System Tazvida legacy lives on


ALTHOUGH it’s been 15 years since Fanuel “System” Tazvida died, his surviving spouse Barbra is still grappling to come to terms with his death.


The sungura maestro, who died in 1999 at the height of his fame, did not fully enjoy the fruits of his work because it peaked after his death.

Some of his popular tracks that are still making waves across Zimbabwe include Mabhauwa, Mushandi Ndimambo, Bhebhi Rakanaka, Vaforomani, Anodyiwa Haataure, and Rudo Tsika Nemagariro among others.

In an interview, Barbra said she would have loved to celebrate the life of her husband in a big way, but she was not financially stable to come up with any show as her late husband would have wanted.

“I wanted to celebrate my husband’s life with family, friends and his fans, but because of financial constraints we are not able to hold such celebrations.

“Tomorrow (today) I will play his music that is saved in my mobile phone. I will then go  to his grave to put flowers”, Barbra said. “Many years have passed now since he left me, but it seems like yesterday. I cry at times especially on a day like today.”

Barbra said she sometimes used to rewrite the lyrics and songs that System would have jotted down on pieces of papers in a book.

Tazvida’s younger brothers the late Isaac and Peter, former band member Leroy “Kamusena” Lunga tried to revive smoko music (as Tazvida called his type of music) but were unsuccessful.

Tazvida was born in 1968 and rose to stardom in the early 1990s.
Tazvida worked with various bands including Sungura Boys, Mabhauwa Express and Khiama Boys before going solo to form Chazezesa Challengers.

Tazvida’s rural background influenced his type of music.


  1. Please check your facts before going to print. Peter ndiye akafa kwete Isaac. Kana musingazivi bvunzai please

  2. system was born in zaka @Zk pa Chuma pamhiri pa Nyatare River .iwe reporter kana usingazivi nhoroondo ye one of the best writers ever in this country you shu be fired o beter dnt write ask vanoziva akadzidza pa Zaka High Formerly knwn as Chitora Uppertop he left school ari form 2 akajoina mamilitia paMutamba across Chiredzi River akazojoina Khiama Boys yaitungamirirwa na Tineyi Chikupo paiva nana Nicholas Zakaria Alick Macheso Cephas Karutsanga anova akanyora Mabhawuwa System akaiimba akazobva coz Tineyi akadya mari yema sales aMabhawuwa he went to Ephraim Joe and the Sungura Boys akanoimba ana Ndide ndide akasiya coz Joe airamba kunyora kuti System ndiye anyora masongs .Ariko Peter was at school at Zaka aiva nema instruments kumba was a good sprinter pakumhanya vakazofoma Chazezesa Challengers kusvika ashaya May his soul rest in peace and to Barbra mwari achakuchengeta chema unetariro namata ishe vachapindura Zorora wezhira weruzha wemagwajava wema shazhare wemazhanje wenyezhe

    • weruzha: Zvawanyora is detailed confusion. Zvandanyanyobata ndezvekuti Isaac mupenyu nhai? I did not know! My cousin(brother) used to stay next door to them paNyatare paunotaura but that is as far as I know. But wasnt his actual name Fanuel Mazhetese? I know the Mazheteses are from Jichidza. Well as for the rest I do not have enough information and you did not help enlighten me either. Who is he? where did he come from? Who are his surviving brothers and what are they doing to revive his music? Where are his instruments? What probably could have taken the life of our icon in rural township music? What had he achieved in life through music? Aiita zvaaimba here zvemababie?

  3. All of you are quite right, you are basically saying the same thing although from different angles, Let me add another angle. Smoko music is still very alive there is another Tazvida boy by the name King Tazvida (Young brother or Cousin to System) who is doing quite well. Early this year I happened to attend one of his shows at Masiza Nengere Beer hall in Chiredzi, I was impressed although the vocals need a little bit of polishing up. Asi pane vamwe sister vanojaivha ipapo pa band iri uuuuumn I can see a great future for her and the band. She reminds me of Katarina of the Mukadota fame. Simoko Simoko, Simoko ichakupengesa kkkkk

  4. Comment…saka moreva here kuti system iye fanuel uyu akafa nemututu or anga azvitsvagirao chirwere chakazongodyao peter zvakare

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