NewsDay Editorial: Will Zanu PF sacrifice its own?


In the past few weeks the nation has seen a miracle in the ruling Zanu PF party and its agencies. The public Press, which in the past saw no evil, heard no evil and spoke no evil about the revolutionary party, has come out guns blazing with exposé after exposé of corruption and impropriety in State-linked institutions.

NewsDay Editorial

First, it was the disaster at the national broadcaster that hit the headlines. Although this story had been published almost a year earlier in a privately-owned newspaper, it did not excite the national debate it did when published in the official Press.

Second came the PSMAS medical insurance story. Similar to the ZBC scandal where the top leadership awarded themselves obscene salaries while their juniors went for innumerable months without pay, the PSMAS debacle showed the depth to which greed can sink. While poor members of its clients were denied cheap medical attention because there were alleged shortfalls in their medical aid contributions, the chief executive was awarding himself a salary big enough to pay 700 schoolteachers every month.

The public Press went into overdrive, venturing into places where only a few months back, it feared to tread. Looting at nationals carrier, Air Zimbabwe, was exposed; the goings-on at Town House were also broached.

And surprise, surprise, Zanu PF parliamentarians have woken up. They have come alive in both Houses criticising their own ministers and their leaders are not whipping them into line as they have done in the past three decades.

This week, irked by the exorbitant salaries their counterparts in State-owned enterprises award themselves, they went to the core of the problem. They rightly pointed out that ministers appointed their relatives into leadership positions in these organisations where they behaved like a law unto themselves, looting with impunity whatever they could lay their hands on.

It is a system of patronage and entitlement that rules supreme in parastatals and the system is superintended by none other than the ministers themselves.
This self-criticism seen in Zanu PF recently has raised eyebrows. Some analysts aver that it’s factional fighting exhibiting itself in a different mode. Others argue it’s a new way of doing business in Zanu PF where accountability has become a must if the party has to succeed to move the country forward.

Sceptics are already beginning to watch with keen interest how far Zanu PF is willing to go in exposing its own errant children. They suspect it will, like in the past, be only the small fish that will be netted while the big ones will once again escape unscathed.

The nation waits with bated breath to see if any action will be taken against those on the wrong side of the law.


  1. It will die a natural death remember the problem we have is in zanu they are all thieves & mind you we still have someone who the President knew that he pocketed USD6milling walking scot free.Thieving its zanu way of living & it was just a tip of the iceberg i tell u.They will never be serious soon the exposures are going to be censored becoz they know the implications they have to the public domain.Am sure for the exposures yet we must be thankful to those who risked their lives bt i advise u not to waste time in minors,we have thieves who dont even need to be investigated like Obert Mpofu,Ignatius Chombo imagine he instructed Manyenyeni to reinstate Mahachi who have looted ratepayers money.Pliz God forbit

    • There just is no record anywhere to remind us of President R.G.Mugabe ever taking any meaningful action against corrupt tendencies within his party and government.Only the anti-Zanu elements are viciously dealt with whilst the most corrupt “va Mugabe woye!” brigade are feted and rewarded like kings and queens.This is a mere PR freak show meant to amuse international investors and financial lenders that little Zimbabwe is ready for business!

      • @tafa- All is not lost, at least there is a record..and those records are no longer kept in one place like happened with that poor cop who was found trying to steal the criminal record of one Peter Pamire and ended up choking on the evidence! Today’s digital world is documenting everything and everywhere…and justice, that blind lady will one way or the other collect her dues. She is famous for that!

  2. I think the country need a new C E O . How can he let the Manager do such things. Is it because he benefits from it? Or he is old that he can not notice? And I think if he wants his company to move, for the benefit of every Zim he should resign him self.

  3. Your observation is very correct Mr. Editor. Remember all these people who are appointed on top positions in parastatals are aligned to Zanu Pf.It therefore follows that the person is either a relative of the line Minister or is a known Zanu Pf supporter.For instance at ZMDC the Minister -(Chedumbu) appointed his relatives as board members for Marange.He thereafter appointed another board reZMDC manje rine……haikona mhani.
    Varume vakazvitengera majeep avo vanhu vasina mari .Hezvo nhasi Marange iya ndondondo…..lets look at the root cause .Why dont you question this Mpofu on corporate governance issues.

  4. the President would rather work with people known to be corrupt because they will be 100% loyal and wont stub him in the back.

  5. Finally we are relieved from the daily mantra of sanctions being the primary cause of the collapse of parastatals and the economy -and the real causes are out in the open!What a reprieve -never mind for a short while.Just goes to demonstrate how if the state gives the media the freedom to investigate and publish freely without over zealous patronage – Zimbabwe can once again clean itself and start functioning!We now need action against those proven to be the real criminal malcontents and saboteurs of our economy! The real internal detractors of Zimbabwe-and they are right in our midst-masquerading daily as devoted members if the revolutionary party!

  6. Chief you are 100% right. This company inonzi Zimbabwe yaora nehuori, kubva kuna CEO kusvika pasi, so the only way for us to get out of this mess, shit is to reshuffle this company. How do we do it. Egypt style, let us uprise agaist this rotten government. Surely thats the only way out. We cannot remove this regime by ballot because Nikev is there in Israel. God help us.

  7. NRZ is one that first gone for months without pay but it seems as if things are ok. Kunotoda forensic audit top managers are enriching themselves @ the expense of workers things are not well kunjanji

  8. as soon the fingers start pointing at the problem creator the president robert mugabe, it will have a natural death. by the way all this has always been there since independence. remember the willowvale scandal. its just a few guys who will die so that the old man is protected from his evil. its a mafia world out there ladies and gentleman. lucky mdcs your lose is now bearing fruit, hope you will handle it well not in the way you did it 2005 and even now. just to ask who killed cain nkala?

  9. That’s why this paper is in trouble and is retrenching. They inteprete everything as either Zanu-PF or anti-Zanu-@PF. If I were the donor to this paper, I would fire the editor and CEO and bring in people who have a feel for what type of content the people want to hear. People hate corruption. Be it by MDC or Zanu-PF members or even at a social club!

  10. The Editor is the fool here! It took The Zimpapers stable to expose corruption in salaries, not AMH! AMH is busy looking for a “Succession Battle” angle!

  11. I have always been against an uprising against the government for the sake of removing a sitting president but I am ready to die in an uprising fighting looters of public resources! Mugabe must be very careful on how he handles these issues. The people now know that our problems are not wholly because of ZIDERA or any other sanctions. They are squarely of us and our making! Shit mhan!

    • In Uganda some people said during a radio phone-in show that a fish rots from the head and that Uganda was the rotting fish whose head needed to be cut off? Any lesson there, Gunguwo?

  12. My fellow countrymen, its now time we appreciate the efforts the ruling party is making inorder to address a lot of challenges we are facing. Our hatred for the ruling party won’t take us to any where.

    Zanu PF has learned that blaming sanctions for the hardships we all facing is not logical and reasonable. It has to take responsibility and the need for self-introspection(which it is doing and is discovering that the party is corrupt).

    A new era is upon us in Zimbabwe. We have to play our part in ensuring that we support the party in every positive measure it is taking. Our hatred for the ruling party won’t take us anywhere as it will only enhance the economic and political meltdown of our beloved country.

    Zanu PF has embarked on a mission to pluck out rotten tomatoes in our once-recognised food basket of Africa. Its a good move in the right direction so lets cheer and support than always saying its gonna be a failed mission.

    NB: our hatred for the ruling party wil never solve any problem. Let’s work together as a nation for us to be again the bread basket of Africa. Let’s support every move in the right direction.

    • Mhizha, if Zanu P.F. is trying to tackle these issues why are we being told that the rot that is happening at parastatals is not a criminal offence? Why is Mahachi being shielded by Chombo and why did the Masimirebwa issue die a natural death? How come we are still being told that the new PSMAS CEO will earn $60 000?

      Sure, merely hating the ruling party will not solve problems, but we could take action such as refusing to pay rates. If you honestly believe that Zanu P.F. will sort this thing out then you are just a really naïve and incorrigible optimist who is not in touch with reality.

    • Your optimism is encouraging but apart from highlighting corruption here and there what concrete steps are being applied by government to stem the tide and get us to the land of milk and honey. This is the issue yet you focus on the hatred aspect which is only natural when you are suffering?

    • We have always wanted to support them, only they and they alone chose to disown us, this is exactly what they should have been doing all these years!!! We don’t need to be ecstatic to show our support, it is duty to do what they are doing now! These are not some little kids we have to encourage to do good!
      At work, you don’t jump and celebrate completing an everyday task, that is why you were hired in the first place!!! If you do the task wrong, you are not suitable for the job and that is what you are remembered for, failing!!
      Succeeding is part of the plan, failing is not and was never, so there’s no need to praise sing these fat cockroaches!! They can’t eat no more because “dem belly full!”

  13. Prophet TBJoshuwa in one of his prophecies he said” 2014 is a yr of destiny ( it’s according to God’s will).” This’ just the begining I tell you .my fellow Zimbabweans. Let’s pray for our beloved country tipewo Mwari mukana. Kune vakuru vangu ndinoti tendeukai please tsvagai Ishe vachawanikwa. God loves us all

  14. As long as the man at the top remains silent hapana chinoitwa. CAN SOMEONE EDUCATE ME ON ONE INCIDENCE WHEN THAT MAN FIRED A TOP SHEF FOR WRONG DOINGS. These are the effects of letting tired, pensionable and almost dying individuals lead

  15. Prophet TBJoshuwa in one of his prophecies he said” 2014 is a yr of destiny ( it’s according to God’s will).” This’ just the begining I tell you my fellow Zimbabweans. Let’s pray for our beloved country tipewo Mwari mukana. Kune vakuru vangu ndinoti tendeukai please tsvagai Ishe vachawanikwa. God loves us all

  16. @ muri mafuza mese ( what a name) i agree with you. These papers are busy with succession politics and the men of God. Recently the Herald has been giving us balanced news. I first noticed it when i bumbed into Amai Jukwas article. I had to recheck the front page for the Banner to be sure which paper i was reading. Since the am now reading it everyday believe me its now the best paper in the land while vana Nevanji are busy nemaporofita edu nana Mangoma. Zvotipei izvozvo. Yesterday Madanhire was busy lecturing us on our God. Pathetic hey………….

  17. Pease there is also need to investigate the ZRPs retaintion funds and the monies paid by police iffcerss wives to Chihuris wife. there is a lot going on . ndatenda hangu.

  18. Imi musavharwa na Jonny mhani, Since when did Herald start publishing such stories. Hes up to something. Ho nhasi he can bring out the truth nekuti the balance of power is tipping in zim ka? what about all those years he gave us shit and propaganda.

    Once he gains favor with the public he will go back to his roots. LYING!

  19. @mhizha it seems u do sympathise with zanu pf. We don’t hate zanu, they have played their part and they have failed us. Ngavabve ipapo.

  20. There are two things bob will never do ie tell the nation that he is unwell even with flu or fire anyone for corruption. Both have never happened in 34years.

  21. tisanyeperane akomana.
    our country has a just president
    The fiction here is that zanu has been infiltrated by the zany and their streetkids at whom the whip must be directed if one is able to bear their rotten stuff during the ring fights.
    they have no standards and are known not to respect rules of professionals.
    ngwarirayi kurumwa nzewe as was done to holyfield by that little guy from brooklyn !!

    • @ Pyschoanalyst ,He is “just” ok. Part of the problems of graft at ZBC are rightly blamed on Cashbert being the Board chair. The PSMI boar chair was fired because he had the power to influence financial controls and management. Upon resuming office Zembe said he now has greater power to influence governance at the entity. Which power does Miugabe lack to fire all these thieving chefs if he indeed knows he is surrounded by thieves., In a company set up an under performing manager may simply have his contract not renewed by the CEO. Yet people shield Mugabe and say he is ok but the people surrounding him are wrong,. How come he has renewed their contracts at every turn knowing fully well their shortcomings. In soccer a team loses the Coach goes, and in church a member misbehaves and the responsibility is borne by the church while at national level the nations terribly underperfoms and everyone else is to blame except the Head.

  22. Cde President is letting us down….He made such a hulaballoo about Masimirembwa based on the flimsy reports he got from Didymus and Joice with little evidence but he made so much noise and destroyed Masimirembwa’s name…..Now we have concrete evidence about Cashbert,Happytimes&Mahachi he is deathly quiet…?????

    ZANU should be very careful with people this time around…..very careful

  23. look East policies, is this the level of corruption in China and North Korea .And if one is caught is he protected like what is done here? tiri kurima nemupini usina badza tichishamaridzana nevanorima nematractor.

  24. Also corruption is corruption…we have not forgotten that Tsvangirayi paid $300k to Locardia,lives in a mutli-million dollar mansion,goes on expensive cruises and bought his wife a million dollar house to live in while they were separated…Mari iyoyo tichaibvunza hedu as for now tombo focussa ne Gvt iripo!!?

  25. Vana Newsday vatambura…..Zvinyaya zvenhema zve succession zvashaya basa ne ma expose e Herald….Yah Maona moto!!! Start reporting NEWS not OPINIONS!!!

  26. @ Ruramai I’m one person who doesn’t support the ruling party but its the one which is in control. Tell me whats better, to criticise it for the next 5 years doing nothing or supporting its positive policies duuring its ruling period? I guess a diligent parter familias would choose the latter.

    On the issue of shielding criminals can’t we just give the state the benefit of doubt that it will get to the roots of the issue.

    I am aware of the Dube stories but frankly speaking its not a crime. Did u check what the contract was depicting? The salary stipulated in the contract was the one he wz getting and not that he wz getting smthing outside the contract. So can u charge him with theft??definitely not as theft is defined(common law) as the unlawful taking of property belonging to someone with the intention of depriving the owner of its use and value permanently.
    The state responded by cutting the salaries of the CEO,,isn’t that a step in the right direction? I understand that the state is not doing enough to deal with the problems we are facing…..asika panogeza benzi pururudzai!!

    • ah iwe Mhizha ita serious. Iyo contract iyoyo ndo Rudd concession ye contract. saka topembedza ZANU cos vakubritsa uori hwavagara vachiita 3years,, imi titirei serious!

      “The state responded by cutting the salaries of the CEO,,isn’t that a step in the right direction” Uneshuwa iwe. Ko pese apa pavangavasingazvioni vaivepi?


  27. Its all strategy!! They make noise about a certain subject so that the nation becomes blind to major issues! They know that you are interested in what they say so they play the diversionary card. you go all over the street muttering he-e vari kuba, vayatshontsha!! he-e 250 000. While all of you are busy making conversations about who was exposed they are busy taking your diamonds kwaMarange and stashing them somewhere for their later consumption. Soon all the noise will die down and you will meet the thieves in the streets and greet them and nikuv them into power in 2018, if already they are not CEO or Board member of one or other company. Unless and until someone gets hanged for corruption this is just much-ado-about nothing!!

  28. no no no no mhizha. we want people to own up now because this has been going on for many years and some people have died for talking about it. we want the zanu guys to come to us and agree that what we have been telling them is true and that we were not influenced by the british etc. john the baptist says anyone who says there have repented should show fruits of repentance. these zanu guys who are complaining about the rot are eating and enjoying with the rotten people without telling them the truth. why are they still calling them chefs. its because they would rather sell their souls than rebel. they should agree that the party is rotten because of its leadership not the few who are being sacrifised. if dube was given that, who gave him we want to know. but we wont because, the chefs were involved. we already know that charamba was part of the board, but he cant be touched because he is too close to the president. mhizha, there is too much lip service here and it is getting into our nerves.

  29. Might it help to have all new board members confirmed by a parliamentary the full glare of the press? As is there are guys miting money in these parastatals that make Dube look like a mouse. There are folks sitting on more than 20 boards of these paras. In any case what is the policy on civil servants sitting on these boards? I think leaving things as they are is unfair to ministers who must have sleepless nights listening to these pirates fighting with him arguing that it is their turn on the feeding trough..So relieve the poor minister and shift responsibility to parliament..after all we buy new cars for these parliamentarians and other soft beddings..let them do some work, here is some!

  30. Why do you call ZanuPF a “revolutionary party”? What is the difference between ZanuPF and, say, MDC-T or ZUM or Zanu (Ndonga) or ZDP? What is so special about ZanuPF that you lionise ZanuPF as “revolutionary party”? You, Editor, are trying to curry favour with ZanuPF: misusing words to please those in power. My vote in 1980 was one of the million-plus votes which got Zanu into power in 1980 after Abel Muzorewa. I and my wife voted in this 1980 election and we knew exactly what we were doing. What is “revolutionary” about this? Without our votes Zanu would not have been in power. I expect you to apologise to all the readers for using the wrong terminology. It is very damaging – sends out the wrong message to impressionable young generation. Nationalist politics was not started by ZanuPF in this country. If you had said Rev Thompson Samkange’s ANC of 1945 was a “revolutionary party” then I would let you off because it was there long before ZanuPF.
    It’s hypocrisy on your part to expect those in ZanuPF to act with integrity when you deliberately misuse words to please those in power. The truth or integrity should start with you the media.

  31. We urge Biti and Co to keep quite and watch. They should stop this GNU nonsense and allow the current govt to clear its own mess. Ko chii nhai

  32. I have been working in one of government ministries as procurement manager. Everyone is corrupt myself included. Daily l was instructed to find mari yemusana.
    Inflating figures and accepting bribes became a motivational factor in all my work

    We all remind each other of drought days to come. We up our game to buy houses and porsh cars. Mbudzi inodya payakasungirirwa.

    When we found out about corruption esposures last month i was the first to tender my resignation. The government must look in all sectors if they want to uproot the stinking rot.

  33. GNU 2 project be serious. We thot when u said u didnt want elections you where sincere. U claim the elections where rigged and now u want to partner the riggers. Please nyara Biti. Thats why u are wasting time fighting each other bcos u still hoping to be appointed into power. Instead of planning for 2018 u have realised u cant win any election hence multiple GNUs. Soon u will demand GNU3..4….5 and u will be junior partners without power to change anything. Oooh i get it. U are just selfish u dont care about us but yourselves. U knew about the salarygate it started when u were in GNU. U did nothing now u want us to take you seriously. Hell no.

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  35. u will b suprised tht this is a cunningly planned operation meant to re-invent e reputation of e party, ZANU. Otherwise these guys wer given more Benjamins for their names to b defamed… its ZANU PF.

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