MPs grill Mnangagwa over Mujuru


HURUNGWE West legislator Temba Mliswa yesterday grilled Justice and Legal Affairs minister Emmerson Mnangagwa in the National Assembly over the government’s lack of clarity on indigenisation of the Chisumbanje ethanol plant.


Mliswa had asked Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment deputy minister Mathias Tongofa to explain how government would ensure the Chisumbanje ethanol plant management complied with the 51% shareholding requirement as per Cabinet resolutions and when he failed to answer he fired the question to Mnangagwa.

“The process is still going on and we need to go and check the details and come back with a true picture,” Tongofa responded.

Mliswa was not satisfied with the response and challenged Mnangagwa in his capacity as leader of government business in the House to then answer the question as there was “rampant corruption in the country and citizens wanted to know if Cabinet was going to stick to its resolution”.

“Members of Cabinet are sworn to secrecy and I am surprised Mliswa is fully aware of debate that pursued in Cabinet, the contents and resolutions and to refer to Cabinet meetings is in violation of secrecy of Cabinet meetings.  The deputy minister said he was not sure, but it is law in this country that investment of that magnitude will result in a 51% shareholding structure,” Mnangagwa said.

MDC-T legislators cheered during Mliswa’s persistent grilling of Mnangagwa.

Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda had to intervene and ordered Mliswa to stop asking further questions saying he was out of order.

Kuwadzana East MP Nelson Chamisa, Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya and Mabvuku Tafara MP James Maridadi (all MDC-T) also grilled Mnangagwa over Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s statements that the media should not write about corruption.

“What is government policy on such statements and are you singing from the same hymn book with Mujuru concerning corruption? Why is it that no one has been brought to book yet?” Chamisa said.

Mnangagwa said they were singing from the same hymn as they did not want corruption, adding some matters were sub judice and could not be discussed and would follow the rule of law and let investigations take place before prosecution.


  1. Is this the same Mliiswa fellow supposed to have beat up his own father in London(UK). They say at the time John Fashanu commented that he (Mliiswa) ‘needed help’. That is a euphemism for psychosis

  2. We need more of such debates in parliament as they will lead to arrests and unrest……..Nice one guys tho headline misleading

  3. Pay hobho is not corruption guyz.Corruption chioko muhomwe,kukiya kiya to one’s advantage.Zve pay izvi zvine ma approvers.On the equal note moms was misquoted.Reread her comment on the cash gate.Mdc chashamisa chii and makaita zvingani?Kuda kutengesa Zim outside the box is number 1 corruption as you are not doing that for halaz.

    • codza, do you even know what the word “corruption” means? Your Zanu PF attitude of being blind and deaf to corruption has totally destroyed the country. By the way, don’t be an idiot, this is not about the MDC – it is The Herald, your mouthpiece, which is at the forefront of these exposures. If attacking corruption means attacking Zanu PF it means they are one and the same thing and the country needs to get rid of both! As for your “moms”, she spoke lucidly and in vernacular, with audio tapes available, so who misquoted her?

      • zvako greyhora ana codza ar blinded by zanu pf pavakaenda kunetrainiwa ku border gezi pamwe neku shaya cambridge sa “moms” vake. After all corruption was brought here in zim by so called moms and his uncle robert coz zanu pf is corrupt to the core. Madiamonds kuchiyadzwa akapera asi hapana chakaitwa nemari yacho paari iye codza. Asi varungu vakadzokazve kanhi coz zvaimbonzi varungu variku tora hupfumi vachiendesa kunze kwenyika zvakaoma hama.

  4. Hauna nyaya wangu parikutaurwa zveCorruption iwe nanga nanga nezvisina basa.Hapana ataura nezvemapato asi parikutaurwa nezvehuori iwe wakutaura zvekutengeswa kwenyika zvataurwa nani

  5. codza you need help, how can one justify what your ‘moms’ said? stop playing the political card. being a zanu pf or mdc supporter doesn’t mean you have to rubber stamp everything they tell you. she messed up now she must face the music and resign.

  6. maMPs mumwe munhu wamurikuregerera asingazivi zvaanoita ndiMike Bimha panyaya yezisco plz pple ar dying achingonyepa mumanewspaper,hero basa,apapanoda reshuffling apa,the guy is just useless

  7. pazvaitwa nemabhunu you kept mwee.As long as its huge pay for a black African.akhula ndaba nickis.That a typical example of empowerment of a blackman.We all envy to earn that much by 2018 elections.

    • ooo i see that u need help as soon as possible. Becoz whites were taking resources out of the country so zanu pf has got the right and priviledge to do the same? Let me help u the white regime was removed for that reason people sacrificed their lives and also their chickens to bring abt change in zim bt the situation is opposite coz the same peoplle who says they brought us fredom ar making it even worse. So the white regime was removed so zanu pf wl go also unless they rule in arcodance to the rule of law

  8. Amai vangaramba chokwadi munhu ari pa tape? Vavakubudisa hutsotsi hwavo hwese manje for munhu wechimiro chavo. I am sure its one those things we should blame on sanctions too nekuti dai asiri ma sanctions amai vaisazotaura zvakadaro and no one was going to record her. Varungu vanoti the golden rule in criminal practice is dont be caught on camera or tape. Such evidence is compelling and persuasive.

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