Gono hits back at Kereke


FORMER RBZ Governor Dr Gedion Gono has hit back at his former adviser Dr Munyaradzi Kereke, who approached the Constitutional Court seeking to compel the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission to arrest and prosecute him for alleged acts of corruption, saying Kereke was the one who had been behind all the alleged corrupt activities.


In his heads of arguments filed at the court yesterday, Gono maintained he acted above board in all his mandates while with the Central Bank and allegations levelled against him by Kereke were proved by the ZACC to be untrue.

Instead, Gono said, if there were any acts of corrupt activities at the RBZ, Kereke was the man to be answerable since he was the one who brokered the alleged deals.

“The first respondent (ZACC) conducted a thorough investigation of itself, from these investigations, a point which goes to illustrate appellant’s (Kereke) dishonesty, the 1st respondent discovered that the appellant was, in fact the one who brokered the agreements for the provision of certain benefits to the members of the commission by the Central Bank, which he now alleges to be acts of corruption by the 2nd respondent (Gono),” Gono said.

“On the basis of the foregoing facts, the application should be dismissed as the applicant has failed to establish any facts to prove that the 1st respondent’s commission has failed to act on his complaint in violation of its constitutional mandate or at all far from it the evidence filed of record shows clearly that the 1st respondent’s commission has been forthright and diligent and at times proactive, in its investigations of the applicant’s complaint.”

Gono further said the fact that investigations might not have progressed at Kereke’s desired pace or resulted in a favoured outcome does not elevate the present case to the constitutional crisis which Kereke wanted it to be.

“It must be highlighted that the applicant in casu is under the mistaken belief that the 1st respondent has the duty to report to him on the progress of its investigations once he had filed his report with the commission. The commission has no such obligation,” Gono said.

“It undertakes its investigations independently and may only report its findings, where necessary, to Parliament by way of contradistinctions, the applicant does not occupy the place of a complainant in criminal proceedings”

“In terms of section 255(d) of the constitution, he is no more than a whistle-blower.”


  1. It must be made clear tht all these problems the pple of Zim r going thru r as a long honeymoon of Kereke & Gono nw tht its ova they r smearing mud at each otha’s face if it wer in a democrat country with a live governance system they shud be seeing each otha on the line fo porridge at Chikurubi manje zanu yaidyawo

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