Vice-President Mujuru attacks ‘looters’

Dr Mai Joice Mujuru is her direct opposite: who is cool, calm, reserved, tolerant, objective and intelligently calculative of what is good or bad for Zimbabwe.

CHINHOYI — Vice-President Joice Mujuru has taken a dig at parastatal and private sector executives who are awarding themselves obscene salaries at a time the economy was bleeding.

By James Muonwa
Own Correspondent

Speaking during a one-day Zanu PF women’s league provincial conference in Chinhoyi over the weekend, Mujuru singled out former Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) chief executive officer Cuthbert Dube and suspended Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) boss Happison Muchechetere, whom she described as “counter-productive people who were weighing down the country’s economic agenda”.

Dube was reportedly pocketing a monthly $230 000 stipend when the medical aid society was swimming in debt.

Muchechetere was reportedly drawing an average of $44 000 in salary and perks at a time the majority of ZBC staffers had gone for over six months without pay.
The disclosures at PSMAS and ZBC opened the Pandora’s box and revelations of top executives at various firms taking home outrageous salaries and perks have reportedly riled the Presidium.
“PSMAS could not even pay for the medical expenses of its members yet its leader was taking home lots of money.
“It is risky these days to go around saying I work for PSMAS or ZBC, you will surely be killed,” said Mujuru.

Mujuru, who is also Zanu PF’s second secretary, in a veiled attack on Cabinet ministers and boards of directors, said those tasked with superintending over the affairs at parastatals and quasi-governmental organisations sat on their laurels and allowed the looting to go unabated.

VP Mujuru conceded there was lack of transparency in the exploration and sale of diamonds, alleging there were “plunderers” who were benefiting from illegally mining of the gems at the expense of the generality of the people.

She said the party’s blueprint economic policy, ZimAsset, would remain a pipe dream if corruption was allowed to continue in all facets of the economy.


  1. Then what next honourable vice president? ???? Is condemning all we shall have as usual? Chombo has already flexed the Zanu muscles, why not comment on that as well?

    • Was the NEWSDAY reporter actually at the same meeting as the HERALD reporter?? According to the latter’s verbatim account of the same meeting, Joice attacked the press for exposing corruption (not looters!!). Same meeting??

  2. this herald includes lots of quotation from the speech, this paper has only one line.
    obviously this paper is protecting the chief thief (Mai mujuru ) for reasons best known to themselves.
    the truth is nothing will be done about the looting. they will suspend the thieves and hire more thieves.
    the Zimbabwe I know…

  3. James Muonwa as a reporter u r still a green horn. U must have in yr rpt shown too that Joyce Mujuru gave birth to corruption when she claimed to be 99% disabled on the War Victims Compensation Fund. @ djtn you are nearer home on yo ‘Joyce is corrupt’ post.

    • @chokwadi you are spot on! Either the editor is sleeping on the job at NEWSDAY or Joice has become a major shareholder – take your pick.

  4. Elsewhere in the herald it says the vp is blasting the media for publicising corruption and the herald in its commentary actually regrets cde Mujurus statements of trying to cover up for the corrupt officials.Am I missing something here?

  5. kudos to herald for telling it as it is. mujuru does not want the media to discus the corruption issues, and hear you are praise singing her

  6. Online editor- might it help the air on this report..which is which..did the VP attack the looters or the press?

  7. hee blasted hee castigated that mukasawasunga toziwa kuti meseMURI mbavha .ingadai iri papi nyika ne mari yese yamunoti yalootwa.

  8. So the vice -President thinks that her Ministers & the boards ” sat on their laurels and allowed the looting to go unabated’ No I don’t think so Mai Mujuru, they were just a busy looting from from us at the time. Tell us what you intend to do about it. mmmmmmm!

  9. This summary us vague please put everything she said we want yore ad for ourselves and deduct by ourselves not this u need to learn from the herald bring run from the professor who gave the vp her space…loler she is lost this woman so ours true the presidium knew all along of this corruption which is what done section if media are saying?

  10. Of all people Mai Mujuru condemning corruption kkkkkkkkkk. She is the Chief Corruption Officer. She together with Gono and David Butau plundered the RBZ on their stupid DANDITO project. Not fit to be our next President.

  11. yes mai mujuru. so what. there now too much talk about nothing. come on zanu you have the power to stop this, and stopping it now. so why are you taking so long. it seems you want those involved to escape somehow or just make sure you are giving time to destroy all the evidence that can put them in. i think you all part of it.

  12. It is very surprising that Mai Mujuru opens her upper and lower lip to blast corruption when all she represents is that scourge.She showed her true colours when she was heading the water ministry in the early 90s by corruptly using the DDF to drill boreholes at her numerous houses.The matter was swiftly swept under the carpet and more was to come during the war victims compensation fund era.According to papers she submitted ,she is not eligible to be working but alas, she is our V.P.She claimed to be suffering from a severe headache and was over 70% disabled.How can anyone who is physically challenged to that magnitude perform daily routine duties of running a country like ours?Fish rots from the head.

  13. panyaya iyi Herald ndizvo ndizvo, Newsday yakasara.Eeeh asingadi kubuda mupepa ngaasave corrupt. nhai amai, chakafukidza dzimba matenga kucorruption here?

  14. zanu iri zii zvayo vari bizz ku cleaner their meszz vari ku cover cover izvozvi hakuchina chimwe chicha buda futi……zvakato kwana izvozvo inonz zanu iyoyo……..tino mama pasi rino shuwa

  15. Ok, now lets focus on the media.How much are editors,news reporters ect earning? Kaliphume iqiniso. Lets not hide by the finger.Herald,Chronicle,Newsday,Dailynews,B-Metro,H-Metro,Independent,Fingaz etc. Charity begins at home bobaba labomama.Akelisitshele.

  16. its like tables have changed. Herald is reporting as it is and its like Newsday its trying to protect mujuru and looters. Whats going on in this ever evolving zimbabwe? You would think the 2 newspapers are in different countries.

  17. Mai ava corruption yavo ino nyadzisa….who is telling the truth Herald or Newsday?? I hate it when the Herald says the truth. My wife was at that meeting she has confirmed what the Herald is saying. Saka ambuya ava vanoda kuti zvecorruption zvisataugwa. Tony Blair ndiye akatara maSalaries ari obscene aya……kuarai mai imi!!

  18. Well in that case I can start reading the herald again; I had banned it from my small screen years ago

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