Pauline, Maskiri an item?


MUSICIAN Pauline Gundidza and rapper Maskiri (real name Alishias Musimbe) were on Saturday over each other at a party held at the newly opened Big Apple Nite Club in Harare.


The two looked all cozy, sparking speculation they could be an item. Pauline who is fellow musician Rockford “Roki” Josphats) ex-wife was at the centre of a storm last Wednesday when she was the reason for a brawl between Roki and another rapper Mzimba at City Sports Bar in Harare.

Roki is reported to have charged at Mzimba accusing him of making his “baby mama too comfortable”. The venue’s security had to intervene to end the fight.

Contacted for comment, Maskiri first denied it as “just speculation” and later declared he did not care about publication of the the story.

“Me in a relationship with Pauline?” he queried. “Who said that?

“Anyway it is true, we have been going out for the past two weeks. Go on and write I do not care.”

Efforts to get a comment from Pauline proved fruitless as her mobile was not reachable at the time of print. If the scenes at the event are anything to go by, then the two are indeed an item as they fondled each other in full view of the public.

A fellow musician who spoke to NewsDay on condition of anonymity said the two (Maskiri and Pauline) were seeing each other, but could not divulge more information.

“I do not want to talk about Pauline and Maskiri, I am here to have fun not for interviews. What I know is that these guys have been together since morning (Saturday) and I am going to drop them home when we leave this place,” the musician said.

Interestingly, Maskiri recently released a new single Ndakawanikwa (I am taken) leaving one speculating that he could be referring to Pauline.

The song, a collaboration between Maskiri, Nox and Chagwa Black says in one of the verses: “Chero mukandiwanzira, kana simbi dzikandipinzira,ndakugara ndakavharirwa, ndakawanikwa.”

In one of the interviews online, Maskiri said he penned the song after having found new love.


  1. Vanofa neAids vafana ava vakaita mukadzi wekuchinjana kunge vakadzi vapera they need to wake up ndizvozvakapedza mamusicians hobho ndochibharanzi ichocho!

  2. move on mai sky. Roki aikuabuser and now he feels jelousy you have found love and happiness. Go for it girl. Vanotaura zveaids ivo vakatestwa? Happy for you girl

  3. There is nothing wrong for two people to fall in love, but tinozviziva hedu kuti hakuna kwazvinosvika. Pauline wake up mhani, vafana havaroori ava, they just want to use you and dump you . Ooh its so painful

    • ndinozviziva zvangu kuti boys riri kuti hazvina musoro but look this is a different situation now. Roki has been in love with two wives now its high time that he can realize it that he is not the only player in the game. Pauline, do what your heart is telling you to do, if you guys have feelings for each other then go ahead try it.

  4. Zimba ine hobho makoso mese moperera pa bhebhi 1 c’mon guys u can do beta than that! As for Mai Sky if these rumors r true u need to get a lyf.

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