Emotions in pictures: Gumbura wives after sentencing

Some of Pastor Gumbura's wives leaving court last year. Their husband was been convicted of four counts of rape and one count of possession of pornographic material. Picture: Hilary Maradzika

RMG End Time Message church leader Robert Martin Gumbura, who was convicted on four counts of rape and one count of possession of pornographic material on Friday, was on Monday sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Of these, 10 years were suspended on condition of good behaviour. This leaves him with an effective 40 year jail term.

AMH Multimedia Producer Cynthia R Matonhodze captured the emotions on the faces of some of Gumbura’s 11 wives as they exited the Harare Magistrates’ Court arena after their husband’s sentencing.

Gumbura Wives 1


  1. vakadzi vasvinu kudai kushaya brain (pfungwa). regai muone kukichimiswa kwavachaitwa nemagora nekupusa kwavo ikoku. nxaaaaa

    • kana wakavatarisa ndivo vanhu vasina brain here?,uri kutovachiva uye kuvada halala!!! iwe shame on you,these are godly women not after the manner of the world,after all your happiness is a short lived glory this is a beginning of a new era,the demonstration of the power of God as the Apostolic period has surfaced again,this could be beyond your spiritual eyesight em sorry

      • shame on you jerani, which new era are u talking about, its u who is spiritually blind, which apostolic period ar u referring to? Did the apostles in book of ACTS lived a filthy life like this man, no no mhani, pepuka iwe!

        • its in your head that polygamy is filthy otherwise you are a fruit of polygamy,”rape” has been a dirty fabrication of church politics of the false fine to the demise of this Apostle

          • am not a fruit of polygamy my dear & neither do i desire to be.Nothing has been fabricated against this so called Apostle of yours, i know everything about this man Gumbura, he deserves to rot in jail he is paying for his sins here on earth

          • kkkkkkkkkkk.ndo vakadzi vaikwirwa ne chikwambo chinonzi RMG.mukadzi anofunga chaiye?????????nononnonononono mhani,ndaramba.

          • Jerani…U are a brainwashed fargot, useless, lame and u are mentally weak…Ndimi maidiwa naGumbura cause of blind faith and your high level of gullibility.

            Tibvire Kumhepo…kuhuwa weti!!!

          • People’s Court (Part 2) Jim Jones. Indoctrinated to the last capacity. eiiish madhodha wenzenjani??? Which bible do you read wena??

          • Aiwa jerani, usadaro. Ndazonzwisisa, nezuro ndaka rohwa kumasure ku jeri. Rape is not nice, ndakakanganisa. But the one thing i will miss most is your mother, oooooooooooo, you know i loaned her to your father, but ultimatley her nice bum was my sugar bun

        • think about the infidelity of your wife or husband,how many times you have been cheated,its not the same here,Gumbura is God fearing man so are his wives

          • @jerani

            Garazviya iwe ndiwe upi pavakadzi ava?? Are you the one who was promised to be the 12th wife?? You sure sound like her coz simbi yaenda usina kumboisevenzesa. Sorry.

          • hahahahaha kikiki u need tp be comitted to an asylum zveshuwa hindava uri kumu defender kudai asi wanga wakapromiswa kuita mukadzi wechitwe

          • God fearing my foot. All he is fearing is the prospect of his knob not getting erect before his next sexual encounter

          • jerani im sure the courts can separate fabrication from reality this case has been analysed for some time now he maybe what u say he is in your eyes but in our eyes the man is a rapist and rapists can not be aligned with Godly ways. do not be misguided in your faith for the judgement day shall come for all of us.

      • yaaa ndivo vanhu vanoputsa dzimba dzevanhu vachichiva varume vevanhu…11 people sharing one person munhu akadai acvhiparidzira vanhu hehehe inga mwari munomuita wekumba kwenyu

      • jerani you need to call me, txt back you post would not help me understand how you see things. 0779423331. or send a txt and I will call you…

      • iwe une godo rinokunetsa ko weave dzawangonangana nadzo ndozvadii iyi ilanguage yemukadzi ane godo.vakadzi havasi brainwashd ava vanotaridza kuziva zvavanoita asi ndiwe umwe wevaya vakashandiswa.Shame on u.

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  2. the wives dress rubbish. no more bigdaddy for 40 years. move on ladies. you been given a newstart. oh and do go to new start neh

    • its just mere jealous,if you are a man you don’t have a beautiful wife that matches these women,if a woman you are ugly and you cant match these women,thus not rubbish of this attire then what do you say of women who put on miniskirts,tights and trousers thus rubbish

  3. ko vana ava 30 vanochengetwa naani ,ndofunga vaifanira kuderedzawo makore kusvika pa30 coz taneta nehuwandu hwema street kids so adding anotha thirty the scenario becomes so pathetic hey

    • Kikikkk, madii mamira Gumbura atanga afa @Dhangwezi. Zvino motogova nhumbi iye achimupenyu. Ko kaya kekuti I was approached to b the 12th wife karipi??

  4. this is not the end of Gumbura for those ululating and parting,the handwriting is on the wall,the lord will bring about Real justice not of man but heavenly so read your spiritual clock,its about time for birthpains,Mwari havakurirwe nevanhu

    • @jerani gasani,you must be 100% insane.uri hama ya Gumbura kani?why are you supporting this man you are calling a man of God?…..and which God are you talking about?you expect justice to come from where?you are an uncevalised coakroch and a good-for-nothing monkey.asi ndiwe waibatsira Gumbura ku raper?wakapiwei?stop using the name of God in support of this mhombwe.nonsense.

    • Vakadzi vakatsvinda havana brain. SO is gumbura’s so called wives. Whatever judgement Heavenly or here. at least our young sistwers are at peace, till he apeals.

  5. the law has taken its course. if pastors can not listen to what they preach, they being the custodians of the book of law, what should they expect? Destiny in the hands of judiciary, physical receives physical jail, spiritual receives spiritual jail now two for a man called man of God! Pastors seek deliverance before it is too late.

    • ndoda mubati vehomwe chete ane bag ngaandionewo sure sele dzese idzi dzasara gumbura vandigumbura shit mhani ana mai nhiya ane bag ndatora

  6. I used to meet Gumbura around Greencroft shopping center mid 90s, somehow his face got imprinted in my brain to now. I always thought he was weird. Again I came to know his brother Innocent as a dealer in hot cars, guys close to him used to say he is Chihuri’s friend. Thats why he had police protection. The bottom line is the media must find thestory behind the story. Again Gumbura can appeal or ask a Presidential pardon since he is Zanupf to the bone. Ana Kitsi yatota vakauraya vanhu vari kungofamba. AnaChinotimba vakanwa ropa revapenyu. Vatoo ma MP.

  7. Varume ndati kane ORANGE ne SHADES ndekangu. Chero Gumbura ndinoteera yave murder. ”varume musazobata magetsi muchiziva magetsi anouraya, kupukukuta maziso nemaoko abva kubata mhiripiri…………….singing Madhuve wangu -baba Shero. MWaaaaaaaaaaah kane orange akooooooo

  8. kana pornigraphic material ichirambidzwa mapurisa chimboendai kuzvikoro ndapota hangu, vana vazadza muma foni nema laptop. Pliz launch an operation

  9. At least they can reshape there future rather than dwelling in a marriage of duress and brainwashing! They are now independent and hope that some counselors can talk sense in them.

  10. Uyo wekutanga ane blue akutofonera chikomba chake. With the HIV/AIDS prevalence, most of them have signed a death sentence. They fools, kubatwa kumeso rega zvife ne AIDS..nxaaaaaa

  11. The appeal will go nowhere.Martin Gumbura has another case which will add another 20 years to his already 40 years behind bars.These young wives have nothing to wait for.Problem is by the time they leave the gumbura compound, they will all be HIV positive, having been infected by martin gumbura’s two younger brothers who have AIDS

    • Kizito, if u r the one from Waddilove, I am asking you to log onto facebook’ s Waddilove High School forum and tell your side of the story or yet defend yourself from your former schoolmates. Do u owe us that much, maybe not but a lot of pple looked up to you as a role model and that should count for something. Just my opinion

  12. hey please i am not there to judge but i think God knows why and from the own set when the case begins i was wondering why all these woman would be fooled by one man and i realize that they believed in his gospel that he was preaching just like when you go kwmarange its unfortunate that this man has been locked but i failed to believe these woman his wealth has nothing to do with this

  13. Gumbura a fake prophet nhasi zvakuwana….waitora vakadzi vevanhu uchiti ndevako vaunnenge wakweretesa saka kana wave kuvada back u just take handiti manje chapfuka ,gearani uri dofo

  14. ahhh ini zvangu zvaita ndanga ndakutoshaya kuti ndoita sei saka zvaaenda ndakunotsvaga wechidiki wezera , but gumbura anga akapenga iwa taikwana tese naye murume iyeye

  15. 40 years igeneration varume. Akadzoka anowana dzese dzaachembere vana varoora nekuroorwa. Dai vatoona yekutamba. vangasaita ngura nekusakwigwa. Iyo chaos hayo pamba pacho. Ko nhamo zvayo! Kupenya kwese kuchaper. Inonzi nhamo iyoyo. Chaiseva kana chotemura

  16. End time Message iyi ndeipi? Chaivo havapfeki mupfekero uyu ndovaziva.”…a bishop,deacon… must be the husband of one wife” if u follow the teaching of the Bible.

  17. I feel for the small kids and these ladies. Soon all the wealthy will be exhausted. My sisters why not seek God and not man. You still have a chance to take charge of your lives. Accept, restart and move on.

  18. bt wats surprising me most is vakadzi vese ava kuda pastor vari mudungwe zvavari izvozvo fr wat????they need delieverance….

  19. jeranigasani uyu iduzvi chairo chairo.sry guys anditsamwisa.thumbs up 2 the magistrate.JUSTICE JUSTICE JUSTICE AT LAST.thank u lord.

  20. ndopanoti kunyura vachakaura vanga vajaira kudya mari yechegumi nezvipo zvehwayana.tichavaita party kumaavenues pane wandatoteya ndopinda chete

  21. imi hamugone kuisa vakadzi apa tarasikirwa murume aigona kushandisa chombo chake kwete vamwe vanoti varume vachipera simba ne round rimwe. uyu aiwa murume pavarume

  22. gumbura 40 years asingaziwe mukadzi hahahahahahahaahda humambo hwapera madzibaba. Uyo arikuzviti jerani ukawana nguva ukwane. Mfana asi urimukadzi wake kani.

  23. vakadzi ava jelous down vakanaka zvisingashoreki uye they loved their husband just like anyone else,but church politics took centre stage here, guys do not be fooled no rape case whatsoever even god knows that

  24. Jerani uri kabiyasi wemunhu. Kana uri gimbheni raGumbura wapinda nzara. Wotoona yekutamba faste faster coz mafero haabatiki easy.

  25. jerani nandombo ndofunga munotopenga chete vanhu imimi ndimwari upi anoti vakadzi ngavashandiswe she masex objects gumbura should go and root in jail dai akaita deal remari zvirinani not kutora vana vevanhu vanotambura achiita kunge ari kuda kuvabatsira iye ovaraper ndochii ichocho zvino iye atova mukadzi kuchikurubi ikoko

  26. Sorry for them god is not just like his young brother or big brother he was try to play with him that’s how he do’s kunyanya to those who things there clavier than him

  27. Just a warning to likeminded people as Mr Martin Gumbura, do not be fooled, God cannot be mocked. If you saw to the wind you will reap the wind. Surely God fights His own battles.

    My Brethren in Chitungwiza and Marondera be sober and be honest with yourselves about manmade doctrines of those who claim apostoleship ! Is this what Bro Branham our prophet taught? Is this not the Nicolite spirit which has crept into the circles of the End Time Message unawares? Didn’t Bro Branham teach about the soveregnity of each local church? Judge yea yourselves.

    God Bless You

  28. Ini hangu ndaona bhiza iro rine maboniboni iro, haiwa ibango! ndada ndada hangu musabata akomana ndopindapo chete!

  29. ka vakadzi venyu vakapusa vanongorohwa zvinhu nemadinga tiri kuenda ku church uuuuuun iwe mdhara urikudoro chete ukasvika kumba kurara kunge nhanga aaaa nxaaa mkadzi kunanga kwa chigumbura handisi kuguta okwesha hake onzi ane mhosva these people imboko shuwa.don’t worry chigumbura unobuda very soon utibatsire kukwira vakadzi vevanhu vakapusa ava nxaaaaaa nhai

  30. If you are supporting Gumbura it means you don’t see nothing wrong with what he has been doing. Kana kuti kana urimukadzi airara newe kana urimurume aikutsvagira vakadzi. And on his wives ndikutora wife No 6

  31. I will be back rega timbonodambura vapfana nayo pachikurubi kana vari vakadzi hapana one ino vagutsa netumidzanga twenty nyatsotarisai picture yangu ndiri mupick up muone unonzi mushini haikona kungoti toda uyu anew size yaanoda,Shumba yakashaya nyama inofura uswa rega ndimbomixer vapfana pachitokisi…ndaenda

  32. Jerani wake up and do not slumber.hapana zvauri kutaura apa.kana gumbura aiva mumnhu wa Mwari ma pono iyiyadini?hanzi taida kuzvozvi destroyer kupera kwegore ko micheka yemidzimu,makano,mamini skirts nezvimwe zvamaida kuzo destroyer zviripi?dont be fooled wake up that man is evil and must repent kuvanhu vaakatadzira ne kuna Mwari.

  33. In these earthly courts there is no truth whatsoever. Its about kugona kutaura . Otherwise Gumbura haana kana mhosva.Zvebarika its an African way of life . I wonder why you British-Zimbabweans are making this noise hapana kana rape its about sour grapes and church politics at play.I feel the learned Magistrate erroed in his judgement.Ndiyo nyika brother RMG vane mhosva vanosara. I am sorry otherwise you were doing God’s work rekusika vanhu you are a great man .I like that 30 children thats geat, all staying under one roof. Some ignorant people are suprised and peddling lies that you cannot identify your children by name what hogish thinking.A primary school teacher can identify all pupils at the school one by one;by name.Baba wozotadza vana vake .You noise makes are the ones with most of the street kids and OVCs in children’s Homes, RMG aichengeta mhuri yake.

    • @saMutoko you are insane just like jerani.which african way are yu talking about?….of having 11 wives and what message does he preach in front of the people?ungade vana 30 vasiri vako?.your father Gumbura must be delivered from the SPIRIT OF LUST.you fool.

  34. Do not celebrate the demise of other people. Encourage each other to repent, feel sorry for the grief in others nommater how much they have been involved in sin. We are not judges, God is the ultimate Judge. Remember there is no sin too big to be forgiven. I feel sorry for his wives and children, may God provide for them whilst their father and Hubby is not around for them. Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on them.

    • thank you for your message. you proved to be spiritually mature. we better intercede for him to repent and get saved.

  35. My aunt who is one of Gumbura’s 11 wives are going to form a support group
    Can i have your sugestions?

  36. I have said it time and again most women use their waist to think. What the item in their undie feel is what they do. Seriously it has made me realy understand the meaning of outward appearance versus inward appearance. If you meet these women in the streets you would not think they strip naked in front of that beast. But I still insist Gumbura did not rape but conned women into sex.

  37. This is really sad. I feel sorry for all innocent victims including his kids but as for him I cant judge but I think he deserve it.

  38. Tough lucky to you Gumbura but waka rumwa neche kuchera.
    To the ladies are say here are contacts: +27 78 102 7717. E-mail: me@gmail.com. First come first basis principle applies.

  39. jerani if you see your self standing alone being 1 out of a thousand ask yourself a question”Am i normal , maybe i should go to a psychatrist”

  40. Gulaz where do you come from ? Africans have been are still practising polygamy.From North Africa down to South. How do you read your history.Learn to debate without being emotional why call me names just express your views. Zvekutukana ndozvinei .Learn to respect other people’s view. Do you have proof that all those children are not his. Be objective.

  41. jerani you need to call me, txting back to your post would not help me understand how you see things. 0779423331. or send a txt and I will call you…

    • Chitsinde

  42. ane orenge nema spects varume musabata, ndakatotora zuro. ndakapinda musazoita jerasi nhasi kwandiri coz mazvitya kubata mudhara vachiripo. kana ndapedza naye ndoyenda kunevamwe vatatu awo. kkkkkk zvanguzvakaita. ndakanochera pakanocherwa namdara Gumbura . NDOTOERA MATSIMBA AKE.

  43. jerani, dai wavhura maziso, asi uri mumwe wevamwe vaiita orgy naGumbura? nxaaaaa wandi gumbura saGumbura, zidzoro rizere mvura

  44. I am surprised some people are still saying this sex maniac is innocent when a regional magistrate has ruled that he is guilty. remember the regional magistrate is a senior and experienced lawyer and many of you are not even lawyers. Mujaya must have more than 20 years experience as a magistrate. when he says someone is guilty, it means enough evidence was presented to him to show that rape was committed beyond reasonable doubt. Where he was not convinced, he acquitted him on the particular counts. the fact that akashayirwa mhosva pane dzimwe nyaya does not mean kuti haana kuita rape pama case iwayo. kungoti evidence yakaiswa pamberi pemutongi yakanga isina kukwana kuti amuise mujeri nenyaya idzodzo. hazvisi nyore kuti munhu kadzi aende kumapurisa nekunomira mu court achitaura nenze ku repwa kwake. panetenge paine nyaya in more than 99% of the cases. zvemadzimai kumurume uyu zvinozivikanwa kuti akazvitanga years asati atanga kuparidza polygamy. by the way this man akatongwa nyaya ye rape kwete ye polygamy. hapana aimbomusunga dai akango zviitira zvebarika rake chete. rape i crime inofanira kuti munhu aiswe kumapurisa nyaya itongwe nematare sezvakazoitika pana gumbura.

  45. @Pino – You are just an infidel period, no believer in our Lord Jesus Christ period.
    @taneta & Daniel – You are both offsprings of RAPE hence shungu and you don’t know the difference of consensual sex and rape. What makes you believe what happened to Grace Musharu and Brenda is not the same that happened to Hazvinei Samanyanga. What makes you believe that Precious and Winnet were true when actually the accused denied having sex with them. Lets say they had sex, what made them not report. Just because they want to FIX the man of God. They have hurt and harmed the anointed of God they will now swim in their problems the rest of their lives. There is no Spt Moyo, no Judge Mujaya, no you there to help. Watch their lives. Gumbura is a free man and these complainants and witnesses and the team behind the scenes vaibika chirongwa ichi they will surely experience gnashing of teeth here on earth and hell after their departure. If they don’t repent, I tell you, YOU will be the first one to be sorry these folks!!n They are stupid and total nonsense on earth. They MUST perish in unusual ways!!

  46. kutaura kwako kunoratudza kuti hauna ruzivo nezvemacourt ndosaka kwakaiswa room 4 highcourt,supreme neconstutional coarts meaning tht a magistrate can be misled if issues are misrepresentd to him.Mujaya munhuwo wenyama who wz made to believe tht ther wz rape which wz never ther.only God knows.muchazonyara kumirira pfambi idzi.its easy 4 woman 2 lay false rape charges especially in the case of Brenda &Grace where their Gwendere is believd to be party of the conspiracy which nailed Gumbura.if u hav livd in tym of Joseph with Mai Portiphar holding Joseph’s coat enough evidence tht she had been raped u wer wth no doubt help nail Joseph down.Mwari vakuitire Nyasha.

  47. my above comment refers to “Pino”in the above comment mai Portiphar is Hazvi akauya nemutabvunda wake wepant to court achinyepera munhu waMwari muchenjere kuzorohwa neshamhu dzamusingazivi kuti dziri kubvepi coz wese akatora part panyaya iyi will definately reap mark my words or maybe you’r part of the conspiracy then its obvious wait & see.man of God will remain powerful even in jail remembr apostle Paul,Peter etc ko ite Joseph Mwari havana kumira kumupa madreams arimo mujere.chenjera kuva iwe mufananidzo wekutanga.kana usina umboo hwenyaya dzauri kutaura bettr kunyarara.

  48. Togoonaka kuti zvinoitika semafungiro ako here shen. ko sei uchiti “rape which was never there” sekunge waigara uina gumbura pese paaive? i feel sorry for you because you sat under a man who spent his time drilling his doctrine into people until midnight turning them into zombies and not allowing other preachers to come and preach to them. uchazoona mukufamba kwenguva kuti chokwadi ndechipi. if you still think gumbura is a man of God you need to re-read the Bible. you now have time to think soberly. dai vari vana vako vaka repwa handifunge kuti ungadai uchitauro saizvozvo. anyway, let’s see what the high court and supreme court will say about the issue although they are not gods. May the Lord help you!

  49. and to all those varikutuka Jerani hasha ndedzei.ths is a free Zim& everyonw hz the right to view thngz the way he sees.ko unoda kuti aone maonero ako nhai kubvoruno newe taneta kuti muri vanaani.Magova Mwari here.akuudzai kuti maonero enyu ndoari “sane” ndiani.maivepo here achirepa kwacho?and to all message believrs commenting in ths column remembr *(God does not use a righteous man to do a wicked job)*David refused to put his hand on Saul wen the opportunity came to him twice.Ko saka ava vanonyepera kuva mabro ivo varivo vakaronga consipiracy nemukuru wavoChitsinde tovaisa papi.vanaDoeg the Idiot.kana RMG ari mutadzi makadii kusiya Mwari vakarwa hondo yavo vega.Hooo imi ndimi maakutongera Mwari imi.kuitira Mwari basa?Toda kuona kuti imi gumo yenyu ichava yei?Makomba amacherere RMG ndiwo amuchawirawo maari.you even went further to reject the prophet WMB’s doctrines such as”serpent seed,total seperation,why we are not donomanation,come out,respects among others in front of the court & pple showing tht u’ve nothng to do wth them in trying to suit yo false charges.ie all those who witnesd.Jesus said”Anondiramba pamberi pevanhu neni ndichamurambawo ini nababa vangu.”so wher r u now,now tht yo mission wz acomplishd.shame on u.kuda kufadza nyika muchiramba magwaro amunoziva just to quench yo bittrness mozviti tiri vafundisi hamunyari.U shall definately reap in ths world &the world to come.!!!

  50. Vakuru vakare vaitaura kuti dai ndakaziva haitungamiri. I wonder what will become of my wives when I am not aware. Does it mean I will I will spent 40 years without sex. Jerani take over my work until I return

  51. zvinorwadza kuiswa usingade????iwe unopenga here akaiswa asingadi ndiani.ukatarisa vakadzi vese vaya vaiti vakarepwa pane wawakaona achiratidza stress ipo paya.is it a coincidence kuti hapanawo kana one pavari vese akanoreporter rape ichiri fresh.sei dzese rape idzi dzichongove nhoroondo.why believe such lies.kana kuti ndiwe umwe vevacho vakanyepa kuti tarepwa.Nyarawo mhani nhema dzako dzinonhuwa.

  52. But if our good news is veiled, it is veiled from those who are on the way to destruction: -2 Corinthians 4:3
    Because the god of this world has made blind the minds of those who have not faith, so that the light of the good news of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, might not be shining on them. -2 Corinthians 4:4

  53. varume ava vakundikana vese kubvira Chitsinde wacho naiye musungwa ishoko ripi rinoti endesanai kumatare .poul anoti musachaendesane kumatare manje kana radai ndakuku doubtai mese uyo gumbura ane dzakewo izvo ndezvashe asi wo baba avo varikuzvitiwo bhishopi vandikatyamadza zvekuti uyo arimubarika haisi nyaya yaibvisa hukama pakati pevarume ava vose vakabhabhatinzwa zvakafanana saka izvozvo zvinovaita hama asi apa vakundikana vese

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