Parents challenge minister

PARENTS at Kwekwe’s Fitchlea Primary School, the country’s best school based on Grade Seven results, have petitioned Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora to drop his blanket ban on conducting extra lessons for pupils.


At least 41 parents whose children are due to sit for Grade Seven public examinations this year held a highly-charged meeting over the weekend where they asked headmaster Douglas Kunze to defy Dokora’s directive and continue to provide extra lessons for their children.

Kunze told parents that he was unable to ask teachers at the school to conduct extra lessons because they had received instructions to stop such activities or risk being fired.

“As civil servants, we operate under directives which we cannot be allowed to breach and the standing directive is that we will not be allowed to conduct extra lessons at school or privately. I can only refer you to the district education officer if you wish to be addressed on this matter,” Kunze told the parents.

But School Development Association chairman Petros Shoko said the parents will approach ministry officials with the view of having the directive reversed.

“We achieved a 100% pass rate last year due to dedication by our teachers and provision of extra lessons went a long way in ensuring pupils were well prepared for the examinations. We will lead this effort to try and ensure that the decision is reversed,” Shoko said. Ads

Speaking to NewsDay after the meeting, some parents said Dokora’s directive was likely to negatively affect the education system.


  1. please Minister Dokora mwana ane 5 subjects pa o level including english amd maths should get a lower sixth place regardless of their grades.schools should not turn them away .

  2. mukora kwafamombe

    Thank very much Minister. This extra lessons nonsense is milking us a parents. Teachers should be dedicated during their allocated normal teaching hours unless the dedication in form of extra hours is purely dedication to duty without extra charge. But zvimwewo zvinonyaya bakiti, extra lessons for grades 1,2 hey amana

  3. The decision by the minister is an uninformed decision.Extra lessons are meant to identify individual weaknesses in students and action be taken to solve them.Remember the same minister told all schools to stop giving teachers incentives but the government is facing to pay the teachers.Incentives motivated these teachers to do their work.Remember most parents understand the fact that teachers are not getting enough and to motivate them give them an extra cash.Maextra lessons and incentives zvikabviswa disaster.mark my works

  4. Mr Kunze please explain to parents what the minister said. Extra lessons at extra costs is costing parents, teachers are being given incentives by SDAs hence they must not conduct private lessons for a fee. Learn to speak the truth Kunze not to use parents for your greediness. Yes thank you Cde Minister these teachers must be grateful coz we are giving them incentives which ar more than half their pay so they must not conduct extra lessons at home but at school so as curb some who will need to charge a fee.

  5. Dokoro did not scrap maincentives no, no but he said no extra lessons ar to be conducted outside the school as this will disadvantage those who can not afford the extra cost, because some teachers will be covering most of the topics at home and at school will b doing revision. The SDAs are to continue giving incentives but NO teacher is allowed to have extra lessons outside the school that is NO private lessons for a fee. I personally have the communique so this Headmaster must stop misleading parents. Look 80% of the levies in most schools goes to teacher incentives.

  6. Dokora should put a ceiling on the so-called incentives..nothing short of this will bring sanity back to schools. Extra lessons are another scam by schools to fleece parents..this is nonsense.

  7. Teachers orgnised corruption yoga iyi. Kutibira mari dzedu isu vabereki. Wakamboonepi mwana weGrade2 anodzidza kubva 7;30 until 8;30. Vana vanofanirwa kudzidziswa panguva yebasa voregerwa voenda kumba kundotamba vachirefresher for tomorow. Tose takadzidza saizvozvo. Panemaminister ose, uyu anenge anoziva zvaarikuita.

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