Sharp increase in tobacco growers


THE number of tobacco growers for the 2013-2014 agricultural season has increased by 100%, Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) figures have shown.

Business Reporter

This showed that the country’s farmers were moving away from solely growing staple food crops to cash crops.

According to TIMB statistics 87 281 growers registered for this year’s farming season with the biggest increase having been recorded in communal areas and A1 farmers followed by A2 and small scale-farmers.

The figure indicated that 26 816 farmers registered this year were new growers. Communal growers recorded 47%, followed by A1 farmers at 34% while A2 farmers and small-scale farmers stood at between 8% and 11% respectively.

In an interview with NewsDay, TIMB chief executive officer Andrew Matibiri said the increase in tobacco farmers for this season was as a result of farmers shifting to grow tobacco from other crops like cotton and maize.

Matibiri said this year’s tobacco marketing season will begin on February 19.


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  1. MuAirport- No smoking
    Muchechi- No smooking
    Mubhazi- No smoooking
    Mubank- No smooooking
    MuParament No smoooooking
    Mumunda- No smooooooking
    Mumagumbeze-No smoooooooki..
    Service Station-No smooooooking
    to svutirepi imi mboko?

  2. The number of tobacco growers is doubling meaning to say we are also looking for a double in production at a time when we are trying to reduce smoking how ironic

  3. @prince tau true t that. Instead, we are a hungry country.hatidye fodya.If the GMB was competent enough, we wouldn’t be importing so much food. What it means is that tobacco is offering something better in terms of returns.I have no doubt that of the 26 000 0r so new farmers previoulsy might have been maize farmers who have been disgruntled by GMB and the governmenet. The fialure of our government to address the issue, has driven farmers away from maize to tobacco.

  4. Kingsgate, Madison, Newbury, Everrest, shamrock Chimonera nemidzanga….. Pindai mese huyai tisvute tisimudzire nyika yedu…legalise mbanje.

  5. Stokononzi, u have given me a laughter with your first contribution. I suggest u quit smoking.

    I also TIMB could enlighten the nation on the other uses of tobacco apart from smoking.

  6. Do we eat tobacco? We are importing maize from Zambia yet our poor farmers increase the production of a killer crop.Foolish!

    • Tobacco is also used in the production of drugs ie antibiotics, vaccines, cancer treatment, pesticides and industrial enzymes and solvents. That is why the prices are high and is in demand worldwide. It is not just for making kingsgate, Everate etc…..these are byproducts

      • @murumi you are not correct in saying cigarettes are a by product of tobacco prodcution. No, no, no, no and no again. No one else has ever heard that tobacco is used in cancer treatment – please let us all know this big secret.

    • hahaha we are getting fed by the white farmers who were chased. How pathetic for such wasted potential. Sorry maningi.

  7. LOL! If 26,000 are New registrants, and the total registered is 87,000, how does this become a 100% growth?

    This is a country of educated illiterates who cry fowl when Cashbert Dube is suspended for paying himself $230,000 per month, but applaud when one of his lieutenants who was earning $200,000 per month is apppointed to replace Dube to bring ‘sanity’ to PSMAS.

    This is a country where a WHOLE LAWYER spent 4 years masquerading as a Finance Minister and could never understand what “debt’ means, let alone figure out that the country’s debt was $6.1 billion and not $10 billion. I suppose 10 is a “nice round figure”!!!

  8. we don’t eat tobacco but if it brings money to pay bills, school fees, medication etc its a better option as compared to maize which gmb won’t pay u for. for u guys who are worried about reduction of smokers in our country remember most of our tobacco is exported to otha countries, so let e money come in we need these exports as a country

  9. This means there will be more tobacco than food in Zimbabwe. Can someone stop celebrating the increase of tobacco farmers and re-focus on food farmers? Flower-growing is much better than this cancer-causing. leafy monster.

    So many Zimbabweans have died of cancer of the lungs directly due to this sadistic joy of puffing out a cloud of smoke as if one were a steam train. We should stop praising tobacco growing and think about alternatives which promote our health. Zimbabweans whose relatives die of cancer of the lungs due to smoking should start suing tobacco companies in our courts so that they do not go about shouting the glories of smoking in their newspaper adverts.

  10. Actually, snuff is better and there is less risk of cancer of the nose. Mark my words and check medical statistics. And snuff does not contaminate the guy sitting next to you on the bus or in a bar or in theatre or in any public space. No pollution either!

  11. Nothing to celebrate here. The current crop of farmers have the same mentality as all the greedy people in this country. Our previous farmers at least had the nations best interests at heart so much so we could even export our excess maize. They also grew sufficient of the golden leaf to make it a commodity in demand worldwide!

  12. the tobbacco is for export. we use tobbacco money to buy food. if you grow 100acres of tobbacco, you get enough cash to buy the equivalence of 100acres of maize plus $3500. isnt it novel?

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  14. As much as we celebrate the increase in the number of tobacco farmers lest not forget deforestation. Two seasons to come, Zimbabwe will be a desert. This should not be celebrated. Lets seriously consider this comrades. Let us not be political let’s look at nature. It is very difficult to do afforestation at the rate at which trees are being cut.

  15. no increament on number of growers just that the same guys grew tobacco last year and did not have growers numbers ,do your reseach properly,kkkkkkk

  16. need to import more maize even after harvesting.G.M.B kubhara mari shoma kuchibage motizve kunonoka season tese kufodya ikoko.

  17. Chenjerai Hove is spot on on snuff. Smoker does not affect others as much as compared to cigarettes.

    Dear reporter: how about comparing balancing the report of tobacco production with the rate of aforestation. How is the tree planting/forest regeneration rate fairing vs deforestation (twin causes of opening forests to farm and cutting trees/forests for firewood to cure tobacco)?

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