Mega-salaries blamed on lax controls


THE Media, Information and Broadcasting Services ministry has placed the blame on obscene salaries being earned by parastatal bosses on lax controls during the inclusive government and hyper-inflation period.


Principal director in the ministry Regis Chikowore told editors at the Zimbabwe National Editors Forum (Zinef) annual general meeting at the weekend in Harare that the roots of the obscene salaries that have made national headlines was the onset of the inclusive government.

“The transition phase from a hyperinflation era where our own currency devalued to unprecedented high levels rendering our currency virtually valueless . . . this period coincided with the advent of the inclusive government which made it almost impossible to police public institutions as appointments and oversight was being done on partisan political lines,” he said.

There has been public anger following disclosures that former ZBC chief executive Happison Muchechetere earned $40 000 a month while Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) boss Cuthbert Dube took home $230 000.

Salaries of other CEO’s in other parastatals have, however, remained a closely guarded secret with increasing calls by legislators to have their payments and perks made public to ensure tighter controls.

“The public has only seen the tip of the iceberg, Muchechetere and Cuthbert Dube (CEO of PSMAS who earns a quarter of a million monthly) should have pushed a serious government to ensure all CEO’s at public companies declare their salaries and perks, but those who are still in favour with those in power will remain protected while drawing huge salaries,” Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya (MDC-T) said in an interview.

Meanwhile, Chikowore said it was the duty of editors to ensure that the public had a full understanding of events in the country hence they should go beyond scratching the surface by digging deep to unravel the origins of problems.


  1. can we have a list for parastatal heads that were appointed by mdc mins. n zpf mins. zpf guys just want to blame mdc in this mess they created. gorden moyo tried to correct this anomaly but dd he get any support from zpf no zero at all. so blame stops with zpf period.

  2. Newsday is a disappointment!!! We have the new CEO for PSMAS being hand picked to earn $ 60,000 and you think that’s ok? You have a Zembe who was on the same board as Dube at PSMAS being promoted to chair the board instead of being fired and disgraced and you are ok with that? Instead all sort of glowing superlatives are being used to describe one Luxton Zembe! I guess its consistent after you ran an opinion piece defending Dube’s salary of $230,000 per month.

  3. @ teaboy. U are right. All Newsday articles these days lack research. They are supposed to be investigating these issues. Up to now they havent even let their readers know the compositin of PSMAS board. It is their duty to educate and inform. So Zembe was on this board so why wasnt the whole board fired. Is it true Charamba is on this board. Any why are civil servants appointed board members??? We need stories on such issues pliz

  4. Zimra salaries where we have some bosses who have overstayed how are they. Also salaries at other parastatals ZESA, IDC etc publish them.

  5. With the reinstatement of Mahachi,the momentum has been lost.but I think Chombo in his effort to put a lid on his suspected link with thieves at town hall may have overplayed a hand..This so we robbed you what are you gonna do about it gung-ho approach will get its come-uppance..he has gone in too deep this time!.But be that as it may, now all parastatal bosses are being tarred with the same brush..Those parastatals which are run professionally should be like what Bulawayo City has a press conference and make your salaries known..Otherwise to an unforgiving public you are all thieves when some of you are having sleepless nights trying to move the country forward in your own small way fulfilling your mandate in a professional manner..I feel for you guys who have to carry the tag ‘thieves’ when you are as clean as whistles. People may not believe this but not all para bosses are thieves! Just like the police force..there are those officers who have not diverted from their mandate since they joined the force..they have their names tarnished by the rotten little bastards in their ranks but they refuse to be fact they are the majority! The media should do its best to profile these honest is news too!

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