President Mugabe pardons 2 000 prisoners

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe last Wednesday granted close to 2 000 prison inmates countrywide amnesty beginning today.


Zimbabwe Prison Service deputy commissioner in charge of administration Aggrey Huggins Machingauta told journalists in Harare yesterday that by end of the week they would have released all the inmates that qualifed under the programme.

“It is an exercise that needs to be carefully done. We don’t just wake up and open the gates. We will be working with the police and we are already assessing those that qualify to be released,” Machingauta said.

Under Mugabe’s order published in the Government Gazette, habitual criminals serving a term of extended imprisonment, any person under death sentence, any person service a sentence imposed by court martial, a person who escaped from lawful custody and is still at large and any person serving a jail term for a specified offence will not qualify for amnesty.

Cases listed under specified offences include rape, murder, treason, carjacking, armed robbery and stock theft.

People who have reached 70 years and above and women, except those facing life and death sentences will qualify.

Juveniles, serving at an open prison will automatically qualify for amnesty, including the terminally ill.
About 118 inmates were serving in Zimbabwe’s open prison, while three of the 505 women incarcerated will remain behind bars.

Two are facing death sentences while one is on life imprisonment, according to prison officials.

However, the clemency order does not cover those sentenced after the date the order was gazzeted.

Machingauta said: “We expect society to accept those released and give them a second chance. We don’t want them to be stigmatised.”

He said lobbying was at an advanced stage to get the government accept ex-convicts and offer them employment, although it was a legal issue.

Machingauta refuted allegations that Zimbabwe’s prisons were hell, recording a very high death rate.
“The death rate in the prisons is a reflection of what is happening in society. The death rate is nothing to cause alarm.

“Our inmates are actually getting the best and timely medical attention, especially the antiretroviral drugs,” he said.

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  1. Gumbura should be out

    1. @Mafuta.Please read again.Those serving jail time for a specified crime like rape do not qualify for parole.

  2. this is e best news i ‘av had in 2014. we all need a second chance. if u ‘en prison, u know beta. only a few ‘ll go back by deeds bt e rest ‘ll thank God!

  3. kana uri mushonga una Gumbura wakaoma from 40 years jail term to 4weeks if he qualifies presidential pardon

    1. kkkkkkkkkkiest

    2. Kidza hausi kunzwa English here iwe.Gumbura has been convicted of a specified offence(Rape)therefore he has to forget nezvokubuda.

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  5. inga gumbura obuda zvakare,apa president……

  6. Gumbura muburitseiwo vanhuwee. Mhosva yake yaakasungirwa ndeyei? Handiti church yacho makaibhana here? Saka kana aitora advantage yechurch. You destroyed the church and he will have nowhere to do his ill deeds. This man was unfortunate.

  7. thank u baba u are such amazing father may lord put more years 2 cme wish u the best .haihwa ndokuti baba uku

  8. baba mugabe tinodada nemi tinotenda baba vedu nekupa hama dzedu mumwe mukanar

  9. baba mugabe tinodada nemi tinotenda baba vedu nekupa hama dzedu mumwe mukana

    1. KUne vamwe izvozvi vanototi vachibuda vasati vasvika kumba votosungwazve neimwe mhosva saka vanhu ivava tisambovanzvira.Vamwe vacho vanga vatojaira zvokuti kugara panze kunotova netsa.Of the president has done something but should not be overpraised because it is the constitution of this country which gives him the mandate to pardon these inmates so overpraise from Valentine is uncalled for.He seems to have some body who had been convicted and is happy that he/she is coming back however if that is the case then his relative will go back only after some hours being out.

  10. The media should go sniffing and tell us how many of those pardoned are supporters of the president’s party with election violence-related convictions, jailed to hoodwink us into supposing there is a semblance of justice in the country, only to be conveniently pardoned between the previous election and the next.ndapedza.

  11. zvaGumbura zvaita manje… otobuda manje manje

  12. mukora kwafamombe

    Ko Dudu anoqualifier here apa?

  13. @valentine,baba vekubudisa mbavha ?vanoitira kuti maBhodhagezi akasungwa arovavanhu pamaelections vabude.Tinoda kunzwa zvichaitwa vanhu varikulooter hufumi hwenyika,vachaenda here kujere kanakuti hapanazvavachaitwa sezvagarazvichingoitwa,Morrison Sifelani akamhanyisa,dai akaziva kuti aive mugwara remusangano dai atorigurukota,minister,parizvino savanaChombo dzimwe mbavha dzemusangano

  14. havo vonzi vapiwe mabasa,kuripwa humhondi nehumbavha usu tisina kuparamhoswa tofatiri marovha.”criminal pays”next time,towards 2018 tichaparawo kuda tingawane mabasa

  15. ko muchinda weku pinda pa’hunger strike uye kuti Mahachi adzingwe basa akazodya here???? Gumbura apfidza kare nejeri uyo hamuchazombofa makamuona zvakare.

  16. Ko Gumbura anopinda papi vanhuwe. Inga ari pa ‘specified crime’ which does not warranty a pardon. Verengai zvakanaka vanhu.

  17. thank you mr president ko vana ve Mdc vaya varikubudawo here pliz chivaregaiwo hutsinye hwamavaitira hwanyanya

  18. we all needs a second chance, despite our past, Vagona Mukuru wenyika

  19. thebs you are right bt what l wana tell our old age president is vakatanga kutonga nyika yedu vambobva muhusungwa , Nelson mandela akatonga south africa abva muhusungwa saka gwara racho ndiroro vana ve Mdc vavepedyo kuzotonga manje

  20. gumbura should rot in jail aiwa ngaagare imomo

  21. I believe this is the start of a process to make room in prison for the salarygate maggots and their corrupt cronies!

  22. Pane munhu one or a few who are meant to benefit from this pardon thing, the rest are just lucky.

    With the corruption thing in our society it wont be surprising to see some who clearly dont qualify for this pardon leaving the thick walls as well.

  23. wavakuzvivhurira majere mazimbavha awa. GOD works in ways unique to us mortals.

  24. popularity stunt meant to increase populaeity ahead of hs birthday..

  25. Imiweee, all presidents do that sometimes, but some will be back in no time…Zva Gumbura kwava kumberi macdes,…after all we campaigned for! This noble did, however, seems to favour women, just my opinion.

  26. Police should check trends in crime rates after this presidential pardon. We would like to know whether it’s helping the generality of Zimbos.

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  28. Nothing wrong R.G.M is using his powers as mandated by the Zimbabwe constitution. Unlike some criminals masquerading as would be liberators while they don’t want anyone to challenge their style of leadership even from fellow subordinates. Even if he promised Zimbabweans that if he lost the 2013 July harmonized election he was going to step down. Now he is prepared to kill to remain mdct party president

  29. The prisons are full arnt they – there is no space for new convicts.

  30. Gentlemen we should be careful of ths so called women empowerment! Look only those women on death sentence cnt qualify for ths amnesty bt those who raped men and murdered their two-months old babies easily escape. Does this mean if a woman commits a crime she is a lesser criminal js cz mukadzi??! Chandakaimerera ndochishaya,nhasi vakadzi vava vana mambo,this is ws nevr God’s idea in the first place nwe!!!!

    1. True that my brother, instead of promoting gender equality, we seem to promote women superiority,

  31. Thank you President. let us give them a second chance.anoda kunyora mabhuku saDudu hewo mukana,toonawo nezvishandwa zvitsva pahunhu hwakanaka.

  32. May you continue do good things by creating employment so that ey can find something to keep them busy n ey will not repeat it again

  33. kkkkkkk hanz vapei mabasa aripi manje kutongoenda mumisika hapana yekutamba vamwe vachatodzokera zvee nekushaya zvekuita koz vachabatwa neuya mweya thanx mdara bt gumbura ngaadzoke zvake momupa basa rekusona bhutsu ari padhuze necentral mubulawayo kana zvamubata vomutora

  34. Let him enjoy thye life style in prison.These days I think he is always thinking of his wives but haachalume.Wongovaonera kuhope sabhinya sezvo aribhinya.Non of the wives will be found waiting for him at his house.Thats the end of a dynasty.

  35. babevele bengaso zibotshwa boooo bakhiphe wena uyengena phakathi kkkkkkkk

  36. Handidzo mviro-mviro dzekuda kubuditsa vana Gumbura here idzi?Timing yacho!Watch this space!

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