MDC-T gags members


THE MDC-T national executive committee (NEC) yesterday resolved to gag its members from discussing leadership renewal and party succession issues in the media following a recent storm caused by some senior members who openly challenged former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to step down as party leader.

Paidamoyo Muzulu

Yesterday’s tense NEC meeting was held against the background of a leaked controversial letter written by MDC-T deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma calling on Tsvangirai to immediately step down to allow  the party to renew itself.

Party spokesman Douglas Mwonzora confirmed the gag order.

“Discussion of leadership renewal in the Press is an unacceptable and a disciplinary matter for the rank and file of members,” Mwonzora said.

He added: “It’s not allowed to comment in the media on the internal life of the party because we want to have the correct feedback especially about leadership renewal. Public discussion allows non-members to comment, thus distorting the message from our membership.”

Some senior MDC-T members including  self-exiled treasurer-general Roy Bennett, Elias Mudzuri (national executive member), Ian Kay (former Marondera Central MP) and Bulawayo South MP Eddie Cross started the chorus soon after the party dismally lost the July 31, 2013 polls to Zanu PF.

The crushing defeat is the party’s worst electoral loss under Tsvangirai since its formation in 1999. Mwonzora said NEC resolved that the party should focus its energy on the four R’s going forward.
“The 4R’s mean: Regroup, Restrategise, Restructure and Reposition for future elections. The party should now refocus on rebuilding and strengthening itself from the grassroots to NEC,” he said.

Mwonzora, however, downplayed reports that some agitated MDC-T youths had gathered at the party headquarters baying for Mangoma’s blood soon  after the meeting.

“No one wanted to manhandle Mangoma, but they were simply registering their displeasure in the manner the subject has been handled,” he said.


  1. The worst is yet to come should morgan remain @ the helm of the people’s project. Swallow yo pride: what is he(they) going to deliver wc he(they) hadn’t while with executive powers? The truth of the matter is this nolonger the people’s project. Period. ‘Usatambe nevanhu, vanhu vachatinetsa’- Thomas Mapfumo.

    • Why are people clambering for the unconstitutional removal of Tsvangirai ? Lets wait for 2016? What is unacceptable is to hear people whom we used to think they were on our side only to discover they are on the ZANUPF payroll for tormenting Tsvangirai.For ZANUPF to call for the removal Tsvangirai is understandable but they should do that from their Shake shake offices ,what is wrong is to invade our space by planting Mangoma and Mudzuri at Harvest House as their spies.

  2. For now Tsvangirai is the Catalyst and we NEED HIM more than ever!!! Mangoma’s idea is ok BUT only AFTER 2016 …..NOT now …….”sorrymangoma”

  3. Mangoma, Mudzuri ,Bennet, Kay and Cross should pull out of MDC-T if they so wish.What is their point in advocating for Tsvangirai’s removal before 2016? Mugabe and his ZANUPF are calling for the removal of Tsvangirai. We MDC-T supporters are shocked to discover that among our leaders are ZANUPF members based at Harvest House. Are people wrong to suspect that ZANUPF has infuriated MDC-T through Mangoma and Mudzuri? ZANUPF and Mbeki did that through Ncube in 2005.Where is MDC-N,Job Sikhala, Gwisai? We need to see a strong MDC-T ready for 2018 elections.

  4. In the name of mdc and its choosen son Morgan Tswangirai we are happy that rubbish is begining to peel off from the party by the time we get to next elections only true members will be left surrounding the gallant fight Morgan, Chancers like Mangoma are angry that Morgan is the only guy who can remove their granny from power .

  5. MDC has lost a golden opporunity…Now their leader is grovelling on the feet of Mugabe for talks..what talks? Does the lion negotiate with sheep. While the MDC is at sixes and sevens the fortunes of ZANU are growing in leaps and bounds..their leader was elected deputy chair of the AU and Kuffor is inviting him to New York for one conference or the other. The MDC in the mean time is lost in the mountains. Their last meeting as many predicted was a dampener..just like their electoral court cases. The MDC might finally have divorced themselves from their supporters and voters at large..and here begins a very sad tale.

  6. ZANU-PF should discuss and be quizzed about leadership renewal and succession issues in the media. MDC should not. What double dipping!
    So, ZANU-PF has been doing the right thing all along. Everybody should then come bac and build our political future from one fortress. For sure, “komwana kunodzima moto”.

    • you sure are dumb. every Zimbabwean who so feels can advocate for Mugabe removal as president of the country because that is a national position. what no one can do is impose leadership renewal at a party level. that’s party business.

  7. tikabvisa Mogiza ikizvino idhindindi kuZANU.They’ll selebrate for 2weeks and weekends day and wnight wet or dry sunny or rainy dressed or naked.Some of them will rush to the heroes acre and clean Bobha Gezi’s shrine.So we dont give a dam.

  8. The crime that Morgan commited was to challenge Mugabe and is still a threat to Mugabe hence zanu has infiltrated the party thank god everything has come out and that shows us that the plan has failed again .With company closures being the order of the day in the country victory is obvious for Morgan .

  9. so the mdct can not appeal to thr people of Zimbabwe. their only hope is that the economy will collapse and wen people suffer they will reject zanupf. shame. the party must learn that people in any country will vote for a man who is respectable and of integrity.tsvangi’s stance on homosexuality and indeginisation cost him the electing.

    another serious point guys the woman electorate is the majority in Zimbabwe. an ugly candidate will never win wemen are emotional never mind policies. in america obama in the last election obama lost dismally among men but the woman electorate carried him through. do a research. yoi just lost council elections in mbare.

  10. The problem behind our party is not about leadership renewal,who is party strategiser , sad loss to mukonoweshuro . Can renew our strategiser not Tsvangirai, you can only remove Tsvangirai only when he win the election,munouraya musangano.

  11. Morgan ndizvo!!!!! vanoziva kuti hapana anogona kuzokwikwidza naye. saka the only solution is to remove him from leading MDC. manje isu vepasi tinotsigira MT paine mari kana pasina. MDc ndizvo. Hezveko! Bwa!!

  12. Mangoma enda unoridza ngoma kumusha kwako kana zvemusangano wevanhu zvakuramba. Siyanai naSave blaz.

  13. vangataure zvipi nepapi. save ndizvo. Morgan is not the one who only make decisions. We expect kuti vanaMangoma ivavo ndovapfana vaifanirwa kumhanya mamhaya on the ground wachiona zvaitika before elections. vakugwauta manje vachibvepi. Kana Our President Morgan Vakakanya basa naiyewo akakanya. So he must show us kuti haasi dictator by first resigning First. Se ari Bernet nganyarare zvake akatiza save vakasara vachishungurudzwa vega. Makambonzwa kuti Mangoma arohwa, asungwa zvemusangano wedu. I honye ngaibviswe vana vezimbabwe. He is total power hungry. The time for our president has not yet come, Save muri mwana wevhu muchatonga. Mangoma Benet Mudzuri you are free to form your party or join Zanu OR wELSHMAN. Viva SAVE,MDC-T, Viva Zim. Did you ever hear were ZAPU even wanted or push out Nkomo? Mangoma usatambe nevanhu nhaika. Takabva kure NaSave vakuda kukoneresa, Imi mangoma haana kudyiwa here ku constituency kwake. Kana akadyiwa kurevakuti haanakurongeka. Ho brother siya panaSave ndopatimire ipapo tiitesi manje. iweee. uringoma yemunhu sure.

  14. @ Idiot cio Marx you talk about respected man being voted into power .Is Mugabe a respected man? killing, threatening villagers, raping, sleeping with someone ‘s woman while his wife is dying.practising tribalism, racism, regging elections, desplacing zimbabweans makes Mugabe a thug and no one can respect a thug. At least Morgan has killed nobody and you know it.

  15. Irombe remunhu mangoma, enda kumusha. save ndevedu Ronga yako party tiwone, bvunza vamwe vaimnboda kuita nzungu, tisu anhu acho

  16. Roy Bennett, Eddie Cross, Ian Kay, Elias Mudzuri and Elton Mangoma are now Zanu PF members because they are expressing their democratic views by calling for the resignation of Chematama from the top post of MDCT. Why do you want to smear the good name of Zanu PF. Sort out your mess pliz and stop this finger pointing system

  17. Tsvangirai ndiyebrand reparty.haasi iye akadyisa mamps.confusions yevamwe vedu vakaita savamangoma ndiyo inodyisa.elections were rigged,period.Don confuse pple w another unsingeable song.Pple didn’t cry abt leadership bt rigging.Don sway ppple’s focus.Garai muvanhu.Nemumvura nasave.

  18. Friends and comrades let advise you, mangoma wakaita corruption achiri minister ku-Zesa, saka Zanu yakamuti unofanira kuchallenger Save, if you don’t will arrest you for crimes committed during your tenure as minister. just imagine these are the guys who fired Councillors for no reason just to cover their backs. what bothers me is that mangoma cannot blame Morgan for the past electon, the whole standing committee members are to blame because they were busy trapping Morgan in an effort to challenge him instead of working for the good of the party hence betraying the nation.

  19. Baba Mangoma, I think you need to be honest to yourself for the educated Zim people to take seriously.Baba Mangoma imi makaitei zvamaiva mu GNU macho? Maida kuti Mogan aitei,chamakatadza imimi nhai vaMangoma? Makatadza wani kugadzirisa issue ye ghost workers due to resistance ye ZANU? Nhasi uno mari yedu inotambiriswa Chipangano,asi va Mangoma makasiya zvakadaro pamusaka pekukundika! Hatina kumboti bviswai nekut tinoziva ZANU yakaoma uye basa iguru rekurwisa chipuka chinonzi ZANU ichi! Mavakuda kuparadza musangano zvamavakuita izvi varume! Liberation from this sophisticated dictatorship is a long and arduose process……pliz rongai mamwe mazano, MOGIZA ndiye chete akatadzwa kuurawa ne CIO and haatengeke futi! Akasimba murume uyu!

  20. Its only Tsvangirai akazamwa kuurawa akatadzwa! Vana Musekiwa vakatiza wani,akaurairwa mukadzi murume uyu, vachida kuponda iye Morgan! Ndiye ega akakunda Mugabe a free and fair election so far kubva mu history yenyika ino! The election was rigged kuchishandiswa NIKUV, iwe Mangoma waivepo wani? Aka riggwer sei uripo nhai Mangoma? Bennet should just keep quiet coz akatotiza nyika! Leader haatize vanhu for such a long period of time! Mudzuri nyarara!,kana ZANU iri easy wakabviswa sei ku City Moyorship, inga basa waigona wani? Varume munondipa hasha…..Tsvangirai ndiye chete parizvino anodiwa mu Zimbabwe,kwete kuzivikanwa chete, asi kudiwa futi!

  21. I think the newsday is giving the dictatorship of the ZANU 2.0 upgrade (aka MDC-Tsvangirai) too much space in their publication. I think there is no national interest being served here. Let us leave the vultures and their prey to get on with their internal issues.

  22. can someone convince me why Tsvangirai must go. what sin has he committed to deserve that. i personnally see no reason why he has to go. the main reason that other guyz are calling for his removal is that they have been paid to do so by by ZPF. i now believe that when mangoma was arrested for corruption, one condition for his release was to push for the removal of Morgan, which he is doing now. the other thing that he must not forget is that he is also a looser, so he must also go. we are not saying Tsvangirai shlould be a life president ,but we are saying convince us why he should go.. reserve your energies for the struggle, we just have to push it to the end. Morgan is our president for now lets support him with more vigor.

    • There is no democracy in zimbabwe, the only party we thot had democracy has disappointed. Viva Zanu. I will never vote for these hypocrites AGAIN.

  23. I hope all true MDC-T members will respect this decision and stop the name calling by the likes of Bennet, Mangoma and mudzuri. Guys remember Ncube, Sibanda Sikala, they all fell by the way side. Please do not sabotage the peoples project.

  24. The problem with the pro-Tsvangirayi group is lack of clear direction and vision. Listening to them it appears they are just waiting for something bad to happen in Zanu PF and hope to capitalize on it. Fine let’s say Mugabe becomes sick and can no longer be president, Zanu PF brings another person and there is infighting probably leading to a split in Zanu PF. How do these proTsvangirayi guys benefit? My thinking is that they are waiting to form a merger with one of the factions;most likely the Mujuru faction.That way they would have some support from some members of the military who support this particular Zanu PF faction.However,all this is just theoretical thinking and I don’t see Zimbabweans winning from this. The pursuit of power is clearly now superseding the thirsty for democracy!

  25. There is no democracy in zimbabwe, the only party we thot had democracy has disappointed. Viva Zanu. I will never vote for these hypocrites AGAIN.

  26. democracy yamunoreva yagara inonetsa,chinzvimbo chamunochemera ichi ukango dzamara wachipinda hachibvike.unenge wavakuona sekuti iwe ukabva musangano waparara,ndizvo zvinozoita kuti munhu atonge for life.if yu want to practice democracy for real kana munhu apedza term yake ngakupindewo vamwe kunyange asati atonga nyika nekuti kupart kwake akatotonga kare.regai chematama abve nekuti tichazochema mangwana avakurambira pachigaro.learn to exercise democracy on early stages.

  27. Tsvangirai haabve nokuti this is a battle. Komuredhi haasiye kutungamira kusvika hondo yahwinwa. Vakahwina vanotonga ndivo vanosiirana. Pamberi nebattle Tsvangson.

  28. It doesn’t matter one jot if MDC-T changes or remains under Tsvangirai, they are pursuing a wrong strategy altogether. Are those in MDC-T blind? Can they not see that they are dealing with a military dictatorship? There’s no way, now or in the future, any civilian party will ever unseat ZanuPF military dictatorship with Mugabe or without Mugabe in an election. The MDC-T is a party going nowhere. They have tried to bootlick so-called war veterans with the vain hope that these thugs would feel pity and let them govern but that is never going to happen. MDC-T are petrified of the army and are unable to criticise the army. MDC-T have no answer to dealing with the military bullies. They pretend the military is separate from ZanuPF when the army and ZanuPF are one and the same. All service chiefs attend ZanuPF congresses as delegates but they do not attend MDC-T congresses. Tsvangirai said ZanuPF turned the last election into a military operation – what is his party going to do to stop a similar military operation in the next mock election? It’s like attempting to push water uphill. I know what the MDCs could have done in 2008 but they were more interested in paper cabinet posts. The reality is – the army is ZanuPF: ZanuPF is the army.

    • @Fmg – which revolution I dare ask? MDC-T is like watching a train smash in slow motion. Whether they change the leader or not there’s no way they will win against ZanuPF military.

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