Video: Hunger strike over Mahachi reinstatement


A Harare man, Philosophy Nyapfumbi (42), has vowed that he will starve himself until the town clerk Dr Tendai Mahachi is suspended again. Mahachi had been suspended last week for failing to submit a salary schedule for the top management to Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni but was reinstated by Local government minister Ignatius Chombo a few days later.

Watch video below:


  1. Championing a cause is not easy we are behind you all the way. If he dies then it’s a shame but this Zanu pf party has no shame remember the fishing in the pothole incident so this a story of our life.

  2. Haa takaisa gumbo mubhodhoro nekuvhotera Zanu.Muhondo huku nembudzi zvakapera tichinzi gandanga haridye derere,taifunga tichagarika asi nanhasi kumama nakumama chete.Mukanya vakanga vazviona kare pavakazoimba Zvataibva kuhondo inga wani maiti mairwira vanhu.

    • u ar very corect my friend bt zimbabweans ar cowards of all cowards that is why mugabe is still making u people suffer coz u ar afraid to stand up for ur rights.

  3. Jesus tried it 40 days lets see how much yo sinfull and miserly weightless body can sustain, this Mahachi is a baby angel compared to ObertMpofu and Mnangagwa. But……u have my simbathiz.

  4. Iri ndiro dodi remunhu manje iri. This novice mayor takes an important administrative decision without facts. Chombo sits with all stakeholders including the mayor and Mahachi. The mayor is part to the reinstatement of Mahachi. Now this lunatic is starving himself for a dead cause. Mayor akatopihwa allowances dzake naMahachi kupera kwa January akatambira. Iwe naro viriri. Unoita ma ulcers for what? Zidofo! Kuda kuita zvamakaita panaMubvimbi futi. Ending duplicating expensive posts. Think fools.

    • First of all, have some respect and mind your language. Second, this man is quite courageous in his endeavor. I suspect he has more integrity than you ever will. So do us all a favor; leave this forum and come back it when you possess the ability to contribute something meaningful that doesn’t involve insulting other people’s courage. Nonsense.

  5. This man is the only real man. Shame to most of the comments. If u are not man enough to stand for your rights shut your month.

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  7. A man of principle who stands for his convictions.Stand tall man,stand shall be noted for posterity that one Philosophy stood for his rights during the Animal Farm days in Zimbabwe.

  8. This is the beginning of civilisation in Zimbabwe its not necessary to use stones or any violence but this kind works these days. Inzwa mbwende zva dzinotaura kupedza vamwe simba chete. My friend we are getting there mwana wa Mai keep up the fight.
    Some comments are coming from the children of the culprits and the CIOs themselves so don’t be put off man.

  9. 20 000 died in this country who cares about it wena nje oyekela wedwa ukudla haa kusiya ngabo laba they could be using matchets to kill ppl

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