Tsvangirai rallies support

Morgan Tsvangirai

FORMER Prime Minister and MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has summoned party district chairpersons from across the country to discuss various issues, including leadership renewal.


Determined to crush dissent within the main opposition political party, Tsvangirai has reportedly summoned some 210 party leaders at the grassroots level to attend a “no-holds-barred” indaba in Harare on Saturday. The meeting is expected to endorse him as the party-preferred  candidate for the 2018 presidential election.

The meeting comes amid calls  from some sections of the party for Tsvangirai to step down from the party leadership to pave way for renewal of the MDC-T following his drubbing by Zanu PF  leader President Robert Mugabe in the July 31 polls.

MDC-T organising secretary Nelson Chamisa confirmed the Saturday meeting and rally on Sunday in Harare.

“All party leaders from the districts will meet the president  (Tsvangirai) on Saturday before a rally on Sunday,” Chamisa said.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said: “There are two events at the weekend beginning with 210 district chairpersons for an interactive session on the state of country, state of party and way forward.”

It is understood that the meeting has been called to decide the fate of party deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma, who is accused to plotting to oust Tsvangirai after a damning report urging the ex-Premier to relinquish the party leadership in favour of MDC-T vice-president Thokozani Khupe.

Some party sources, however, told NewsDay that Tsvangirai’s meeting with grassroots leaders was a ploy to seek their endorsement ahead of the 2016 elective congress and purge dissenting voices.
Mangoma torched a storm when he led calls for Tsvangirai to step down citing, among other issues, failure to unseat Mugabe in three elections and abuse of party funds.

Tsvangirai is reportedly banking on grassroots support to maintain relevance and power and remain at the helm of the MDC-T at a time calls for his departure at Harvest House were getting louder.

Some leaders in the MDC-T are reportedly pushing for an early congress to choose the party’s new leadership and Tsvangirai was likely to be challenged this time.


    • last election Tsvangirai wanted women to be more in parliament why can he also step down for a women inorder to empower women since reservation is now in fashion.Coz Mdc-t has got eligable women who can take the nation to greater heights eg Thokozani Khupe,Jesse Majome ,Theresa Makone,Sekai Holland,Mai Matibenga,Nomalanga Khumalo

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  2. It seems brother Morgan Tsvangirai has devised a strategy to mark time. Countless of these useless meetings are being engaged in but nothing really comes out of them. No attempt is being made to mobilise the electorate against the many evils perpetrated by the ZANU PF regime against the people of Zimbabwe. Corruption is rampant and civil servants are getting slave wages yet there is no central force to direct people’s anger against ZANU PF and stop this rot before things go out of control.

  3. mr my president, i think your timing of these rallies is wrong. people are concentrating on certain issues at present and will not listen to you but paint you with the same brush when you are different. be patient. know that soon you will be dealing with a mature zimbabweans, those who are learning or have leant their lessons well. for you it will be good to go back to the school of politics and learn how to lead this new people who will change within a short space of time even 1 year. ncube i tell you is watching carefully and might come out of this school better than you.

  4. The state of the country is we have an opposition party that kindly donated close to 60 parliamentary seats on a silver platter to the ruling party, therefore surrendered its influential mandate to make meanful contribution to the country.

    You’re in no state to discuss the state of the nation or act on it, act on the state of the party first. An early congress will settle it all, because i have feeling its not just the Party President the people might have a bone to chew with, it as well be the entire leadership that needs replacing or its Adios Amigos.

  5. It is time for him to pave way for a more decisive , energetic leader and he can relegate himself to the position of advisor and god father of the party, why is it so difficult to realise with him at the helm the party is destined for doom, what is the problem with power, has he not enjoyed enough all these years, Even his children have edged him to step down, then all this time he has been telling people lies that he has the people of Zimbabwe at heart, if indeed its true, this is the time to demonstrate that by letting someone lead the party.

  6. What “people’s anger” are you talking about Sekuru Chokocha? Where in the world have you seen a politician bringing food to your table? People must just work for their lives and stop expecting miracles from these people. Ndiko kubasa kwavo ikoko.

    • Come on Sam. People are working hard to bring food to their tables but the environment is just not permitting. You can work so hard and break your back but very little will come out of it. The political environment has to be cleaned first and that’s where astute and people-loving politicians come into play. Just look around and see many enterprising Zimbos doing business but they can hardly feed their small stomachs and yet people like Happison Muchechetere, Cuthbert Dube, Mahachi do not do any meaningful work except looting from the poor. The money that was looted could have paid lots of honest workers in such organisations as PSMAS, ZBC and Air Zimbabwe who have gone for many months without any pay!

  7. This is another handiende character. Mugabe is at least better because although he has been saying I am going nowhere he has managed to keep his zanu pf in power. Now Tsvangirai is calling all district chairmen to whip them so that he stands in 2018
    But the bad thing is since 2000 he has contested in every election and came out a loser giving a lot of excuses
    what are his chances in 2018? His best chance was in 2008 and he failed to utilize that chance. He can intimidate his structures but will never win an election. It’s better for him to go after his mistresses and leave the party presidency to others who have new ideas and fresh strategies.

  8. vanhu hamuna chakana. munhu akaitawo zvaaonoona kuti zvinoita kuti awane support munobva mati hazvishande. akagara motizve apera saka munoda kuti Morgan aitesei? regai aite misangano yake nevanhu vake.

  9. noone can oppose Mugabe besides Tsvangirai. mangoma z just being greedy for money bt he knows he z never a match for the big boss Bobo. So MDC inoda monya like tsvangson. Who will ever vote for Mangoma or even the Intelligent chamisa and Biti for president nw. They should get mature first in politics then vozopihwa time yekuva presidential party.

    • Several issues need clarification..what would happen to MDC if Morgan were to die? Why is Mangoma no match to Bob? Is he not human enough? Who said Chamisa and Biti were intelligent? What have they done to date to merit this title? We saw them inthe GNU and their blunders would fill a bus, they really are voluble blunderbuses no more. Chamisa as the organisisng secretary is the real one who lost them the election and Biti as secretary general hence manager of the party confused the membership by saying elections which were two weeks away were going to be held four months down the line because there was no money for the polls..People believed him because he was also Finance Minister, a post where he failed spectacularly with the result that more industries closed than at any other time in the country’s history? In the words of Lenin ..’any cook can run the country’..There is nothing remotely difficult about running a country, if this were so only angels would be leaders!

    • Thank you emperor,Mugabe anoda munhu akasimba uye asingatyi kwete Mangoma na Bennet vanoziva kuti vakadya mari yemusangano zvino voda kuti Tsvangison.

      I wish to say brothers in the struggle be mature as the writer said,Mugabe imonya re mamonya,Morgan Tsvangira has been the only person to challenge Mugabe in a big way since 1980,so lets support him until 2018 vanoda kutonga vozotongawo kana MT atonga.

  10. Guyz make no mistake of chasing Tsvancry from leading mdc.Maintain him.He is our customer,walkover and a best example of a political fool.Dont disturb our peace you mdc by appointing Munyasarande to lead mdc.We need Tsvancry.

  11. Confusion. The party itself is in panicking state. Soon after election the leadership was telling people that they had been rigged. Nikuv outwitted them – they said. Now its Tsvangirayi who let them down. So where actually do these people stand.The truth is the whole leadership needs to be revamped. Not only Tsvangirayi. Where were they when election date was decided by the courts contra to what was in the GPA? I never heard any of them quoting that amendement number 19 when they were still enjoying these luxurious cars. What they failed to understand – although many of them are lawyers – is that the GNU was premised on amendemed number 19 not the Lancaster House cease fire document.

    What is needed is a new strategic and innovative leadership. Blame game will never achieve any result. Biti and Mangoma are top executives. Why were they not advising their leader towards the right direction? Now they are distancing themselves from the team. These are equal to a football team with players taking different numbers from No.1 to 11. If the team loose – very player should be blamed. Not the striker, goalkeeper, midfielder or defender – but the whole team. Lets blame them all. If it means leadership renewal, lets renew all of them. They are now focusing more on positions rather than the objective of the struggle.

    • Dear Chabechabe

      You are brave man and you have your facts right for democracy,lets see what the people say,all they should go if it means MT should with his team.

      They need strategist to move forward with the same team if ever they want to move into the 2018 elections.

      I salute you

  12. Cashbert Dube was prayed for and got deliverance through this prophet. He had been wheelchair ridden. This particular prophet is a real man of God. A prophet shall live to see what he prophesy.

  13. I just cannot see how MDC-T or any other party for that matter, is going to stop ZanuPF from turning the next mock election into a “milit*ry operati*n” as they have always done in elections.

  14. The MDC-T can have rallies for decades but the bottom line is, they will not unseat ZanuPF in any election because they have no answer to stopping ZanuPF turning elections into “mil*tary operati*ns”. It’s pointless going for elections when this question remains unanswered. I will continue to remind all parties who dare take on the ZanuPF in elections expecting miracles.

      • @scotv or cbrian or whatever you decide to call yourself – 3 days ago you wrote a comment under the name cbrian dictating to me what I should and shouldn’t write, that my song was becoming quite monotonous as if you own this website you stupid cretin. You do not own this website and you cannot dictate to other pundits what they should or shouldn’t write. Even the owners of this website would find it very difficult to stop people posting what they think lest they reduce it into a ZanuPF mouthpiece. This is a public forum open to everyone with different opinions. You are not a cyber cop. You cannot talk of comments being monotonous because I haven’t got the power to stop you reading my comments once or hundred times or not at all if you so wish. You do this on your own free will. You must be an absolute idiot to keep reading comments which you think are boring and monotonous. Why don’t you ignore my comments if you find them irritating? Despite you saying so under your other name you keep on reading my comments and making silly replies. Stupid cretin. You have got no cyber etiquette.

  15. Its a pity e mdc has lost touch n direction starting w e ill advises GPA followed by joining e gnu and lastly by agreeing to contest e last elections be reforms. One shd ask what was e main purpose of e gnu if not implement political and constitutional reforms? Even e way e new constitution was crafted left a lot to be desired if consider operation chimumumu. Once mdc got into gvt it became arrogant crossing swords w its allies. MT became a close Mugabe ally to e extent of being appointed his spokesperson disguised as principals spokesman. When all this was happening nobody was advising him properly so e entire leadership is culpable and must go. What is needed now is a confrontational leadership able and willing to take zpf head on especially at this juncture of salarygate instead of issuing press conference and organizing meetings in air conditioned boardrooms drinking tea/coffee. Honestly I don’t c any1 energy to take zpf. They’re all tired. Instead they’re hoping for spontaneous strikes yet they shd take e lead in organizing them

  16. I think this party called MDCT is a big let down to the aspirations of the ordinary Zimbabweans,people actually lost their lives and some got disabled in the process of fighting for change, and the party has turned its back on the ordinary men.Sheer greed has overtaken this party.Right now they are busy fighting each other over crumps whilst the nation is seized with the issue of corruption.Any opposition party worth its salt anywhere in the world would be at the forefront of mobilising the citizens to demonstrate against corruption so that it galvanises its support,alas all we hear about are internal power struggles.Maybe Mugabe was right this party is dead,burried and forgoten.

  17. Tsvangirayi has to make up his mind does he want the MDC to rule or does he want only HIMSELF to rule like his colleague Mugabe? There is real danger here of becoming the near-man or the also ran in all the polls. This brings to mind Chakufwa Chinahana in Malawi, Buthelezi in SA and Ettiene Tshikedi in the DRC..The party must have an organic growth or is able to be acqusitive enough like the Senegalese former president Wade who spent 29 years in the trenches or Sata in Zambia. The reason why these fellows eventually succeeded is because they were willing to make their movements grow…Now in the case of the MDC offshoot paries have come to being like MDC99,MDC Ncube and to some extent NCA. This is not the path of a party that is in ascendency. The last election though markedly unfair and there could be some truth in the fact that they may have been cheated has made it necessary for the MDC to seek from within itself some renewal..Now taking pot shots at Mangoma, Mudzuri, Bennet and others is hardly a party in the ascendency but one that is no longer at ease with itself. Going to congress with a clear line that Mr. Tsvangirayi is no longer going to continue will give the party such momentum that the whole region will not be able to contain its new enthusiasm..the same applies to ZANU. Renewal of leadership is needed in both parties, this is the only way the whole nation can have a much needed rebirth and revitalization. Some of the ex Sithole used to mock him when they left him by saying he used to say ..’Ini ndini ZANU’..It might be the reason why Joshua Nkomo also killed his ZAPU project. Renewal of leadership teams is an essential ingredient in ensuring the paries these folks lead live on after them. Both the Republican Party and the Democratic party are more than 200 years old..The ANC was celebrating its own 100 years two years ago..This does not mean once in its lifetime they did not have some folks who believed the sun rose and set in their hands for the party and they will destined to lead it in perpetuity..The fact that the ANC and the other old parties were able to survive this long is because of the internal democratic dynamics of those parties. What one may call democratic innards or guts of the movements..

  18. I wonder what goes in our minds sometimes…he regai Tsvangira aende ngaapewo mumwe mukana, Tsvangirai has failed. Tsvangira is useless……bla bla bla…..etc.. Is the issue of MDC-T presidency an urgent matter for Zimbabweans at the moment? My humble answer is NO!!!!!!
    Here we have a country that has run out of steam… schools without teachers, hospitals without medicines and doctors, no roads worth talking about, corruption has has become the way of life for almost all civil servants and parastatals but what is the focus of the so-called learned Zimbabweans- guess what … we are pre-occupied with Tsvangirayi’s leadership!!!!!!! ha I am dumfounded ladies and gentleman. the focus should be on the governing party and the need for leadership renewal in ZANU-PF because what they are doing has shown that they need fresh ideas and new leaders to take the country forward not to focus on Tsvangirai…. if he goes now does that bring back the doctors and nurses who we badly need in our hospitals? do we benefit anything by ousting Tsvangirayi when it is clear that for us the issue is Zimbabwe not MDC because even if you bring Biti or Khupe the systemic problems in our society will not go away because elections in Zim are run by ZANU-PF and won by ZANU-PF as long as the laws we have remain the same!!!!!!! Bring even Obama or the Pope to contest against ZANU-PF in Zim these will lose it is not about the opposition leaders but about the way things are done in Zim
    So please do not try to run to put out the fire on the neighbours empty house when infact your house in on fire and your children are inside!
    lets focu on real issues and not conern ourselves with peripheral issues
    Netx time we will be debating about Malema and Zuma when our country is burning.

    • Tsvangirai hasnt failed the people but the people of Zimbabwe you failed to make him reliased his dream by letting Mugabe to rig not MT.

      MT cannot vote for himself but the people should vote for him,again the whole executive should go not MT alone mark my words if MT decides to go that will be the end of MDCT hakuna murume kana mukadzi akasimba kumiridzana na Mugabe iye zvino muMDCT name one then l will comment about it,vese vanotya Mugabe zvikuru.

      • @Chanda and Mutasa- What would happen to the MDC T if one morning Tsvangirayi woke up dead? You people attack ZANU for treating Mugabe like a god but are very quick to spring to the defence when someone says Tsvangirayi should step down..It is like some lost Christian churches who spend their time criticising other churches instead of praying..It is sickening in its hypocrisy!

  19. Here is an opportunity for Tsvangirai to revive his waning fortunes. He can easily stand up at the rally on Sunday and blabber about corruption in ZANU PF, by ZANU PF and though ZANU PF. I am sure many will sympathise with him!

  20. @ reason You secretly admire something about this party or Morgan which you, in a very long time u have dismally failed to hide if the tone and evidence from your posts is made the sole determinant of your despair which is veiled as vigilance in overdrive. In all instances you have retained a predictable response of pyrexia so disproportionate to outsider interest in the ongoings in this party. No offence though. Relax.

  21. we will stand by morgan tsvangirai come rain come thunder.he is our man.the man who managed to stand against zanu poor finishing

  22. madofo nyararai. it took how many years to fight colonialism?how many years for the first blackman to rule America after Malcolm X said it? In conclusion most oppositions have won at last because they have something different and better to offer, mark my words!

  23. Lets comment after hearing his word.Morgan is the president of the party and he is doing the most fundamental thing:When things r not right,call yo subordinates and discuss them.God bless u all

  24. Mr Musona,js so we r clear,m Brian and “C” stands for my surname,i do not knw Scotv,owwwk? Please sir,if u hve a dictionary,learn to use it cz i doubt u knw the meaning of dictate and etiquette.I nvr dictated nthing to u,i simply advised u,to find a better way of reaching a wider audience to spread ur Rhodesian ‘paradise’ gospel.For someone old like u( considering u wer born way back to witness the the mercies of the White master) i think its unsuitable to insult and call names on sme1 simply givn advice,it shows lack of maturity and social ETIQUETTE! By the way i nvr read ur comments thru,bt being a keen student tt i am,i try to read all the comments i c here,in case i learn smthn,and js two lines into ur comments,i realise u r tlkn of ur ‘Smith come save us rhetoric’. So seeing ur eagerness to ‘educate’ us the youth of today,i advised u to find a better means of reaching more of us. Please sir,teach us,we need ur enlightenment.

  25. l am so disappointed that the struggle we have travelled together Zimbos you are begining to mess arround it be proud of it and continue stop being greed. When we started the struggle we ment to free the people of Zimbabwe from misrule and dictatorship now you continue fighting amongest ourselves so what is this guys, especially brother Mangoma please stop that or you are distroying the party.

  26. People mustn’t be fooled by these black leaders about the evils of colonialism because without colonialism they would have remained as cattle herders. Mugabe’s education at Kutama Mission was paid for by an Irish Jesuit missionary by the name of Father Jerome O’Hea after his father had abandoned the family home at Kutama. His University education was paid for by the whites. Joshua Nkomo’s education was paid for by a white woman called Mrs Robson. Ndabaningi Sithole’s education was paid for by white missionaries in Chipinge and also by the same white missionaries when he went to America later. Muzorewa’s education was paid for by Methodist missionaries in Manicaland and these same missionaries paid for his studies in America later. After completing education sponsored by whites they tricked the gullible people that colonialism was evil! But it was the whites who paid their school fees! Let me be very clear here – every single black politician’s education (before 1980) in this country was paid for by the whites. To be a politician you had to be educated and education did come cheap and our parents were all poor (I mean every single black family) and it was inevitable that every single black person had to have their education paid for by the whites. If you know any politician of that era who never had his education paid for by the whites then give me his name.
    They all got houses to rent from whites in Highfield or townships in Bulawayo because we all had no money to build our own houses – you could only get a house to rent if you were working for the settlers – every single person that is, without exception.

  27. @Musona,with all due respect i beg yo pardon.Missionaries were and r no colonisers.They were/r philanthropic personalities who were/r doing a good job of educating,giving health and shelter to locals who were writhing in poverty(as u rightly pointed) bcoz of among other factors,oppression by colonisers.Yes colonisers did an excellent job of bringing civilisation to our dear country but
    missed it when they deprived sound education to our elders.No qualms,God bless u

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