Rapists face 30 years in jail

WOMEN Affairs minister Oppah Muchinguri told Parliament yesterday the ministry was seeking to amend the Domestic Violence Act to increase the mandatory jail term for rapists to 30 years following reports that a total of 1 628 girls under the age of 16 years were raped last year alone.


Muchinguri was giving a ministerial response to the gender-based violence motion which was introduced by MDC-T Harare West legislator Jessie Majome.

She also said the ministry was planning to train MPs and chiefs in mitigating rape and domestic violence in their communities.

“Rape cases are on the increase as according to ZRP statistics 1 940 cases were reported in 2011 while in 2012 the figure rose to 10 871, and in 2012 under-16 girls raped numbered 1 553 and the figure rose to 1 628 in 2013,” she said.

“My ministry will continue to monitor sentencing trends to ensure there are mandatory sentences for rapists and the Domestic Violence Act will also be reviewed to ensure mandatory sentences of at least 30 years are imposed, as well as implementing the Zimbabwe National Gender-Based Violence Strategy of 2012 which was developed as a guiding framework for all stakeholders,” she said.

Leader of the opposition MDC-T  in the National Assembly Thokozani Khupe said her heart bled when she saw the girl rape victims aged between 10 and 18 years who were brought to Parliament a fortnight ago by Musasa Women’s Project to observe how MPs were tackling debate on gender violence.

She said the abused girls were likely to suffer vesico vaginal fistula, a condition that would cause uncontrolled leakage of urine as a result of rape and protracted labour because they were children.

“When a child grows in an environment of rape and domestic violence exhibited by their fathers, it means they will build boxes where they are imprisoned and at the end become drug addicts, rapists or wife barterers,” she said.


  1. They must also seek to increase jail sentences for women who sexually abuse minor children and other female rapists .

  2. I agree with Oppah rapist are murderers and to me when proved without doubt that they raped ini I think hanging is ok, but where we differ with Oppah is about a husband being accused of raping his wife ah this is not cultural or christian neither is it Islamic. I don’t know where this was taken from, because party of marriage covenant is conjugal rights. In other words we may see many cases of people taking their spouses to court for denying them conjugal rights. Mind you when they say You can divorce because of sexual immorality to me also means denying your wife or husband sex is sexual immorality.

  3. pse donot forget those who falsey accuse men to settle scores with men as their sentences require reviewing upwards

  4. I propose life sentence instead.If you release the rapist after 30yrs what will happen to the victim if they meet.She will remember the horror.Rapists deserve to stay in jail forever.This should also apply to female rapists. However I castigate women who lie that they have been raped so that they fix their lovers or if the deal goes sour.I also condemn women who lose their virginity willingly then they lie to their next boyfriend that they were raped.Lets deal with genuine cases.As for marital rape there is nothing like that.Ukaona mukadzi wawakabvisira pfuma avakukunyima bonde,anenge aona zvimwe zvitsva.If I wrong you,. tell me so that we resolve it,starving me of sex will worsen the situation.The bible forbids kunyimana bonde.I am pertubed by the ever increasing divorces,inyaya yekuda kunyebera kuziva.Hapana chinonzi equal rights mumarriage! Our mothers had long marriages with our fathers because they submitted themselves to our fathers and we enjoyed growing under the same parents.Why are we so cruel to our children kuti vakure under single parentship?Selfisness!

  5. 30 years incarceration, my foot! Who will take care of their upkeep? Castration is the optimum solution tobva taisa muchiso pahuma kuti ‘C’ meaning kuti gearbox rakabviswa. Let get rid of the offending tool!

    1. How does the law deal with women rapists? Men rapists should be castrated and women rapists should be sealed leaving just a small room for urination.

  6. how many of those was statutory? i am researching on a sociological paper looking at the law and the modern sexual trends. Do you not think that many of our teens are engaging in sexual activity earlier ( before 16) which is considered a crime? does it mean our law is no longer relevant or there is a growingv social rot or simply the morals are changing

  7. I think woman rights are too much for them, remember that for it to rain there must be some clouds, now woman are forcing rain on a clear ski but on the ather side they are peporting that we are equal They seem to be seeking for more protection than more productive issues. They even forget that they are Evers not Farraw’s I think woman must concentrate on preserving our culture .What is already in our new constitution is more than enough for them.

  8. I have had a daughter 4 years young almost raped by a 28 year old relative if it hadnt been stopped by my wife who realised the child had gone suddenly quite in the living room. Personally such henious crimes should be rewarded by a death sentence. Because such actions are meant to kill the life out of that innocent girl, worse so for the parents. I know it.

  9. There is need to adequately address this rape issue. There are a lot of these old perverts who have money but sunken cheeks signifying reaction to arvs but are on a rampage preying young girls, particularly those in dire situations in colleges. The act should address all facets so that perpetrators in what ever form size shape and political power are brought to book. The justice delivery system needs to be given a backbone to met out justice

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