MDC-T youths clash over Tsvangirai

THE Bulawayo MDC-T Youth Assembly has been rocked by turmoil over the leadership’s alleged unilateral endorsement of party leader Morgan Tsvangirai as the 2018 presidential candidate and rebuke of deputy treasurer-general Elton Mongoma with a faction distancing itself from the pronouncements.


Mangoma was recently assaulted by party youth members outside the MDC-T’s Harvest House head office in Harare for allegedly calling for Tsvangirai to go.

Last Friday, the assembly’s Bulawayo provincial leader and Mpopoma-Pelandaba MP Bekithemba Nyathi convened a Press conference in the city and endorsed Tsvangirai as the party’s presidential candidate for the 2018 polls.

Nyathi claimed that Mangoma lied that Tsvangirai had instigated his attack saying “Zanu PF thugs are responsible for the attack”.

The move has raised a storm within the youth wing as some members were quick to distance themselves from the endorsement.

Sources said a section of the youths confronted deputy secretary Kwanele Phiri during victory celebrations for Njube/Lobengula councillor Lillian Mlilo on Saturday attended by some senior party officials.

“We were shocked to hear that a handful of provincial youth leaders said Bulawayo youths are fully behind Tsvangirai to the extent of endorsing him as presidential candidate,” said a source.

“We are not part of that decision as it is not a reflection of the structures’ view on the matter. No one consulted the structures.

“The executive cannot issue statements alone. The main wing has not even called a Press briefing to announce its stance on the Mangoma saga.

“What is even more surprising is that (Bekithemba) Nyathi escaped assault in Harare over the Mangoma issue, but he rushes to Bulawayo to endorse Tsvangirai,” said the source.

However, Nyathi yesterday said the decision to back Tsvangirai was reached last Thursday during a consultative meeting.

“On Thursday, there was a consultative meeting which included all district chairpersons and executive members. We resolved as Bulawayo youths to rally behind Tsvangirai as our candidate. We also resolved to condemn all forms of violence as a means of resolving internal issues. So everyone was consulted,” said Nyathi.

Referring to Mangoma, Nyathi said senior members should not rush to the media and insult “the president by using foul language” when confronted with challenges.

The youths attacked Mangoma and youth assembly secretary-general Promise Mkhwananzi outside the MDC-T headquarters.

Secretary-general Tendai Biti reportedly escaped the mob by throwing himself into Tsvangirai’s car while another national youth boss Solomon Madzore had to make a hasty retreat into the party headquarters to avoid attack.

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  1. In Dr M.R Tsvangirai we,the youths of Zimbabwe including those from zanu pf, entrust our future in all facets of life!

  2. misleading headline.pls newsday just tell vanamangoma n hs company 2 start their party .zanupf will help thm .u can tell neinterest yavapo panyaya yamangoma kuti zanupf is behind all ths

  3. @samaita. It seems mdcteaboy eats, drinks and sleeps zpf. The long and short of it is the day zpf dies mdcteaboy will also die has it has nothing to except to accuse zpf of everything and anything

  4. Viva Bulawayo Youth

    Bulawayo will never ever be fooled by these two corrupt & violent leaders, Tsvangirai & Mugabe out, we only see you in Bulawayo whenever you are either in trouble, but what happened to your freaking promises of reviving Byo?!!! As for Tsvangirai, just step down before detector tendencies consume you completely.

    1. detector tendencies lol @Viva Bulawayo Youth

      What is he detecting but?

      1. Viva Bulawayo Youth

        @Dusty you know what l meant, English is not our mother tongue, so bare with me LOL “dictator” thus what l meant.

  5. Real MDC-T supporters support & will endorse Morgan Tsvangirai as their presidential candidate. ZANU PF will back Biti & his faction 2 further divisions in MDC, thus the Divide &Rule method.

    1. Viva Bulawayo Youth

      @Asylum vuke emanqande Tsvangirai is finished & klaar!

  6. Save ndizvo Chikara cheZANU ungafuniyo kayekhele asikuncenci hamba kuZanu pf . Come 2018 tinenge takagwinya kuiita njanji .

  7. tendai chaminuka

    2018 endorsement.Zim needs serious people

  8. Kkkkk 2018 presidential candidate? So TsvanCry n hz bootlickers wl neva respect a party’s constitution wat more of a national one

  9. Gandanga why is zanupf involves itself on issues which doesnt concern thm.whn tsvangirai ws beaten by th police wht did zanupf say n ws there anyone arrerted afta tht incident.but 2 day only some 1 with zanupf connection abvarurwa hembe already there r pple arrested.saka evidence mucourt yokuti akarohwa ndeye shirt yakabvarurwa.

  10. It’s now clear that Mr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai no longer commands the respect of all MDC-T members. The mere mention of his name divides the supporters. The split of MDC-T now looks more certain than ever before. It’s a pity uncle Morgan is so power obsessed and is refusing to step down given his colossal weaknesses and lack of political foresight and wisdom!

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