Mangoma, Biti snub Tsvangirai

MDC-T bigwigs, among them secretary-general Tendai Biti, deputy treasurer general Elton Mangoma, Youth Assembly chairperson Solomon Madzore, Youth secretary-general Promise Mkwananzi, Elias Mudzuri and Harare provincial chairman Paul Madzore snubbed party leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s rally in Harare yesterday.


The snub, which critics claimed signalled a possible split in the country’s main opposition party that has been rocked by internal strife over calls for Tsvangirai to step down to pave way for leadership renewal, came amid name-calling with those that did not attend yesterday’s Glen Norah C rally referred to as rebels.

On Saturday, Mangoma and Biti were beaten up by angry MDC-T youths aligned to Tsvangirai.

Yesterday, a party activist at the rally was assaulted on allegations of being alligned to Mangoma.

The rally was attended by known Tsvangirai sympathisers who took turns to rebuke Biti, Mangoma and others as rebels who should leave the opposition party.

These were organising secretary Nelson Chamisa, deputy chairman Morgen Komichi, vice-president Thokozani Khupe, Obert Gutu, Youth deputy president Costa Machingauta, Youth spokesperson Clifford Hlatywayo and Morgan Femai, who was introduced as the party’s leader in Harare, among others.

Tsvangirai condemned the violence that took place at the party headquarters — Harvest House — saying such acts tarnished the image of the opposition.

“After the meeting, there were skirmishes and others had to flee the violence. Let me tell you that I condemn such actions and I don’t want anyone in the MDC to be possessed with the demon of violence,” Tsvangirai said, claiming the party was infiltrated by some agents who wanted to sow divisions within its ranks.

On calls for leadership renewal particularly that he should step down as leader, Tsvangirai said: “Don’t fight against the wall. The MDC was formed by the poor working class of this country, let’s not forget that and if you want to bring other ideas like using money, we will never agree on that. I thank God for the character that I am, but don’t take it as a weakness. People said I should take all the powers and be a dictator, but I said I should not be like (President Robert) Mugabe and can’t impose myself, but want people to have a better life.”

The ex-premier added: “We had an objective when we started this party and me leading while you follow and if you want to lead, it doesn’t work that way. We were elected at a congress and we will go to the next congress like that, anything else is undemocratic. Don’t be greedy, wait for congress to come and say what you want. I also want competition, not the hostile takeover. It’s wrong and those who purport to be democrats should act democratically.”

Tsvangirai took a swipe at journalists, saying they were creating a perception that he was refusing to step down.

“People may write what they want in the newspapers. There are perceptions created by our journalists. We love them, but I think the media has lost it. They say Tsvangirai doesn’t want to step down amid calls for him to step down, instead of me giving you power, you want to take it violently from me,” he said.

He said it was time to re-energise the party’s power base and urged mass action against the mismanagement of affairs by the Zanu PF government.

“We were demobilised in the Government of National Unity. We are now taking up the struggle, but we must first deal with the issue at Town House. Chombo (Local Government minister Ignatius) is defending something that cannot be defended. You have to act and not sleep in the house while the country is burning and only blame Tsvangirai.

Don’t be cowards. Why are you afraid of going to jail?” the MDC-T leader asked before calling Yvonne Musarurwa, Tungamirai Madzokere, Morgen Komichi and other party cadres who spent months incarcerated for political reasons.

“You have to liberate yourselves and stop being cowards. We should have a programme of action and the organising department should support that programme, we have no guns but just Zimbabweans protected by the Constitution of the country. Only through action can we get solutions, we need unity of purpose. We must now declare that we will unite for a purpose.”

On funding, Tsvangirai said it was now time for people to fund their own struggle and not to wait for donors as this caused problems.

The MDC split in 2005 with secretary-general Welshman Ncube and vice-president Gibson Sibanda leading another faction following a disagreement over contesting Senate elections, while a top official Job Sikhala formed another MDC splinter group.


  1. Mangoma was used by Vp Khupe

    1. @Youth, imi vakoma muri kuti iye haana pfungwa here? kkkk Brace for a compound MDC-BMM2014…!Kuti zvityise! Popopopopo … Its getting very exciting.

  2. Prosper Chinamhora

    “Tsvangirai said, claiming the party was infiltrated by some agents who wanted to sow divisions within its ranks.” Well! Wells! Well. That exactly what Mai Mujuru said and meant that some of the activities that aim at tarnishing the Image of the Party might be done by infiltrators, These are people who pretend to be with you whilst their aim is to destroy you from within. its happens to all political parties.

  3. How can they attend a cannibal’s meeting? That man tsvangirai is a disgrace. He hires thugs to beat his party members. Now he wanted them to appear like they support him while he is responsible for getting them beaten up. This party is heading towards a split if tsvangirai the despot remains in charge. The so called donors must stop funding tsvangirai ‘s thuggish activities before some chipanganos are paid by tsvangirai to kill someone

    1. Tsotso in Chimanimani … are just a nuisance.How can you call Tsvangirai a cannibal?It shows that there is something wrong in your brains.Tsvangirai was/is and will remain the people’s choice because he has never ruled this country.If Biti and Mangoma want to rule then they can just form their own party not the M.D.C.Iam sensing danger in their political careers here mark my words.Welshman Ncube,Aurthur Mutambara,Mangoma Elton,Madhuku Lovemore,Job Sikhala,Mudzuri and many other aspiring presidential hopefuls tried and will try this but i guess they are not following the direction of the wind and have commited political suicide and very soon will sink into oblivion.[History].Politics has nothing to do with your level of education otherwise proffessors would be ruling this country now but Ndezvashe zvaSave izvi varume…..he is just a BRAND.The Gwisaiz have come and gone and what makes them to do the same??Dzungu hakusi kungwara anaMangoma.This is your rightful place……History.Shame on you Mudzuri ndokusaka Chombo aikuonesa moto.

      1. mangoma in terms of finance is a filthly rich mirauone makaura manyura manje kwedu kuzanu hakurohwi munhu in what ever difference that may arise and mdcs shows that they are uncivilised and lack transparency and respect for their ill informed democratic principles shame shame

        1. dzvombi for ur own iformation M. D. C. T when it was formed there was no money bt the power of the people and willingness. As for mangoma the money he has got is his not M. D. C. T”s. He is in bussiness with zanu pf and he is trying to desroy M. D. C of which welshman with his education he failed

      2. This stupid notion that one should form their own party if they disagree with the principal is reckless and unintelligent. Tsvangirai was not the sole author of the MDC project, but it was a collective. The mistake that he is now doing is he is personalising it, making it a SAVE project alone and that is wrong. MDC memebership were solidly behind Morgen for years (almost 15 years), of unquestioning loyalty in the hope that he will come up with a stt=rategy to get into state house. It is now very clear to all the enlightened that his actions particularly sorrounding his personal life, use of funds and general abuse of power in the last few years, the guy is now intoxicated with the little power that he enjoys as leader of the opposition. He is no longer fighting to get you and me the democracy that MDC promised to the membership at its inception and hence the increasing calls for him to gracefully give way for the rejuvenation of the party. The death of the MDC did not start in recent times but the house has been gradually falling from the time of the last congress when those very chairpersons currently propping him up were corruptly pushed into power by the useless Nelson Chamisa. If Morgen was a leader of any repute he would get worried by the negative reporting surrounding his continued stay at the helm. For an intelligent leader this is clearly the time to go gracefully.

      3. “We had an objective when we started this party and me leading while you follow and if you want to lead, it doesn’t work that way.” The facts are that the clown prince of Zimbabwean politics mogiza is a no hopper. But he is quite sexecessfull ! Look at his harem. Now he has added thuggery to his repertoire. The guy is crude. Time will tell. Just a flip side of the coin he wants tossed away.

  4. These so called rebels have seen the light. Morgan is and has never been a leader at all.

    1. Why can’t they form their party if they have seen the light??You mean the light of looting??kkkkkkk Mundex you should use your brains not otherwise nonsense.

    2. Why don’t your rebels move on and start own party, MDC-Biti, like the tribalist Ncube’s
      and sink into a political sinkhole

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    1. Start repairing Harvest House & State House after birthday ya Bob…

  6. i am yet to see real news about this mdc in-fighting. my analysis here is that the media is becoming alarmist agents.the way tsvangirai talks here it seems as if he is still a good man and is doing the right thing which he did not do while with ncube. i am not sure. the mangoma and the rest’s fight is now different with the ncube fight. poor mr president. you do the wrong thing you are fought, you the correct thing you are fought.

  7. Chinja maitiro Morgan

    Tsvangirai you continue to talk of the need for free and fair elections, what free and fair elections? Please give us a break. Your biggest challenge really is that you can’t discern things. Morgan understand that even if an election is called for today you still cannot beat Zanu pf, and you will even be beaten by a much larger margin. Can you not see the effects of the fear instilled in the minds of the people by Zanu pf particularly in June 2008 when through fear you chose to abandon the people and hide in Botswana, which is a time when the people needed you the most? You left your supporters leaderless and they were butchered by Zanu pf maggots. You awfully showed that you are a fearful and non-resolute leader meaning when the going gets really tough you can’t be trusted to continue to lead the struggle. Wakadududza, the same way you did when zanu pf won the 31 july election, ende tinonzwa kuti even during the liberation struggle you did the same. Of course kutya kunowanikwa muvanhu ndokusaka tirikuti apa pakuda those who can withstand Zanu pf machinations with resolute leadership including giving up their lives for the struggle. If you didn’t know, Zanu pf intelligence is now fully aware that to undo MDC-T they simply drive you to that hottest point of political power contestation knowing fully well that when you get to that point you breakdown and retreat. Apparently, MDC-T was annihilated by Zanu pf way back in june 2008 , and for as long as you don’t realise the need for you to step aside and let a new leader with a new thinking take over, MDC-T is doomed to opposition politics forever. Don’t be fooled by those rogue supporters of yours whose “loyalty” to your leadership is simply for personal gain. Wake up from your deep slumber Mr Tsvangirai and let a new leader take over for posterity’s sake. After all as founder you will remain a key figure in the party providing inspiration needed to move it foward. Look beyond your person Mr. Morgan

  8. Meanwhile Saint Robert Mugabe watches from a distance. Muchazvionawo Save kuti masimba anoda kuchengetedzwa kana mave nawo. Simba sandi scud or chikafu chaunongoti batawo nepapa. Imagine dai mange muine state machinery (police, army, judiciary, etc) at your disposal. Hanti maivadakashura ivo marebels aya? Saka chii chiri kusiyana neZANU PF manje?

  9. Biti and co should form their own party if they are good leaders im sure they could win the next elections .this strategy of trying to push Tsvangirai off the pedestal and then use him as a stepping stone wont work.

    1. Good analysis TIKTAK.Ndiko kufunga uku.

  10. wel said…. i’m also against wat happnd to maangoma our brother but let mi say the problem wil stil go bec to mangoma he acted unprofnlay hi acted lyk an uneducated man from e beginnng evry thing that z procedurous must bi done in a proper manner kwete kuita semunodzinga munhu..tsvangirai haumubvisi wega mangoma we zimbabweans must vote him out if we want but mangoma wakaita chidofo chinoratidza hu stupid hwako a democratic party must follow e rules and regulations not to say we are democratic then yave njake njake chikoro chamai rhameki @ first i was supporting yo idea bt after considering the way u use ndatozoona kuti ayiwa uri bere rine makushe e hwai…WE ARE DEMOCRATIC THEN WE NID PROPER WAYS OF DOING THINGS…Go and join zanu toona kut ungautaure here muromo uyu wekumhanya ku herald zanu’paper uchitaura usina kufunga..Party ikaita manjake njake akadai hakuna kwainoenda evrything nid to bi under law so that evry1 agrees with e result not only u mangoma…i think f u are to cum bac u must apologies fo yo bad behaviour that tunish the party image…

  11. ZANU PF blames sanctions for its failures and MDC-T blames ZANU PF for its own failures. indeed, these are two sides of the same coin. this is a political circus in our midst.

  12. It is my prayer that Biti, Mangoma & friends realise that Tsvangirai is a very big brand just like Mugabe is in ZPF. They might be the pro-democracy champions in MDC but going it alone would be folly. I strongly believe that MDC was left weaker with the departure of Ncube, Priscilla, Dulini-Ncube and the likes with the likes of Chimanikire taking a back seat. And it would be unfortunate if another secretary-general and treasurer (sic) would leave. As a democratic party, MDC should sit down and avoid a split at all costs.

    1. Iwe chinos, wake-up, how can you compare an idiot and a wise men, an intellectual and
      an illiterate person. You must never compare Mugabe and Tsvangirai, the two are different
      and even their faces can show it. Imagine how tsvancry would look like at 90 yrs old, that is if he is ever lucky to hit 70 yrs at all.Tsvancry is a very big idiot in mdct period.

      1. Tsvangirai is better off coz he does not have seven honorary degrees and does not have fity titles neither.Your smear campaign against SAVE will never work.I thought you were in Glen Norah yesterday for you to see the people who thronged the venue where the rally was held e-e-e-e-y…..Nikuv will one day get it wrong mark my words.Reason is one such person who got a dubious Honorary degree from the vice Chancellor kkkkkkkkkk.

        1. “We had an objective when we started this party and me leading while you follow and if you want to lead, it doesn’t work that way.” The facts are that the clown prince of Zimbabwean politics mogiza is a no hopper. But he is quite sexecessfull ! Look at his harem. Now he has added thuggery to his repertoire. The guy is crude. Time will tell. Just a flip side of the coin he wants tossed away.

  13. This is a speech by a very very desperate speech from a gumbler who has lost everything and has just got to throw his last dice and see if he can salvage at least something as a face saver

  14. Tsvangi (Mudapakati) you are very arrogant. You think you are MDC. You will never rule this country. Kurovesa vanhu wobva wavati huyai kumeeting!!! Unofunga nekui iwe? Ndopawairasa manje.

  15. Chokwadi ndechekuti MDC ndokuti Tsvangison

  16. Its actually sad, the rogue elements groomed to be violent to ZANU PF are living by their streak…at someone’s orchestration…Halala…! Wananchi haanzwi saka ngaarobwe….takamuti come to the revolutionary party tichiri kuUZ! Now they are living up to Tsvangcry’s dictum….”Mangoma and Biti must go peacefully otherwise we will remove them violently!!!” Popopopopo…!

  17. veduwe plz dont sub ACCA VIDEOS like u snubbed Morgan 0772104011

  18. What good thing did Tsvangirai do, organising thugs to crush dissent? And does he refer to Mangoma, Biti and company as Zpf agents? Again, is the incarceration of Madzore of no consequence as compared to those whose names he mentioned? After all some of us are waiting for a newer, fresher party to add more choice to the political spectrum and I really don’t know what these guys are waiting for. In true democracies, what he did with the ladies would have required that he not be fired but rather, resign and yet he again replicates what he did with the Ncube fiasco, dabbling tribalism to gain cheap political mileage.

  19. what is the difference with zanupf then. shame on you, shame on you, shame on you! failed democracy, why not debating mangoma’s views

  20. Those who think are being predejuced by mr president tsvangirayi should quit like welshman and start their own party and see if they attract a handful supporters. Its mdc tsvangirayi he has to handover and bless the next president not being overthrown by a group of ambitious mercenaries mangoma and friends.

  21. When people resort to violence its a sign of desperation. When a leader fails to listen, he does not last? When a leader thinks he is right and no-one else is right except him, then that leader is lost. But when a leader uses violence against his fellow comrades, then know yourself that he is doomed. Tsvangirai I personally warned you, you remember that day at your place when I personally told you that leave and groom someone, support that person so that pple follow him and what did you tell.You lied to me, chiona zvawaita manje Morgan.

  22. There is this thing called brand loyalty, as it stands right now Tsvangirai is now a well established brand that more Zimbabwean citizens are now loyal to him. It will be good news to ZANU PF if he is removed from the presidency post as there is no other person in the MDC who can compete with ZANU PF. The most difficulty thing in life is to create a well recognized brand name, if Tsvangirai is removed as president, another decade will be required for the new MDC president to establish his/her brand name well.

  23. Chiparty ichi chakadhakwa…..kurova ganas wedu Mangoma! Chete munhu wekwaChivi uyu anenharo sedza Kereke! Kana kuDenga achandodzingwa. Whitherto now Mangoma and Wananchi, kuZANU PF munotangira ku Cell! Popopopopo

  24. Honestly Morgan doesnt qualify to hold the Presidential position either at party or national level. At least I’m happy Biti and Mangoma etc have realised that it is catastrophic to be led by a blind man in a bush strip, it is the same as using a blunt knife to cut an elephant skin. Morgan is greedy and has seen and felt the comfort of being a party president. Maybe he z the one who endorsed his signature on this Britoamerican project(MDC). We see u from this distance while u pretent to be good and to be solutions to our problem while u know that u cause us suffer for ur benefits.u said Zanu Pf has factions but look guys, hw many times have u split and hw many times has Zanu Pf split. This project-mdc is full of arrogancy, greediness, selfishness and directionlessness. Follow and support it, u’l be stupefied one day.

  25. Mangoma and Biti should just form their own party if they atteact supporters then thats good for them, Tsvangirai did not hire any thug to beat up Mangoma, those were just angry genuine hardcore Mdc surpportes who were not happy with what the Bitis and Mangomas were up to, it is not Mangoma or Biti who should tel us wen its time for tsvangirai to leave office, that right solely rest with the millions of supporters who vote for Morgan Tsvangirai election after election. Morgan Tsvangirai can get funding from ordinary Zimbabweans so we dont need fundrasing yana Roy Bennet. so comdrades stick this in your Heads Morgan Tsvangirai is a big brand bigger than Mugabe

  26. gud riddance 2 bad rubbish

  27. Morgan Chatama you will go violently the very same people you are eating with in mdct will eliminate you watch this space before 2016

  28. The best thing for every one is to call for a national MDC extra ordinary congress in 6 months. Then we choose leaders. if Tsvangirai wins again he continues. if he doesn’t o stepper down. we can’t go on forever splitting the party every now and then. if Tsvangirai thinks he s still the right man for the job, then haangatyi imwe congress in 6 mths .

  29. Breaking news. Tswangirai is in talks with Welshmen Ncube to re-unite good bye biti and mangoma

  30. When Tsvangirai and them split from the Democratic MDC based their arguments on tribal and ZANU PF infiltration and now he wants us to believe BITI and co are being used by ZANU PF ,sorry Tsvangison you have lost it .Mind you,you are no longer as popular as then.

    1st split was based on undemocratic tendencies on the part of the President fearing the impending congress where Ncube had expressed his willingness to challenge for the high office,based on the Senate vote Ncube was sure to become the next MDC President.Sensing this Tsvangirai resorted to Populist , tribal and Zanuist approach.Today we are gearing for the next congress to instill fear in would be challengers Tsvangirai is at it again.What a poor leader a miniature Mugabe .Tsvanngirai and Bob are not similar but same no difference.

  31. vamwe vanhu munotaura zvamusingazive. Tsvangirai shumba yaMugabe akabva munofunga kuti pachazove neStrong party? ndiani angazokwikwidza naMugabe? nyangwe Tendai biti basa achigona zvinonwisa mvura, haagone kumira naMugabe panguva ino. Biti ,Mangoma, naWhoever vakarohwa zvakaitwa Tsvangirai, ipapo vanoti baba vaMugabe tadzoka kuZANUwe tanga takarasika. Parizvino vana Biti, dzokai mubatane naTsvangirai mutore nyika kubva muutapwa hwaPharawo. kwete mahumbwe amavakuita aya. kana ndakatarisa kumberi- in future, Biti uchazove president of this contry. But wants you destroy this party then forget about being the president of this country in future. Mangoma hauna kana dhiri. kkkkkkkkkk .dai urimumwe kkkkkkkkk, wadzokera hako ZANU nokuti inongokumba kana vanhu vasina musoro sewe.

  32. Fighting over deckchairs on a sinking ship MDC-T. Wasting political space. Anyone taking the MDC-T seriously is a fool. What do they stand for? This party urged people to endorse a stupid Constitution. Nobody knows why they joined the GNU or what they did in the 5 years in the silly GNU. A ZanuPF clone. Tsvangirai has surrounded himself with yes-men and yes-women. It’s a good thing it is breaking up. It will be good riddance to nonsense. There’s a dearth of political leadership in this country. MDC-T is no better than a religious sect – promising the earth and delivering zero.

    1. the only post that makes sense…I have no idea why some people think Morgan is the only person who can be supported by people. Kana mdc ikatongwa neGudo, vanhu havavhotere Zanupf by choice. Mangoma as a party member should be entitled to suggesting leadership renewal even before the next congress. I believe Morgan should have been removed from MDC presidency during the pick of his scandals. period ( Bill Clinton was about to be removed for having an affair mind you before their next congress, Thabo Mbeki was removed before the end of the term so yes if people in MDC thought it was the right move to remove him they should suggest it and not fear to be beaten up or to be labelled rebels. He is not God of MDC.

  33. maps butchawa bonda-mtuvi

    biti panyanga mangoma vice

  34. @tiktak.very correct. ana Magoma madii kungofoma yenyu kana muchifunga kuti mune mutsindo like Ncube?you are making unnecessary noise! makaro haashandi.

  35. Tsvangirai has lost it,vakafira Mdc ndovakaendera pasina manje. Only time will show him he is gone. Biti may u work on forming another movement,dont waste time fighting 4 a name. Ur tym is now.

  36. What brand is tsvangirai? Prostitution, thuggery, theft of party funds and treasury and Zimbabwe reserve bank funds. If that is the tsvangirai brand, you can have it
    It’s nothing admirable

    1. Is it brand or blind loyalty? Me thinks it’s blind loyalty. This has killed Zimbabwean politics right from 1980, if it wasn’t for this Zimbabwe would be a much better place than what it is, including the opposition. MDC will once gain be destroyed by this blind loyalty! People can’t analyses issues for what they are. What a pity, this’ educated’ nation.

  37. @tsotso in manimani.l’m sorry bro,that only apply in Europe. unless you want Zim to be far part of europe.

  38. The likes of bvaru ngugi tsotso chinja mundex majengwa sssssss like a snake apana zwamurikutaura apa on ds fora biti mangoma ,its sad that the madzores lost direction chirangano chayendepi makader hombe and to democratics like tiktak wenzira petso hondo guys keep it burning vultures are trying to messy us up morgan ndidzo let them leave us bana biti and lot and youth taura hako thts the mole the bigone tht toyiwona pa congress democratically not the guguwo and ukraine doctrine being paddled by turncoats hokoyo muchayiwona nyamudzora yet its coming and you bet can take that toda bank WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE this tym we going to statehouse baka taura savi kuti we will get rid of weeds amongst us rite now we c the weed CHINJA!!!

  39. Kuti Save ndokuti MDC ,ana Biti na Mangoma kana zvanetsa tangai yenyu mugoona kuto munovhoterwa nani.

  40. we want to tell Tsvangirai to Go Peacifully. if you do not want to go peacefully we will remove you violently…..ha ha ha ha remember this line big boy??… its coming back to haunt you…… pako pakusvika pakupera…..

  41. zimurungu iri ramunoti bernet makamboriwanepi koo ndo honz konzi iyoyi fine biti na mangoma and cruu tangai zvenyu guys i think yu are financialy strong coz of these white guys…haaa maita mari muchiri vadiki vafana mari yakubvumai for sure…manje manje ana mangoma munenge maku shiner nezvikopo kopo but to my bloved bro t biti wapinda muchitima chisiri ichoo…yo success wil be delayed again ndaa rwadziwa,you wer supposed to be our president by 2023…so haaa takutomboo kanganganwaa iweee nezvako wombopinda mucruuu yana mutambara,ncube,makoni shame

  42. Why is there so much preference of vulgar language on such fora. I believe we can argue our cases, even when we disagree, using sane words. Even when somebody says what u believe is utterly wrong and lacks serious thinking, why not just say what u think is right (the alternative thought). Do u really think u can win somebody over to your side by scolding them? (Mafanana nevanhu vanorova nekuuraya vamwe kuti vavade). By resorting to insults and curses (being controlled by emotion) we surely reveal that we are far from being civil.

  43. If I were Morgen reading through these comments I would just pack my bhachi and leave. Even young kids with milk on their noses are now daring him and laughing about his bedroom exploits and lack thereof. The Emperor now has no clothes and being compelled to parade naked down first street achisekwa even nama street kids. It is time Save. When these people wanted you they dare not say anything bad about you. These very same people throwing these verbal grenades against you were ones on your side. have you ever questioned yourself why there is so much noise nowadays. Take the bullet on this one and resign. Alternatively those calling for your ouster should even without your blessing call for an extraordinary congress and kick you out. Yes they can do it. If they make the mistake of waiting till 2016 it will be too late for leadership renewal in the party because the next elections will be too close.

  44. I agree with yu Mr T, yes we can put emotions aside. WANANCHI haateereri, chero ukamuudza sei…the future is ZANU PF! With a thousand MDCs mutating and metamophosising …zvaa zvinhu.

  45. Nhaiwe reporter saka waida kuti anorohwa futi here.

  46. haya zvoti kunakidza apa vachingotanga imwe party mangoma arikudawo kunz president then whats next split again kkkkkkk dzokerai zvenyu mubatane guyz

  47. @wezhira.success delayed better to support ZANU PF tozobatana kwakuseri. ndaimboziva kuti nevamwe vanoda kutonga madofo.shame on you Mangoma.

  48. The Issue of infiltration might be true the are some whom I know who have strong links with the Cio especially former student leaders. WhenTswangirai was desparate to out shine Ncube recruited anyone who praised him an example of a spy is Promis Mkhwananzi, his relative is a fulltime Cio, do proper research in Nkulumane where he come from you will get the truth. There are a lot of Chaibvus in mdc Today than in the year 2000. THE best thing morgan close ranks with ncube he was one of the few genuine mdc Members and also do background checks of all your members coz you are spied big time they are starting to show their true colours, they created confussion, made you enemies with your best friends who made you who you are today you history wont be complete without names like Welshman, Gibson, Priscillar, Job and many others.its the time to go back to the drawing board.

  49. The headline “Mangoma, Biti snub Tsvangirai” is mischievous, intended to fuel the fire. Why would Mangoma and Biti attend a rally which was meant to denounce them and when they were waylaid and beaten up by Tsvangirai’s thugs on Saturday?

  50. Mangoma and Biti would not be expected to rush to a rally after being beaten up on Saturday. I hold no brief for the whole of MDC-T, including Mangoma and Biti, but we want fair reporting by the press.

  51. ZANU is so glad. In 2008 they thot they survived a great threat. to e extent tht they alowed e enrmies in power. they use this time to vhiringidze bato re MDC. now they ‘re now seeing the hope. MDC iya ‘yazopwanyika’. mafellow a Tsvang musakanganwe munhu ainzi Tekere akabuda muZanu akaform e now defunct Zum. ikamboita se ine hope. but nhasi iripi?. if another MDC is formed this is the end of MDC. also Without Tsvangirai no MDC. Biti ibhunu rinokwanisa kumobiliser UBA or e learned . who is Mangoma, Mudzuri, Kay they al need Tsvan kuti ava batanasa. they all need each other. we need the white boys. X UBA. but Tsvang must b e centre man.

  52. Harare don’t mislead people even tsvangirai’s unlawful is a zanu pf Politburo member so who is spying who give promise mukwananzi peace. If his relative is CIO so what?

  53. Tsvangirai ‘s father in law is zanu pf so who is spying on who?

  54. zanu pf almost sliped in2008. they never said X shld go. they rebranded & went Nikuv. life is ful of ups & downs; e trick is enjoy the ups & b caregious during the downs. Remember Tekere he formed the now defunct ZUM. the MDC needs each other. ther is need fo e white boys, X UBA. they need Tsvang as e centre man.

  55. democracy is majority rule. the mob that is……in mdc the mob says mogiza stays put….reason doesn’t rhyme with mob justice…therefore you have a bloody nose mangoma and biti escapes by the skin of the teeth. mob justice=democracy. an overrated concept indeed….

  56. The people who are said to have snubbed the event merely saved themselves from mob justice. They have been delivered to the hyenas to be torn to shreds and the lines are now drawn, Varungu vatiza nemari muchaita seyi manje ? MDC yapindwa nenzara vakomana chibhegi chabhuruwara makamhura mwana wa misisi ! Moto joina Zanu mungango luma but ma onest !

  57. Chamisa zii zvake. Just lyk Biti when Ncube was scheming a split. Hu Sec Gen Hwaswedera mfana. But home work is vital because a splinter might survive longer than mdc nyuve.

  58. this paper is good even cio s can contribute without problems they are so scared of Morgan they think denuncing him here will change people ‘s thinking towards him eiish so desparate hey madoda . You see this guy will never be puppet of Mugabe vele uMorgan akafuni ukuba ngumfazi kaMugabe never over his dead body the so cheek did you see yesterday ‘s rally fully packed and no one was forced to attend,

  59. Tsvangirai is MDC-T.If he goes the party is history.Let him stay.

  60. Wachoo z here! What Biti m Mangoma doesn’t discover is they are being used & it’s fact. Not even by Zanu PF but by western dudes who are promising them fake results f they turn against Tsvagirai. secondly, this guys knows Tsvagirai is a “super brand” so if they leave MDC-T n form another party they fully know they go down the history books hence Mangoma persists he needs Tsvagirai’s protection-anywer a stupid and idiotic thinking from learned Mangoma. Thirdly, I think they are wasting time especially Biti who is playing hide n seek cos he knows those who tried forming their on parties failed and others died in advanced poverty (Gibson Sibanda). I’m a true Zanu PF supporter but I think this guys are making mistakes Tsvagirai is a super brand n Mugabe knows t!

  61. what tsvangirai is doing is a disgrace, how can he hire secterian death sqauds to torture,maime,and rape political opponents from the same movement. i beileve it is time for him to give the button to young turks like biti, but i believe mudzuri is more composed. we appreciate what tsvangirai has done but its time for the movement to move on, fresh ideas please!!!!

  62. Vanhu chavasingazive ndechekuti Tsvangirai ndoM.D.C kana muchida kuona chokwadi Tsvangirai ngaabve muone kuti MDC inorarama makore maviri here? Vanhu siyanai nasave anenge aona zvanetsa follow the steps of Gibson, Ncube, Mutambara etc. Inga Madhuku akatanga yake wani?

  63. the country is were it is today by personifying a party with an individual. we should cultivate a culture of letting it go kwete handiende syndrome

  64. zvaari mahumbwe chaiwo . this nation only needs divine intervention
    I hv trust in d God of Prophet Makandiwa
    Papa woooooo Wooooooo

  65. Hamba Mangoma and Biti Morgan 4 mdc if you want to be respected return back zanu s money. Morgan is staying put until after 2018 you can hallucinate Morgan is people ‘s choice people of this country are angry and hate you.

  66. Biti and Mangoma deserve kurohwa bcoz tuma spectacles tunovafurira,wait Congress inouya then poitwa maelections,kwete kuda kumaka SAVE.tinokudai mese but mukaita zvisizvo tinokurangai .kwanai guyz.

  67. Zimbabweans let’s fund our opposition party. The outside money brings impossible demands on our freedom. Mugabe can riddicle mdc course of western funding. From now we need to sacrifice to pay for the cost of changing the hands on power. Each time you pay a tax ensure you donate just 5 percent to MDC. Remember it is a legit cost for Tsvangirai to overcome the smear campaign of CIOs like out of court settlement. No one in an ordinary position will incur such cost but as a leader he is constantly being set up.
    ZANU is wanting one party state and Zimbabweans are not going to give in. The very reason we opposed the minority rule and our fathers shed their blood. Now we will bleed to the last trickle. But
    chimurenga hachisati chapera. Vanoda kudza kuZanu they are welcome. Strong opposition is wanted either way

  68. Biti wandiradza asi mava kungoda mari yevarungu hamuchisina basa nevanhu
    here!yu need tsvangson’s blessing my friend .save tinemi

  69. hapana chinonetsa apa ko Biti naMangoma ngavaite yavo party tioneka kana vari creative nhai. Inga Welshman akangowana 0 votes wani. The only person anogarisa Zanu Pf pasi ichifunga kuti toitasei neZimbabwe ndiTsvangirai,,,Morgan is better than them all although mdara Robert vari legend rake zvavo.

  70. I want to thank Dr. Ekpiku for getting my lover back to me within 48 hours. When my lover left me i was so tired and frustrated till i search the internet for help and i saw so many good talk about Dr Ekpiku of and i decided to give him a try and i contact him and explain my problems to him and he cast a love spell for me which i use to get my husband back.If you want to get your lover back contact Dr. Ekpiku via email: Dr. Ekpiku the great man that is able to bring back lost love

  71. the sad thing abot africamn politics is you can neverterust anyone the only african politician you can trust is a dead african politician……………..DZESE IMBAVHA

  72. Morgan is a brand bigger than sekuru.
    To tell me all these upcoming 18year olds support Mugabe is a joke.
    Mdc shud just lobby to ensure ppl get ON the voters roll and that they vote.

  73. According to the latest census.
    Harare is the biggest province in Zim with close to 2million ppl.
    Chitungwiza is 3rd after Byo.
    Epworth is 6th after Gweru and Mtare.

    Looking at last elections. All these 3 populated urban centres got only 5 election registration centres whilst in comparison, Mash Central, a province half in size of Harare alone got 40 election reg centres.


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