I’m Zanu PF — Uebert Angel declares

SPIRIT Embassy founder Uebert Angel, born Angel Mudzanire, yesterday publicly declared his allegiance to Zanu PF and urged party youths to be more vigilant and take control of the country’s natural resources.


Addressing more than 10 000 guests at President Robert Mugabe’s 90th birthday bash at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera, Angel said he was born in a Zanu PF family and did not mind what people would say about his political allegiance.

The charismatic church leader shared the front row seats with Mugabe and other top Zanu PF officials among them Vice-President Joice Mujuru and party national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo.

When he took to the podium, the smartly dressed Angel went all out to praise Mugabe and Zanu PF’s land reform programme.

“This country has land and there is no more land to be created.

“There is an opportunity the President has created for us and as youths, let’s take advantage and let’s be vigilant in getting what belong to us,” Angel said.

“Critics will be there and stories will be written (that) Angel has been swallowed by Zanu PF as if they know where I was before. I was born to a Zanu PF father and we had a sister who campaigned for MDC, but we never fired her from home,” he said in apparent reference to Mercy Mudzamiri Nongera, who last year contested and lost MDC-T primary elections for Masvingo Central constituency.

In 2011, Angel’s colleague and founder of the United Family International Church Emmanuel Makandiwa was criticised by the public after he signed the Zanu PF anti-sanctions petition.

The two have attracted several high-profile Zanu PF officials to their church gatherings.

After his presentation, Angel knelt before First Lady Grace Mugabe before he whispered an inaudible message to her and left the podium.

Addressing the same gathering, Roman Catholic Church priest Father Fidelis Mukonori said: “We want to pray with the President for showing us that it’s possible to be 90 and not die at nine.

“Old age is a blessing and I would like, therefore, to pray.

“I will anoint him (Mugabe) with holy oil for his soul and health and a (Roman Catholic) rosary that he carries every day.”

At 90, Mugabe, who has been in power for the past 34 years, is one of Africa’s oldest and longest-serving leaders.

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  1. Elections u can rig but age u can not mr mugabe

    1. Is uebert angel related to chris angel a magician who features on sonymax and who declares that there is only one angel

      1. How can Angel Mudzanire be related to Chris Angel.

        1. how can it rain money

    2. Ninety years old rigging election and stealing victory from from a 60-year old? How capable would that 60-year old to lead the country? It’s okay to be dumb but only to reasonable extent. If you re not blinkered you dont get into a STAMPEDE…, You use your brain before you shove aimlessly!

      1. Please stop acting like Morgan was a viable option. He is not presidential material.

    3. Vana Ángel kwava kutya Gumburaism ka uku ?

  2. Tinogarokuudzai chionai manje. True prophets of God are apolitical , once you take sides in politics you are a prophet of Doom. This is just a tip of iceberg. Ini ndanyarara.

    1. Mhofu mashaya nyaya. What has got tht to do with true prophets? Are you saying Father (Fata) Fidelis Mukonori is fake Father (Fata) since he has also openly declared his allegience to Zanupf and RG Mugabe. All the prophets in the bible supported the King of the day, only and unless the King teamed against the prophet

      1. Mukonori has never called himself a prophet so leave him and his zanupf out of it.
        deal with your prophets of doom.

    2. where in the bible is it written that true prophets are apolitical… please do share

    3. wat does the bible tells us abt those in authority. it clearly states that respect those in authority and its a duty of us believers to pray for our leaders. we support those waisa naMwari in power, we dnt go against God. saka for him to be a true prophet he does nt hev allign with zanu pf. read ur bible very whether yu dnt like Saul asi ndiye azodzwa naMwari anototonga wani. Joseph as annointed he was ddnt he serve under Pharoah a cruel leaders. know the order of God haukanganisike hama

      1. The same bible tells us in Matt that you are not supposed to cause “the little ones to sin” and if you do so a milestone will be tide around your neck and you will be thrown in the sea to drown. If I run to the church for comfort from persecution by zanupf and then I find zanupf there in the church then I am caused to leave the church and go back to the world. woe to you who cause the little one to sin….. the punishment is waiting for you.

  3. hahaha so what. is it illegal for a Man of God to meet the President of the country of his birth or to say that he supports his party. if anything we should all model the Angel family for political tolerance and inclusivity if we are to move forward as a nation, i mean if the family can have an mdc-t supporting sibling and yet co-exist

    1. Only if the leader is not against laws of God e.g not allowing innocent pple killed; raped etc Prophet role is to correct not endorse for justice sake unless he is a false prophet

  4. Happy birthday Gushungo thanx to prophet Angel makaendawo kuBirthday remutungamiriri wenyika yedu

  5. My Papa supports no party but prays for the will of God to be done by the party in power. He is for God’s party. He has always said it and these are just ridiculous lies. It’s an honour though to meet presidents and kings. His gifts make way and room for him so don’t hate because you don’t know how to use your gifts. My papa and mama are amazing people. They are a power couple indeed.

    1. stupid fool u cant even call your own parents papa and mama wats so special wit those fake prophets get a life nonsense..

  6. My father is a Major Prophet even those organising the birthday had to beg him to grace the occasion. I’m covered

    1. So mapostori are the BIG MAJORS then, unlike Angel who attended Presidents birthday, its the President who actually went to Marange!! Unfortunately, Mapositori didnt make a lot of noise about it.

  7. Even in the bible king and prophets vaidyidzana wani zvashamisha nhasi because its Angel

  8. If Eubert is reciting the zanu pf slogan saying pasi naTsvangirai, what does that mean? According to Zanu pf it means Tsvangirai must go down to the grave. In actual facts a true prophet of God cannot say these words.

    1. dd he do so, ua tokin naked nonsense mhofu. thnx 2 ur disguised username otherwise hd we known you u wld b sued jus lyk otha bufflers like supersport.hw dare you defame sm1 with such fabrications.May u get delivered from ur stupidity.

    2. mhofu munoziva a true prophet here imi, cz yu think tsvangirai is very Godly and yu hev exalted him above to think he wld rescue us from all this thats why God will neva let him rule Zim

    3. actually thats not what it means. It merely means they dont support him. Why are you making something out of nothing? Tsvanston has never publicly stated what would be his agenda for the country. NEVER. He doesn’t seem smart enough to deal with europeans to make sure he doesnt get us in some IMF debt deal. Half you guys dont even know how money is created but you want the right to vote. Sad really.


    If you want to be a politician be a politician.

  10. Cde Chinodhuukadhuuka

    Nhasi ndezveduwo. Paridzai munhu waMwari nyika igoziva kuti zvedu ndezvedu. Mwari akati Zimbabwe kumaZimbabweans

  11. Muporofita anofanira kusapota bato ririkutonga because mwari ndiye anosarudza mutungamiri

    1. tt’s a blue lie, he must not support but pray for the leader, u cannot serve two masters at the same time…..

      1. saka iwe zvaunosupporter ur party yu are serving two masters unless yu are candidate of hell.

        1. iron & steel can never mix

  12. Kwedu tinotamba nevakuru veNyika,

    1. Rickross: kwenyu munotamba nevakuru venyika nekuti zvamunoita zvese ngezve nyika. KwaMwari hakuna chiporofita chenhema.

  13. Zimbabweans lets learn kukudza maporofita atakapihwa naMwari

  14. Karikoga Gumiremiseve

    Nicely dressed Prophet Angel. Taurai Sezvazviri Major

  15. hats blasphemy to take these guys as man of God they arre just magicians and liers who know that this wont last long. They arre now seeking protection and political platform bcz they know that their churches wont last long. They are trying to divert gvt proposal on churches to pay taxes. Women are dying bcz of maternal complications other going theatre why cant these guys come hospitals and save mothers. Instead of these manhood enlarrgment dramas they say we are doing. They know that they are nearer to ZANU PF than to God.

    1. Maxmost, You are very blind. These prophets are true men of God and healings and deliverances are the order of the day in their churches. You are not the one to give them instructions to go and save people in hospitals but they follow their calling from God. Jesus plainly said it in the bible in Luke 5 verse 31 “That that are whole need not a physician but they that are sick. How come people do not have problems with individuals visiting n’angas to seek healing.

  16. Karikoga Gumiremiseve

    Prophets anointed kings and put them on the throne so there is no difference pana Bob. i actually like his stance on gays

    1. not endorsing marderers but correcting them. No where in bible a prophet dines and wine with a ruler doing bad. Unless if its a false prophet. Some refused to meet bad rulers unless they turn their way

      1. I thought we all read the bible “Jesus at the House of Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10)” Thank you Major Prophet for gracing the occasion, we love you my father’s brother. Long Live the Prophets of God and long live the President RG Mugabe

        1. Zacheous was corrected not supported. Do you know any phrophet who supported a ruler who killed widows ? Yes yrs only

  17. what happened to my comment?newsday whats going on your censorship has become worse than the herald itself

  18. Jeremia17vs5 uyo anovimba nemunhu akatukwa!

  19. Hello Willard Mubvumbi.How are you man? Kokunyarara kudai machewe.

  20. nxaaaaaa who is angel to us?? All zim prophets vanotambira kuzanu becoz they will be raping kuchechi kwawo so they will be suported kana zvakutushuka


    1. What is a man of God if he can’t speak what is right in a country, if he can’t bless who God has placed on the throne to rule. MDC-T supports gays and that is not in Prophet Angel’s bible or any bible esp ravaMugabe, if you get hold if that point then you got the biggest revelation of all. The bible supports that land is for the people and that is what President Mugabe advocates for and that is what is in Prophet Angel’s and all other bibles. Musangovenga a party esp if you Christians without referring to the bible. Remember The SOLUTION is oldee than the problem, the bible guides us all the time. Everyone should realise what is right if you see Men of God blessing Mugabe God hand is upon him, and like Moses God is still with him till he has accomplished what God wants for this nation. Porai henyu!

      1. And Ruva who told you that MDC-T supports gays?You must first get yo facts right before bellowing out statements that are not factual,uttering statements that based on biased sources.MDC-T as a party does not support gays bt ther is fredoom of expression of opinions,which may differ.wher in the constitution of the mdc-t is it written that it supports gays?I am a true christian bt im not ignorant wen it comes to these things,i dont jus make rushy conclusions…..leaders are ordained by GOD and being a leader does not mean that you are perfect,everyone has their shortcomings.

        1. Not all Zimbabweans are christians and not all Zimbabweans are straight. If we are going to be a free nation then all citizens should have a voice. a hundred years ago the white man came with the bible and today mese mato machristu. Saka what were all the ancestors doing for the last 100k years?
          Anyway I would prefer national policy to be separate from the church. We must cater to everyone.

  22. heya heya!

  23. Rev 16:13,14 ,”And i saw three unclean inspired expressions that looked like frogs come out of the mouth of dragon and out of the mouth of the wild beast and out of the mouth of the FALSE PROPHET. They are ,infact,expressions inspired by DEMONS and they perfom SIGNS(MIRACLES),and they go out to the kings of the EARTH,to gather them together to the war with GOD”. ANE NZEVE NGAANZWE

  24. While it is Madzinire’s right to join any party of his choice, a true prophet of God doesnt have that privilege. A true prophet is apolitical and stands by the word of God (muKristu wanhasi ziva shoko raMwari not some of the above emotion-induced support void of the word of God). Joining and being a member of Zanu pf is not the same as meeting the President or any leader. Madzinire has declared allegiance to Zany pf (that’s where my problem is if he is a true prophet). If God sends him with a message to Mugabe, how will he objectively deliver it, especially if the message is about rebuking the President for the excesses of his government over programs or policies that Zanu pf (where Madzinire is a member) would have designed.

    Madzinire knows too well that what he is doing is against the Bible teachings (as a prophet) and I personally believe he has a strong reason why he has gone against his own better judgement. I smell a rat.

    1. wedanda ndepapi mushoko raMwari pakanzi a true prophet shld nt support the ruling president? we support wakaisa naMwari as the word has asked us to do. iwe ndiwe unoda kusarudza shoko. God ordaines kings nt pipo. if yu still think yu can vote for a president akagara pachigaro zvisina approval yaMwari then go bek to the word.

      1. believer a true prophet is not Angel for me to be very blunt. The prophets in the bible gave directions to the people and leaders not supported them but gave God’s instructions and expectations. Saul disappointed God but was allowed to complete his term but in misery. Watch my next post on Saul

  25. angel is a bz man &not prophet so pane mari ndopa vanoda. He wanna b part of salary gate scandals dze zanu pf nxaaa

    1. ua a poor man and pane hupenyu hwevanhu ndipo paunoda, thats y ur father managed norton out e uptowns, itao mbiri nutaurweo. bzman is a proffesion and e office of a prophet is a CALLING.


  27. Lol~~think before you write~~What was Joseph‘s Job in the bible?

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  29. Just a few months ago you were showering praises to makandiwa and angel vaita man’s only nite.iko zvino makurwadziwa nekuti ati mu zanu,saka mofunga kuti denga ndere mdc chete here?nxaaa

  30. Most people just argue without reading their Bibles provided they even have one. All leaders are chosen by God
    In Isaiah 9:6 For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; And the government will rest on His shoulders; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.

    We see that our God has something to do with our leadership. Remember during prophet Daniel who serve not a king who did not believe in the God we serve, God even appeared to King Nebuchadenezzar ….. Who was not a believer simply because he was a leader with influence

    1. Don’t get it wrong people. Leaders during the era of the Israelites might have been chosen by God but not all leaders of this day and age. Are you saying a leader who mutilates people or rigs elections (am not suggesting anyone did) to get to power would have been chosen by God? What the Bible is teaching us is to respect and honour the office of leadership and not necessarily hero worship the person in that office because the person will have their own shortcomings like any other human being. Some of the behaviour of these leaders may actually be horrendous and not to be envied. Same as these so-called “men of God”!

  31. Most people just argue without reading their Bibles provided they even have one. All leaders are chosen by God
    In Isaiah 9:6 For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; And the government will rest on His shoulders; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.

    We see that our God has something to do with our leadership. Remember during prophet Daniel who serve not a king who did not believe in the God we serve, God even appeared to King Nebuchadenezzar ….. Who was not a believer simply because he was a leader with influence

  32. As a human being its not a crime to support whatever political party u wish to support. Thats Y angel and his family members didnt fire that MDC sister although she turned out to be a black sheep in the family. MDC members should also wish Mugabe a happy birthday as it is God who gives life.

    1. Shamwari I support Zimbabwe. Whichever party wins the election we are one until the next election. We have bigger issues to deal with than MDC and Zanu battles. I believe the President has done his job, we got independence and we got the land in black hands. Now we should be looking to the people and asking what are you going to do with what you have been given. I see a lot of people going to school but I dont see new products manufactured in Zimbabwe. Maybe we need to be looking at ourselves and question our creativeness and unity.

  33. Thats my Father Prophet Eubert Angel, Senior Emeritus, invited to the President’s Birthday. If thePresident can honour the Man of God what about you , you, you you. Zvatosemesa, uye zvakabhadhara 2014.

  34. Plain truth don’t get it wrong here, My father was invited by the President, he did not rush to grace the birthday party.

    1. Iwe unatikwanira, how many fathers do u have? Or do you have a mother otherwise, she should advise you because you are putting her in serous trouble. Vana vasina tsika vanogumbura vabereki.

  35. Prophets are devoid of personall opinion they follow God’s way and they do what God instructs. He did the right thing pray for the president. I dont thisnk the story and the heasline match though. He was just telling u to him its not important to be a card carrying political supporter

  36. tendai chaminuka

    No.Prophet is not zanu(pf),he uses zanu(pf) patronage to achieve his goals and there are many of his type who use zanu(pf) but when the tough gets going havawanikwi pamap.They are called revolutionary hijackers.Vabvunzei kuti branch ravo nderipi

  37. Holololo hamunyare. He never said that or even implied it.Even is vakaita zanu pf he is still a prophet. Hatina basa nazvo isu. Iwe mind yo political business isu toita zvinofayira na

  38. Vaparidzi venhema richati demon robuda raGumbura zvichapera zvose zvokuda kuvhara vanhu urimunguwo tsvene . Tagara isu hatina basa kana vanhu vaivurawa naHerod iye ichipembedza hubhinya ibenzi . Pfutseki muporofita wenhema wakafanana namadzibaba nzira

    1. uku ndiko kufarisa uku kuti mupofita wajehovha pfutseki wadenha mago

  39. thank you Prophet Uebert Angel for supporting those in authority as the bible requires. we are proud of you

  40. somethng is happening asi zvinoonekwa nevane mweya wamwari wechokwadi

  41. …..bhaibheri rinoti muchenjere kuchauya maporofita enhema, anoti gomo simuka rigosimuka,muimbi anonzi Mhere akaimbwo achiti ”maporofita enhema”hawo obudapachena achisapota munda wakapihwa baba vawo kuChiredzi

  42. maporofita haaite zvema political party

  43. mavakunyora zvisirizvo manje Prophet zvava taura tazvinzwa paZBC

  44. John the baptist

    Muporofita one anembiri, anodanwa kuzodya nemachinda patafura imwe. sando kwamuri Prophet.

  45. Major Prophet zvava zvinhu

  46. Isaiah 31:1 Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help And rely on horses, And trust in chariots because they are many And in horsemen because they are very strong, But they do not look to the Holy One of Israel, nor seek the LORD! 2 Yet He also is wise and will bring disaster And does not retract His words, But will arise against the house of evildoers And against the help of the workers of iniquity.…

    1. thats ur prayer, and thank God you are not Prophet Angel’s God.

  47. Deep calls unto deep!! Great leaders want the company of great (Major) Prophets.

  48. Ini handioni pane problem yenyu imi mazimba munongotaura zvisina musoro, zveshanje chete. chii chashamisa pakudaidzwa nemutungamiri wenmyika. saka maida kuti arege kuenda here?

  49. how can i join the zanu youth

    1. Wht do u mean Joze ? U want to join the structures here. If so urikugara kupi so tht we help u

  50. Random Magadzire

    Kana Pastor vako vasina kudaidzwa kubavhadhi remutungamiriri usarwadziwe, ngavakwidze gear remunamato mangwana ndivo.

  51. We thank God for the life of our President, we thank God for the Prophets, we thank God for giving us more years on earth.HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUSHUNGO.

  52. The only Prophet that i know, who can tell you what happened two hundread years ago, we are blessed to have you.. if presidents can notice the gift that we have what more you.

  53. keep on preaching&praising wait 4 next election & contest 4 mp u win

  54. A prophet of old is different from that of old. A prophet of now is an interpreter of the divine will & purpose of God & is an expounder of the Word. The prophets of old prophesied about the Seed,who is Christ, and those of now expound the knowledge of that Seed & equip His Church with the knowledge of Christ. So if your so-called prophet doesn’t equip the Church with the Word(Jesus Christ) begin to ask yourself. Is he a divinator who concentrates on giving ID numbers,fone numbers etc instead of preaching Christ? Think about it.

  55. if an aged man like my President can personally call a Prophet to his celebrations that indeed shows how leaders appreciate the voice of God in their lives.happy birthday President, thank you Prophet for the wise words.Zimbabwe mwari vanongoida, mune vana vake muZimbabwe isu tichadaiiiiiidza mwari wedu#TakesureZamar

  56. [“Critics will be there and stories will be written (that) Angel has been swallowed by Zanu PF as if they know where I was before. I was born to a Zanu PF father and we had a sister who campaigned for MDC, but we never fired her from home,” he said in apparent reference to Mercy Mudzamiri Nongera, who last year contested and lost MDC-T primary elections for Masvingo Central constituency.]

    Isn’t this a veiled message to Mr Mugabe to tolerate people in opposition?

  57. As Prophet Uebert Angel rightly said “Critics will be there and stories will be written (that) Angel has been swallowed by Zanu PF as if they know where I was before”, he was already prophecying people with negative thoughts and he knew you were going to write. Shame on you all people who lack wisdom.

  58. CDe Komboniyatsva

    Maporofita ndivo vaigadza madzimambo. Iro bhaibheri rinoti madzimamambo anogadzwa naMwari. Happy Birthday Gushungo.

  59. Respect the prophet and there is no one who can change what God has put in terms of the leadership of any country. There is nothing wrong in what Prophet Angel said. In fact homosexuality must not be exonerated just because of human rights. You are letting the country go to the dogs because of human rights and yet the world is looking for the righteous to show the world direction.

  60. In 1980 almost every Zimbabwean rallied behind this party. Yes there is a fact that somewhere along the road due to differences some left and formed other parties. The fact remains that as Zimbabweans the natural resources belong to us and we have a right to that. I support Prophet Angels view that the youth must have the inheritance of our country and benefit from it.

  61. Ko kutyei it was the party of the moment and still is so Vote ZANU! VOTE BOB and believe his prophets and you will prosper.

  62. So almost all the “Prophets” in Zimbabwe now support the ruling party!At least their followers are “eaten with their eyes open” like Kapenta fish! I just hope they preach the Immorality of CHEFS looting the national purse via cronies when the majority of Zimbabweans wallow in poverty!

  63. Prophet Angel has met and preached before a lot of influential people in the world and Mugabe is no exception. The fact that this man was asked to preach at Mugabe’s birthday say lot of how the president acknowledges him as a prophet of God.

    1. Taura hako iwe koinga vakamdodaidzwa wani naMandela makadii kuti pwititipwititivanhu maZimbo ngaachinje mafungiro nemaitiro or else hah munoramba makasaririra

  64. Waida kuti Mugabe ate birthday asina kudaidza materritorial commanders sei, Prophets are territorial commanters,

  65. Prphets and the nation

    From the word go Zanu PF has been honouring the man that God has sent in our country thats why it is prospering becaus even in the bible the nation that respected the presents of the man of God even in battle they were the ones that prospered how can Angel and Makandiwa not be there for Zanu PF when the party has shown nothing but resprct and honour to the man of God…

  66. Pastors should play a major role in delivering Zanu PF and MDC supporters not openly showing affection of parties.One thing for sure “GOD LOVES MDC AND ZANU PF SUPPOTERS” if he (Angel) is spiritually gifted ,why then would he let Mugabe say inhuman things about Tsvangirai ? Like “Tsvangirai must go to hell”.why then would he let Tsvangirai say inhuman things about Mugabe like “Mugabe is an old monkey” Pastors should know and respect their platforms.
    Look at what the Roman father did, He simply asked the almighty to Bless the President.so that he may have tha power and ability to lead the nation,He didn’t go further to elaborate his political affection because he barely knew that wasn’t improper for a a church leader
    May God bless you , May God Bless Mr President.

    1. Mufundisi let us go together to the bible 2 Kings 9:1-3, the prophet Elisha annoited Jehu to be king over Israel.Its just that nowadays the nation is divided against itself bt whosoever appreciates the presents of the man of God in a nation and inviting them to such occasations then definately know that they will prosper 2Chron 20:20.Kana wadana nevakuru venyika you respect them dai murimi makadaidzwa kuti mupe speech mucountry yamunyatsori kuziva kuti not everyone is for me, what were you going to say to those who acept you???

    2. ummmm imi mufundisi imi munoziva bible here imi???

  67. fake pastor

    1. …bt true Prophet

  68. Prophets guide the nation but it takes the leaders of the country to accept the what the man of God is saying or they risk going astray. Thank you Prophet Angel for such wise words and we stand with you man of God. May God continue to use you mightly.

  69. Mwana weMuporofita

    Munenge makagarira nzeve here when pple speak? Prophet
    said he has a father who has always been a Zanu PF
    supporter & he also has a sister who actively campaigned
    for MDC & never was she chased out of their home. Prophet
    Angel said “I support God”.Now what r u talking about? If u
    follow him on twitter u w/d hv recalled him saying “No
    matter who is President, JESUS is still Lord, & that’s my
    Boss”… And here u r in yo gross stupidity trying to twist
    facts with fabricated lies. Ndimi mainzi naJesu Brood of
    Vipers. All u seek to do is kill & destroy… But I am here to
    tell you that u came rather too late. Aint nothing u can do
    to pull the Servant of the Most High down. He is backed by
    the parliament of Heaven.. Politics w/d be a demotion for a
    Prophet of such calibre. He is far above politics…

    1. taura hako mwana wemuporofita ,politics is a demolition for a Prophet of his calibre…

    2. thank you for clarifying this .may God bless you

  70. most people think it is not good for a christian to support musangano we Zanu Pf but i think it is not bad given the idea that there are some level headed people in Zanu Pf though they are few zvavo pamwe anoda kuvatendeutsa give the man some space

  71. Major Intercessor

    Prophet Angel supports no party but prays
    for the will of God to be done by
    the party in power. He is for God’s
    party. He has always said it and
    these are just ridiculous lies. It’s an
    honour though to meet presidents
    and kings. His gifts make way and
    room for him so don’t hate because
    you don’t know how to use your
    gifts. My papa and mama are
    people. They are a power couple

  72. First of all let me hasten to say i am strong supporter of ZANU-PF but lets face the fact as it is. Uebert Angel said and i quote,” our sister compaigned under MDC but we have not fired her yet”. So please those who know hw to analyse can objectively see what the prophet meant. For man of God i believe it wasnt good for him to condemn those who support mdc and giving reference of her sister in that public. If as a family they didnt like what her sister did it was supposed to be family issue not a public one

  73. Uyo Anyora kuti “mwana wemuprofita” ini wauri kutaura naye ndiri “mwana wamwari” some of these people wants to own you yet you can’t even see were you are being led.Shame. Tsvagai Jesu achawanika.

    1. Jesu ndiye ari mune every man of God shamwari saka even takatomuwana

      1. For someone to go to the Father they now have to go to Jesus through a prophet. Jesus is no longer the only intermediary between us and the Father! Interesting how “chistianity has evolved”.

  74. @ Uebert Angel, wacheuka munhu washe. Hee kutsvaka mari nembiri here? Zviringe zvekare unatsidzire nzira dzako pamberi paJesu.

  75. Hanzi my father was a Zanu PF supporter veduwe koinga tikuendeswa kuchikoro wani ndepapi pavati ndeve Zanu PF??? Muporofita haana party weduwe…

  76. Seriously people when are you going to stop this thing of always hunting down and marking everything that man of God say?, you are forever looking for news to twist and critisize . The president invited the prophet and the prophet clearly mentioned that his father is Zanu PF and his sister is MDC but they are still a united and happy family . Please read that line again, there is a revelation there. Prophet Angel is a great man of God, Holy Spirit filled ,empowered with wisdom and intelligence.I can bet you a million buks 99% of people always looking to twist Prophet Angel’s words actually envy him but they just don’t want to admit it. The prophet went to a birthday function that he had been invited to, he gave a speech that he wanted to give, he went and said something that people did not hear to the first lady , SO WHAT, he does not need to consult anybody but God whenever he says something or before he does something. hahahahaha does it really matter what he does with his life, does he owe anybody an explanation? Guys lets grow up and do something fruitful with our lives than to attack the man of God who has done nothing wrong but to follow his line of calling and grow the kingdom of God. LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!!

  77. Face the fact. Prophet vatotaura kuti ndewe Zanu .don’t defend that point,
    -Was it proper for him to openly be part of a party ??

    Ini we MDC ndonamtirwa nemunhu we Zanhu here ?

    Religion and Politics should not mix and mingle

    Thank yu vambonyora vanonzi Pastor Mafurise for saying “Pastors should deliver the whole of Zimbabwe” either be MDC nor Zanu Pf.

  78. Isusu chaiye tinotamba bhora hatibvumirwe to Paticipate into Politics by FIFA ,,,,,, Politics is a deadly game. Never be part of it unless you are entitled to go that way.

  79. Prophet uebert ANGEL a true great servant of God . When God wants to deliver a nation he sends a prophet. When God wants to bless a nation he sends a prophet and surely God does nothing until he reveals to his prophets. Zimbabwe you are highly blessed Surely God is up to something. Your president is very wise.read the scriptures hezekiah and isaiah.God using a prophet isaiah to deliver a message to king hezekiah. Be wise people dont just criticise celebrate the Gift God has given to your nation and be happy that something is going to change .

  80. Mr MOSES MATENGA I followed and I listened to prophet UEBERT ANGEL speach I did not hear him saying the nonses you have written here. He said his FATHER is a ZANU supporter. This thing you have written here is very misleading. This is what I call bad journalism. MR MOSES MATENGA you not even scared to lie againts a man of God? I feel for you. I know you want your paper to sell so you can get money? I understand.but hey there are other means of making money rather than telling the whole nation lies misleading the nation.

  81. John aumburuka zvake nekuseka. Muporofita anoita masaramusi enhema (eg miracle money ine ma serial numbers) anga supporta party ipi?

  82. Pamberi naProphet Uebert Angel! Tisingakanganwe VaMugabe! Pamberi navo zvakare

  83. Mwari rambai muchikomborera mutungamiri wedu nemakore mazhinji, as yu said with long life will i satisfy thee.
    Congrads to our leader, the President

  84. Baba musataure kwamusina kuswera,n e anciet of days prophets wer so linked to kings of tht tym,luk at Samuel e prophet,Elisha,Jeremiah etc.Siyayi Major Provovo vafaise madhiri musarwadziwe.Kuchurch kwenyu munonamata sei,nani,kunaani,muchitii.Wer are thos pastors varicorrect,wat impact ar they making n e society??They r jus hiding & nower to b found,Prophet Angel vadaidzwa na Gushungo makurwadziiwa musadarooo!!!

  85. Jesus was a friend to sinners. Just saying

  86. Uebert and zpf are a perfect match. Zpf is in power not in authority (authority is legitimate power). Uebert is a prophet of god not a prophet of Jehovah.

  87. Saka marwadziwa nei. Prophet Samuel stood in support of King David’s party during elections even though King Saul was in power. Saka kunzi maporofita haasi mupolitics ndiyani akadaro. Even during king David’s reign, Prophet Nathan was his seer. Revisit your bible before commenting about our local prophets

  88. Religious fanaticism and political fanaticism go hand in hand. These two confidence tricksters, Mugabe and Uebert, deserve each other. They have a lot in common – fake, preying on the weak, unsophisticated, gullible and hopelessly superstitious majority to make money and fame while purporting to helping the poor and disadvantaged.
    What we have here is a fake religious fanatic trying to con a fake political fanatic – seeking approval from the con politician to carry on conning the public. Religion as we know it is s recent phenomenon only introduced by the whites from 1890 how then can a black person be a prophet, that is, knowing more than the whites who introduced religion in the first place? Not logical or scientific. Our forefathers believed in ancestral spirits – midzimu not the whiteman’s or colonial God. I cannot see the connection. This article lambasting fake prophet will be removed soon because people are superstitious.

  89. Angel is stupid and misleading people…………..manje Zanu Pf chiororo mirayi muone nyaya dzake dzinoputika manje manje…nxaaa

  90. What Eubert has done is very not very religious – a man of the colonial God does not discriminate the flock. Colonial God is supposed to be for all people, sin*ers and the faithful, but Eubert has taken sides when he should be strictly neutral! Is he not aware that ZanuPF mas*acred over 20 000 unarm*d civilians in Guk*r*hu*di?

  91. Chimusoro n mlambo not all leaders r choosen by GOD .r u telling me tht charles taylor a cannibalist ws choosen by GOD

  92. One sentence should read, “What Eubert has done is not very religious – a man of the colonial God does not discriminate the flock”.

  93. Silly Zimbabweans and their silly “prophets”! Nxa!

  94. If he is ZANU-PF, can he please tell us what he has to say about the ZANU-PF murders, the maiming of people’s arms and legs, burning down of people’s houses, demolition of houses, the corruption in the country, the torturing of civilians, the economic meltdown.

  95. Angel stealing from the poor just like his Makandiwa..kuita basa rekupiwa mushonga naBoatang

    1. vana angels matsostsi aya.

  96. Mwari ndiye ega anoziva kuti Angel muporofita wenhema kana kuti kwete. So people lets not judge him , y dont we give him a benefit of doubt since he says in the name of Jesus. I don’t see anything wrong with him attending Matibili s birthday Party, since he was invited , His words were more uniting than dividing people. His family’s Situation teaches us that we can still relate to each other well even though one is zpf and another is MDC. Its a lesson to both big political parties in this country. We are so politically polarized this affect our peace and freedom. I think its time to introducing non political national events shows like Zim idiols, Zim has got talent, big brother Zim this will unite People. We are tired of hate speeches.

  97. After his presentation, Angel knelt before First Lady Grace Mugabe before he whispered an inaudible message to her and left the podium.

  98. While Saul would be allowed to serve out the rest of his life as king, he was plagued by an evil spirit that tormented him and brought about waves of madness. Saul’s final years were profoundly tragic as he endured periods of deep manic depression. However, it was a young man brought into the king’s court named David who became the soothing influence on the troubled king by playing music which temporarily restored the king’s sanity. The king embraced David as one of his own, but all of this changed as David became a fine military leader in his own right. In fact, a popular song of the day was “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands” (1 Samuel 18:7). When Saul realized that God was with David, the king sought to kill David at every opportunity.

  99. Let me start by asking a hypothetical question,’ If Jesus Christ were here today, would he have aligned himself with ZAPU, MAVAMBO/KUSILE, MDC[M][T][99] or ZANU[PF]; the Republicans or the Conservatives in America? Food for thought.
    Scripture tells us to pray for our GOVERNING leaders, (whatever their character-my emphasis)! [2 Timothy 2:1-4] and to respect those in authority [Romans 13:1-7]
    We should spent more time honouring our leaders, and less time vilifying them.
    God commands us to pray for our leaders for their wisdom, for their hearts and for them to be LED by him. Don’t be paranoid!

  100. The only president who is 90 years old but behaves like a 9 year old boy.. nxaaa should have been anointed with hot oil!

  101. Go papa Go Major Prophet Chikokopo multi millionaire rolls Royce owner helicopter chauffeured dines with presidents media eats from his lap forensic prophet rich best dressed record holder for most expensive shirt in Zimbabwe ZANU pf no 1 prophet

  102. Mwari vanojutiwa havo pano pasi nembavha dzoshandisa zita rake. Asi hake anongoita moyo murefu. Manje kwava necombination yembavha nemhondi forming a tag-team! Vanhu vorikitwa havo nekutwa. Kuti vakarohwa, vomboitigwa masaramusi, mangwana umwe woitwa mardered, umwe ogazira mari dzichipinda muhimwe dzevanhu ivo vasingazivi, next week another one is raped….cooled by fake gold,….kusvika nyika yaguma vanhu vachijutwa!

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