GOtv signal scrambled


MULTICHOICE’S Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) GOtv has been scrambled placing local viewers in panic mode.


GOtv has not been broadcasting since the beginning of this month.
The failure by the service provider to broadcast has brewed storm among some of its customers who feel cheated as they claimed they had paid their subscriptions in advance.

Contacted for comment publicity and public relations manager of MultiChoice Zimbabwe, Liz Dziva said the matter was being discussed with the relevant authorities.

“The GOtv signal is currently unavailable due to issues beyond our control and right now we are still investigating and will advise once we know,” she said.

GOtv was launched in March last year with locals welcoming the development considering its relatively affordable rates.


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  2. manager dont hide yo goal ,,,,its now a political issue wth e gvt intervention we knoo evrything….gvt want that product to be banned fo gud coz views wil not subscribe fo licences of ztv….usatinyebera udza vanhu shuwa kut yo gvt doesnt want yu povo to enjoy better quality programmz @ a cheaper priz

  3. Pliz tell us the whole truth about this issue, because you are depriving us of our right to entertainment.We paid for both the decoders and service( subscriptions)We demand urgent action on this matter.

  4. Go-tv tells us th truth.if its government stiffling yo broadcasting service u must say so.bcz we hv paid in advance.we knw wat our information publicity minister can do to TV stations.

  5. gvt must be serious. block’n thingz is their speciality. gvt blocks GOtv and destroy their ZBC. wat do really want.

  6. Unless the gvt hired a foreign company to jam and scramble the signal Our Gvt is not capable at ALL not even in the next 10yrs of such a fit

  7. The service was superb only zbctv was soundless but with the Delmante Dynasty, Aurora Aljez……who would miss the propaganda?

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