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Pastor publishes ‘sexy’ booklet


A HARARE pastor Evan Mawarire has just published a booklet titled What He Wants, which he believes is going to add a spark into marriages as married women will get an opportunity to understand how their husbands’ mind work and some of the things that men struggle to speak about in their relationship.


The booklet, which is targeted at women, will be followed up by a sequel in which women will also speak about their “unspoken” needs in their marriages.

Mawarire told NewsDay that the booklet, which was published this year by DreamPreneur Publications, came as an idea after he thought of bridging the gap of understanding between men and women in the way they approach relationships.

“I do a lot of speaking on sex and sexuality, especially at bridal showers,” he said.

“At one such bridal shower I spoke about only five things and the response was incredible. I thought more on it and shared on Facebook and the response was explosive.”

It was then that he decided to share the ideas in a book to address “the huge communication gap” as it appeared like couples were not sure about what the other person in the relationship wanted.

The book is set to address the concerns of women who are always wondering about their husbands’ most important needs especially those issues over which men did not naturally open up.

Mawarire helps women through men’s thinking processes so that they can understand them better.

The book is a series of memos written by a husband to his wife in which he expresses the things that he struggles to explain to her, but a central to his role as a husband and his nature as a man.
His tone is often blunt, sometimes shy and gentle, depending on the subject he is tackling.

It has “quick recaps” and “pink keys” after every chapter which summaries the ideas dealt with in the chapter and covers topics such as respect, romance, sex, security and behaviour.

Each of the short 10 chapters deals with a different topic in a no holds barred manner.

Mawarire runs a platform called Sexposed Session, which is an explicit youth discussion on sex and sexuality. He was recognised in 2011 by the Junior Chamber International as one of Zimbabwe’s 10 outstanding young persons for moral leadership. He is the founder, together with his wife Samantha, founder of New Generation Church in Harare.

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