Mliswa kicks out white commercial farmers

CHINHOYI — Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairman Temba Mliswa has insisted that the remaining white commercial farmers “illegally” occupying farms must vacate their land by May 15.

James Muonwa

Mliswa reiterated the call for ejection of white commercial farmers at the weekend after his initial ultimatum last month at Chinhoyi Training Centre at a meeting attended by about 50 commercial farmers.

There are reportedly 74 white farmers in the province 41 of whom were recommended to remain on their farms, meaning the rest should leave.

According to sources, only 11 white farmers were given offer letters while four were given 99-year leases. The combative Hurungwe West legislator also warned fellow black A2 farmers against leasing their farms to white commercial farmers.

Mliswa said Zanu PF would repossess land from any black farmer who went into farming partnerships with whites.

“One of the resolutions of the Provincial Lands Committee which is chaired by Provincial Affairs minister Faber Chidarikire, and of which I am the deputy chair, states that all blacks co-habiting with white commercial farmers will have their farms repossessed. No one has authority to parcel out land to another individual,” Mliswa said, while addressing A2 farmers at Chinhoyi Country Club on Sunday.
Mliswa said there should be security of tenure at farms if productivity is to be increased.

A farmer, Stella Muchenje, who was offered a farm by government, said she was being frustrated by a white commercial farmer who was refusing to leave the property after being granted a court order not to vacate.
“They must go. What is so special about white farmers? But what we are saying is that they have not committed any crime. However, as a party we cannot have uncertainty. It’s either they have it (offer letter) or they don’t,” Mliswa said.

Some A2 farmers welcomed the move saying some white commercial farmers were “racist and un-neighbourly” while others boasted of being “well-connected to top Zanu PF officials”.

Mliswa said all A2 farmers, particularly whites, should be incorporated into Zanu PF political structures as cell chairpersons and urged them to prop up Zanu PF and its various programmes.

Since the onset of farm seizures in 2000 which saw thousands of white commercial farmers relocating to neighbouring countries, Zimbabwe has been a net importer of grain following successive years of poor agricultural yields as “new” black farmers struggled to fill the country’s silos.

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  1. zimbabwe ndeyedu.chibhakera mudenga
    abaiwa ngaabude.

  2. Please do proper farming ikoko.Kana mapedza kuvatorera tichazokutoreraiwo since you did not buy them. UTILISE THE SOIL NXAAA

  3. kakuda kounererwa kamfana aka, tokatumira chihuri manje manje so. We don’t want racism in this country, period. Sinai navo varungu vakazvarirwa muno, uye varikuda zvemuno. Its no longer fashionable to attack one merely on the grounds of his race.

  4. mliswa still has a bone to chew with the whites. its a shame that he still lives in the age which the mugabes lived. mliswa we are already as a nation talking about our own corrupt leaders. animal farm sir. so dont take us back to this useless race issue. we have too many white zimbabwean who belong here. there might not be zanu but they are zimbabweans. and a lot of useless resettled black zimbabweans who dont have a heart for zimbabwe.

  5. Temba ngasakanganwa kuti kumusha kweke kuZambia, Tichamudzosa kweke.Hatidi ganda tinoda munhu anogona kurima regardless of race,.

    1. so it is true temba is not a zimbabwean haa. What would u expect from temba he went to the university to study P. E zvepolitcs masanga benzi remunhu we wl send him back to zambia together with his father. Wait time is not far awy

  6. Newsday, where is my comment?

    1. Blocked by Makandiwa’s disciples

    2. @ Jomo; Blocked by Makandiwa’s disciples

  7. Mliswa is a shit stirrer…..whats wrong with white people still in Zimbabwe?Aren’t they farming for the good of the country.How do you expect the country to prosper when you exclude people with resources from producing.TO ME YOU’RE JUST LIKE YOUR PRESIDENT who has never forgiven whites.

  8. Inga vakazarako vatema ku England. Pane anevu here? Kana plot zvayo. Muchena anoda munda must go to Ngirande. Even blacks from the West Indies who have been in England for centuries don’t have land in England. Chuck them out Muliswa!!!!! Those feeble minded mdcheats can go with them if they want to worship bwanas. Anyone who has been to these western countries knows that if you are black no one takes seriously. Even Obama imhepo inogo pupuruka zvayo. I would be comfortable with even failed experimentations as long as we are moving foreword. Take the old adage from Tshaka the king of Zulus. “Bulalani amathakati”

    1. @Chingara you must go back to school and get properly educated about non racist western countries. Have you ever been to any? All people there are treated equally irrespective of ethnic origin and rights are protected, hence lots of immigrants go there. Come on.

  9. When will the racism against whites stop.Haven’t we as a nation progressed. Are we going to be forever looking backwards. We were given eyes at the front so we can look ahead. Let’s leave white citizens alone, Zimbabwe is their home too, they were born here and have no other home, unlike Mliswa who has Zambia.. Racism will take us nowhere. We are using it as an excuse to cover up for committing the sin of coverting your neighbour’s property. God is for all and when his justice prevails, as it surely will, there will be no appeal. Beware!

  10. How is the government going to pay the civil servants’ when it sells 300 000 carats for 10 million dollars come guys don’t take us for fools even at the lowest price of 100 dollars per carat you were supposed to get 300 million dollars.
    Somebody somewhere is eating that’s the order of the day, otherwise how would this be possible 300 000 carats for 10 mill.
    Sometimes when you read in the paper people saying Ian Smith was better they are right, with Smith everything worked.
    With us blacks all we know is stealing, cheating, looting and destroying things, are black people even capable of anything everything we have touched as the black government for the people by the people has be laid to waste.
    We inherited the best performing economy in Africa now look at us a basket case, beggars, a disgrace even the President once said it when he was in South Africa that if you are being served by a waiter or waitress in a South Africa Hotel 9 out of 10 times it’s a Zimbabwean.
    Nothing is working in Zimbabwe nothing no power, no water, no health care, no affordable quality education, no nothing.l am ashamed to even say l am from Zimbabwe.

  11. To hell with a clueless man giving wrong prescription to a patient how does he hope to solve problems facing the country by evicting white farmers?

  12. A sure indication that the yanga man needs the Deliverance Ministry of Prophet Makandiwa….

  13. …and most surely being used by a spirit called Poverty

  14. mod a kutiuraya nenzara kunge munogona kurima.

  15. Mliswa must know that we Zimbabweans being retreanched are also coming down to foreigners from Zambia, Malawi and Mocambique for our land which he is forcibly taking from the Whites.

  16. Empty vessels make the most noise. This looter has nothing to offer anyone.

  17. @chairman mao. I don’t know about the education bit in your careless reply above,but God has given me the gift of staying in quite a few of western cities in the Americas, Europe and guru of the hypocrites, England. Kumhunga uku hakunapwa. The cheap white trash bothering us here would pay their last dollar to stay here than go back home. And everything I mentioned about the black brothers in the West is fact and no fiction at all. Know that a swallow your pride.

  18. How many whites do u know who can sing the national anthem ? How many whites have offered you a Lift? Where im going is whatever they farm the money goes into their pockets. They dont see themselves a Zimbabwean

  19. You people haven’t been to any other country which is not Zim thats why you are saying rubbish about Mliswa. Mliswa is old enough and he has seen a lot. He has been to countries and I tell you the treatment blacks get is pathetic. Why are you sympathizing with these whites, they should pack their things and vacate Zim at the earliest possible time. In Russia Africans get killed by whites who call themselves skin heads and here they are simply being told to vacate peacefully. to start off with where did they get that land from. You see white people as some form of special creatures hey, I read someone’s article claiming that heeeh jobs heeh what. That’s utter rubbish they farm our land rip the products and now go to England for holidays. Why don’t they stay there. Imi vanhu imi work up and smell the coffee endai munotora minda kuMash West rmurime then after one season toona kuti munenge muchirikutaura zvamurikutaura here. Mari iri muvhu my fellow friends. Temba ndizvozvo u r in the right direction pamberi naVaMugabe, asingade ngaabude

  20. Gushaz in Kariba

    Its not about who owns the land but how we u utilise it.Down with discrimination of any form.Mliswa is just crazy and lacks focus.The so called black empowerment/indegrnisation is abt closing companies,under utilisation of land and burning bushes hunting rats.

  21. Zimbabwe wll neva b a colony again

    1. Except of China (who despise Africans)

  22. to hell with Mliswa! Kuda kuba kwese ikoko. Nxaaaa. Varume vanoba mhani ava ahh! Hamunyarewo here akomana!

  23. Mliswa you are a racist bigot and the world is slow but waking to the reverse racism that is happening all over Africa!! Cowards like you have no place here and will be dealt with! I think you will remember who I am when I say remember the hiding you got from the white rugby player some years back?? You were crying like a baby, you want more? Is that why you hate us white Africans??? You cannot better us in an even contest? Like so many in Zanu PF who say and do the same thing until it is man to man and one on one and then it is unfair! What bigots and cowards! Go to hell!

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