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Koufman :Where women fear to tread


REASON Mugugu is one woman who has ventured into a male-dominated field — iron craft.

Aaron Ufumeli

Today, she stands out among the over 100 tradesman operating from Mbare’s Koufman area adjacent Materererini flats.

She has become a household name in producing tools of the trade such as slashers, machetes and ploughing accessories.

Driven by the passion to succeed, Reason is not concerned that she ventured in what is considered a man’s field.

“These days there is gender equality. Gone are the days when some jobs where a preserve for men only,” she said.

Her quality workmanship has attracted orders from established hardware shops and local schools surrounding Mbare, Harare’s oldest suburb.

Reason is happy that revenue from her blossoming business has allowed her family to manage a decent living and school fees for all her four children.

She says she learnt her craft from her husband of 35 years, Moses Mativavarira. Since completing her apprenticeship she has worked with her husband in the business for 30 years.

Like most businesspersons Reason laments lack of cheap funds to enable her to grow the business.

“The lack of funds has hampered me from growing the business and allow me to employ more people and in the process uplift many women,” she said.

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