Gumbura’s RMG events scandalous, deplorable


The rape saga involving politician, rapist “pastor” and RMG Independent End Time Message church leader Robert Martin Gumbura has come to an end. The man of the cloth will spend 40 years in prison.

NewsDay Editorial

There was no outpouring of sympathy for Gumbura who was convicted of four counts of rape and one of possessing pornographic material. While there has been general anger over the “lenient” sentence that Gumbura got, there are lessons to be learnt from the case.

What makes people angry with Gumbura was his taking advantage of vulnerable women who had come to him for spiritual uplifting, but instead he abused the Word of God to achieve his sexual and unholy pleasures with no regard to what the victims felt.

As news of his sentence filtered through, there was justified outrage from members of the public who felt the ruling was a “step backwards towards barbarism and medievalism”.

People felt the sentence was not stiff enough and called for a jail term of 200 years. However, that would only have been justified had Gumbura been convicted of all the nine rape counts he faced. The fact he is unlikely to come out of gaol alive should bring solace to all who wished him removed form society.

The Bible instructs believers to test every kind of spirit that would be in operation in their church and further stresses the importance of knowledge of the Word of God to ensure that they do not perish. The tragedy with modern-day Christendom is that believers no longer want to study the Bible for themselves, but seek to be spoon-fed, hence they are easy to dupe.

Besides teaching the word of God, Gumbura also had the responsibility of oversight on his followers. His life was supposed to be exemplary.

His followers were almost defenceless as they took heed of every message that he had for them. Gumbura went to the extent of casting people to the devil who dared cross his path.

This probably explained why women had to suffer silently while Gumbura abused them at will.

His behaviour should be condemned in the strongest of terms. The Gumbura saga should open up government investigations into the operations of all so-called independent churches.

Several reports have been written on prophets or pastors abusing people in the guise of spiritual healing and several of the victims have been women who submit themselves to their authority.

Gumbura had assumed the stature of a demi-god in the church declaring all women his and would “donate” them to other men.

To say the least, happenings at the RMG End Time Ministries were scandalous and deplorable.

If properly investigated, a lot might be exposed.


  1. The events are deplorable. Yes.

    But wait and see the rot in Zimbabwe’s justice system. They said he was going to appeal. and someone am sure has already pocketed some meaningful moneies.

    Wait and see…

  2. Let a spade be a spade……..I suggest even that Church RMG END TIME MESSAGE CHURCH must be closed ASAP coz inoramba ichikonzeresa inhouse marriages kune vanga vachienda ikoko.

    • The problem isn’t Gumbura but its the system in that Church .I tell you with so much confidence that End Time Message Church need to be investigated in all its dealings starting from its doctrine which belittle women and treat them as door mats and the doctrine which makes worshippers to view or see their Pastors as Gods .Its not Gumbura but the system in the Church .I have seen Grade 7 girls being handed over to older man just because the Pastor has sanctioned the marriage .In End Time Message when you want to marry you don’t go to the girl and propose you 1st ask the Pastor then the Pastor will call the girl and propose on your behalf .Please lets clear the rot in this Church

  3. Now that my brother has been locked up, its time to investigate the pastors who were his close liuetanants and also his wives.These people knew what my brother was doing but chose to keep quiet.I know that some of them used to be allowed to sleep with some of the girls as “fufuro”.
    Please the law should not let all those who were part and parcel of this mafia to go scot free.My brother cannot be the sacrificial lamb.The pastors he worked with will continue with my brother’s works if they are not investigated and arrested.

  4. @Newsday Editor

    First and foremost, you have been misguided and misdirected by the events which emanated from not credible and disgruntled once Gumbura’s congregants years ago. The false allegations were laundered by the Court on 3 February 2014.
    You are forgiven to think in that direction because you NEVER worshiped in Gumbura’s church. No one was interviewed from the Church leadership by the Police Officers. A police officer connived with THE REBELLIOUS SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF RMG CHURCH and duped unsuspecting congregants and they formed a kangaroo court at Morris Depot against RMG Church and its Pastor.

    Mr Editor, you should prove these things first and understand. You have added your hand into this matter, perpetuating falsehoods to the nation and the world at large.

    Never mind, I will consult our God in Heaven, who is a God of knowledge, your fate. I wish you all the best in 2014.

    • Iwe tendeuka you have been brainwashed, chisingaperi chinoshura baba vakabvirira kurapa vakadzi kudhara anaVimbai Jaunda, Caritas nyaya dzichitsikwa tsikwa achiramba, manje mukombe wazara. Imi tsvakai Mwari achiri kuwanikwa, u have seen man more than God. God have mercy on you

  5. Its sad that so many women were raped by the same man and they would not warn each other about the evil deeds. Its even more unfortunate that some of the women got raped, went to their homes and still kept coming back for repeated rape!!
    I honestly dont understand the rationale behind such actions. its completely baffling.

  6. The government must not only investigate the operations of pentecostal and apostolic churches but all churches especially the Catholic Church. A lot is happening in the Catholic church and such issues are swept under the carpet from the Vatican itself to an urban parish like St Monica in Chitungwiza where a priest impregnated a youth who gave birth last month. The Bishop’s office as usual turned a blind eye. So Gumbura is not alone but one in a thousand. All the culprits must be brought to book irrespective of denominations.

  7. I think all the churches need to be investigated.Why is it that most Zimbabwean Pastors and Prophets are richer than businessmen of this country.I understand they are misusing the tax free monies they are being given by the vulnerable people of this country.Most of the Prophets and Pastors are crooks I heard some even saying they worth over 60 million US$ when some of their churh members are living poor lives.

  8. Government, meaning Z pf people in government, investigate violence in other organisations, my foot.

    Lions to stop animals from killing each other?

    These criminals trained and protected by Zpf.

  9. Pastors for Profits. Gumbura is a tip of an ice bag. Why is it it that Blessing Chiza and Makandiwa are stil walking free?

  10. Kunatse kutorumbidze munhu. Naizvozvo mwari wakada nyika, akatuma mwana-komana wake…….ko imimi nyaya dzenyu mwakadzionepi. Kutoswero tukana ngekude kuite makwai emunhu. Hee pastor nhingi, hee papa, hee spiritual father. CALL NO MAN FATHER. Imi twana imi,,,,,,,,

  11. Kunatse kutorumbidze munhu. Naizvozvo mwari wakada nyika, akatuma mwana-komana wake…….ko imimi nyaya dzenyu mwakadzionepi. Kutoswero tukana ngekude kuite makwai emunhu. Hee pastor nhingi, hee papa, hee spiritual father. CALL NO MAN FATHER. Imi twana imi,,,,,,,,munyori is not far from the kingdom

  12. Ko maprophets apinda papi apa. Gumbura was not even friends with these prophets vamurikuda kukwanisakwanisa munyaya iyi. Some pipo really hate Prophets

  13. vaporofita venyu vakaporofita chii?IMI munoba mumabasa nekuita vafevha hanzi vana vemuprofita kupfeva manyaya mamini skirt u can not even dress yourself up,go back to the word pliz

  14. Got what he deserved, but 40 yrs……..-snt a sentence but punishment and its not only about rape. By the way is he also a politician??????? Mmhh!

  15. vaprofita the bible says when God had finished to create all it was very good genesis chptr 1v31.then why do u let women in your churches trying to correct what the Lord said ,change of lips(colouring eyes ,kukorobha kumeso,)musatinetsawo hamudi Mwari musanyepera vanhu muchatongwa naMwari.

  16. We’ll done to the judge who gave a hursh sentence to GUMBURA becoz taneta nevafundisi venhema .this must be a warning to those who are doing it.

  17. investigate Noah Taguta ( Johane Marange) he calls himself Noah we Murove, God on earth apa ane over 200 wives. Handiti maibata. Serious!!

  18. The problem was that the women liked what gumbura did to them at first that is the reasom why they reported the matter late .to my own opinion all rape cases must be reported within 48 hours.

  19. Gumbura should be investigated for HIV too? how come this angle has not been dealt with yet there is a very high risk under the circumstances?

  20. I am with this story but I differ with the term vulnerable, why vulnerable, most women make themselves vulnerable, everytime I go to church I am amazed by the number of women who always stand up when called in front for deliverence and I wonder if women are cursed and this makes them look vulnerable when they are not.

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