Mugabe calls for special politburo meeting


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe, under pressure to mend rifts within his Zanu PF party, yesterday summoned the party’s top brass for a special politburo meeting to try and address critical issues affecting the ruling party.


The meeting comes at a time Zanu PF was divided over the manner in which to handle the ongoing salary scandal rocking State-owned institutions.

Informed sources said today’s meeting is meant to effectively deal with divisions following Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s unprecedented attack on the media last week claiming reports on corruption were coming from the country’s detractors.

Mujuru claimed that there were some people in Zanu PF who were determined to divide the party from within.

In a notice of the urgent meeting, Zanu PF chairman Simon Khaya Moyo said: “All politburo members are advised that the President and First Secretary, RG Mugabe has called for an extra-ordinary politburo meeting to be held at Zanu PF Headquarters on Friday, 14 February 2014 at 10am. All politburo members should attend without fail.”

Though the agenda of the meeting was not made public, sources said the state of the party and cases of corruption would come under discussion.
Mujuru over the weekend confirmed factional fights within Zanu PF saying the manner the media was exposing corruption showed there were others in Zanu PF who were fighting to destroy the party from within.

Mujuru and party stalwart, Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, reportedly lead factions angling to succeed Mugabe who turns 90 next week.

As the fight to succeed Mugabe continues to divide Zanu PF, party heavyweights in Masvingo have renewed calls for the dissolution of the provincial executive claiming that it was “fraudulently” voted into power.

The fights came hardly a month after Zanu PF dissolved the party’s Midlands executive and vested authority in Midlands provincial minister Jason Machaya following disputed elections. Provincial elections results have also been disputed across the country.

Masvingo has been at the centre of serious infighting as factional fights take centre stage.

A Mujuru loyalist, Callisto Gwanetsa, won the Masvingo provincial chairmanship, beating Ailess Baloyi, who is believed to be in the Mnangagwa camp.

But central committee members Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana and Shuvai Mahofa and Masvingo Urban MP Daniel Shumba, believed to be fighting in Mnanagagwa’s corner, have taken the fight a gear up by writing to the party’s political commissar Webster Shamu seeking to have the executive dissolved.

In two separate letters to Shamu, the three claimed that the polls were held in breach of the party’s own set guidelines announced on December 6, 2013 and should be nullified.

“It means that the purported election of the provincial executives to their posts was held fraudulently and is null and void,” Mangwana and Shumba wrote.

“We hereby request that in the interest of fairness, justice and democracy, this election be nullified and fresh elections be conducted by impartial people with district chairpersons voting as per your circular.”

The polls were marred by violence as factions openly accused each other of candidate imposition, vote-buying and manipulation of results.

Mangwana and Shumba argued that polls were conducted in violation of the party’s circular No. 19/2013, regarding provincial polls.

They said members of the central committee queried why district chairpersons were not invited to a meeting that was allocating positions of provincial executives on Saturday December 7.

When asked why the district chairpersons were not invited, the chairperson claimed they did not form part of the Electoral College, according to the letters.

“We have now seen circular No. 19/2013 and paragraph 1:1 states that the Electoral College is made up of ‘the district delegates and the recently elected provincial members.”

Mahofa, in her letter dated February 12, is also demanding that the provincial executive be stopped from holding provincial co-ordinating meetings in the province scheduled for tomorrow before they were given legitimacy by the politburo.


  1. wat does mjuru’s being a widow gt to do w her stupid uttrnc on corrptn,,does t justfy?leave bob out o e fctnlsm thng…dnt b gender biasd….

  2. If politburo is about FACTIONALISM: ZANU PF cares about itself and itself alone. If it’s focussing on how to deal with corruption, then there is a concern about the people at large. Let’s see wether they are serious about corruption or not!

  3. Forget about this politburo get-together. Since when has Mugabe ever decisively dealt with anything. I bet they want to give a rest to the tired and exposed ZANU PF officials and come up with new candidates to jump on to the looting bandwagon. Just recently,Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria fired nine ministers from his cabinet. It takes guts to take such drastic action. Thirty-three years at the helm and no single minister ever got dismissed. What a leader!

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  5. Without defending mujuru. I think she has a point if for example magastrates, prosecutors, those in the army, those at diamond mines etc who are purported to belong to the other faction are alledged to be taking bribes and the Herald spends time on her allies. If ZANU PF is serious on corruption, according to Mujuru, let the committee set by the Presidency do its job. For one, the herald was sticking to Cashbert, Happy son and Mahachi when we want more culprits to be named and other newspapers came in. If cde George Charamba was not exposed the herald was going to go on and on dividing ZANU PF. We all heard in Sept and after the provincial elections the tactics the other faction was going to employ including persecuting the ‘weaker’ faction with no access to.the courts or the NPA and the security cluster. ZANU PF does not belong to Mujuru and Gwena alone. So the time for a third route is now and Sekeramayi, Chinamasa, Khaya Moyo and Kasukuwere should rise to the occasion. The Midlands and Masvingo have put their eggs on Gwena only. They should start thinking of vana Makhosini in higher offices. Otherwise togona kupa Chiwenga humambo urwu

    • you speak as if you are at a ZANU PF meeting,we the non aligned do not care about the so called in fighting what we want is the curbing of corruption period

      • Flyby you are damn right but wrong alsi. If corruption is going to be addressed from a factionalism basis, then noone will go to jail. Its better an independent commission like the Sandura one be constituted (although Presidents may ignore their.findings again to save their own people). What I dont agree with is succession issues in ZANU Pf spilling into state newspapers. Ko iye Simba wakaendepi. I dont see any presidential material in ZANU PF. Because if there was one, why did they kill Solomon? I also dont see any clean hands in our party. All these guys are looting from the weak. Go to the small gold mines, they loot. Mafia style. God help Zimbabwe from these hyenas

  6. Teurai ropa nhongo is not spared from those corruption activities, she belongs to that looters club and she has nothing to tell the nation except to sing for her supper.

  7. Bob should just instruct his zanu ministers to stop dissolving boards of government related entities but instead he should dissolve the whole government siqalise kakutsha. A new start is required all over.

  8. Zimbos we seem to be confused just like these politicians.We really don’t know what we want. When corruption is exposed we gon crying factional fights zvenhema. I am baffled by other pple’ comments that he he let there be independent investigators, guys a thief is a thief.We should not sympathise with Mujurucoz she is thief number one, neither should we sympathise with Gwena ccoz he is also a thief big time. Mugaeb will attack Jonathan Moyo for exposing corruption all in the name of destroying the part. When its Mujuru taking advantage of Mnangagwa no-one sides/supports Ngwena for that matter. Mai Mujuru vanoda kunzwira tsitsi dzei.I heard kuti KwaChiadzwa there was a place called ”churu chaMai Mujuru”. Now that she has been cornered she cries foul. As Zimbabweans we should not be too forgiving simply becoz ZANUPF does not forgive, it kills isina kana tsitsi. Yes Mnangagwa should not abuse all in the name of factions, but where he does some good let us give him kudos for that. You”ll see that in this politburo thing, Mugabe will side with Mai Mujuru and don’t complain when all these cases die a natural death coz we are too sympathetic.Rather we should as nation we should have supported these exposures so that the Mujuru faction will fight back with more exposures to cleanse the country. Ah takamama nekuti chatinoda chaicho hatichizive vanhuwe.

  9. Even if she has a point she should not lie to the nation by saying she was misquoted,She opened her own mouth to say what she said.I shudder to think what type of president she will be if she can disown her own words beamed live on television.If you watched her she was visibly angry and emotional when she said these words.Zimbabweans must be very very afraid of the future with such kind of leaders.

  10. ZANU-PF must think hard and long over these issues please things are not well these corruptions cases are just worsening the already bad situation therefore for the politicians like Mai Mujuru to even try to blame the press is not acceptable unsteady madam should thank the press for bringing out these bad issues ‘ kana ivowo namudhara varimowo ngava reurure vabva vazvirega zvachose’ put in motion systems that will curb such intolerable abuse. please you can`t enjoy corruptly obtain wealth in a sea of poverty obtainable in our country. Honestly how do preach sovereignty when most of us are suffering like this, its not fare if indeed you knew why did you let things getting out of hand like that.

  11. Politburo opening Statement: Akomana nevasikana, we are gathered here today to discuss the recent so called obscene salaries. There is nothing obscene about them if you compare with what white imperialists are paying their own. To all those that are crying foul, why dont they cry foul when their western handlers are paying the same salaries to their own in Europe. Just because its now Muchechetere and Cashbert, both black people, everyone is crying foul. I didnt appoint Teurai VP for nothing, she knows what most of you do not know. She can see the meddling hands of our detractors more than most commoners see hence her utterances and her VP post. Please note that she was not misquoted. Although it may seem like the there is a countrywide outcry, please dont be fooled, its only a few elements sponsored by the western regime change who are making the noise, please ignore them. The majority is very happy. But because we are a people’s party we need to satisfy even our brothers who do not have a mind of their own. We need to show those few doubting Thomases or Tawandas that we mean business. We need to put a few of us in jail so that we shame the noisemakers. Remember we have the Presidential pardons every year so by end of the year those jailed will be pardoned. Any volunteers?

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