Mega-salaries: Zanu PF MP’s slam ministers


ZANU PF legislators yesterday slammed corrupt ministers for appointing friends and relatives to key positions at most parastatals and State-owned institutions thereby contributing to the current chaos.


The issue was raised in both the Senate and House of Assembly with legislators calling for a probe into the obscene salaries earned by parastatal bosses.
Manicaland senator Monica Mutsvangwa (Zanu PF) made the remarks in the Senate yesterday while debating a report of the 34th Plenary Assembly of the SADC Parliamentary Forum recently held in Arusha Tanzania.

Mutsvangwa said there was need to take all legislators to workshops to capacitate them to play a watchdog role over the Executive so as to unearth corruption, especially at State enterprises and parastatals.

“Legislators should be capacitated to play an oversight role over ministers because they are implementers of government policies, but we see now that a lot of these parastatals are being led by people who are not up to scratch,” Mutsvangwa said.

“It is important for MPs to go to workshops so that they know how these parastatals should be run and the oversight role they should play because we see a tendency to appoint friends and relatives to sit on boards – and that is the reality which is done at the expense of professionals.”

In the National Assembly, another Zanu PF legislator Edgar Chidavaenzi (Mazowe North) said the issue of corruption at State enterprises should be thoroughly investigated.

He said the behaviour of some CEOs at these institutions was tarnishing the image of Zanu PF.

“Government needs to thoroughly investigate the operations of parastatals and government-supported institutions because these people have been engaging in corrupt activities on their own yet at the same time they tarnish the image of the party. We cannot have a situation whereby a CEO earns more than what 350 legislators put together earn. It is criminal sabotage to the economy,” Chidavaenzi said.

Another Zanu PF MP in the National Assembly William Mutomba (Buhera North) took a dig at some of his party policies.

“Sanctions remain a challenge, but the Smith regime managed to bust those sanctions. Unfortunately, what is happening in Zimbabwe now is that we talk too much about sanctions, but we are failing to come up with methods to bust them. We can actually move out of sanctions than to invest on talking and talking,” Mutomba said.

On indigenisation, he said government was taking “a schoolboy approach” instead of devising means of attracting investors into the country.

“Indigenisation should be introduced at secondary schools so that it becomes part of the curriculum. We should encourage people to come and invest in the country, but we are taking a schoolboy approach when in fact there is a lot that needs to be done,” he said.

Mutomba blasted ministers for not implementing recommendations by parliamentary committees.


  1. the problem with most of these zanu mps is that they are not ready to call a spade a spade. you know whAT in most cases everything rises and follows on leadership. what is your leader doing? sleeping.

    • Its a little too late for ZANU PF to start making sense. You can’t privatize shells now can you?

      Thank you for admitting Ian Smith was better.

  2. at last zanu pf mps ar seeing th light.politics of patronage is th root cause of all th constistution must b amended to make th oppointment of CEOs and local Athourities TCs preregotive of th paliamentery portfolio committes.wheby they will do so frm a list of applicants forwaded to them by th relevant ministries.i m suggesting that their contracts of work should b performance based,with spontanious timeline performance reveiw,and buffer zones fo perfomance.also our legislature must accord punitive measures to those public office bearers wo abuse office or involed in corrupt acts.e g lyk longterm jail sentece.

  3. if-the-has- been-given-a-post-at-parastatal-they-will-start-the-lloooting-since-its-an-operating-means-in-the-Zanu-PF-party-they-will-like-the-rest-of-the-club-LOOTING-a-keyword-in-the-Zanu-field!

  4. Looks like zvarwadza kuti vamwe vawo vari kuita mari ine mumvuri ivo vari busy kurova slogan. We expect the MPs to put a stop to this. Hope their anger will produce results. I thot by now we should have been told the salaries of all parastatals’ bosses and all business linked to our Ministers.

  5. this is it vakomana your last chance to cleanse your image in confidence. the ball is in your court !!

  6. As with all progressive countries we should make all salaries of government employees public. We should be able to know what everyone in the public service earns. These positions their grades & remunerations should be advertised in the print media for the public’s information. This is something the ZPF legislators can initiate & thereby start earning their keep as they too are being overpaid for what they do when compared to most of us in Zimbabwe!

  7. it takes 4000 house holds to pay their rates to zesa inorder for it to pay one CEO , calculate by the number of houses and companies consuming power in zimbabwe then you will see that loadsheding is here for ever to stay as long as these learned big brains are behind the wheel not matter what blue prints you come up with Zimbabwe will remain poor for ever, We fought the liberation struggle kuzodya rifa ndiro rifa iri, Good news companies are shuting down , the tattered scotch cart is now about to overturn give Mugabe another 2 months then Kupput the scotch cart is down, very soon Mahachi you will be Pocketing Millions of Yen from these Stupid Residents

  8. Well done MPs albeit late. I hope the president’s office will deal with this matter once and for all. Time has now come for the incumbent to show us that corruption is and has never been allowed in this country. If u cant do it for us please do it for your legacy. Please we waiting for decisive action from you your excellency…please. We know you are a principled comrade. We cant keep having known criminals in ministries and govt departments simply because there is need for tangible, documented evidence when we all know that with the power these guys have such evidence will never be forthcoming. I hear Charamba sat in the board meetings that approved Dubes perks and he was also a beneficiary of a couple of thousands. So hw is the president’s office goin to deal with this?????

  9. @Kiro, you cant fool Bob. He has no will to deal with these issues of corruption. His wish is for pple not to say more. Corruption has always been encouraged by his leadership since the Willowgate days. The corrupt are rewarded by Mugabe than the clean ones. Check all the minieters..from Chombo to new deputy ministers like Fred Moyo. Just corrupt pple, while the like of Chindori Chininga are murdered in broad day light for exposing corrupt activities in govt, the army and the party! Bob is the most corrupt himself. He used state funds to buy a house in Hong Kong yet previously he was saying its only a rented house and a family isse. so why is Zim govt involved in court over family issues. He started yhe one man-one farm programme…but he has 15 between him and Grace!

  10. I don’t take seriously any talk by Zimbabwe’s parliament on corruption, not least when this is from ZanuPF MPs or Senators – they are all corrupt or will soon be corrupt if they are new legislators. These people are not in parliament or Senate because of any sense of altruism but use their positions in the deaf and dumb parliament to pull the wool over our eyes. These ZanuPF legislators have to justify their salaries, haven’t they? In the meantime the looting continues apace.

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  12. What punitive action was done to any corrupt person. Lets not just talk of things we cannot deal with. Corruption started long back, bt i never heard anyone or saw anyone languishing in prison because of curruption. Saying it in ur workshops or parliament is graduating these thieves

  13. Where is NECI (National Economic Conduct Inspectorate I think)? NECI used to be responsible for investing corruption and money laundering and related crimes in parastatals and quasi-government departments.

  14. True they pick their friends and they share the loot because how else can a minister fail to account for what is happening in institutions under his belt. Charamba wrote a letter to a minister about ZBC, the minister did not act but he was still appointed so brotherhood is starting from the top.

  15. The economy is on auto pilot while The president is sleeping. He only talks corruption when reading his speeches but nothing in reality. Como has been minister of local government for too long. It high time he become minister without portfolio. .

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