MPs left stranded in Harare hotels

ABOUT 80 Zanu PF and MDC-T Members of Parliament from outside Harare yesterday claimed that they were left stranded at different hotels in the capital over the weekend after Parliament failed to supply them with fuel to enable them to drive back to their constituencies.


The MPs, who spoke to NewsDay on condition of anonymity, said they were owed three weeks’ supply of fuel and had not received their sitting allowances since September last year.

MDC-T chief whip Innocent Gonese confirmed the development yesterday, saying it had become a big challenge for MPs who were not financially secure to pay for their trips to attend Parliamentary sittings and committee meetings due to lack of support  by the august House.

“It is true that Parliament has for the past three weeks not been giving fuel coupons to MPs and so those who have to travel outside have been using their own resources to buy fuel or have been staying at their hotels to attend the next sessions,” Gonese said.

“The situation differs with each individual MP as those in difficult circumstances get stranded at hotels and cannot go back to their families while others buy their own fuel,” he said.

Gonese said MPs had experienced the travel challenges since last year when the First Session of the Eighth Parliament resumed sitting, adding that members of his party would, however, endeavour to continue using their personal resources to ensure the work of the Legislature was carried out.

Some of the stranded MPs said supply of fuel by Parliament had been erratic since October last year.

The MPs said they had also not been paid allowances of $75 per sitting day since the First Session of the Eighth Parliament resumed sitting in September 2013.

“We have even gone to complain about this issue to Parliament’s finance director Bernard Zvamada and he said Treasury had not given the institution money and it was up to us MPs to be vocal about our problems because the situation was beyond their control,” said one MP.

He said the situation was embarrassing and disturbing especially at a time when Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa had brought the Condonation Bill in the National Assembly seeking  Parliament to approve the use of half a billion unbudgeted-for expenses by different ministries last year. This year Parliament was allocated $23 741 000 when the institution required $35 million.

Currently Parliament owes millions of dollars in hotel bills, sitting allowances to former and current legislators, as well as airfares and fuel allowances.

“This shows that the government is not capacitated to provide for the Legislature.  While some of us are stranded at hotels, others have opted to fly on tickets which are credit facilities by airlines,” the MP said.

However, both Zanu PF chief whip Joram Gumbo  and Clerk of Parliament Austin Zvoma said legislators from the ruling  party had not approached them over the issue.

“I am not aware of the issue because MPs get their fuel coupons from Parliament administration.  I have been in Mberengwa where my constituents are affected by flooding and so I do not know what is happening in Harare,” Gumbo said.

Zvoma added: “I admit Parliament has not been able to give them fuel for a certain time.  We can only give those coupons, if Treasury has given us money and once we get that money we will reimburse the fuel owed.”

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  1. We must cut down on the fuel allowances and maybe the numbers of mps to make the budget in tandemn with the numbers

    1. $2000 which MPS r paid every month is enough for them to cover transport and hotels.

  2. tendai chaminuka

    Honourable MP’s, that is the Zimbabwe most workers are living in.Nine months without pay.Welcome to the fold

  3. Politicians have a tendancy of giving jobs for friends whn its no neccesary why did Mdc-t and Zanu pf increased number of legislators in the name of new constitution (propotional represantation and senators) was tht necessry and does Zimbabwe economy sustain such number of Mps?wht u r facing is due to silly blunders

  4. then work harder ladies and gentlemen. its time to be innovative if you have a heart for zimbabwe. in fact your jobs are voluntary jobs at present. please do it for the nation and dont worry about this fuel, you will get it one day.

    1. very correct. further to that people have their eyes and ears closed. this government is broke. Eee treasury has not given us money, when you are fully aware that there is no money. people should openly particularly legislators that there is no money and the government is broke then things can start to role by;
      say 1 reduce the number of mps. these mps must accept that and work out a formular for reducing the number of mps.

      2 start to think serious about what to do when a government is broke to this level. if it were a company one way is to fire the ceo, and get the company under judicial management.

      ma mp masaita semusina kukwana.treasury haibike mari.

      this way of thinking by mps shows the poor level of understanding of our mps about how a government functions. its a pity we have this kind of leadership. someone should help these mps and explain to them where government money comes from. Make it clear to them that treasury does not cook money for government nor does treasury dole out money when its not there.

  5. I wish I could be paid $75 a day for sitting around & doing nothing. In fact so would all the 80% + of my fellow unemployed Zimbabweans.

  6. kikiki, well then just shut down Parliament, they are not doing anything for us anyway. Take the 23 million they were given and fix our roads.

    Its really that simple.

  7. zvazoiwana kwarati……..welcom to Zimbabwe

  8. When workers complain of their unpaid salaries, you keep your mouths shut, now its your turn. You must also feel the heat. You sleep in expensive hotels doing a lot of things like fornication there with thigh vendors, then u demand big sitting allowances and then fuel coupons, so its high time for u kuzvipira kuratidza zvamakasarudzirwa nevanhu. Vamwe kuda mari but no even contribution in parliament. Musapiwa all those incentives unless all Zimbabwean workers are also paid better like u

  9. ngavaende ku mbare kumabhazi like ordinary Zimbabweans

  10. ngwalongwalo kaMatshobane

    innovative and cost saving measures for all those who have Zimbabwe at heart will be to take buses to Harare and back, just be like the President of Bolivia who knows that his country can not afford the luxury other presidents are having.

  11. why has rgm never been inconvinienced?,yu ar furus

  12. tambai irikurira magen’a. its the situation everywhere, 8-15 motnths without salaries yet you are cruying about allowances not paid for but having been enjoyed, sleeping in hotels heheheheh guys le us be serious dnt cry for this is the prevailing situation…I welcome to true and new Zimbabwe this time no rigging gagagagagaga

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  14. The MPs should approach Cuthbert Dube at PSMAS and get money for fuel and hotel expenses.

  15. poor country, yet useless pride….


    I really wonder if these MPS (MAMPARAS) should exist in our political and social life becoz this current crop does not care a wink about their costituences. During the run to previous elections 2000- 2008, all they could promise u (ZANU PF) was a thorough beating and death if u vote fo MDC and surely those who did otherwise eventualy got the beating , raping and death.These’re the the people who represent us, some were so fortunate to become ministers as well. To the MDC counterparts the majority were in cities only complaining about ZANU PF, no development was done, we began to see sewage flowing in the streets for the first time, dry tapes, street lights going on extintion and paying bills for non existing services. To ZANU PF majority in rural areas and farms, all dust& gravel roads kissed goodbye to graders and maintenance. I can tell u most roads last had the above mentioned in 1999 backwards, then came the inclusive government ooh everyone went to sleep only to be waken up by the July election calls, what happened on this one everyone knows and history repeated itself again ZANU PF in rural & farm areas MDC in cities and everything continues as usual. So dear Zimbabweans do we really need thes guys to represent us as purpot to do?or they are just there to enjoy good cars, hotels and other perks in our hard earned tax money. To those who would be still around by 2018, just watch the grave train taking u into oblivion. NDATENDA

  17. my buddy’s mother-in-law makes $82 /hr on the laptop . She has been fired for ten months but last month her check was $20465 just working on the laptop for a few hours. read here……

  18. M.P Handy ndo saka takavhota shandisaika mari dzenyu

  19. Now they are silent when Biti was in control they used to point fingers at him n fill all the state papers with Biti that Biti this.

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