MDC-T purges party ‘rebels’

THE MDC-T’s national executive is planning to purge all party bigwigs accused of pushing for party leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s ouster, NewsDay has learnt.


MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora confirmed the planned move, but declined to identify the targeted members.

“Dispclinary action will be taken against everyone who went to the Press without authority, not only (deputy treasurer-general Elton) Mangoma, but all the people who went to the Press. This was the recommendation of the national executive of the party in January,” Mwonzora said.

However, sources close to Tsvangirai’s office told NewsDay yesterday that the purge was targeting Mangoma, secretary-general Tendai Biti, national youth secretary-general Promise Mkwananzi and youth chairman Solomon Madzore, among others.

Incidentally, Mangoma, Mkwananzi and Biti were assaulted by youths allegedly aligned to Tsvangirai following a meeting at the party headquarters in Harare on Saturday.

The youths accused the trio of campaigning for Tsvangirai to rescind his post.

Others who have come out in the open calling for leadership renewal in the MDC-T are exiled party treasurer-general Roy Bennett and national executive members Eddie Cross and Iain Kay.

National youth spokesperson Clifford Hlatywayo also confirmed the planned disciplinary action, saying Mkwananzi would be taken to task for issuing a statement contrary to the position of the youth assembly on leadership renewal.

“The party’s disciplinary committee will work on Mkwananzi for spreading lies to the people of Zimbabwe. What he said, he spoke as an individual and not representing the youths, so action will be taken on him,” Hlatywayo said.

However, Mkwananzi yesterday insisted that his remarks were in line with a resolution agreed to by party youths.

“We don’t make resolutions as individuals and we can’t name people in resolutions and the statement I issued as the secretary-general was official,” he said.

Mkwananzi accused Mwonzora of lying that Zanu PF youths were involved in the weekend beatings at Harvest House.

“The first step is to admit that we have a problem because I am their leader and I know those who beat me up,” Mkwananzi said.

“The reason why we have not gone to the police is we know what they did was criminal and unlawful, but we still have confidence that the internal structures of the party can be able to deal with the issue. We have, however, not received anything from the leaders asking us to present a report of what happened, not even a phone call to check.”

Meanwhile, Tsvangirai will be headed for Bulawayo soon in a bid to consolidate his grip at the helm of the party following weekend clashes in Harare.

National organising secretary Nelson Chamisa yesterday said the planned trip to Bulawayo was top of the party’s agenda as it “was a liberated zone”.


  1. Would the leadership of the MDC destroy this project all because of vanity? We have heard the president say in the past that he held the keys to the he willing to risk another split at this ugly hour? Why does he not show leadership by taking on board the views of his liuetnants? Is this what democracy is all about..As for the lieutenants is open revolt the best way to tackle this..have you tried reconcilliation and failed. One thing that is clear as October days in Zimbabwe..united you are stronger. Please grow up and act your age and resolve this tiny issue. Having said is important that the MDC cleans itself up one or the other..One thing they can be sure of though they have lost a chunk of support with these useless internal feuds much as Mrs Mujuru has dimmed her star with that single moment of weakness in Mash West.

    1. Hlatshwayo is positioning himself for 2016 congress so he has teamed up with certain individuals to ouster those who might be a threats to his abitions to be a youth chairman.Mkwananzi has a right to say wht he wants not what u want him to say.

      1. By saying that the youths beat up Mangoma, Mkwananzi is also admitting that he failed to control the youths as well and he is not fit for that position

    2. Factions which were trounced in the last election r now framing Biti,Madzore and Mkhwanzanzi.The likes of Mutsekwa who were nolonger visible to the people who elected them r trying to seek relevence through the back door.Is it a criminal offence to tell an Mdc-t leader to step down?to say so or not according to your will is democracy.Mwonzora and Hlatshwayo stop behaving like Zanu or you read the same notes like them

    3. Ooh! MDC yanga iri project nhai? thats why its extinction is reckoning because by design all projects has to have an ending.

    4. Mdc-t is facing defeat strees,and ths started in the last congress and wht people saw in Primary elections was worse were by Dorcas Sibanda hired and conived with Zanu pf youths to form a parallel structure which was admitted thru the back door by Settlement Chikwinya.More happened in Mpopoma were a 14year olds were buzzid in the voting college by Albert Mhlanga. in favour of someone.To Chamisa and Mwonzora to saw the part has been infiltrated its a lie coz the ethics and ethos of democracy r not followed coz u take people for granted and do wht suits you friends .It high time Tribal Lovemore Moyo and Chamisa Uinty people and stop fighting agaist champions of democracy who r excirsing thr democratic right.

  2. Maybe that’s it. If victims are brought to a hearing for telling the world how they suffered the hands of their tormentors. Is the democracy? Tsvangirai something must be wrong in mind or head!

  3. amana ingobudai mu mdc macho vamwe vakabuda wani muneiko inga bennet ane mari munaye wani plus biti amface wagono start ur own party ndo indigenazation ka

  4. Would the leadership of the MDC destroy this project all because of vanity? We have heard the president say in the past that he held the keys to the he willing to risk another split at this ugly hour? Why does he not show leadership by taking on board the views of his liuetenants? Is this not what democracy is all about..As for the lieutenants is open revolt the best way to tackle this..have you tried reconcilliation and failed. One thing that is clear as October days in Zimbabwe..united you are stronger. Please grow up and act your age and resolve this tiny issue. Having said is important that the MDC cleans itself up one way or the other..One thing they can be sure of though they have lost a chunk of support with these useless internal feuds much as Mrs Mujuru has dimmed her star with that single moment of weakness in Mash West.

  5. tendai chaminuka

    Mubikira chaiwo.It seems there is no difference between ZANU(PF) ngeM.D.C-Tsvangirai.They read the same notes.Very surprising for a political party which quoted mostly from M.Gandi, a person renowned for non violence.Its a shame.

  6. Mangoma, Biti, Solomon Madzore, Mkwananzi can you please form your own party or join jobless Sikala’s MDC99. We know you have been infiltrated. Madzore warasika gwara remusangano nekuda kwekugara kwawakaita kuChikurubi. Hapana anombokuchemai look what happened to Gwisai, Sikala and Ncube.

    1. Unorwara, infiltration by Biti and Mangoma, you are sick to the toes.

      MDC was infiltrated by Elizabeth Macheka, Tsvangirai’s wife, being Zanu PF herself. Tsvangirai is the greatest liability the MDC has. Being married to a Zanu PF woman.

  7. tsvangirai will remain mdc t president.even zanu pf knows that he is the strongest opposition leader in the history of zimbabwe.tsvangi forever.

    1. kkkkk yes he will remain mdc-t president forever coz zanu pf knows that he is their main plant

      1. yes he will remain but will never rule zimbabwe because he sold out to zanu(pf) for a few rounds with zanu(pf) women.

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  9. vanofanirwa kurohwa even mustreet ma stupid aya ma c10 akaurayisa vanhu vakawanda muzimbabwe more than half a million yakaurawa ne zanu coz of thse stupid idiots…ncube,mangoma,biti murikuda kutiurayisa futi nezanu after maparadzana..,,muno fanirwa kurohwa zvisingaiti ma stupid kuda kutiurayisa

  10. Intending to hold disciplinary hearing in line with their constitution in line with their constitution does not in my mind constitute planning purging as suggested by the writer. If Mwonzora confirmed this is the plan then they have a problem if they go into a hearing with a predetermined outcome. As a neutral I would be very disappointed.

  11. biti, madzore, mudzuri and mkwananzi we respect you guyz. you are part of our struggle for democracy but I think you are now moving the wrong direction. Remember MDC failed to get support of service chiefs coz of Bennet. so the best is to continue fighting for democracy under one commander Tsvangirai and leave out other sellouts like mangoma, bennet and kay. we cannot continue with this struggle without Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai, you should make sure you manage your private life and not fall into zanupf traps ( vhara zip mudhara, usatinyadzisa)

  12. Mangoma and co have failed to dislodge Tsvangirai, so the best way is to part ways since Tsvangirai has the weaknesses already identified by Mangoma , why stick with him.they have the money and they can even take the mdc name as others before them.if Tsvangirai is left with only people who respect him as their leader rather than those who would stab him at the back he can take the presidency whenever elections are held, which is likely to be before 2018.

  13. The problem goes back to 2005. Why the Bitis saw it expedient to name the party MDC-T when they broke away from the original MDC. For years they were happy lying that the MDC is a splinter group and they were the original one. The chickens have come home to roost.

  14. This is a Cio gimmick people like Promise mkwananzi are agents of the Cio since his time at Uz the problem with MDC they don’t verfy their members.

  15. Disciplining who and for what? The internal hearings must start on tsvangirai, key charges are : theft of party funds, aiding and abetting the perpetration of violence on party members,bringing the good name of the party to disrepute through his Hollywood sexual lifestyle and failure to effectively discharge his duties as party president. Definitely he will plead guilty
    Determination will be relief of all his duties and summary dismissal from the party with immediate effect

  16. Mangoma warasika gwara remusangano,,,You are a disgrace to the movement.

  17. Party does not belong to an individual. Chaunoti ndechako pamba pako chete

    1. You are very right, Elias Mudzuri. This idea of personalizing party issues is primitive. It’s a pity that brother Morgan Richard Tsvangirai has turned out to be a wolf in sheepskin. Tsvangirai munhu wemangamanga ane muchiuno!

  18. Zvonyadzisa izvi

    1. Shuwa!

  19. On 26 January 2000 the party had its inaugural congress at the Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex. Morgan Tsvangirai became President. A constitution for the party was adopted. if you do your research very well that party constitution will tell you that Morgan tsvangirai should have gone a long time ago. So can he do the right thing and leave without the party splitting once again for the sake of prosperity towards a better Zimbabwe.

  20. No matter how much you hate Tsvangirai, you have no option but to love him. Who would think that Zanu pf has no intention of destroying MDC. The CIO, Military, Zanu pf, State press, Chiefs, War Vets, Local Govt, Internal AGENTS, Nicuv, Ariben Menashe, the whole state machinery etc all failing to bring down a man without a knife but failing. The guy is just a marvel. Busy screwing their sisters while junta is having sleepless knights plotting to bring him down. Who is Mangoma. Let him ask the proffessors who tried it. They have better stories to tell. Even mugabe now believes the theory by CIO that the whites think for him. The worst african dictator failing to bring him down. Just watch the unfolding episodes. The guy is a schemer. For so many years the CIO has totally failed to infliltrate MDC T. How may Parties have collapsed over the year. Morgan must just press the foot. He holds the vision. No man can have all qualities we desire. Our current agenda is to remove RG & Co. Only Morgan can do that.

    1. The truth is that it has been proven that Morgan Tsvangirai is not a God given leader.We as zimbos won power from zanu(pf0 and Tsvangirai and company surrendered it back to zanu(pf).Samson na Delila.

    2. tendai chaminuka

      “Our current agenda is to remove RG & Co”If that is your agenda then you have failed dismally.That failure makes people believe kuti its intentional to the extent that the povo are now believing kuti MDC-T has not just been infiltrated but has actually turned out to be a zanu (pf) project and the project leader……you know who?

  21. We need someone more evil that the current system to be able to remove or change the current status core.

    1. No no no. We cannot replace one corrupt dictator with another. The time for principle based politics has come.

  22. The shitheads in MDC will fight among themselves tooth and nail to retain their comfort zones in that donor funded party and in the process will destroy the cohesion in their party and among their supporters.When the proverbial dust finally settles those power hungry so called leaders in that party will be met with a deafening silence as their povo would have moved away in disgust.

  23. Been voting for Morgan from 2000 but Never will i make such a mistake again…Mudzuri and squad all correct,Tsvangirai is not a brand name…open your eyes guys this man destroyed our musangano through vakadzi and corruption…..would rather vote Zanu pf or not vote at all….why not let leadership renewal take its place,grossroots support yeyi vanhu vane zhara,instead of focusing on Corruption in parastatls you are busy meeting structures ekuda power todya mastructure here isu musatonyoko

    1. I couldn’t have put it better. Morgan is a silly man. He thinks the structures will continue worshipping him forever. The “structures” will soon wake up from their slumber after correct information would have filtered to them. Day after day members are beginning to question Morgan’s wisdom or lack thereof. There are intense debates on the suitability of Tsvangirai as our leader. Soon (and very soon) Morgan will be left with an empty shell called MDC-T (Tsvangirai). Mark my words!

  24. this is the wrk of c10s they are trying to split the party please verify yo pple bfo giving them higher posts.there are a lot of agents planted within the party so wake up info dept of mdct

  25. An MDC spokesman should talk lies like mwonzora,practice racism like gutu and be stupid like hwende who attacks somebodies disability.

  26. I am surprised by Sekuru Dougie’s political naivety, or is it? The barge is sinking and the clever ones are leaving. Another school of thought suggests he IS the mole….right at the centre of confusion he chooses to be the spokesman!

  27. Fighting over deckchairs on a sinking ship MDC-T. We are witnessing the implosion of this useless party owned by Tsvangirai. MDC-T is like a religious sect with sycophantic followers, promising people the earth but delivering zero. Tsvangirai said he “will lead the nation to the promised land”! Daydreaming. I am not holding my breath.
    Favourite word being used “infiltration” when it’s very clear followers have had enough of clueless leadership.

  28. “The reason why we have not gone to the police is we know what they did was criminal and unlawful, but we still have confidence that the internal structures of the party can be able to deal with the issue…”

    This is hogwash from someone’s mouth. Remember that the first step to getting your treatment or solution to a problem is admitting there is one! Denial killed many people!

  29. for Zimbabwe’s future. Visit & like page

  30. I happen to attend a church where one had his vision and said the church should follow that vision when the church refused he broke away, very noble. Tsvangirayi has become a liability as we say so why not form another party. These dudes are like the zanoids who say Mugabe has iverstayed and when Simba said lets go our own way they remained. Mangoma, Biti and Mkwananzi will find out that this culture is common, you go someone is waiting to fill your position that is what they fear yet they can do it and form a formidable party. Else we will have these wars until 2018 and ZanuPF trounces them again.

  31. heyi mhani, Mangoma, mutsekwa, bennett and whoever ngavaende, democracy does not mean indiscipline mhani. Zvivanhu izvi hazvina discipline saka ngazvirowe pasi and leave tsvangson and mdc. The time will come when we will deal with leadership renewal, now is not the time. tisiyei hedu.

    1. Hapana amboita indiscipline apa. Mangoma akanyora mwadhi achitsiura Tsvangirai. Nelson Chamisa ndiye akazoonekwa achipa tsamba yaMangoma kumajournalist. Indiscipline iripo apa ndeya Nelson uyo anova munanzvi mukuru waTsvangirai. Imwe shasha yekunanzva Tsvangirai ndiDouglas Mwonzora. ZvaLuke Tamborinyoka hatitauri nekuti kuroyiwa chaiko. Iye akamboti kana tatadza kunzwisisana tinorovana ndiyani? Handiti ndicho chikudo cheZanu PF chatakaramba kare? Leadership renewal is an on-going exercise my friend. It continues every day everywhere. It can mean re-energizing current leaders or even changing old horses through a special congress. Some democrats just resign on their own on realizing that they are no longer equal to the democratic task!

  32. let them form their own party nd lets see hw many days t wl last..madhuku akasvotwa akaita yake wani…endai gentlemen..good riddance

    1. MDC is not anyone’s party. Political parties do not operate like private companies. The MDC belongs to Mangoma as much as it belongs to Tsvangirai. Both are members holding party cards. Political disputes are resolved democratically through elections where possible. Given the rivalry in the party we are better off with a special congress to renew the “warring” factions’ mandates!

  33. asvotwa ngaabude othrwse munofa nekurohwa

    1. Ko mukazofa nekurohwa muri imimi nhai sahwira? Ngatisakudza zvibhakera nhaika!

  34. tichiri zvindumugwa tayizviitawo zvokudimbudzira nemusango pa 10km marathon yezvanana.
    tichizonyuka kwasara ma rounds maviri.
    asi mazuvano kudimbudzira is quickly recorded as cheating thus results in disqualification inova yamuri kuona se purge pano apa.
    these many urban boys are mere friends of chamatama and as you know ‘a friend is one who knows all about you and likes you just the same’
    muri kurova dondo akomana sloth yakufinhayi !!

  35. the only man is T nomatter what if u want to b minor juss rebel nd we forget abt u

    1. You may be a woman yourself but for you to say the only man is your “T” is just ridiculous!

  36. hey noise ndeyeyi vano supporta ana Mangoma nana Biti endai ikoko, isu moti siya na Morgan tozongosangana pama elections simple

  37. Biti naMangoma HAMUNA support. You do not have support at ALL. Better come back to your senses asap. Get notes from Ncube and Sikhala.

    POLITICS IS ABOUT SUPPORT and nothing else. Without Tsvangison you will not win as MP’s. Guaranteed!!!!

  38. Whilst politics is about support its not all about support, a lot of things go towards winning power from an extremely reluctant incumbent . It is in this regard that Morgan comes up woefully short because inorder to take power there are a lot of constituencies you’d need to cultivate like the military,the church,students, foreign powers(not necessarily Western ones only) etc . To appeal to that broad section of the base takes a lot more than just hair raising speeches on how evil Mugabe is !

  39. Then we are going to form another MDC Zimbabwe,not MDC(T)or(N).
    Ours will not carry anyone`s name as this have proved beyond any
    shadow of a doubt that putting someone`s name cripples that person`s
    mind by thinking that they own the party.

  40. Why cant the highly educated Mangomas&the Bitis form their own party of intellectuals&leave the uneducated former tea boy alone?We are sick&tired of these intellectuals,just look at the shit we are in.

  41. Where is Simba Makoni am sick and tired of voting got a losing man..Moreso I c the party is now full of arrogant people who think MDC or tsvangirayi is th only one who can lead Zimbabwe they forgetting that we only supported MDC tsvangirayi so we have one united front against one man Mugabe not that tsvangirayi is any special nxaa!

  42. Is it just me or is this MDC-T thing getting tedious? Zvakubhohwa izvi. Uku party yachowo anenge ava ma1 wo futi. Not to say it’s not important but surely there must be other things to talk about.

  43. the Zimbabwe I know…
    all these guys are dictators, Bob and Tsvangson are more or less the same. we don’t need that Tsvangson guy anymore.
    let’s just wait four a better party.

  44. Saka inenge yavakunzi MDC-ZANU….ngavaende ikoko vatisiye naMargan wedu. Inga ndivo wani vakati MDC-T.

  45. Thank God I Never Voted

    I am glad I never voted. It looks like that was a wise decision. Imagine if Morgan had won!!!!! Scarry, civil war to me. He cannot even control his thugs, how much more the war vets and soldiers of Zimbabwe. The guy is a disgrace.

  46. R Tambudze you have nailed it.
    Morgan is bigger than Zpf and they know.
    Now for silly minds lyk tht of Biti and Mangoma to believ Morgan lost a free, fair election is primitive as askn them to pull out of mdc asap.

  47. We the voters know that RMT is 80% of Zimbabwe.
    Just sort the voters roll and voter slip issue Mangoma kwete kumakata kwaurikuda kutambira uko.

  48. nhaiwe thank God unofunga kuti by not voting wakasvotesa Tsvangirai here…nooo…wakaruza kupfuura iye in so many ways…kkk

  49. Guys lets open our eyes and see. It’s a psychological diarrhea to use a blind goal keeper when expecting the team to win the world cup or Afcon. What i can help Tsvangirai with is an application form of any Zimbabwean university of his choice for him to study a bachelors degree in politics and administration whilst educated and eptitude ones like biti and mangoma take the lead, cause when the defenders are lame strikers will make a part and become popular. I say so cause tsvangs has costed our team due to poor decision making. He was rightly saying no reforms no election but all of a sudden he found himself changing his mind and later complained on rigging, were was this blind keeper who failed to take us to the promised land. I don’t support the idea of factionism but they have to work as a team, deleting the word “T” and just steping down. No one owns a political party that’s being egocentric and obdurate. Freedom of expression is a characteristic of a democratic part, mangoma is neither rong nor eyeing for that post but to invigorate the part. The fact that tsvangs has failed for consecutive elections translates his incapability, yes he has been resilient which is good but we can’t eat resilience we need an immediate solution through another prudent leader than opening our zips regulary to quench our sexual thirst at the expense of the nation. I like tsvangs but we need some reforms before it is too late. Inga pati inonzi wani chinja maitiro.

    1. Ko iwe une batchelors in politics here?

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  51. Madofo anorowa kana apererwa Ncube akatiza Biti na Mangoma vaakurohwa kuti vatize. Morgan Tsvangirayi is simpleton from Buhera. He can herd cattle and rear chicken but he is too daft to lead a party. He has lost five elections and every time he goes back to his supporters and claim he has been cheated.

    Mamwe madofo believe him. MDC T yakazara madofo rowai vakadzidza musare mega tozoona kuti muchasara nani. Awa Dr Tsvangirayi akapuwa doctorate reudofo ku America vachazotonga kana nyika yasara madofo.

  52. wow wow the MDC need to respect its members and officials not to fight like this and what images does it give to the people and those that support it? Promise is a dedicated person and always wants the best for the party its a pity that this had to happen.

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