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Multimedia: Zanu PF youths demolish houses


ZANU PF faction fights played out in the open yesterday when a group of about 30 party youths suspected to be linked to Chitungwiza South MP Christopher Chigumba demolished houses belonging to families aligned to the party’s Ward 18 Councillor Kalisto Masango.


Zanu PF youths destroy a house in Chitungwiza

The two houses, located in Unit L, Seke, Chitungwiza, have been the subject of a court case pitting one Munoda Mararike against Converse Mhlanga and Martin Gurwe, with both parties claiming to have been allocated the same stands under the Zanoremba Housing Co-operative, whose patron is Chigumba.

Watch video below:

The demolitions came hardly a day after the Chitungwiza Community Court issued a default judgment recognising Mararike, a suspected Chigumba ally, as the legitimate owner of both stands.

Chigumba and Masango are believed to belong to different factions fighting for control of the party.

When the NewsDay crew arrived at the sites, both Mhlanga and Gurwe had ​reportedly gone to Makoni Police Station to make a report.

Mhlanga’s daughter Chenai said: “Immediately after the judgment was passed, we were surprised to see a truckload of youths, armed with picks, shovels and hoes, storming our home. They just started demolishing everything.”

Chitungwiza Demolitions_Picture Collage_Cynthia R Matonhodze

Chenai, who was at home with her seven siblings, said they had to flee to safety and later came back to collect their belongings which were scattered outside with some allegedly looted by the youths.

She said the youths threatened to kill anyone who attempted to stop them.

“They just destroyed everything including the household property,” she said.

Soon after the incident, Masango addressed scores of angry residents who had gathered to witness the incident where he accused Chigumba of being behind the demolitions.

“It pains me that Mararike and the youths he hired who are aligned to the MP (Chigumba) decided to take the law into their hands and destroyed houses. To make it worse, they threatened to destroy my own house because I have stood by these people who have been persecuted all along at the instigation of the MP.”

Chitungwiza Demolitions_Picture Collage_Cynthia R Matonhodze_0001

Masango said he now feared for his life after receiving death threats from Zanu PF members aligned to Chigumba.

The councillor also said he was surprised by the timing of the demolitions which came as Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo had ordered an audit into the illegal land sales in the dormitory where Chigumba has been fingered as behind the double allocation of about 300 stands.

But Chigumba refuted Masango’s accusations, saying he was not involved in the demolitions although he professed knowledge of Mararike’s court case.

He also accused Masango of trying to wrest control of the housing co-operative by misrepresenting to members that he had the powers to allocate stands.

“He (Masango) is the one who illegally allocated his allies stands in the co-operative and now the real owners who have officially allocated stands are now coming to back to claim what belongs to them and what is wrong with that when they have a court order that favours them?” he said.

Last month, Chigumba threatened to evict more than 300 families of Zano Remba Housing Co-operative, accusing them of failing to pay $5 000 each he demanded from beneficiaries in addition to what they had contributed over the years.

Chigumba claimed contributions by members of the co-operative which were made during the Zimdollar era were no longer valid.

Zano Remba Housing Co-operative was formed in 2010 and Chitungwiza South residents claimed they invited Chigumba, who was their MP, to become their patron.

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  2. I can’t believe what I read here! Munoda Mararike left UK to destroy poor people’s houses. What has really happenned to our revolution. We used to nickname Monoda “Dambudzo Marachera” or “CHE”, surely Munoda has lost his mind. Is it because of the love of money or what else Monoda? Dr Munoda what is really wrong with you? How can you go this low? Is this the revolution of Dambudzo or Che we used to talk about during UZ days? Hey Mudoda politics is about constructive development and this. I thought the UK benefitted you by showing you the real politics not this stupidity! You are a shame!

  3. Ndiyo inonzi bhora mugedhi iya but now yava back kick. Chigumba inzwawo nyasha inguva yekunaya ino. Mayouths emusangano kupara mhosva nekuda doro here. Where are the one million jobs promised tiwanewo zvekuita than kushandiswa mahara.

  4. Ah tisangoshoora Chigumba tisingaoni pane nyaya. Let’s reason properly in this matter. I think I am following Chigumba’s arguments very well. He sounds to be saying that somebody somebody took the povo for a ride and used them for his personal gains; which were non related to him-Chigumba. Now Chigumba wants his properties to be run in the real professional manner which benefits him. Kana ma war vet acho aive nemari akadii kungotenga dzimba straight from city council? Kuda zvinhu zvemahara! Look now. Chigumba is right. Pane vanoda havo advice vasati varuza midziyo yavo nemari zhinji: budai mudzimba idzo; ndedzemuridzi unova Chigumba. ZANU PF haigoni kumisa Chigumba kuti asatore property yake. HAZVIITI. Vekuma court vanongoita zvinoita kuti basa ravo rifambire mberi chete. Chasara ndechekuti muzourawa manje. Ko misha makasiya mapisa here paruzevha? Dzimba idzo dzine ngozi idzo; budaimo. This is only for those who want advice. I rest my case.

  5. ZANU PF is all about destruction. This is not new and all Zimboz know this. I wonder why we alwayz vote ZANU PF in power yet we all know that vanhu ava havatide. All they want is power and later abuse that power. VIVA ZANU, ZANU ndeye ropa. Let’s face the music.

  6. Hey its unbelievable. So Chigumba he is demanding a total of $1,500,000 from the poor. what was his cash outlay in the project? how much was council paid for the land?

  7. Thanx wako.Don’t mix politics with law.Politics is a dirty game and law is reality.If the eviction order is given by court and you ignore it without appealing then what do you expect.These people were evicted by messenger of court and they break in again destroying Mararike’s property but no action was taken.To restore order in the country we need law.

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  10. Out of this dispute,wa mama ndiani apa ko wagarwe?I’ve noticed kuti newsday 66 percent space is for zanu pf negatives.Equally Svancry’s time behind the mic,he spends the same percentage time castigating mdara and pfee with nought suggestions.My sixth sense tells me kuti you are calculating with that percentum to neutralise pfe which traunced you with the same.You are working in cahoots.

  11. I am sorry i do not feel sorry for these families bcoz they always vote for zanu in every election , haawu madoda umnkonto ugwaza ekhaya eiish fools will remain fools .No sympathy for idiots .

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