Hurungwe chief up for theft


POLICE in Hurungwe are reportedly investigating Chief Abel Mbasera Chundu over allegations of embezzling $13 790 paid by villagers towards transport costs for some donated fertiliser.


At least 70 villagers allegedly contributed $192 each in 2012 to meet the transport costs and the money was collected by the chief’s aides.

The villagers later reported the matter to the police under CRB number 13/01/14 after the chief failed to deliver the fertiliser and reimburse them two years on.

“It is a pity that Chief Chundu knew everything about this project of food security and fertiliser that he claimed to have sourced from a donor, but has remained silent on refunds. The majority of villagers cannot open up over this issue for fear of victimisation,” said a villager in the Delta section of Nyamakate.

Paid Nyandoko of BH2, Lima village in Nyamakate, confirmed that some villagers had referred the matter to the police seeking recourse.

“Yes, the case has been reported at Makuti Police Station who are investigating it. What happened is criminal and that must not be tolerated at all costs. We are battling to raise monies, but our chief has the audacity to keep quiet. He was pushing us to pay, but has not been forthcoming on repayment,”Nyandoko said.

The affected villagers drawn from Chitindiva, Mayamba, Mahwau and Kabidza allegedly paid $4 for a bag of fertiliser.

Chief Chundu refused to comment over the matter yesterday.
He is expected to appear in court soon on fraud charges.


  1. Glad even villagers now know that no one is above law. More happened mumamisha, where villagers were fleeced. The chief should surrender regalia and go to jail. How can he steal from the people who are struggling to make ends meet? He is a THIEF not a CHIEF.

  2. The chief will consult with tribal ancestors and we all risk having lions eating crops in our fields its taboo to apply whiteman’s justice on a Zunde Ramambo issues.

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