Ministry plans to resuscitate Kamativi Tin Mine


MINES and Mining Development minister Walter Chidhakwa on Thursday said plans were underway to resuscitate the comatose Kamativi Tin Mine.


Chidhakwa told Senate during the question and answer session that South African investors had already expressed interest in reopening the disused mine which is believed to have large quantities of tantalite which is used in the manufacture of electronic gadgets.

He was responding to a question by Matabeleland North senator Herbert Madolo Sinampande (MDC-T) who wanted to know if the government had any plans to resuscitate Kamativi Tin Mine which was closed nearly 20 years ago. “Kamativi Tin Mine is one of the companies that we think have a lot of prospects, the reason being that the price of tin has reached unprecedented levels of $23 000 per tonne,” Chidhakwa said.

“We have started getting enquiries, but more interestingly is that tin occurs together with tantalite and tantalite is what is on your cellphones.”

Chidhakwa said all electronic gadgets people possessed had tantalite and therefore, it was in demand.

“The interest now is a combination of tin and tantalite and we were pursuing investment partners in light of these additional minerals so that we can revive the company. It is, however, difficult to give a timeframe. There are a number of South African companies that have come to Kamativi looking for that opportunity,” he said.