Video: Outrage over Gumbura sentence

THE 40-year effective jail term imposed on rapist pastor and RMG Independent End Time Message church leader Robert Martin Gumbura has angered the public, gender and human rights activists, with some going to the extent of calling it a dark day for women.


Outraged by the news, some members of the public said the ruling was “a step backwards and one towards barbarism and medievalism”.

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There was drama at the Rotten Row Magistrates’ Courts as the public yelled, criticising Gumbura’s sentence as too lenient.

The disgruntled citizens, who had been following Gumbura’s case with keen interest, bemoaned the jail term which they considered too lenient for a person who “brainwashed women” and used them as sex objects.

The public wanted the court to impose a jail term of 200 years on Gumbura. ads Ads

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But regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya in passing sentence said although the State wanted life imprisonment or any sentence over 100 years to be imposed on Gumbura, the regional court’s jurisdiction would not go beyond a 20-year jail term per count.

“If the State felt that it wanted life imprisonment to be imposed, this matter should have been referred to the High Court where there is unlimited jurisdiction and, therefore, asking this court for such a sentence is like sending a boy to do a man’s job,” Mujaya quipped.

Mujaya, however, did not impose the maximum penalty within his jurisdiction, enraging the public over his leniency.

Mujaya slapped Gumbura with 15-years per count on the first two counts of rape and 10-years per count for the other two rape counts bringing the total sentence to 50 years.

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He, however, suspended 10 years on condition of good behavior, saying “fairness in sentencing should be allowed to reign as opposed to emotions”.

Regarding possession of pornographic materials charge, Gumbura was sentenced to a four-month jail term which Mujaya said would run concurrently with the rape sentences, while the video tapes were forfeited to the State.

Mujaya castigated Gumbura’s “fall from grace” for converting a worshipping place into a “sexual palace” where women had allegedly been turned into sexual objects.

“There is no doubt that pastors, elders and deacons in this church must have been aware of the blasphemous teachings in the church including the abuse of women and children, but chose to ignore,” he said.

“A pastor’s core business must be to worship God and not sleeping with women and threatening them with misfortunes. In this case, the accused person acted like a wolf in a sheep’s skin.”

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Mujaya further said Gumbura’s messages affected the worshippers and survivors in this case would suffer psychological trauma and stigma, and as such urged the State to consider counselling them.

Gumbura was convicted on four counts of rape and one count of possessing pornographic material, but was acquitted on five other rape charges.

Harare West MP, gender and human rights activist Jessie Majome felt a much harsher sentence could have been passed on him to deter like-minded individuals.

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“I am happy that Gumbura is now in jail. (But) this would have been the most fitting case to start a life sentence because of the very dark extent of exploitation of human beings, slavery and bondage using that kind of authority,” Majome said.

“The magistrate could have gone to impose a maximum 20 years and yet he gave 10 years each to two counts of the four rape cases as though the other two were better rape cases. Rape is just rape.”

Majome, who is also a lawyer, said the convicted rapist pastor was not subjected to an HIV test and the court was left to presume he is HIV-negative and noted that that was a travesty of justice.

Panganai Zivai, a member of the public at the court, also expressed disgust, urging a review of the sentence so that a stiffer sentence could be passed.

“This man raped many women. Some who are yet to speak out on their rape ordeals? This man should have been hanged for these cases,” Zivai charged.

Another Harare resident Yvonne Nyarusara added that Gumbura had destroyed the lives of the women he abused as they could have contracted HIV.

“Rape cases are not consensual and a maximum rape sentence could have been most welcome. I am not happy, especially because the magistrate said the State failed to get an HIV test for this rapist. What does this mean to the women of Zimbabwe?” Nyarusaru queried.

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  1. The lengthy jail sentence is not necessary. Just castrate the idiot and set him free.

    1. Why the outcry? It was women who praised this moron, women allowed him to sexually molest and rape them , women protested when he was arrested, women stood as defence witnesses, Suddenly women are outraged by the sentence, CHAMUNODA CHAICHO CHII? Are we saying women are MINORS who need the state to protect them from men? Whatever happened to gender equality..gender pwetere pwetere…Tinyararirei!

      1. you are very correct. this is stupid judgement that is of no help to mankind. its definitely an unlearned judgement.

        imagine 11 women now have no husband and 30 children are going to suffer. this will promote prostitution. apart from those all those who stood witness as having been abused are unlikely to have husbands in their lives. so what is the court suppose to uphold?

        go on the internet and see so many women looking for male partners and gumburas wives may join them soon. its a weird world.

        cases like these just need to be exposed and be ignored by indefinite postment of either trial or judgement. the governemt could have just banned the church.

        it becomes questionable why gumburas case was fast tracked!!!!

        It was made known within the church that all women in that church belonged to gumbura. its a cult and most churches are. those who refused to be sexed moved out of the church and nothing happened to them. truelly its a case of sour grapes. unfortunately you cannot marry all the women you might have met and thus the problem. those claiming to have been raped were fixing gumbura for not taking them on board as wives. who doubts that.

      2. charles mutandwa

        Don Wezhira newe Gwabu you are full of nonsense. Its not the same women who are outraged, the ones who were raped or defended him are victims of his control who do not know otherwise. So what you are saying what he did is okay?? If he had done that to your sister, daughter or mum would you still be saying the same thing, get out of the gutter.

  2. It simply means people should wake up!! Especially christians. Jesus Christ commanded christians to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. A prophet,apostle, bishop,priest,pastor or an elder in church IS HUMAN!! The bible says try all spirits, check what you are told with the bible. Basa nderekuverenga news muchitadza kuverenga bible nekunamata , next thing you are crying and saying munhu akaipa. This is an eye opener to christians.

  3. Indeed the End Time for Gumbura and his Messages. Vanamai nevasikana, musaita open legs and closed minds pakunamata. Open wallet and closed minds irinani inoitwa nevazhinji!

  4. what exactly is Gumbura being imprisoned for? did he rape or he had sex? brainwashing, is it criminal and how do you prove it

    1. JJ unoto rwara.

    2. I also don`t know what the hell he`s being jailed for..

    3. charles mutandwa

      jj u need your head examined.

  5. can someone give me the details dzeku compound kwake ndiende kunonyenga vakadzi vake…lol…haachadzoka kauyu

    1. unofa iwe……… hauwoni kana nyangwe dai anzi 2 years haamborarami here….. the symptoms are clear…..e chirwere…… yatova full blown state

  6. Give us the basis of the judgement by the Magistrate. Rape is a serious case.

    1. Ali you seem to be clever but I dont think you read through the article. The magistrate, by law is not allowed to hand over a harsher sentence than she did. Please read again before you comment. After all 40 years for a many of 57 is plenty. What do you gain by pronouncing a life sentence to person who deoesnt have much life left in them.

      If it is his wives you want, I think you can have them for 40 years and you will realise that its too long a time period. This despite that you will beejoying yourself.

  7. chumachemuzukuru

    majaya takazviziva kuti kungochovhera chovhera kwako mutongo kwaive kutsvaga kuti upiwe chioko muhomwe.ko why didnt u charge 20,19 or 18 per every count.kusanyara kutosiyanisa kuti apa 15 apa 10 .Nyarawo iwe ,stupid magistrate

  8. the psychoanalyst

    basically, this lookin back feature case is addin salt to the injured who shud have gotten over it but are forced to relive trauma by poorly trained counselling psychotherapists who imagine that
    kunoshanda yet more harmful to the victim.
    i suspect amweni ariku pusha their own experiences and past failures by forefronting these victims.
    and again it is senseless to keep a sixtysix year let alone ninety year old gumbul behind zimbars.

  9. The bloke manipulated women and used them for sex. Very true. Is this rape?
    40 years was just too much!!!
    The leaned majistrate was swayed by public emotions instead of the true facts of the matter.

    This guy must infact have been discharged!!!!

  10. apa ndipo paifanira kutangira hung law.above all aids yaakapa vakadzi vese ava.miromo iyo yakatsvuka ne aids

  11. Vakawanda like him kungoti havasati vabatwa chete….

  12. Madzimai aGumbura pliz mozvibatawo sevakadzi vakuru, morega kunyengesa kunze, Gumbura anodzoka manje manje. Nguva haitani kufamba. Remember inhengo yeZanu, potse potse anodzoka after serving only 8yrs. Ini ndanyarara hangu.

  13. tsve zvine basa zvana cashbert tek tek nenyaya dzepabonde.

  14. what you have arrested and jailed is not the sin doer but that which is inside. jeri harihapedzi musikanzwa wababa Gumbura kasi vaitoda diliverance wotanga kurarama patsva. hamuna kunzwa here baba Charamba vahiimba vachiti shamhu haipedze musikanzwa wababa chinogona iropa rapamuchinjikwa. you have arrested the flesh has its innocent. the wrond spirit gave abilitu to flesh to rape. deliver him than jail him. othets dont celebrate……next might be you.

  15. Dudu Manhenga killed an innocent cyclist and she is walking scot free. Siyanai naGumbura handiti akavharirwa here. Instead of praying for forgiveness for him you are busy wishing him hell. Munowanei pazviri

  16. Ashatisa image yemapastor. He should have been castrated to stop his bullish and rotten bevaviour.

    1. But haasi Gumbura ega, chichabvondoka chete.

  17. a rape is a rape ko sei vakadzi vekubata varume vasinawo kupihwa mutongo? Murume ndiye chete anorepa here?

  18. Martin Robert Gumbura

    Guys nhasi handina kurara mujeri. Ndarota vanhu vachiita party kunyenga madzimai angu vachinakirwa zvavo. Siyai zvinhu zvangu varume. 40 years manje manje kani. Ndouya ndodya ndega simbi dzangu.

  19. he will be discharged on appeal by the high court the magistrate akatonga samambo wekumapfanya ,vanhu havana kurepwa vainyengwa achishandisa trust yehupastor nekusvibisa zita ramwari, gumbura itsotsi but rapist i doubt

  20. Im actually surprised to hear he was convicted.
    Of what crime?
    Its only media pressure yanyanya.

  21. Using spiritual positions to sleep with many women is morally wrong but legally does not warrant imprisonment at all..
    Can we sue our pastors for hoodwicking us to sell our properties and pay tithes?

  22. having sex is not wrong,but enforcing sex to believers that’s rape,that’s almost marital rape.Gumbura must hv hd not less than 100yrs in jail.He is a false prophet and heathen par worst.Shame on u who sympathise on him.dai vari vana mai venyu vakaitwa izvozvo nemufundisi,maifara here?lets respect women please

  23. Haa Gumbura haana mhosva. Are there any convincing cases of rape here? His sentence was supposed to be of four months for the possession of ponographic material. The guy sinned before God but has no offence legally. If Gumbura is guilt for charming women with forceful language, what about all the pastors who are busy stripping us of our belongings in the guise of tyths. VanaJessie Majome ndimi vamwe vanhu vari kutiita let down both in MDCT and as a nation. A government top officer should remain hidden and out far above public events up until you are called upon to intervene. this is where you are being outdone by ZANU PF. Have you seen any of them appearing here? Nyarawo mhani. Uzvibate. You must be called for disciplinary hearing by the People’s Party MDCT. Mr Newsday Editor, balance your reporting. Why are you looking at one side of the story. It is not everyone who is happy about Gumbura’s imprisonment as shown by the comments.

  24. Evra, since you are aware that the pastors are hoodwinking you into parting with your money, stop giving it to them.

    If forcing intimacy on your own spouse,within the bounds of marriage, is termed rape in this country (only that no one makes a formal report) why should Muzodziwa Gumbura not be tried for intimidating women that are outside his harem into sleeping with him when a formal report has been made?

  25. Gumbura was morally and spiritually wrong and should be charged for that, but a lot of questions remain unanswered on the whole circus .
    – one of the woman travelled for two years from Chinhoyi to Gumbura’s house to sleep with him, is this rape ?
    Women you should wake up and stop this fight foe equal rights, when you need people with money for your personal interests after ma siyiwa moti marapiwa.
    If he raped underage, correct he should remain behind bars.
    I read a story last week saying chiyangwa has 55 children with different wifes, vakadzi vese ava vanenge asingazivi here kuti anemukadzi, vanhukadzi munoda lifestyle nevanhu vane mari kana moraswa moti makanyeperwa kana kurepwa.
    lets wake up women and stand for our own than to say mactivisist ne hurumende nagitimiririre, moda kumiririrwa imi muchifamba musina kupfeka nokutsvaka varume. enda kumaevenues vakadzi vega vakashama, kurikutsvaga varume, nungo dzekushanda, vakadzi vazhinzi vari kuzvishandira vamwe ndivo vokutsvaka vane mari vane vakadzi vavo.
    MUkai vanhu kadzi, kwete kupedzanguva muchiti equal rights muchiswera muchitsvaka varume.
    Some of these women, should have been given community service for falling to report, if it was rape in time and going vega mubako mune bere vachiziva.
    Varume vomuchechi yagumbura kana chiri chokwadi should also be charged nenyaya yokutadza kufunga kukwereteswa vakadzi, these men a not normal.

    nyaya ndeyemurume akashaya unhu nevakadzi vasingazivi zvavanoda, who should vanonyengedza nemasweets kunge vana vadiki

  26. The problem isn’t Gumbura but its the system in that Church .I tell you with so much confidence that End Time Message Church need to be investigated in all its dealings starting from its doctrine which belittle women and treat them as door mats and the doctrine which makes worshippers to view or see their Pastors as Gods .Its not Gumbura but the system in the Church .I have seen Grade 7 girls being handed over to older man just because the Pastor has sanctioned the marriage .In End Time Message when you want to marry you don’t go to the girl and propose you 1st ask the Pastor then the Pastor will call the girl and propose on your behalf .Please lets clear the rot in this Church

    1. Tawanda unenge une more information iwe. Tiudzewo… Asi wakambopinda kwa Gumbura kanhi .

  27. Pondaihenyumwanawevhu

    Mwari pindirai chokwadi. A man was sentenced to more than 200years in prison and Zimbabwean woman cried that it was not enough. A 57 years old man is sentenced to 40 years in jail they still cry that its not enough. Woman rape 5 year old boy infects him with STI they remain quiet and she gets away with it. A woman in mbare has sex for money with underage boys they remain quite and she gets away with it. Man are robbed and raped their sperms collected by woman who give them lifts on the high way, the same organisations remain quiet and the rapist are released from jail and walk home scort free as if nothing ever happened. Chokwadi tingati mutemo here unotonga varume chete. Takutotya kurara nemadzimai mudzimba nokuti mukanetsana zvinongonzi ndarapwa. Vakadzi ava masimba amakavapa honai manje zvavakuita

  28. Pana Mai vat aura she is going out with my husband.

  29. nyaya yejustice ne equality yave kuti vakadzi vatore advantage nekushandisa varume.
    women are being over protected, vave kurasa unhu nenya ye equal rights.

    why should a normal person report rape after two years, Gumbura is not wright but the truth shall come out one day.

    this person was once contested kumaprimary ezanu pf aka contester se independent MP kumabvuku, we can not rule out political play. Mhosva anayo yokusvibisa zita remwari ne chichi nehunhu hwusirihwo but it seems kuti nyaya yapinda politics.

    vakadzi vese ava vaidanana nagumbura, vakarasiswa, it was pay back time.

    varume vaienda kuchechi kwagumbura should charge vakadzi vano ne adultery se zvinoratidza nguva zhinji vairara nagumbura. vakadzi vese ava Havana hunhu zvachose.

    RMG end time ministries isangono remombe kubva kumukuru wavo kusvika kuvateveri, vasina hunhu, vanotisidzirwa nemanyepo, except gumbura was a whitch doctor.

  30. He was sentenced for 4 counts of rape, not 11 counts as initially charged. 10-15 years per count is the norm, 50 years total, a long time to rot in jail. Incarcerating him for 100+ years on 11 counts would be ideal, but this is only 4 counts, he cannot be sentenced for 7 other cases which where dismissed ka?

  31. Bro Muka (gweru)

    First born yemukadzi wangu mwana wa Gumbura. Ndoita sei nhai hama dzangu. Ndaitya kuzvitaura nguva yose iyi

    1. Too bad, just keep kohl, soon he will be yr child.

  32. Have you forgotten that Gumbura had political connections with ZANU PF? The sentence is not a surprise at all.He will be given a presidential pardon very soon.Mark my word he is not going to complete the full sentence.

  33. Bro Fibion Manyuchi

    Mwri andiregererewo ndaiziva nyaya dza Gumbura pandaive mu deacon wake asi nekupusa kwangu handina kudziburitsa. Kana vanasikana vangu Rutendo na Hope akarara navo. Vese ana sister Nherudzo nana sister Tigere nana sister Marima ndizviziva kuti vakatorwa naye kuno ku Gweru. Infact heslept with almost all the women in the church. Handizive kuti sei vakanyarara. Varume vavo vanozviziva

  34. hang him

  35. castrate him

  36. Its not Gumbura its the religion stupid read psalms 146 verse 3

  37. May I urge a bit of clear thinking and rationality. The outrage is only emotional and not based on reason. Gumbura got 50 years and will serve an effective 40. That is the way the law operates and the magistrate is bound by the law. The law aims to correct but not to kill. Ironically, any sentence longer than 30 years is a death sentence that is brutally slow. Gumbura’s unbridled sexual appetite will be well catered for in prison (bend and send style), but the slow death of the man inside will filter onto the outside. He has got his just deserts and comeuppance and will get to think about using the Lord’s name in vain. The wages of sin are death, let us all remember. Gumbura is gone. Lets all be bigger than he and pray for his wives and salvation of his damned soul. His political connections wont help. When you are in trouble political patronage vanishes and there is only the Lord to look up to. Take solace in that he was convicted and will serve time amongst other rapists who will exercise the power of fear over him as he did to all those women. That said, can someone please send me the contacts to his wives, I spotted two that I can charm!

  38. Too bad, just keep kohl, soon he will be yr child.

  39. mwendamberi nondo

    I still dont see his crime. Each crime has essential elements and on Gumbura’s case…………….

    I wonder why ana Cuthbert Dube nana Muchechetere vari free to move arround………………….

    He was just a victim of the system………………………………………………….

  40. stokozile mpala

    i don’t see the reason why this man was jailed for rape i think its only victimization yaiita,with the age for the women that wr raped haaa honestly these people vaibvumirana naGumbura just that vaizotya mathreats aaita please free Gumbura

  41. All rapists should be subjected to HIV test as they are high risk because of their unquenchable sexual desires!!!!!

  42. Party subscriptions GUMBURA is current no wonder he aspired for the Mabvuku—Tafara seat.

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