Judge okays Chombo’s decision


HARARE High Court judge Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo last Friday upheld Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo’s decision to reinstate suspended Harare town clerk Tendai Mahachi.


City mayor Bernard Manyenyeni last month suspended Mahachi over allegations of insubordination, but later reversed the decision following a directive from Chombo.

The court ruling was in response to an application by human rights lawyer Tawanda Zhuwarara seeking an order barring Chombo from lifting Mahachi’s suspension and interfering with council business.

Justice Matanda-Moyo said it was not possible for the court to order the suspension of Chombo’s directive when Manyenyeni had already given effect to the order issued by Chombo after he wrote a letter to Mahachi on Monday last week reversing his decision to suspend him and asking him to report for duty with “immediate effect”.

Apparently, it later turned out that Zhuwarara’s lawyers were not aware that Manyenyeni had “clandestinely” agreed to Mahachi’s return to work.

In the end, the court could therefore not deal with the matter on the merits on the main point being that Chombo had acted illegally by ordering the mayor to reinstate Mahachi. Zhuwarara had petitioned the High Court seeking an order to quash Chombo’s directive to reinstate Mahachi who was under investigation for refusing to reveal the salaries of the council’s top management.


  1. Manyenyeni has to hold a press conference and appear on national TV explaining “his” decision to rescind the Clerk’s suspension as he did when suspending him. He has to learn to control his adrenalin, everyone knows where the final decision lies hence his action was preposterous. Can any lawyer tell us the powers of the mayor and minister in terms of the Arban Councils Act. Yini kanti? yitwetwe. Usijayela kabi lomuntu sibadala sinje!

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  2. Zvima MDCT mayors zvenyu izvi, just typical of their leader, clueless and corrupt. Manyenyeni is a headless chicken.

  3. I just hope that all these biased & corrupt actions are being recorded so that these kind of judges are made to answer one day for their complicity in oppressing us.

  4. Chibenzi chiya chekuzvinyima kudya chiye chichafira fovoro. Mahachi akadzoserwa pabasa na Mangengeni the stooge mayor. Munombo vatorakupiko ivovatungamiri wenyu ava MDCHEATS. Before going to the press, thing mhani !!!!!!!!!! Ichi chedu Tswangison same same. Ya manyela poogonela.

  5. This Manyenyeni guy is confused. Last week he was expressing surprise that Mahachi had reported for duty when in fact he was the one who had lifted the suspension. He even appeared alongside Chombo at the press briefing where the decision to suspend Mahachi was rescinded by Chombo… He is confusion itself this fellow

  6. Stupid, I have taken time and a lot of my money to contribute on this platform and you just decide not to publish my opinion.

  7. Ukraine, Bosnia, Syria, Thailand zvinotanga saizvozvi zviri kuitwa naChombo. We want peace in our Zim but Chombo’ s actions will stretch pipos’ patience to the limit.

  8. Stupid Manyenyeni who doesn’t know he is playing with fire! Ngaadye Mari akanyarara kwete kuda kufadza vanhu anodzingwa naChombo manje manje sooooo! previous mayor vaidya Mari vakati ziiiiiiiii! Dzungu dzungu itai rishoma iZanu PF iyi haisi insurance yamunobatirira vanhu

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