Newsflash: O’ level results out, Monte Cassino tops


The Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council has released the November 2013 Ordinary Level results.

Although it could not be immediately determined when students can start collecting results from their examination centres, Monte Cassino Girls High School in Macheke has the highest pass record of 100 percent.

More details to follow


  1. Nhai waMavhunditse Daramombe haikwane kwanewo here apa? Dont worry zvikaramaba tosangana navo kubhora hanty kkkkk.

  2. kudzidzwa-yes- but-thts-not-all-imbotarisai-kuti-panopinda-vana-vakaita-sei-4-7-units-A-lvl-vobvavaitira-ipapo-so-chances-ar-they-maintain-the-std–zvinotanga-paform-.1-intake

  3. These are the people who register only the bright kids under the school the madofo anopinzwa semaPrivate candidates!

  4. Maresults maresults zvipiwo joining the long list of the unemployed.Kooita mahwindi nekutengesa air time kani.Taurirai Mugabe agadzirise nyika.Tazomama varume,mabasa zero basa nderekungowawata politics sedzinodyiwa.

  5. this tells the whole world the miracle being played by huge incentives in these private schools in contrary to what the minstry of whatever would like the nation to believe

  6. Ko Rushinga High, Nyamatikiti, Marymount, Magaranewe, Gwangwawa and so on from Rushinga District zvadiniwo? Nhamo ! Makorekore tiri patight.

  7. mirai muone imbalance pama provinces. The matebelelands, combined, will have 2 schools in e top 50 apa midlands nemanicaland zvaka domineta. Then another imbalance between gvt and mission schools

  8. Celebrate with us dear people! Chakanaka chakanaka vanhuwe! Thats my former school right there! 23 years on still striving for excellence.These are the people who will create jobs for your children you negative people!

  9. Something is amiss. Why all Manicaland schools excelling all of a sudden, from grade seven to form four. Chii chirikuitika kumanicaland uku.

    • In the United States ,United Kingdom mostly medical school or law school at Uz,Nust,Uct or UP but mostly bosses wherever they go…it’s within our blood to win

  10. Wooooow congrats Monte gals im proud to be a former monte hehehehe ma haters haashayi zvekutaura obvious sando dzavo vascana avaa

  11. This forum can be for fools at times. Hanzi Monte Casino Girls High has the best results but you make unnecessary arguments. How will you change those facts to suit the schools of choice?

  12. Am really proud, am a former Monte Student. Well done ladies, Sr. Martina thank you for the effort, Mr. Nzenze et al… VaChingonzoh pa ZRP apo makasiya a legacy, makaita baba…

  13. Why is it most drop outs/repeaters from Medical School are from these so-called top schools. Too much spoon feeding. Mafirakureva

    • If we could design a tertiary education system that would enable each student to think twice about what they want to do with their lives instead of rushing into the so called “elite” medical and engineering programs and also offer an even stronger support system on campuses like tutoring or counseling (if it’s not already there)we would certainly see changes

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