No penny for Warriors

Ian Gorowa

THE government says it is working hard to mobilise funds to pay the history-making Warriors their outstanding daily allowances and appearance fees.


The Warriors wrote a glorious page for Zimbabwean football when they reached the semi-finals of the African Nations Championships in South Africa- the first time for them to manage that feat in a competition of this magnitude.

They were eliminated by Libya following a 5-4 defeat on penalties.

That achievement has not gone unnoticed with Harare businessman Nobert Chiwira — the director of Lighmart Transport and Boreholes acknowledging their success by donating a Toyota Nadia vehicle for Warriors coach Ian Gorowa during a welcome reception for the team yesterday.

Deputy Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture Tabetha Kanengoni- Malinga paid tribute to the gallant Warriors during the reception also attended by Zifa chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze, Zifa board member marketing, Nigel Munyati and Zimbabwe Football Trust chair Tshinga Dube and pledged to ensure the Warriors were paid their outstanding allowances and appearance fees.

“On behalf of the government of Zimbabwe, it is my pleasure to warmly welcome back the Warriors who were in South Africa for the CHAN tournament which ended over the weekend. I am aware that before the team left for South Africa, we disbursed $88 000 in support of the team’s logistical requirements.

“We are still engaging the corporate world to see if we can get more resources to ensure that the outstanding daily allowances and appearance fees are paid. My ministry is aware of the outstanding bonuses which we are informed Zifa will make good from the tournament prize money. As government we will ensure Zifa honours its commitment to you,” said Kanengoni.

“When the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture honourable Andrew Langa hosted you for a send-off lunch before departure to South Africa we were quite confident that you were going to make it. You managed not only to outperform your opponents up to the quarter final stage, but your predecessors in the national team by advancing to the highest level in a continental championship.

“The performance by the Warriors was just the tonic to raise the nation’s spirits and reaffirm our competitiveness in football. It is against this background that I would like to salute the technical department of the Warriors for a job well done.

“I would also like to urge you to build on the fine performance to make your mark on other prestigious tournaments such as Afcon and the World Cup qualifiers (2018) which will be coming later on. We can only do well in such tournaments if we adequately prepare for them.

“This implies that we should work together to ensure that our teams from the broad spectrum of sport are properly prepared for in the different regional, continental and international assignments that they may have from time to time,” she added.


  1. @ Mai Jefule; ko torambira muzvivi kuti nyasha dziwande her? The warriors did not win the tornament. The warm welcome they have been given is enough. Futi Gorowa wakaenda nema incompetent strikers leaving behind some sharp ones and that costed the nation a lot.

  2. I wish they had waited a bit in exposing Cuthbert Duve. He would have donated, he had some money set aside for that but alas

    • Dube is already donating to the warriors, it might just be the issue of how far. If im not mistaken he is the one who has been footing Gorowas Salary since he started coaching the warriors. I think he is doing good to the Nation because $6000 a month is not a Joke, especially for a Zimbabwean coach who gets it on time

  3. ana nyimo hahaha zvenyu ndezvekusvora zvakanaka,,makajaira kuitirwa tsvina nezanu mumusoro,,pachinhambo chekurumbidza makutoparadza,,gvment inowana ma230 k ekupa ana dube,,asi ichitadza kubatsira vana vakamiririra nyika zvinodadisa,votoita yekupemha asi wati kudiririra vanhu vanenge ana muchechetere mari …shame shame shame

  4. I suppose nyimo has just commented on behalf of mai Jefule.nothing wrong with his comment.Manhize read his first statement.

  5. I knew it from the beginning.Gorowa has proved to be a good coach but when they appointed him I know that they were jus looking for a local coach whom they will pay less.I dont think the local coaches they appoint are being paid even a third of what they pay foreign coaches even thouhg they are giving us better results.I understand the South Africans who were eliminated in the group stages will be paid better as compared to our Warriors because because football in Zimbabwe is being run by crooks.

    • I honestly think Zim football has to be run by Crooks to be successful. If CAF and FIFA is led by Controversial people then why cant we have the same type of people to lead our own football.
      Imagine what Leo Mugabe had done for ZIm by bringing Afcon to Zim paakangodzingwa that was that Afcon was shifted to a nation that had far bad infrastructure than us. Its a good example of the people we need to have in office.
      The Footbal Chiefs in CAF and FIFA are heavlly corrupt and they need someone just like them to sit on the same table with them.

      • Iyo Afcon yauri kuti yakaunzwa na Leo Mugabe kuti ma stadium enyu ane ma chair here.Tangai maisa ma chir mu stadium mozono beader uko.Nyarara kana usina zvekutaura.Dai waiziva kuti Leo akauraya bhora muno sei hawaidaro.

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  7. zvakuita kunge vakatouya nemukombe manje. if u praise them too much they wont fight harder to win anything bigger.

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