Govt to appoint PSMAS probe team


HEALTH and Child Care minister David Parirenyatwa yesterday said government will in two weeks’ time appoint an interim management team at the beleaguered  Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) to prepare a forensic audit following the dissolution of the old board last week .

Tarisai Mandizha

Parirenyatwa told journalists in Harare that the management team would be tasked to give an account of the medical aid society’s true state of affairs following allegations of abuse of resources.

“As government, we will take a very serious oversight of what is happening. Whatever that will come out of the audit, appropriate disciplinary measures have to be taken. There is not going to be any hiding of anything. It’s going to be clear there will be no tolerance of any form of corruption,” Parirenyatwa said.

“As they (interim management) do so there will prepare a further thorough forensic audit that should be given to the country after they have done that in pursuance of going for an extraordinary general meeting for all members.”

The government action follows  an exposé of obscene salaries and allowances paid to retired chief executive officer Cuthbert Dube and his top management team. Dube was allegedly pocketing a monthly salary of $250 000, while PSMAS managing director Farai Muchena took home $190 000.

“We have decided as the way forward they will be an interim entity to manage PSMAS which will be appointed by government. Clearly this particular interim management entity its role through us will give them clear terms of reference that will stipulate exactly what they should do, but they must look at the processes, administrative processes, accounting processes and the procedures for the whole organisation of PSMAS,”  Parirenyatwa said.

He said government was now in a position to award PSMAS a licence, but insisted that the medical society should operate with set guidelines.

Government is yet to renew the operating licence for PSMAS amid indications that the society had debts totalling $38 million at the end of last year, including what it owed doctors, dentists, hospitals and other service providers for more than two months.


  1. Awarding Psmas a licence without it clearing its debts minister are you serious?,Service providers have not been paid since January are you not promoting Psmas policy of not paying service providers on time?.I think the logical thing would have been for government to pay whatever it owes Psmas so that it clears its debt and then there is closure on the debt issue then award it with a licence not the other way round.

    • @Matigari- I have to agree..Is this not like putting the cart before the horse? Why not have a forensic audit by independent auditors to clean up the rot as obtained at Air Zimbabwe before making any rash appointments?

  2. service providers are still owed their money, so why then renew the license when the problem has not been solved.

  3. Minister, Minister, Minister please. This kind of issues does not need two weeks to appoint auditors. Why two weeks? Lets have action now. This story was first published long back may be last month and its only now and in the next two weeks you want to appoint forensic auditors. Cant you see you are giving these people some time to manipulate the facts and figures.

    In one of these corruption cases a certain parastatal was asked to produce its salary schedule and was given almost a month to produce it, something that takes less than a day where there is a qualified accountant at the company

  4. Sekuru Davie manga makarara pabasa, Where have yu been? We dont have the patience to watch yu wake up, bath, dress, make up , yawn and wait to be reminded one of your overseer responsibilities, for which yu are handsomely remunerated, is in a bad state. Hatichadi zvamahumbwe. Tipeiwo maserious.

  5. In order to have transparency why should the government not appoint an adhoc body to carry out the interviews for these interim managers? As is this looks like government is giving jobs to their friends..lets start the transparency at PSMAS now. The interim management can not be appointed by government alone given the rot we have seen of late. Parliament should have a say in this NOT government. All future appointments to the Board of parastatals should be approved by a parliamentary committee working together with the Ministry officials and the press should be invited to these interviews…Lets clean ourselves one will do this.

    • @Ethan- I agree..only an independent team can clear the rot so that there is fresh clean start not this nonsense.

    • @Ethan- I agree..only an independent audit team can clear the rot so that there is fresh clean start not this nonsense.

  6. Diva, I suggest you resign as well, because you have no clue as to what has happened or what is taking place right now.

  7. Cde Minister David,no need of probe team,plz get forensic auditors,probe team waste of time,resources.Unless if its just a coverup.Please be serious minister and give us something better.

  8. How about Central hospitals CEOs and buyers who breached the state procurement boards’ regulations. some of these have been CEO for more than 10yrs. Vachaitwawo sei?

  9. l thought the AGM was to decide all this not the government PSMAS is a Pvt Ltd company we have the right at the AGM to appoint our own Auditors not you Mr. Health Minister, you have failed us you are useless.

    We can appoint our own people at the AGM and get rid of these looters.

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  11. probe yeiko nyaya iripabani sesure kwembudzi, sungai vanhu mhani. why 2 weeks. itaiwo saprofessor jonso vanoactor choppers.

  12. Another looting crusade because the probe team will also loot as has become the norm. Some are asked to loot then others to probe the loot and the circle goes round again. Zimbabwe for you.

  13. Who were the external auditors of these parastatals. What are their responsibilities to the country at large? I believe Delloites audited the books of ZINARA. Are they not complicit in the misdemeanors occurring in these firms if they unearthed criminal activity and did not notify the principal shareholder. A bit like witnessing a murder and failing to report the crime to the police.

    Parastatals should not appoint their own auditors, the State Procurement Board should. The Auditors reports should be published annually.

  14. I agree with the contributions made regarding this article however if ROLAND RAT is correct then the Health ministry has no right to appoint it’s own team. It’s about time the members exercised their rights and refuse to accept this interference. If this proposed probe goes ahead and the outcome in any way is an attempt to cover anything up then the members should refuse to accept it and picket the PSMAS building until an independent probe is carried out. If the members do not act they will only have themselves to blame.

  15. KKKKKKKKKK. Kutsvaka forensic auditor nhasi nhai wa Parerenyatwa. Nyaya yakuto gwamba muto Ah kupamukana wokuti evidence dzigadziriswe. Ndabvuma hangu.

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