Tsvangirai is clean — MDC-T


THE debate over alleged abuse of party funds by MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has caused a storm in the opposition party with some top officials saying there was nowhere the former Premier could have dipped his fingers into the cash box because it was closely guarded.


NewsDay torched the debate last week after it carried a report by a section of the party which accused Tsvangirai of misusing party funds, charges the MDC-T leader has dismissed.

The group, which is also advocating for leadership renewal within the MDC-T, is believed to be  linked to deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma and exiled treasurer-general Roy Bennett.

In a statement last Friday, MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said Tsvangirai had never, at any given time in the party’s history, been directly involved in the disbursement of funds.

“The administrative arrangements at MDC-T are such that all finances are handled by the treasurer-general and the deputy treasurer-general, while the day-to-day general administration, which includes disbursing of party funds, is done by the secretary-general through the director-general of the party,” Mwonzora said.

“All major financial decisions of the party are made by the finance and administration committee chaired by the secretary-general of the party and it is therefore impossible for the president of the party to allocate financial resources of the party to himself without the treasury department or the administration of the party’s involvement,” he said.

Mwonzora said Tsvangirai had a clean record of running public institutions and using sound financial systems and policies as envisaged by his history at the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions and  Southern Africa Trade Union Congress and during his tenure as Prime Minister of the inclusive government which ended last year.

Harare province MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said if some members of the party had peddled the allegations that Tsvangirai had misused funds then action should be taken against them.  “If Bennett indeed said those statements, then action has to be taken.  This level of indiscipline cannot and indeed should not be tolerated,” Gutu said.


  1. Mwonzora said Tsvangirai had a clean record of running public institutions and using sound financial systems and policies as envisaged by his history at the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions and Southern Africa Trade Union Congress and during his tenure as Prime Minister of the inclusive government which ended last year. this is utter rubbish from a lawayer,

        • Thank you so much my friend. Personally I think the MDC-T stories are a deliberate attempt by ZANUPF to continuously divert people from real issues and real culprits. I fail to understand the intentions of some media houses who are failing to report on the corruption which is draining the nation dry. We are talking of billions of diamonds money siphoned out of Zimbabwe through Angola.The people involved are known and President Mugabe has named some of the culprits in his party but media houses are perhaps afraid of ZANUPF.What is 300thousand dollars compared to billions dollars. MDC-T say Tsvangirai is clean but ZANUPF and newspapers say no he looted the coffers of MDC-T ,but what about those who stole from the whole nation and buy properties in China , South Africa and everywhere under the sun? Once again thank very much my friend.Iam not a member of any political party but I was once in ZANUPF the real ZANUPF not the present grouping of looters of natural resources,

          • I like your take but your problem is that you seem to justify looting by Tsvangirayi just because Zanu PF thugs have looted more. If you take one dollar of public funds you are as bad as the kleptomaniacs in Zanu PF. Lets condem thieves no matter which political colour they are

          • hojo as mwonzora has stated hw cld Tsvangirai take some money from the party coffers without benett, mangoma and biti knowing? Maybe u ar also part of mangoma’s group who were sent destroy mdc T. For ur information welshman failed to do the same so dont waste ur time. Tsvangirai ndizvo

  2. Its unfortunate that we throw professionalism out of the window just for the sake of partisan politics.Bootlickers are not only in ZANU(P.F) but everywhere.

  3. Mwonzora is a liar let Tsvangirai defend himself. You chaired COPAC for mdct and
    used that position to campaign so that some provincial leaders whip their constituencies to vote for at the last party Congress and you went on to hammer out a constitution which you don’t understand please give us a break
    You are a dangerous Joseph Goebbels. Worse than Jorum Gumbo. Obert Gutu must shut up because for 4 years in the GNU you were overshadowed by P Chinamasa. Where did Tsvangirai get the $300 000 to buy L Karimatsenga’s silence? Where did he get the $4+ which he want to use to purchase the Highlands house. Morgan must explain.

    • Very valid questions, Tsotso. It seems some people only get angry when ZANU PF fellows loot but when their MDC-T leaders steal from party coffers they maintain a deafening silence and even come to the defense of the thief. A fellow who steals from his party coffers will definitely steal if elected president of the republic. Such a guy would request say $5million from the RBZ on the pretext that he is going to make a donation to the starving people of Somalia!

    • tsvangirai can not defend himself thats the duty of the spokesperson. there are many times charamba has spoken on behalf of our President Mugabe.

      • Why do you want to use the Zanu PF template of doing things as the standard and right way of doing things. If Charamba does it does it make it right? If Zanu PF loots does it make it right for Tsvangirayi to do the same. Give us a break and stop mirroring Zanu PF bootlickers. You seem to have gone a notch up into arse licking.

  4. Can he please answer this qn Where did he get the 300 00 he paid lorcadia where did he get the 4.5 million he wants to buy the highlands mansion with. if answer this then those alleging him are stooges.

    • in the political circles,the party president usually gets the following benefits directly from business,ceos,and other international financiers to prop up the image and status of an opposition leader.

      1.personal promotional fund-this is usually managed in the office and not party of the candidate ,as such Mr tsvangirai has many of those funds lying around.
      2.prope ups-these funds help in propping up the image and status of a candidate .
      3.kickback or position settling..mostly done by wealthy individuals looking for a place or position in the new government in-terms of favors

      mr tsvangirai ,is worth more than 5million considering he gave his children 200k plus each to stand on their own two feet and not run to him daily ..ndosaka biti na mangoma vachida kuita president ,zvinemari cash hoboooooooooo!
      whether he is a winner or looser of an election morgan still makes money.more than the MDC

  5. A serious matter such as this shouldn’t be about making accusations or defending the accused in public. Mr Tsvangirai should seek to clear his name by submitting himself to an impartial board of enquiry that will prove his innocence or otherwise. . Should he fail to do is then he should do the honourable thing and resign. If he expects Mr Mugabe to do the right thing then so should he. In fact it’s about time our leaders started behaving with integrity and give us some hope that justice will prevail in our beloved country one day.

    • @sandy can Bob and crew the same.Tsvangi neva ran he country but you just shout your rubbish.My question is Tsvangirai the country’s enemy or Bob?Use your intellect to crush the common enemy & not the other way.Zanu looted since 1980 and you are queite abt that.Shame on you

      • Thank you so much my friend. Thus good thinking keep it up. Newspapers are fighting ZANUPF wars against other political parties particularly MDC-T. ZANUPF has failed to deliver on its promises.Mugabe knows quite well that the majority did not vote for him. Hence he no reason for rewarding people who rejected him on 31July 2013. He chose to reward NIKUV because this is the organization that voted him into power well before the election date.

      • You seem to be an MDC activist. Intolerant to criticism of your dear philandering leader just like Zanu PF thugs. Why are you being emotional when genuine questions are being asked about where Tsvangirayi got the money. I think you have a few loose screws in your brain.

  6. He hasn’t come out to explain how he double-dipped into state coffers to renovate the highlands house, and for all we know, he never worked and earned money to make him able to pay ex-girlfriend 300000 grand, and now he offers to buy the highlands house but his sources of income are as questionable. however, the same goes for mugabe who is embroiled in a storm over a multi-million dollar overseas property yet he is said to earn just a few thousand dollars. it seems he taught morgan well during GNU

  7. people are stupid if any man in Zimbabwe can get 300 000.why not Tsvangirai just because he is the president of the party so he cannot have money of his own.does he have to explain his private business to all Zimbabweans.If Chiyangwa can get millions of money why not Tsvangirai is he not a man like any other man.

    • Chiyangwa is not clean, any fool can see that. I find your reasoning disturbing, to say the least. Your leader is accused of peculation so you reference a known thief’s stealing as justification for your leader’s accumulation of ill gotten wealth? FYI, a leader of a nation is not like any other man, he must be above reproach. Many like you wish for Mugabe to step down because of his alleged dirty hands yet the man you wish to replace him also has alleged dirty hands. That is my primary reason for finding MDC to be a circus act, no principles and no vision. Where are the real democrats?

  8. Its not for Tsvangirai to tell the nation the source of his funds. Rather it is the duty of the accusers to prove that the money was taken from the party treasury.

  9. those uneducated fools who are questioning where tsvangirai got that 300.000 for loca are just so dump,as a leader of the party can have his own source of income and personal funds.

  10. If you have worked the same number of years as a middle manager or top manager and you dont have a ready available with 300 000 something is definitely wrong with your financial management system and i tell you,you manage you money like mwana wegrade one,vazhinji varikuvhunduka apo muri varombo kwete nekushaya but munodya mari sekusina mangwana,zvino unoiwana kupi.

    • Highlands mansion renovations for over $1m, trips to the Bahamas with mvana dzeku South Africa, children educated abroad, a couple hundred grand wedding, a couple hundred grand out of court settlement, other spending we are unaware of and enough change to pay for a $4m mansion is hardly achievable on $300K, my friend. By being a middle or top manager of anything, one cannot achieve all of this. ZPF is guilty by virtue of their leaders failing to account for the sources of their vast incomes and now that the same song is playing in your own backyard you want to justify questionable sources of income all of a sudden? Kana ndiwewo, Fact?

      • Scotv should be right. There is no smoke without some fire. Why are some in the MDC Party questioning Tsvangirai’s standing? Why should those who ask questions be threatened with expulsion from the Party? Why was the Party Constitution changed to allow the president to continue contesting the same position when originally everyone was supposed to call it quits after serving two terms in the same post? Tsvangirai should just explain and clear the air. He should lay the groundwork, and set the precedent, for everyone to give details of where they get funds to do anything, in the MDC Party and in other Parties, and in government.

  11. This white man who looted Zim diamonds when we all were unaware is killing the pipo`s movement using poor Mangoma ,let him stay put wherever he is sine die ,true Zimbos dont want him ,LOOTER !….For the Highlands home everyone knows thats a gvt provided home for the PM….maybe he was supposed to live at Strata ,you guys imply ,haaa !

  12. Tsvangirai is clean…there is no blood in his hands.


    1987 — Ziscosteel Blast Furnace Scandal
    1987 — Air Zimbabwe Fokker Plane Scandal — $100 million
    1986 — National Railways Housing Scandal
    1988 — Willowgate Scandal
    1989 — ZRP Santana Scandal
    1994 — War Victims Compensation Scandal
    1995 — GMB Grain Scandal
    1996 — VIP Housing Scandal
    1998 — Boka Banking Scandal
    1998 — ZESA YTL Soltran Scandal
    1998 — Telecel Scandal
    1998 — Harare City Council Refuse Tender Scandal
    1999 — Housing Loan Scandal
    1999 — Noczim Scandal
    1999 — DRC timber and diamond UN-reported scandals
    1999 — GMB Scandal
    1999 — Ministry of Water and Rural Development Chinese Tender Scandal
    1999 — VIP Land Grab Scandal
    2001 — Harare Airport Scandal

  13. Why would such accusations come only now, is it because some people wants Morgan out, that is very bad practise, because if this has happened why wait for calls for him to quit before making such accusations. Reporting cases of mismanagement must not wait to be tied with hidden agendas it must be done the moment it is detected

  14. Ana Koko kana malines e4n achipa hazvirevi kuti makubvUmidzwa kun
    go commenter zvamusingazive wanzwa. Saka U want kvti Dr Morgan vafane iwe mpukunje.

  15. I am at a loss to understand why educated people like sekuru Dougie nevamwe vose, seriously, accepting to be led up the garden path by this joker.C-L-E-A-N here precludes sexual escapades…that which we know of,….hakuna arinani here? Tipeiwo maserious machinja!

  16. ah guyz yo question for 300 000 is useles and it shows that munorwara…..how can some1 be a president of the party ari very poor achidya nhoko dzezvironda….nxaaa ma idiots ayaaah…ask chiyangwa kut mari anoyiwanepi…ask mpofu kuti mari yembaa dzaari kuvaka dzino tyisa arikumboyi nokora payi…ask mugabe kuti imba yeku china mari iri kubvepi nyika ichitambura kudai….pane vane mari dzekutenga property kunana china ukoo nxaaaa….mangoma and his frenz ar free to join madhuku or form their mdc-mangoma or mdc-bennet

  17. Tsvangirai a big thug who connived with Biti to steal 4,5 million which he used to buy the Highlands mansion.Dougie you are a learned-used bulldog

  18. Accountability is not for mugabe and zanu pf only but for others also tsvangirai and him party included if it’s true that he has been financing his Hollywood lifestyle using party funds Chihuri’s men must take action open a docket and send it to the prosecutor general’s office. Those stealing from the people ‘s project must face the music.

  19. Morgiza as our leading torch bearer of democracy, transparency, rule of law etc, he has the bonafide obligation to put his cards on the table and clear all these malicious financial shenaningans being levelled against him, the public cannot afford to elect someone with an arleady distorted hanging over image, its colossal inept to say if zanu obnoxious monsters are not accountable for looting anything in there sight therefore morgan should do likewise, saka frankly whats the point then of running away from the marauding zanu thugs, certainly it defeats the whole purpose of seeking the much desired long awaited refuge in mdc!

  20. how can a prime minister fail to raise 3000000, especially for someone who have worked for the public service for such a long time?

    the so called sexual escapades, was he committing adultery because if am not wrong his wife was no more?

    why do people with agendas to become leaders contest through means of disgracing others, why cant someone prove his bestest if such a word exist not by merely de-campaigning others?

    was there a perfect leader in this world?

    people should just be aware how politics is played than just to speak nonsense

  21. @Annalyst, sad yu are angry today, often i find yo contributions quite interesting but then I know Yo team is struggling, yesterday yu drew with Fulham. Hazvina kushata. I empathise with yu!

  22. tsvangson akatora mari. and he knows kuti no one will point a finger at him cos the money was coming from donors who are outside the country, and no political party is supposed to have outside funding. so they can’t do anything vana Bennett. his true colours are coming out. he is the one who has benefited the most from our suffering apa taiti tiri tese. zvinorwadza

  23. Why muchichema nemaprivate fund for a certain organisation yet dzenyu mari dziri kutambiswa makasi hamusi kutaura nezvadzo,wish U many more muchiona vachiita madiro,musatukane mwari vane kuita kwavo

  24. Some Zimbabweans are stupid and lazy,how can you ask about a paltry US$300 000 when Cuthbert Dube was getting US$230 000 monthly and US$6 million a year? I have more than 300 000 but I have never been a premier of Zimbabwe what more of a ex prime minister? Guys we should learn to work hard and SAVE the little we get. Strive Masiiwa once told you his history,its all about saving.

  25. Idzo inyayaya dzirikubikwa naMangoma nepuruvheya Roy Bennet asi havahwinhi mujahwo wavatanga kana vachifunga they are popular mumusangano ngavabvunze Munyaradzi Gwisai zvatakamuita paFiyo . Ndinoti nhungo dzakabata denga remusangano ndedzeBhangare nyangwe mujuru kudozama kutetena sei denga rakasimba . Musangano wakasimba sekuno kuMberengwa ndinoti vakuru ngavagadzirise Manicaland chete ipinde mugwara tipinde takagwinya 2018 . Nomakanjani abengekhe bangqobe sithi tshisa mpama tshisa Pasi nePURUVHEYA Roy Bennet

    • List them please, thanks. MDC has a history of denial:

      1. Denial of the rhodie element – today it is clear who is really in charge, thanks to Bennett and Kay’s treachery
      2. Denial of the western handler element – we saw Tsvangirai’s election petition containing words lifted from a certain lady’s report who works for the crown
      3. Denial of the ineptitude and instability of its leader – sex scandals, flip flopping and 4 years wasted in GNU
      4. Denial of a leadership crisis and division – several splits causing multiple MDCs and the current state of calls of leadership renewal
      5. Denial of corruption – Mwonzora’s pathetic little show in the face of public disgust with corruption in and outside of government.

      Where are the real democrats?

  26. Tsvangson owes none of us an explaination abt his finances,its up to the accusers to directly link him to party funds looting and hw he did that,just like what we knew abt Happison and Cashbert,saka ana Mangoma shld stop baseless accusations bt to come with proof,then Tsvangison orova pasi if guilty period

    • Yet the reason why so many accuse ZPF of looting is has nothing to do with there being any such ‘evidence’ linking Mugabe directly to any dirty transactions; some of the accusers have gone as far as claiming they must seize power because they are simple and clean men of integrity. Now that their own integrity is questioned you say say they owe us no explanation? If Mugabe owes us an explanation then Tsvangirai owes us an explanation; if Mugabe must go to the Hague then Bennett must also go to the Hague. No selective justice please! All must pay or none pays, that is fair, is it not?

      • While it is good to query Tsvangs your reasoning that there is no evidence about RGM is not alright. Right now there is a lawsuit over a Hong Kong property linked to him and his daughter where the nation is owed both an explanation and a return of the money, or returns on the investment if it was a national investment. Secondly there was a scandal over his wife’s ownership of a large property while she was just coming out of a low paying civil service job to be first lady. Lastly (for today) RGM has kept the same scandal ridden team for years – late Kangai was in the GMB /Paweni scam and other GMB scams later on, Webster Shamu (aka Charles Ndlovu), I Chombo, Phidza (linked to ENG and other scams)- and has been linked to the Hre Internastional Airport contruction scam. RGM’s shortfall is that he has not taken clear-cut disciplinary action showing his disapproval. This says a lot about what we do not know. Other questions are how his family managed to have a top range dairy farm and industry when their earnings are not so much? This could real form a basis of building evidence against someone, wouldn’t it.
        What I would advocate is to not only scrutinise Tsvangs, but also pursue particularly the latest issue ie the Hong Kong property to its logical end of clarify things for all Zimbabweans- so we know if we have (as a nation) an investment in Hong Kong, what returns it is bringing, where the returns are being used etc. If it is a public property we must know because we arte the owners.

  27. MDC-T should be aware that their political adversaries will not rest until their are totally vanquished.Intelligence of the highest order at play here.

  28. AnaScotv makudzoka manje wow! i thot Musona had annihilated you for good. Dude, you are absolute nonsense. you just a hot water-headed creature that counter progressive ideologies. your nuisance is portrayed by your comparison of MT to ZAnu. how many questions have been asked and went by without answers pertaining zanu’s governance? how many scandals have been unearthed and nobody has been prosecuted for that? why worry about MT’s meagre 300k yet you have the state on its knees and no answers to that? why defend that which has evidence than that which is mere speculation either true or false? do you need a microscope to know tht the country’s economy crumbled under corruption? why chase a fly with a 12 pound hammer yet you have a rotting fish before your eyes? ignoramuses like are a bore to the bone. you pretend to know thts y Musona asked you to shut your crap if you know crap!

  29. Zimbos zimbos u never cease to amaze me. Smeone would really ululate if it Morgan caught on the wrong side of things but scream if its smeone from Zanu pf. Really

  30. Shame on u tsvangirai,we worked hard as party executives b4 during and after elections.u promised bt never fulfilled bt u own a fat pocket stilling fm party coffers ,stupid.mind u kugokwe hakuchina mdc takadzokera kumsha kuzpf

  31. ko munhu anenge akadyiwa anoramba achitaurwa nezvake here?l suppose there is something great about this man.hee 300 000, ko tangai mataura dzimwe dzakawanda kupfuura ipapo dziripo.shuwa kutosvuuka muchibata ishwa mhembwe iripo, kuda ishwa here?

  32. This Tsvangirai soap-opera is nauseating to be honest. Tsvangirai is not fit for purpose. There’s no accounting for taste. It’s worse having the MDC-T as the main challengers to ZanuPF than having no one. MDCs were in the useless GNU for 5 years and were unable to see there was rampant corruption in the parastatals. The excuse given – “We were powerless”! So why did they remain in the useless GNU if they knew they were powerless? We all knew they were in office but not in power. The question for the MDCs and any other party is – how are you going to stop ZanuPF turning the next election into a “military operation” as ZanuPF did in 2008 and 2013? Miracles are out of question here.

  33. Poor Zimboz and lazy thinkers u don’t know kuti if u contest as a president to be mabig companies anokuengager obva akuita major shareholder becoz of buying favours mari yamurikutaura is peanuts kunaTsvangirai. And u are busy kunzungu idzodzi komabillions akabiwa neZanu ngatiite sevanhu vakamboendawo kuchikoro mhani

  34. These mdct guys are worthless considering that in the GNU when they were ministers and deputy ministers they saw no evil in terms of corruption and it took Jonathan moyo only a week in office to unlock the Pandora box and now mwonzora is saying do this and that leave that to Jonathan moyo to finish the work he started

  35. What I can safely say is that this continent (Africa) has all the natural resources you can imagine, highly educated people, excellent climate etc; In my opinion, our main problem is lack of respect and consideration for fellow human beings. Pastors, politicians, company executives, chiefs, traditional healers, headmen, the men on the street, we are all to blame and cruel to some extent.

    Where is your heart, when a fellow citizen is living on less than 1dollar a day, yet we are stealing big time. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

    We donate a billion dollars today to Mr. X. Tell me Mr. X, how will you spend such a windfall, say you are now 60 years old?

    Love thy neighbour. Do not steal.

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