Kwekwe Town Clerk gets new vehicle


THE cash-strapped Kwekwe City council, which is struggling to pay salaries and wages among other pressing issues, has resolved to buy Town Clerk Emmanuel Musara a brand new Chevrolet.


The city’s five directors, sitting as a procurement committee, resolved to buy Musara a new official Chevrolet valued at $57 000 and two other vehicles for its top management whose make or value was not stated in the minutes of the meeting.

The January 21 meeting was chaired by Musara and attended by all council directors.

The purchase of Musara’s vehicle comes at a time Kwekwe last week went for two days without water over a Zinwa debt,  and disclosures that the town clerk takes home $135 000 annually in salaries and benefits.

According to minutes presented to full council last Thursday, city treasurer Rejoice Maweni, who would also get her official vehicle, told the meeting she would immediately start mobilising funds to buy the three vehicles for top management.

“Members noted with concern that the purchase of town clerk and heads of department personal issue vehicles has become long outstanding. The director of finance agreed that she would try to mobilise financial resources to purchase town clerk’s vehicle and two for heads of departments,” the minutes read.

This also came barely a month after the local authority recovered a deposit of $30 000 from Croco Motors which was part payment towards a mayoral vehicle.

Mayor Matenda Madzoke, who refused to take delivery of the mayoral vehicle late last year, instructed council to recover the money and instead buy refuse collection trucks and improve service delivery than pamper him with a $58 000 Isuzu D–tec twin cab vehicle.

A council resolution showed that the money would now be used to buy two tractors and trailers to ease refused collection challenges.


  1. Mayor Matenda Madzoke needs to be acknowledged for taking such a stand. They are very few leaders left in Zim who will prioritise operations like that….’kuramba mota’

  2. Ladies and gentlemen i would like to refer to you an article in todays Herald: Makoni can save MDC by non other than MAI jukwa. U will agree with me its not something u would expect from the herald. I found the article to be well thot out and factual. Please read it and contribute to the current debate with its substance in mind. Please read the article and not comment on the heading as most zimbos are used to. Thanks

  3. You see the difference between elected and appointed leaders? The elected leaders have a conscience and feel responsible towards the people who put them in their positions. The unelected on the other hand.. It would be interesting to know which parties the respective heads are aligned to..

  4. Mr/Mrs Zvie, we hv highwayed to Kwekwe kas wasiiwa nebhazi like foolish economist and politicians who talk about e Chimurenga at e verge of current economic constrains

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