Gender activists slam Zimbabwe’s Judicial Services Commission


GENDER activists have slammed President Robert Mugabe for appointing a male-dominated Judicial Services Commission (JSC) despite an explicit constitutional requirement that all commissions should be gender-balanced in the composition.

By Paidamoyo Muzulu
Senior Reporter

Mugabe on Monday appointed eight of the 12 JSC commissioners and only two are women in breach of the Constitution.

The JSC’s main role is advising government on the judiciary or administration of justice and is consulted by the President on the appointment of judges.
The two women are Priscilla Mutendwa and Priscilla Madzonga.

On the other hand, the six men are Deputy Chief Justice Luke Malaba, Judge President George Chiweshe, Justice Happious Zhou, Chief Magistrate Mishrod Guvamombe, Law Society of Zimbabwe president Lloyd Mhishi and Bulawayo-based senior lawyer Josphat Tshuma.

The activists said the government only spoke of gender equality for political correctness, but had no desire to translate that into tangible action.

Women Coalition chairperson Virginia Muwanigwa said Mugabe’s decision was “regrettable”.

“We are very unhappy about this development and unfortunately every major decision this government makes women are not considered,” Muwanigwa said.

She added the women were “concerned that the trend by this government is becoming well established starting with the appointment of a gender-insensitive Cabinet after the July 31, 2013 general elections”.

Another activist, Edinah Masanga, concurred saying the gender talk by the government was cosmetic.

“As a country we have beautiful policy papers on gender, laws and a new constitution which unfortunately are just there as mere window dressers and not implemented,” Masanga said.

She added the gender imbalance reflected in the “gender-insensitive decisions” the government makes.

“If we continue having male-dominated key and strategic institutions that affect women the most we will not have realistic solutions in the majority of cases,” she said. The activists say it is high time the government moved from gender theory to action and start walking the talk.


  1. woman pliz.the president knows yo duties,stay home and cook for yo husbands and clean the kidz.Don mind those two they are soooo gay

  2. wakadzi munoinda kumwedzi and during that time munenge muchifunga sembwa thats why tichikusiyai ende munodzvanyirira varume tikakutiii mutonge .
    tangai magadzirisa mari dzedu dzamuri kuba muchiti mendenenzi.

    • @wasu Dnt think like a grade zero student my brother try to be mature enough and stop posting rubbish . The new constitution is very clear on the appointment of all commisssioners but Gushungo vagara vanoita zvemsoro wavo uye zvekufadza maZANU not zvinoita nyika iende mberi . Bumbiro dzva rinoti 50-50 saka ngavatevedzere zvakadiwa nevanhu not zveChiZANU zvavajaira

  3. following the weaknesses comin out from in court deliberations and how gullible the people have been seen to be, methings there may be a longer wetting period before we call a hore a spade.
    or perhaps competition can be arranged against masvinu as qualifyin criteria.
    there is no need for activism, just apply for your fairness rewards and you will receive !!

  4. I just hate it when people take the word gender to mean women. Rubbish, cant you just use the phrase ”women activists” Vakadzi munongoda kuita ruzha pese pese sei, we got plent of issues to think about kwete zvenyu izvo zvekupenga

  5. Are we not jumping the gun here? From the article, only B positions have been allocated so far and if the other 4 positions are filled with women, that will be the 50-50 representation required.

  6. madzimai ayo arikutaura chokwadi asi parizvino ngatimbomirai zvimwe zvese tose titataure with one voice nenyaya yecorruption malooters anetsa aya

  7. l get their cry, but l think for progress sake people should be appointed on merit, not on gender lines otherwise we just have commissions for the sake of commissions as outlined in some other document and if the constitution does not talk of merit then it is flawed and will soon be amended.

  8. Political party tried it, appointing female candidates in place of better suited competent males, for the sake of appearing gender sensitive, turned out very costly and disruptive. Appoint vanhu on merit not on gender just to fill your quota, whether it ends out 10 females and 2 males or 10 males and 2 females.

  9. Do those women deserve it nhai veduwee?Mugabe only acts on recommendations made by the people and then ratifies that.Do you want him to go against the recoms?That will be undemocratic and anti-people.At least there women in that commission.They are supposed to be professionals in there not to violate the law for the sake women’s trivial issues and complaints.Stupid

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