vavakutonga, at least we now know who she is. Corruption is number one economy killer in this world wonzwa munhu achida kuyireverera. You lost it amai, you absolutely lost it. Kuti muzvikunde swallow your pride and come open and apologise for your statements maybe we will forgive you. Remember no sin/error is GOD will not forgive if you repent. In your case if you retract your statements you will do yourself good and regain credibility. PLEASE DO IT NOW, DON’T THINK WHAT PEOPLE WILL SAY KANA KUTI MUTI NDINONYARIREPI. JUST DO IT NOW LIKE YOU SAID IT, ISIN’T IT YOU JUST SAID WITHOUT THINKING WHAT PEOPLE COULD SAY.

  35. Leaders should be careful when making a public statement concerning high profile cases of corruption.Why then would the vice president appear to be panicking as if the implicated individuals are part of her trusted people.It shows they did what they did knowing very well that they will get protection from her. There are no true leaders in ZANU PF,people should take not of that…..says the undertaker.

  36. In all honesty gentlemen & ladies do not expect anything from this tired goat. She admitted when she joined the govt she could not spell her own name and sekuru Dydmus had to toe her. Now she has an MBA but get it from those who were with her at Chinhoi University, she is worse than useless – destructive. She has really shown how heartless she is.

  37. ZPF factional fighting or not it does not change the fact that the culprits helped themselves to people’s money and the public has a democratic right to know where their hard-earned money is going..Mujuru or Mnangagwa camp the povo doesn’care, they must be exposed and to hell with Joyce Mujuru

  38. Apa Madam President marasika. It is better for ZANU (pf) to die if that is what it stands for….corruption. Are you guys so divorced from reality to such an extend. Do you really understand and know the pple you are leading why such arrogance and shamelessness is it only the President, George Charamba and Cde Jonathan Moyo who are objective and reasonable. Madam, in the past you have proved to be reasonable and objective. What is this all about now?
    I m really disappointed!

  39. shme on you vp for supporting this thieve do you know how much damages is our innocent workers is facing in term of earning salaries below poverty dutum line on the expense of looters ana dude kuba kunekahutsinye mukati sure a person has people at heart you cant go away with 236 000 per month yet a fellow worker is strugling to buy food for her sibbling .what you were supposed was to blast nometter are from manangangwa or mdc or from any faction mbavha imbavha ngavaende mujeri tatambura our life is being robbed by this thieve masunction there no impact of sunction here muzimbabwe tikuzviuraya toga

    god help us taneta isu muchatinunura rinhi nhai mwari

  40. Isu tiri vemusangano. Takazvarirwamo tichafiramo. Hatidi vanhu vanotaura zvinoshora musangano. Hamuoni kuti mabritons ndivo vari kuda kuparadza nyika yedu. Mai vari right. Ngatirangane muchivande kwete kufugura hapwa zvatiri kuita izvi. Eeh huori hatidi asika ngatiregewozve kugwauta zvisina maturo. Unodirei kukwira mugomo kuti unzwike kuti uri kutuka mudzimai. Zvaonekwa. We are going to deal with these guys dont worry. Leave politics to us polliticians

  41. Isu tiri vemusangano. Takazvarirwamo tichafiramo. Hatidi vanhu vanotaura zvinoshora musangano. Hamuoni kuti mabritons ndivo vari kuda kuparadza nyika yedu. Mai vari right. Ngatirangane muchivande kwete kufugura hapwa zvatiri kuita izvi. Eeh huori hatidi asika ngatiregewozve kugwauta zvisina maturo. Unodirei kukwira mugomo kuti unzwike kuti uri kutuka mudzimai. Zvaonekwa. We are going to deal with these guys dont worry. Leave politics to us polliticians. Chisiyai zvakadaro. Time is the best judge

  42. madzimayi akange achibhuya pachavo anhurume modeyi mudhuze? especially ivava pachezvavo?
    saka mukapanhira anhukadzi pamadziro apa moti kugona?

    there is a missing factor to this mathematical problem of fractional division and a calculus fundi can find the answer easily.
    take it easy now !!

  43. Ladies and gentlemen, after reading most of the above comments I have come to this conclusion. Zimbabweans as educated as we are, we are still babies when it comes to politics. We can’t see politics at play even if it hits us in the face. Most people were so vocal before the elections singing praises to Tsvangson for his so called future win. No one could read between the lines, no one was seeing the political chess moves at play. Its repeating itself now and each one of us is a pawn but we don’t see it. We still hold on to the hope of a political saviour who will take us to the “promised land”. No wonder people get so upset when, Tsvangs or Amai disappoint. Other nations have come to accept the reality that politics won’t lead them anywhere thus the corporate world has taken over and the so called government has had to play catch up. the united states was made what it is by simple men and women coming together. Not politicians

  44. humwe hudofo vakomana. if what she said is true then she has given the detractor more points than what he worked for. jonathan is now a hero as from the time mujuru finished her statement and if jonso has the bless of mugabe on this another tsholotsho declaration is emminant and successiful. mujuru azvicherera guva rake this story is very sensitive. munhu wese arikuda kuziiva kuti mbava idzi dzichaitwa sei iwe woti hee hee

  45. Guys, please let us not think there is even one person innocent in ZANU PF. All these guys are corrupt and dangerous. Jonathan Moyo went for typical exile working in SA and said he will never want to leave in a country ruled by a mad man referring President Mugabe. All of a surprise he came back and started campaigning for him. Anga arapwa nani President. Mai Mujuru is saying the truth about functionalism here. Corruption is there and has been ever there. Vaivharirana ma gap pamwechete. Don’t ever trust all these guys who are exposing all these mishaps at all. Kereke where was he the time Gono aiita all those sorts of scandals. The guy was quite and even giving him ideas and strategies to manipulate the scores. All I can say is these are the works of people like baba jukwa. Zvakanzi naRoy Bennett kana nyoka yoda kufa nenzara inotanga kudya vana vayo. People of Zimbabwe I advise you to watch from a distance regai zvipisane zvega mukapindira monofira mahara. Even MDCs don’t comment siyanai nenyaya iyi hainei nemi.

  46. Looks like we have very short memories, this woman has always been a strong proponent of corruption. Remeber this is the very same woman who had the cheek to a call the late VP Joshua Nkomo a senile old man simple because he stood up for Strive Masiyiwa against her, the then Minister of telecoms, who was refusing him a license in favor of her ZPF cronies, Makamba and co. These are the very people who have over the years put their interests above those of Zimbabwe. You would have thought the success of econet compared to her favored friends would have taught her a lesson.

    • You were and are still brainwashed that Masiyiwa was NATURALLY entitled to a licence. No. Remember it took POTRAZ to introduce per second billing, whilst they were resistingly kicking and screaming. They took about 3 years into forex: afona 1 second ne 1 minute mese maichajwa zvakafanana. Criminal behaviour yavaiita vana Masiiwa vamurikuita ma role model. That’s why their present annual turnovers cannot reach half of what they attained in 2010. I used to respect Mai Mujuru, but EISH…………. when somebody starts reasoning like Tsvangirai, we have to be scared. Very scared.

  47. she seems to be slightly intellectually challenged and i wonder if both feet can fit in her mouth simultaneously, while still talking rubbish?

  48. We now know who Is better president in future from all these statements. Its better for the other faction to expose what this faction is doing so that yhe public know who is good. If Mujuru faction is clean why are u not exposing mnangagwa team s corruption activities. Garwe I can see u are clean. We rally behind u from today.

  49. Ndopanobuda chikoro chekuNight School manje apa, politically mature people like anaMugabe are silent keeping their thoughts to themselves and here she wades in against the wave of public opinion . Political suicide from Amai I guess its for the best that she displayed her true before it was too late .

  50. cathbert after geting his salary every month he would take $150k to mai mujuru. Thats why she wants coruption to continue.

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