Producers seek funding for new film


PRODUCERS of an upcoming HIV and Aids feature film titled Tariro are seeking $20 000 to finish up the project.


Scheduled to be released in April, the Moderate Kasvosve-written film was inspired by his training in various HIV and Aids education programmes.

In an interview, the executive producer Malon Murape said they were struggling to complete the project designed to spread HIV and AIDS knowledge.

“We have been self-funding the project, but we have run out of funds, no wonder we are extending a begging bowl to well-wishers so that we can complete the project which encompasses teachings about HIV and Aids,” said Murape.

“We are in need of about $20 000 that will be used for the production of the film which we believe can bring behavioural changes to society for both people living with or without the virus.”

According to Murape, the film is based on true life stories of HIV and Aids-related issues and it was filmed in Mufakose and Marimba.
The film’s theme centres on Tariro, a 17-year-old girl school dropout dating a caring and loving university student boyfriend Tawana.

Tawana is not aware that Tariro is cheating with a 34-year-old married man, Paul, who is also a father of one. Tariro lives with her elder sister Chantell who also dates several married men who include Kundi who happens to date Tariro.


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