Karoi hires independent auditors


KAROI town councillors have resolved to hire an independent audit firm to investigate the council’s books amid allegations of a massive tender scam involving senior officials.


The officials are alleged to have flouted tender procedures and pushed the local authority to buy four vehicles at double the price.

A special full council meeting was called last week after disgruntled workers petitioned President Robert Mugabe and Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo demanding that the officials be probed.

This comes as council’s 166 workers have gone for eight months without salaries.

Sources said the heated meeting saw the Zanu PF-dominated council putting officials to task over “criminal abuse of office” that had gone unchecked for several months.

The sources said the councillors said they no longer had faith in internal auditors, hence the call for external orders.

According to insiders, the council bought four second hand Toyota Noahs and Serina vehicles for $8 000 each when the actual value was $4 000 after
awarding the tender to an unnamed supplier.

Council chairman Richard Ziki confirmed the meeting and said the matter had been referred to relevant committees for further investigations.

“We have our internal processes which we embark on and then act upon the recommendations on whether to hand over the cases to the police as and when the council decides,” Ziki said.

Meanwhile, on December 17 2013, council workers sent a detailed dossier of the alleged corruption to Mugabe and Chombo.

The workers accused the management of claiming hefty travel, fuel, subsistence and school fees allowances while their salaries remained unpaid.

Contacted for comment, Karoi council secretary Maxwell Kaitano said they had agreed on a payment plan with the workers, but declined to give details.

“We agreed with workers on a payment plan which we are honouring. I don’t understand what they are now saying. That’s all I can say,” Kaitano said.


  1. I have confidence in the new councillors. Ziki and Travolters Matekenyas election gave some of us hope that my home town council would be run with a modicum of professionalism. Root out corruption and work towards attracting serious investors. My pipo need that and Delta closing plant we need serious councillors

  2. Thats gud what with houses being built muma water as u get into chikangwe. karoi is in a sory state, its a step in the rght direction.

  3. It used to be a good small town. Look at karoi hotel the former 3 star hotel its closed now. Ziki must do something with his As u like it. We cant have scuds and kenges being sold by the high way. Its an eyesore. Community hall is also now delapidated. guys force business pipi to paint their buildings. Karoi shud not be like Magunje pleeeaaase

  4. Mr Chairman Richard Ziki spruce up your ‘As u Like it”. Build another place ku location to offer the kind of service u offering mutown right now. You have single handedly reduced mastandards e town yedu. Bhawa renyu rakuita kunge rekumapurazi. Mu highway please chairman ndopanotangira kusvikwa nevaenzi.

  5. Its good 2 note that ther ar some councillors who ar trying to route out corruption at our town counciil keep up the good work

  6. I agree with u kiro ths platform plays an important role in airing out our views if we can use it we can share sme ideas which can help improve service delivery in our town

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