Tin Tin attacks VP Mujuru’s stance on corruption


ACTING President Joice Mujuru’s stance over corruption has outraged Zimbabweans from different sectors with former Studio 263 actress-cum-model Tinopona Katsande being the latest celebrity to vent her anger.


Mujuru torched a political storm over her utterances in Chinhoyi recently with mainly political players saying she had to resign as her statements were tantamount to supporting corruption and demonstrated her leadership deficiencies.

Katsande, known as Tin Tin in showbiz circles, blasted Mujuru for her sentiments saying she was troubled by the utterances.
She wrote on her Facebook page: “I am troubled with VP Mujuru’s stance on Salarygate.”

“I love my VP and my party (Zanu PF), but on this one I am struggling to see where she is coming from or indeed where she is going with this.”

The popular actress, who last year courted controversy after her sex tape was leaked in the media, said it was time for Zanu PF to smell the coffee as the sole ruling party was out of the inclusive government hence the need for transparency, responsibility and accountability.

“As Zimbabweans we are literally breathing fire over this. We are hurt and livid at what we law-abiding citizens see as a straight-up atrocity upon our workforce.”

Mujuru brewed a storm over the weekend following her statement where she blamed factionalism and detractors for exposing the rot in parastatals with several people calling for her resignation for trying to protect the corrupt in society.

She was quoted as saying the ongoing exposing of corruption within some parastatals had some negative impact on the Zanu PF government and its programmes.

“I have since learnt sometimes it is necessary to destroy in order to rebuild. Yes, perhaps the ‘exposed’ may not be prosecuted but they must be ‘exposed’ and where possible removed.

“Zimbabwe is visibly hurt and livid. It’s distracting us from our spirit of ‘onward march’ so I implore the media to keep at it.”


  1. What we see is a possible disaster after Mdhara. I support Zanu Pf & “used” to be Amai’s supporter. No more. She certainly is a hyena. Cowering but dangerous. And VERY greedy! After Mdhara’s rule, we’ll certainly be in for a tough time. Our only saviour will neither be Zanu Pf NOR Mdc, but a coalition government of strong candidates from Zanu, Mdc and other players who have level heads. A Super Party that will level any international critic. That way we can start afresh without losing valuable experience. After Mdhara, no one can hold forte at Zanu, & Tsvangi’s CV is a joke. No Madhuku as well. Just educated, civilised, moderate. Such a group will naturally have someone who is qualified to lead them. Tired Zimbos all over will gang up to support such a party. If they can find a cool, neutral woman to lead them that’s even better. Now, imagine how quickly Zimbabwe can shoot to the top! Try it. We love our chimurenga & all history. We’ll create a beutiful museum for that, and Mai Mujuru will be the senior advisor there.

  2. ya if mai mujuru is matured enough the best thing is to clean her table and call it a day. “she must resign” we dont expecy such from higher office like the Presidium. aaaàaaaah mai mujuru matigumbura sa Gumbura imwi. Pamberi na Jonathan Moyo. Basa sebasa

  3. What more do we expect from people like VP Mujuru.She herself is rotten corrupt and we expect her to fight corruption.
    She is actually stupid and trying to protect the endless rotten cycle going on within their ranks.
    She has no direction and quite content she is building yet she is killing innocent souls through uncontrollable greed

  4. After working severak Years with his Excellence R.G Mugabe motaura rabish yakadaro. Munonyadzisireyi our african Icon R.G. President is preaching the good gospel to wipe away corruption imei mai Mujuru motaura rabish. Aaaaaah l like Zanupf very much but izvi vo kana. resign mai mujuru .

  5. I have always condemned these zanu pf thugs,now hear what Teurai ropa is saying,so stupid of a leader to say this,i am very disappointed with you joice.

  6. We are in big trouble as a country, this woman was one ray of hope, and appeared to many of us as a viable and acceptable replacement at the top; she has just utterly destroyed that hope and possibility with this. Maybe it is just as well that this has come out so clearly before the new dispensation, which many Zimbabweans so desperately yearn for. And she further disappointed last night, poorly trying to retract and say she was misquoted! And of course her ‘enemies’ took full advantage by immediately re-running her shocking statements! How in this digital day and age do you refuse what you were clearly recorded saying on camera??? This woman has no advisers, she is sinking deeper and disappointing more millions by the minute! With Morgan proving to be an incurable buffoon, there really is zero hope from any of the so-called politicians in the limelight.

    • you are riht haana advisor , Nguni is useless .looted cottco too so what advise can she get from a person who joined politics to run away from prosecution. all the people around mujuru mbavha dzga dzega Butau, Kaukonde , Rwodzi , so do you expect her to speak against herself. zvichapera nerimwe zuva

  7. the whole system is corrupt n thr is nothin that they can say or do to cover this mess up. Every sensible Zimbo can clearly see it in black and white

  8. kkkkkkkk, hamusati mawona ende tichadya kusvika mabhowekana. Musade kuvhiringidza amai. Tinoziva kuti munoda kavarasisa naizvozvo muchiti vanhu vese ava vakarerekera kwavari. yesi amai havangasiya musha uchifumurwa, hanti timoti musha mukadzi here. pamberi Amai Mujuru.

    • Gono Mujuru…you are very very stupid!! You are a rat, a lizard, a wizard…a stupid fool. How can you condone such greed and senselessness? Uri tsoko yemunhu!

  9. Are we not all at the risk of making the mistake of correcting an elder (political, spiritual or earthly elders) Its one thing commenting on the topic and another correcting a person in authority (whether they are right or wrong does not matter) Where I come from its called dishonour.

  10. I believe in mai mujuru i doubt she mearnt that. Her enermies tried to take advantage here. I personally i am not zanupf bt so far shez the best replacement. Whether she ment that or not shez stil the best…

  11. ami mujuru has been very corrupt kubva kare,remember vachiendeswa kuBotswana ne board reZisco during gg masanga’s era &not condoning the armry when workers were gunned down like baboons @zisco,hariiti zimai iro,ndozvariri murume ndiye aitombofuhura mhepo zvino aah hameno.apa they looted zisco kusvika pachevecheve ,chiimutsai tsvoo vanhu vopeta kufa,imi moti ma ceo aribhoo nemazisalary avo apa workers ar not being paid

  12. after exposition then what? its so pathetic!!! the exposed are still going to work, still being paid the hefty salaries. its a gimmick by zanu chakadaro to want us to think tht they are cleaning house yet ndivo vakazara necorruption yese zvayo.

  13. batai munhu Amai varasika avo ukaona zvonziwo naTin sex t
    ape hazviite it’s a very big shame.after Bob Zim we ‘ve a leadership crisis. Ini ziiii zvangu.

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  15. whom do you think can do better from top to bottom in zanu pf we are addicted to corruption it is the order of the day everyday since 1980. imagine we had the sandura commision followed by the chidyausiku commission to mention a few and now here comes the salarygate scandal. the weapon we used as cover is that the country can not develop because we are hard hit by illigal sanctions

  16. zvanzi gender equality!did she ever thought of impact of corruption on women? many are sleeping empty stomach because someone took all the money. Tino, dzako dzakudhonza ka!

  17. the sanctions are killing our country to the extent that we can not pay some of our employees but we can only afford $500 000-00 per month and $40 000-00 per month for few individuals in productive sectors with high profit magins

  18. Zimbabwe is 80% corrupt in many arrenas.The fact that some have not been caught does not give us the audacity to point fingures as if we are all holly.As I said the other day the rot is all so there within the media fratenity.Let them come clean as well. As much as I do not agree that curruption must be surpressed,I am against the sensationalising VP Mujuru utterances by the media.I may not have understood her vernacular utterances but i think the thing has been blown out of proportion.Lets be objective and put our emotions aside and debate on the way forward.What is to be done to these fat cats?Mind you some are well connected in higher places. Criticism without profering any solutions will not help at all.I stand to be corrected

  19. Uuuuum ndakazvitereravo paZTV news ndikangoti kahaa nazvo. I dont c anything wrong with what Jonathan Moyo has exposed. Yes he was once suspended from the party and served his time and they saw it fit to re-instate him into the Party. So kana achiona huori ohufumura anganzi mutengesi here kana kuti ndivo vanhu vatinoda kuti vatimiririre. Iiiii Mdhara akaenda tapinda mahwani. Makava akatarisira aya ma1.

  20. mother you proved your incompetence, suck it up and resign. we’ve no tolerance for mediocrity in the next gvt, it our only hope for revival and renewal…..the tribe has spoken, pack your papers and leave the political arena.

  21. You don’t even know how sanctions destroyed our country ‘ All those utterances caused by sanctions. Kkkkkkkkkk our dearly possible next premier at her full swing.. Water under the bridge haina kudeurwa yakachereredzwa. Masancitions kudii nxaaaa

  22. I am surprised people say ZANU is corrupt as if ANY of our current crop of politicians is better??
    Tsvangirayi—nuf said
    Madhuku-NCA donor monies abused for years
    Makoni-left SADC under investigation for fraud&mismanagement
    Ncube–nuff said-has a farm ye land reform ku Kwekwe
    etc etc

  23. honestly, all along i thot mai mujuru is the real deal for our future president. have been taken aback by her sentiments…can’t believe she said that. one thing for sure is that i will never ever support that lady to be our next president. she has already shown the nation her true colours.

  24. Tin Tin,be warned that small fish like you who grew up in Mukuvisi River should not risk swimming in Lake Kariba,unodyiwa nemaramba zvese nemasahwa ako

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