Mujuru remarks shocking


At a time when the nation is angry following the ongoing revelations about scandalous salaries being earned by parastatal bosses, Acting President Joice Mujuru has got the guts to try and silence the media.

NewsDay Editorial

The remarks she made over the weekend have left ordinary Zimbabweans shocked, to say the least.

What makes the whole development sad is that she sees conspiracy theories where there are none.

What is political about the media raising genuine concern over somebody earning close to $40 000 yet his employees have gone for six months without salaries?

What is so political about the media questioning why a CEO of a medical aid society earned $230 000 per month yet neglected to settle $38 million owed to service providers?

Why should Zimbabweans be made to suffer because Zanu PF heavyweights are fighting among themselves?

Those been found guilty must be prosecuted and if need be, locked away in prison.

There is no justification whatsoever why Mujuru, as a senior political figure in the country, would try and defend the indefensible.

In fact, Mujuru should have celebrated the revelations made through the media as they played their watchdog role. At a time when President Robert Mugabe has declared corruption as a cancer that needs to be uprooted, the VP should actually have been singing from the same hymn book!

Questioning such exposure of corruption in parastatals managed by her government leaves people with more questions than answers. Would she rather the scandals continued unchecked?

The opposition political parties, while not clean at all, are right in calling for her resignation. Zimbabweans no longer feel safe under her leadership.

Surely, do Zimbabweans deserve a leader who would rather the media treat corruption in the public sector with kid gloves? We don’t think so. It’s a tragedy when leaders claim the exposure of corruption in government is the work of detractors!

The forthcoming Zanu PF politburo meeting should treat corruption with the ruthlessness it deserves and take a clear stand on the matter otherwise they will remain a party that is long on statements and short on delivery.

Zimbabweans are tired of the cancer of corruption which government has been talking about for years, but without really doing anything about it.

This is the time to go beyond sloganeering and deliver if they are to win the confidence of the people.

Like MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai said, the country should not expect action from the same party in which ministers and other senior officials claimed they were 100% disabled so they could loot the War Victims Compensation Fund. Someone should put an end to this rot.


  1. is zanu pf not ashamed of the rotten games they are playing with very innocent can a leader like mujuru open her rotten tin shuttering the media about the good work they are doing in trying to expose corruption cancer which caused the majority of zimbabweans to suffer and live in poverty. zanu pf must remember what happened in lybia.vasaona vanhu kunyarara vakati vakapusa zvichakuwanaiwo

  2. Here is a woman who donated her teens to the struggle, her life to the party, lost her husband to the political braai stands and even had her virginity consumed in the revolution herself no stranger to misrepresantation and corruption, standing up to lambast the fire fighters dousing the raging inferno consuming the family granary makes me recall Mugabe’s ‘who could have run Zimbabwe better than I have done?’

  3. I was not surprised, not at all by those utterances. This is the same Joice who fought strive masiiwa tooth and nail not to be awarded a licence, Many a times unilaterally impounding econet’s equipment to give it to Telecel where Her late husband was a Shareholder.

    Can we really trust u Joy to lead the nation to the promised land.

    • Now I understand the beef between Econet and Telecel and also see the hidden hand that has been aiding them.

  4. haaa no nebanji.
    i guess you are now witching to turn this rare gem of a lady leader to change her good name to par yours isnt it?
    its established women culture to engage in intense whispers and quite beneath you to persist pursuing makuhwa inherent stuff makeup of that fractional league.
    nyaya dzavaizeya nekubwereketa routinely ndedze safety ye dura ravo taken straight off that grapevineyard into your chauvinistic piggery platforms.
    women by nature are inclined and fully entitled to occasionally feed off makuhwa so dont get mad over it for hers was an impromptu speech unlike your prepaid one.
    stick to the baloon of corruption and find better things to say than joke mujuru !!

    • Psychoanalyst or psycho better still, or whatever it is that you call yourself, what the hell is this? Prepaod speech, have you ever heard of something like that? You need a doctor, a competent psychologist for that matter.

    • Psychoanalyst or psycho better still, or whatever it is that you call yourself, what the hell is this? Prepaid speech, have you ever heard of something like that? You need a doctor, a competent psychologist for that matter.

  5. This is high tym for Tsvangirai to take a grand stand and mek a national address on corruption and Mujuru comments, otherwise this is a deadly compaining weapon which have come to his Aid

    • I second u on d@ 1 wangu,., vakambodzidza kusvika pakadini coz her statement shows kuti chikoro chishoma,.,

  6. The editorial was ok, but it went haywire by quoting a useless, clueless and equally corrupt character in the form of a opposition leader Tsvancty. That man wasted a lot of people’s time. Tsvakai vamwe, and not an overused puppet.

    • u a lying man.tsvangson was only sidelined by greedy bob.always taking advantage of him,coz bob has got a lot of charle 10 to defend him and is always making advances which help him look a better man whilst in actual fact he is manipulating pple.what h says is always right he is not wrong at all times,what kind of a preson is tht hhaaaa.nxaaaa man

  7. ana Psychoanalyst kana musina zvekutaura ko makanyarara munofa here..We are talking of a national leader,someone who habours ambitions of being the next president,we are not talking of a commoner.hatisi kutaura tunyaya twekukitchen party..see reason my friend dont confuse your opinions for wonder why we are not going anywhere, with people like you amongst us we are certainly destined for doom.Amai mashoko avo anonyadzisa kuti vataure panguva vanhu takatsamwa kudai..dhuze ndimi vacho vari kuponda nyika munhu, chaiye ane njere haangasapote tsvina yakadai.

  8. Manje nyaya iya yatokora muto. Did u ever thought kuti Amai Mujuru wil ascend to the highest throne in the land without Ngwena putting spanners on the way?am not too sure but my opinion is that the grand plan for the succession issue is now full throttle. in the provincial elections, Amai was too strong for our dear Ngwena and i suspect one of our journos is now feeding from this guy’s hand as a counter kuti amai vadonhe. its just my opinion….not real facts

    • If she can walk into such foolish traps..does this not put to question her judgement..a key requirement for the job. The unfortunate thing is people did not read but actually heard her SAYING what she did..It is really unfortunate that she said what she did. Unfortunately the other contenders, Tsvangirayi and Munangagwa are faring no better. She can redeem herself by DRIVING the anti-corruption thrust more vigorously than has been the case..Short of this, she is finished!

  9. if this is what female leaders can do, then what a sad day for women across the globe. used to have lots of respect for Joy but now she has shown her true colors. the only noble thing to do if she has any self respect at all is too resign.

  10. In the early 1920s, Cde Stalin duped Cde Trotsky, by giving him the wrong date of Cde Lenin’s funeral, and recall, by then the former was lower than the latter. Since Stalin saw a window of hope to rise, he did what he did and Trotsky never recovered and his fate was marked in 1940, when he was found with a pick in his head in Mexico…the point is, politicians make mistakes, some of which are comical and laughable. All along, Joyce, was in the forefront in terms of general Zimbabweans, who perceived her to be a level-headed mother figure, but with this, she might have signed her epitaph written, ‘here lies Joyce Mujuru’s political life, which had so much potential, but chabuda hapana.’ You have shot yourself in the foot madam and am not sure if you’re to recover from this; ko, kungonyarara zvakangazvinei?

    • @nemburungwe- She can turn this threat into an opportunity by asking the president to be the pointmen on this corruption which fall under her purview anyway and then really do some energetic SPRING cleaning ..turning the house upside down..Short of this she is history..because she touched a raw nerve both inside and outside the party and country..Its a tall order. Now she has to fight harder than she has ever done in her life to exorcise this UGLY ghost..So jah, all is not lost. Johnathan Moyo has the media eating out of his hands but he was a condemned somebody..Here is someone who has shown as a professor should how to turn ugliness into sweet cakes..Mujuru can do the same.

  11. Mai Mujuru vakatadza kutaura. She may be pained by the exposure of this corruption by the media bt she was supposed 2 condem it publicly & seek how 2 console he ZANU mates.

    • HOW WAS SHE SUPPOSE TO CONDEMN IT PUBICLY?obviously through the NEWSPAPERS.that is why they are payed to gather NEWS of all sorts.vaida kuti zvibude paiko if not in the newspapers?

  12. Can one of the investigative journalists dig deep to see the involvement of the Mujuru family in court cases, involving bribing and intimidating magistrates in this country. The whole family is rotten to the core. The Mujuru children used to blackmail white kids at school threatening that if they did not give them what they wanted, or did what they wanted, they would make sure their family farms or businesses would be confiscated by the state.

    People have kespt quiet about these things because they know Zanu PF would protect these people at whatever cost. The danger now is that the average man out there in the srteets is fed up and cannot tolerate this anymore. There is a rebellion waiting for a place and time to happen out there. If anything this woman should have kept quiet. The skeletons that hwe family are habouring are too many to contemplate.

    She must not ruffle the waters, lest she herself comes up with the dirt from the bottom of the pool. A dirt far too filthy for har to handle.

  13. Its amaizing hw such a bunch of living educated people cn fail to understand wat i do in my grave.wat mai mujuru is saying is these maters dnt hve to be the raging fire. The raging fire shuld be the action taken against those exposed.hw much longer r we to bear the same headline of muchechetere ,cuthbert,without any clear action.the loud voice of the media without action paints a very negative picture to our nation.wat she said is exactly wat was said by prof moyo last week that ths exersise shuld not turn into a witchhunt as that wl make it a corupt yesterdays herald and you wil see sense. Some jounalists are already bieng bribed and stil no action from the police.hw long did it take gumbura to be thrown in remand pending trial and investigation.if raping a woman is that bad hw about raping an entire nation.

  14. I guess she will issue an apology to the effect that she provoked the nation and said the wrong words because of sanctions… kikikiki!!! For the sanctions mantra is from a Zanu PF hymn book!!!

  15. we are tired of these silly gimmicks this country needs to be rebirth in a new world wre it can embrace everyone who puts it first above all we are not living in the eighties what legacy have we build lets move forward and trust in GOD to deliver us not zanu nor mdc arent ur tired of looking for deliverance from mortals who are corrupt at heart/repent hama dzangu and the Lord will deliver us

  16. One can see that her lack of education and youth spent entertaining the comrades is never far from the surface here! There is nothing to say and may Zimbabwe never have any idiot like this to rule when the man who knows not how to use his education has departed to hell.

  17. Kuti ZANU Pf ndokuti Corruption yose. If Mugabe is to act decisively on coruption, All Ploitiburo, Central Committe, Provincial, Village and Ward Heads will have to go. and the million dollar question is who will be left in ZANU PF. Kikikikikiki may be Chatunga

  18. Now Parirenyatwa has cancelled the PSMAS EGM coz his deputy had made the decision in his absence, what is this all abt? Gud that CBZ has seen reason and FIRED Zembe! We await amai Mujuru’s resignation. Thumbs up to cdes Mugabe, Jonathan Moyo, George Charamba and Walter Chidhakwa. Mzembi shld do a thorough job at the ZTA that corrupt CEO can’t be said to be clean. Heads must roll or is it he belongs to the Mnangagwa faction of Jonathan Moyo. Cde Jonathan Moyo, you started a good fight, finish it. Expose the corruption at ZTA.

  19. Amai Mujuru , I used to c a leader in you in the likes of Joice Banda of Malawi. Now that trust is completely gone. Remember from the Good Book, Aaron and Moses lost the chance to enter the land of milk and honey just because of ONE INCIDENT where they hit the rock with the staff rod instead of speaking to it. U have lost it ma’am


  21. My advice to the VP is that she makes a public apology and then clarify her statement that’s if she thinks people misunderstood her. Otherwise some people now see her as someone not fit for the highest of Zimbabwe our mother land

  22. Birda of the same feather zvoda kubvisa manhenga iwayo koz wen they preach b4 in power we liaten and in turn they gready damn politics regi kana mune makaro akadai

  23. Pray without ceasing for a devine solution to our problems. Mwari anesu. The Almighty God is greater than the Zimbabwean situation. Read 1 Thes 5v17

  24. Mai mujuru is a shame to the Zim women has shown that sure there is no presentation at all she doesnt know why she is there at the top betraying us like this kubuhlungu lokhu

  25. Amai mandirwadzisa,in other words you are directly supporting corruption in the name of Unity yeparty yenyu.Remember Zimbabwe is bigger than your corruption driven party.

  26. Madam lost the battle that day. Good bye mama. Ngwena, the grand strategy. You are a master plan. Ndatenda hangu.

  27. Akomana ka Mai ava muitiro wavo pane zvavari kutya kuti zvingaputike.Think about it why would anyone say zvakadai…

  28. I hope she has not gone ‘senile’ as she once referred to Mdala Wethu when the latter was supporting Econet’s application to operate IN FRONT WITH ZANU!!!

  29. You all are just corwards, u have been left to die and these people are having a nice time watching u suffer peacefully to a slow But sure death. U will talk and nothing it will finish the , well u know what talk is cheap! If u go in ur numbers much of the ones unemployed the highest rate in the world and the ones doing community service working for no income in all ur numbers and march peacefully this zanu pf government will change and give what the people need. But because ur all corwards cheap talkers muchasura regai zanu itonge batch of pussies !

  30. a party maintained by corruption naturally fears to see its sustenance eradicated,tinotungamirwa nembavha veduwe apa nzira yakarindwa nemapere tichifudza mbada zvedu…the questions being raised by the people are about taxpayers funds being abused,it is not ZANU PF money it is money that I and other taxpayers have contributed so how then does it become a manifestation of infighting,let the truth be exposed Dear Madame President,ko nhai kana benzi remuguta rikaita nhumbu iwe unodikitirei???Ndosaka vamwe vakaendeswa kunoona diesel richibuda padombo,kusaziva,ignorance is what fuels corruption and our leaders ooze copious amounts of it.

  31. Anytime you have someone who can’t spell her own name leading you then you know it ain’t long before the stinky stuff hits the fan. Nxa!

  32. By the way, you NewsDay guys initially got the whole thing terribly wrong. Your correspondent, one Muonwa, initially filed a story that reported that Joice(sic) Mujuru had attacked corrupt practices in parastatals when she had suggested nothing of the sort. I want you to apologize for that tragic error. This is a whole nation of 13 million we are talking about, not a family-run beerhall. 13 million lives depend on policy pronouncements by those who lead it.

  33. Well said mai mjuru! Interesting questions arise: were the sayings correctly quoted (contextually) by the state media,which most of you rely on for information? What gave the statements such prominence (her direct quotes made almost 75% of the words in the report) in this media platform, apart from vp’s standing in the zim society? Whose hand is at play in tarnishing amai’s standing through the herald? What is the significance of all that is purported to have been said by amai mjuru in light of her rivals’ view of zanu pf’s dealings? Well done amai for leaving the task of dealing with salarygate to the police through the office of the president. Remember someone is up to prove that the pen is mightier than the gun so that he can land a vp post , based on the unity accord, if this project is successfully completed. “I feel sorry for those who rely on newspapers for information”, prof moyo before the tsholotsho debacle


  35. I wld want to believe this mother failed to express herself well resulting in us cming to such a conclusion . She wantd to tell us smething gents bcoz I dont c her achitaura zvakadayi. Mu zanu pf maipa umu ….regai tibvunze… Amai muri kuda kuti chii chaizvo budai pachena

  36. Uyu beertalk anokaronge anenyaya svinu. Zvokwadi varume there is a hidden hand somewhere. Amai awa nyangwe wangadai wakazvitaura ndoona kunge nhau dzachene is exaggerated. Moyo uyo munamuona

  37. In Gokwe this corrupt witch is responsible for invading andloting black owned farms inconcert with so called chief Njelele fake war heroin uri zimbavha iwe

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  39. What makes th situation worse is her attempts @ firefighting and insistence on blaming the media about her unfortunate speech.

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