Mugabe calls for special politburo meeting

President Mugabe addresses a party rally at Nzvimbo in Chiweshe in the run up to the July 31 elections. Picture by Aaron Ufumeli

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe, under pressure to mend rifts within his Zanu PF party, yesterday summoned the party’s top brass for a special politburo meeting to try and address critical issues affecting the ruling party.


The meeting comes at a time Zanu PF was divided over the manner in which to handle the ongoing salary scandal rocking State-owned institutions.

Informed sources said today’s meeting is meant to effectively deal with divisions following Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s unprecedented attack on the media last week claiming reports on corruption were coming from the country’s detractors.

Mujuru claimed that there were some people in Zanu PF who were determined to divide the party from within.

In a notice of the urgent meeting, Zanu PF chairman Simon Khaya Moyo said: “All politburo members are advised that the President and First Secretary, RG Mugabe has called for an extra-ordinary politburo meeting to be held at Zanu PF Headquarters on Friday, 14 February 2014 at 10am. All politburo members should attend without fail.”

Though the agenda of the meeting was not made public, sources said the state of the party and cases of corruption would come under discussion.

Mujuru over the weekend confirmed factional fights within Zanu PF saying the manner the media was exposing corruption showed there were others in Zanu PF who were fighting to destroy the party from within.

Mujuru and party stalwart, Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, reportedly lead factions angling to succeed Mugabe who turns 90 next week.

As the fight to succeed Mugabe continues to divide Zanu PF, party heavyweights in Masvingo have renewed calls for the dissolution of the provincial executive claiming that it was “fraudulently” voted into power.

The fights came hardly a month after Zanu PF dissolved the party’s Midlands executive and vested authority in Midlands provincial minister Jason Machaya following disputed elections. Provincial elections results have also been disputed across the country.

Masvingo has been at the centre of serious infighting as factional fights take centre stage.

A Mujuru loyalist, Callisto Gwanetsa, won the Masvingo provincial chairmanship, beating Ailess Baloyi, who is believed to be in the Mnangagwa camp.

But central committee members Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana and Shuvai Mahofa and Masvingo Urban MP Daniel Shumba, believed to be fighting in Mnanagagwa’s corner, have taken the fight a gear up by writing to the party’s political commissar Webster Shamu seeking to have the executive dissolved.

In two separate letters to Shamu, the three claimed that the polls were held in breach of the party’s own set guidelines announced on December 6, 2013 and should be nullified.

“It means that the purported election of the provincial executives to their posts was held fraudulently and is null and void,” Mangwana and Shumba wrote.

“We hereby request that in the interest of fairness, justice and democracy, this election be nullified and fresh elections be conducted by impartial people with district chairpersons voting as per your circular.”

The polls were marred by violence as factions openly accused each other of candidate imposition, vote-buying and manipulation of results.

Mangwana and Shumba argued that polls were conducted in violation of the party’s circular No. 19/2013, regarding provincial polls.

They said members of the central committee queried why district chairpersons were not invited to a meeting that was allocating positions of provincial executives on Saturday December 7.

When asked why the district chairpersons were not invited, the chairperson claimed they did not form part of the Electoral College, according to the letters.

“We have now seen circular No. 19/2013 and paragraph 1:1 states that the Electoral College is made up of ‘the district delegates and the recently elected provincial members.”

Mahofa, in her letter dated February 12, is also demanding that the provincial executive be stopped from holding provincial co-ordinating meetings in the province scheduled for tomorrow before they were given legitimacy by the politburo.


  1. so the May 2013 which were also held fraudently were null and void. We therefore call for new free and fair elections with no abuse of voting slips, and tripple voting.

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  2. Maybe it’s the zanu pf way of doing things but how the national chairman write invites to Politburo members without writing the agenda. It’s an ambush. As for the factional wars this is just but the beginning, the worst is still to come. The issue of corruption has not been dealt with as yet because the board members are kapentas, small fish we are waiting to see ministers or former ministers or central committee or Politburo members being detained for doing corrupt practices. Parastatal board members whilst they are guilty their bosses ; ministerial permanent secretaries and ministers must be investigated because they are linked to these malpractices.

  3. Vote rigging is evil. No national benefits will ever be derived from vote manipulation. Zanu PF is proving that it is the mother of rigging, but it is not benefiting anything from that wayward behaviour. The zpf president is now reaping what he sowed. His party is now full of people who nikuved their way into almost all party positions.

  4. does the politburo have the answers for this stinking thing mr president. never. you are going to the wrong people. i see you are making another big mistake and therefore the things happening now are here to haunt you more. mark my words. open your eyes great leader and see who to consult on the matters of how to get things right now.

  5. He is going to discuss with thieves and nothing will happen. Zvaakataura zva Misimirembwa makazonzwa paakataura futi here, akutotaura zvaTsvangirai asi mbavha dzake dzauraya nyika achidya nadzo. Its a government of thieves. Politibro can`t decide zveumbavha mapurisa basa rawo nderei. These are thugs, he will not come up with any strategy to save the robbed public.

  6. These things have been going on for years why exposing them now whilist we all know that no desired action will be taken to solve this crises. All these guys are all corrupt

  7. Hope they will also discuss the issue of civil servants’ salaries (although I know they have no solution for that one).

  8. This is what I call ”a babylonic system” It has its own way of getting into extinction. Zanu Pf will destroy itself from within and definitely it will fall. Wait and see.

  9. Mwana wenyoka inyoka .Charity or Evil begins at home.Hezvo president zvamakaticha vana venyu avo! Tsiurai tione,chamakadya chamuka

  10. Is corruption party business or government business? Then why politburo meeting if it’s government business. Or am missing something here guys, where is the demarcation between party and government.???

  11. Is corruption party business or government business? Then why politburo meeting if it’s government business. Or am missing something here guys, where is the demarcation between party and government.???

  12. The dilemma that Zanu Pf faces is not somuch in developing or accepting new ideas but rather escaping from the old ones, for Zimbabwe Mugabe is an old idea! Warp.

  13. Muzukuru weZimbabwe Robert Matibili is a Malawian power hungry coward who cares less about Zimbabweans but only himself.

    • Chawakadya chamuka. Munodzipedza nyaya dzoumbavha mumapazi ehurumende imi? Its just only the tip and I say the tip of a very big ice-beg.Hameno zvenyu ini naMujuru hatidi kuti zviburitswe mumapepa nhau munozozviziva kuti Zanu PF yawora.

  14. Makarasika vanhuwe mudhara vari kugadzirisa zvinhu. Zvichafamba. Dont worry we have a great leader. Let us have faith in him. Avo vari kuba siyanai navo vachatongwa naMwari kana nguva yakwana. Isu ngabatikane nekurima mvura iriko gore rino.

  15. Don’t say anything bad about our great leader referred as black Napoleon,kana mashaya nyaya dzekunyora zviri nani munyore ngano

  16. how does one explain the fact dat a retired general is given another job to heard a parastatal NRZ,parks etc thus corruption

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