Probe medical aid societies — CCZ


THE Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) has called for a probe into Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) and other medical aid societies in the country amid indications that there is rampant abuse of public funds.

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In a statement, CCZ executive director Rosemary Siyachitema said the consumer watchdog was in shock and disturbed with the news of the salaries for top management at PSMAS.

She said considering the general economic situation that the country was facing and the continuous problems the ordinary consumer who is a member of PSMAS has had in accessing good service, the salaries were shocking and a slap in the face of PSMAS members.

“As the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe on behalf of the many consumers who are PSMAS members, we want to see a thorough investigation on this issue, including other medical aid societies so that consumers are vindicated in what they have been saying for many years that they are receiving shoddy services from some medical aid societies,” Siyachitema said.

The calls for the probe follow revelations by the media that former PSMAS chief executive officer Cuthert Dube earned $230 000 monthly.

Siyachitema said if the salary amounts were found to be true, it meant that the members had been contributing every month to fill the pockets of top management rather than be given good service when they needed it.

“Considering what the public has heard about salaries in PSMAS, ZBC (Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation) and local authorities, it seems that this is just the tip of the iceberg. On behalf of all struggling consumers, investigations cannot just be made on a piecemeal basis, there is need for a group made of principled people to investigate all these issues,” she said.

She, however, said it was unacceptable for consumers to suffer at the hands of collapsing banks due to greedy service providers and let this be business as usual.

“As CCZ, we are horrified and shocked that consumers’ rights have been trampled on in this way and the little money that the ordinary person is earning is going towards such corrupt officers.  We feel that the consumer is being robbed and this is a criminal act — and rather than retiring people and giving them golden handshakes and giving them extra allowances, these people need to be investigated.”


  1. CCZ needs to investigate how many people were denied services & made to pay cash or go elsewhere and suffered as a result. If you have enough disenfranchised people then you can make a case and bring it to the courts and sue vana Cashbert in their personal capacity. Affected people need to be paid for their suffering, because they were lied to! Giving a Thief Executive Officer a golden handshake?

  2. Ccz should be investigated instead for failing to attend to numerous complaints i made to them for failing access medication from psmas despite being a fully subscribed member

  3. investigations dzacho to include pensions funds especially cormaton. where on earth in this day and age they pay peanuts while they are smiling to bank nemari dzedu.

  4. This Psmas is just rubbish and a haven for criminals.Right now they are busy appointing Cathbert Dubes proxies as chairman and CEO, so effectively Dube remains in charge.They are busy lying in the media that they have cleared their debt yet no service provider has been paid since January.There also appears to be a lack of will power by the government to deal with the PSMAS board no wonder why these cosmetic changes to the board one of these days people will lose their patience and take the law into their own hands.

  5. Kudos to the lady at CCZ..this is what we have been waiting for her all these years..Maybe the ghost of Nyambuya has come back to life. Now please think about the plight of pensioners who are sent home to their DEATHS in tears by these greedy murderers incorporated trading as pension and insurance companies..

  6. Please also investigate salaries at IPEC..and why do we need this vampire anyway? What good has it been..where is their acturial report Biti promised us those many years ago?

  7. the following should also be investigated because its our money that these guys are earning while we get poorer and live in dehumanising rooms/houses. ZMDC,MMC, IDC,Railways, ZESA and its companies, Zimra, Zinwa, Zisco, Zinara, Air Zim, GMB, CSC, Tele One, Net One, Technical colleges production funds and principals. wild life authorities,ZNA arms company,management at all hospitals,all SDAs in schools, all churches, all NGOs, etc

  8. kkkkkkk i thought this animal called Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ ceased to exist long back. Is it still alive? Lord have mercy on us. I thought it died when Nyambuya (cant remember his name correctly) left the organization.

  9. Prob Kwekwe poly principal and his accountant , the two are living a life which is not in line with their salaries for example the accountant owns 6 top of the range cars , houses, and he recently bought a farm and a stand in msasa to mention only a few. All these were acquired within a very short space of time.

  10. I believe CCZ have this one the wrong way around. Let’s continue with the parastatals and when that is done by all means let’s go after the private sector and not just the private medical aid societies. Most probably by going the government route first many leads will be found to implicate the private sector. Besides this is not your role to call for probes when there are so many who are unhappy with your performance as CCZ.

  11. One contributes to a medical aid scheme for a year and is never admitted to a hospital, never consults a doctor in that budget year (worst case scenario) OR you consult a doctor once of twice, what happens to t your change? Surely, there is a lot of money left over in that budget year which is never carried forward to the next year, what happens to such huge sums of monies? Rosemary, the consumers need to know. We have been taken for a ride for a long time by so many people and institutions and its time to put a stop to all this corruption. I am looking forward to a day were consumers in Zimbabwe will come to a point where they boycott businesses run by corrupt people, be it transport, medical aid societies, grocery shops, local authorities etc. Nxaaaa mani!!!!!!!!!

  12. The healthy members that do not claim as often subsidize the cost of the unhealthy members that claim often. When you get old and sickly, your costs will then be subsidized by another healthy member. This is why a late joiner penalty is used. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are employees to pay and scams waste a lot of money.

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